Jewellery, Gold and Silver

Smiths Auctions specialize in the sale of all types of jewellery ranging from antique diamonds to fine modern jewellery and vintage costume jewellery. The market in this area has been very buoyant in recent years and  Smiths have built up a reputation for having an excellent range of tempting jewellery items on offer at their monthly antique sales.



Strong marketing in the local press combined with excellent descriptions and photography has meant that the jewellery section is popular with both private buyers and dealers. Bidding in this section of the sale can become quite intense and it can often provide some of the highest prices in the sale.

Gold has also been performing strongly with world markets forcing the price up to record levels in the last year. Online bidding and accurate cataloguing ensure that gold items reach their maximum potential on every occasion with a large range of regular buyers.

Silver has likewise seen some record prices recently and Smiths always have a large selection of both modern and antique silver items in their sales. Once again, a good selection of silver items tempts in a large number of regular buyers who have to work hard to ‘see off’ the online competition.

For pre-sale valuations of Jewellery, Gold and Silver please telephone the saleroom on 01531 821776 to book an appointment with our valuer Rita Kearsey