Antiques & Collectables Auction on
Friday 28th August 2020

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1.      A Furnivals dinner service 'Ceylon' pattern comprising twelve dinner plates, twelve side plates, three meat plates and four various tureens 50-70
2.      A Chinese Republic period Canton enamel umbrella stand decorated dragon and chrysanthemums 350-500
3.      A 19th century famille rose cylindrical vase painted flowers and birds, seal mark to base, 28cm 150-200
4.      A Chinese late 19th century baluster vase with blue ground decorated reserves painted garden scenes with figures, 44cm 400-600
5.      A mid 20th century Chinese famille verte porcelain charger painted leaves and insects, 40cm diameter 100-200
6.      A Chinese Kang Hsi blue and white baluster vase painted figure of a women with flowers, 26cm 60-80
7.      Withdrawn lamp bases 20-30
8.      A Minton charger decorated with the Pergola Pattern, 38cm diameter - impressed and stamped marks, circa 1895 30-50
9.      A 19th century Aesthetic style large pottery jug in the manner of Christopher Dresser, Victorian diamond registration lozenge to base dating jug to 1877, 29cm 30-50
10.     A 'New Slipper' china bed pan 10-20
11.     A set of three Victorian Doulton 'Empire' pink printed graduated jugs 10-20
12.     A quantity of Gaudy Welsh china including a set of ten cups and saucers, six cups, teapot, cake plate etc 30-50
13.     A Doulton Kew sugar bowl with plated lid and two Royal Doulton character jugs 10-20
14.     A group of approx 33 Wade whimsies 10-30
15.     A Royal Worcester set of five coffee cups and saucers No 6981 and a porcelain box painted butterflies 10-20
16.     A Japanese eggshell part tea set decorated with figures within orange and gilt borders, comprising four cups and saucers, five tea plates, teapot, milk and sugar 10-30
17.     A group of Shelley tea ware including 'Charm' and 'Daffodil Time' plus a Foley trio 20-30
18.     A Tom & Jerry child's tea service comprising teapot, four cups, three saucers, milk jug and sugar bowl 10-20
19.     A Beswick duck pin dish, a Beswick duck No. 760, a Grays & Sons hunting teapot and various crested china 10-20
20.     A quantity of miniature oriental vases and snuff boxes 10-20
21.     Two French porcelain floral painted trinket boxes and a Royal Worcester Nun candle snuffer chipped 10-20
22.     A Moorcroft oval dish painted horse chestnut leaves - 24 x 15cm 20-40
23.     A group of Wedgwood Jasperware etc 20-40
24.     An early to mid 20thC century Italian fish plate printed with a pike by Richard Ginori, 58cm long 10-20
25.     A group of modern oriental china 10-20
26.     Two Nao figures of girls 10-30
27.     Seven various items of Noritake porcelain 20-40
28.     A small Victorian spill vase in the form of a black ladies boot 10.5cm tall 10-20
29.     A Wedgwood 'Ice Rose' part tea service comprising: cup and saucer, milk, sugar, five tea plates and cake plate 10-20
30.     A Shelley tea service 'Heather' comprising jug, sugar, five cups and saucers and five tea plates 10-30
31.     A Royal Lancastrian green pottery bowl, 27cm diameter 30-50
32.     A pair of early 19th century Chamberlains Worcester Chinoiserie porcelain plates painted in cream and burgundy, 26cm diameter 50-80
33.     Eights various Victorian tiles 10-30
34.     A group of studio pottery 20-40
35.     A Grays 1930's tea service decorated Lily of the Valley, comprising: teapot, coffee pot, six breakfast cups, five tea cups and six saucers, jug and cake plate 10-30
36.     A Sylvac pale grey matt elephant No. 770 10-30
37.     Three 1950's Glyn Colledge jugs decorated with leaves and flowers, all signed, 23, 20 and 11.5 cm 20-40
38.     A Colclough tea service printed roses comprising jug, milk, six tea plates and a cake plate 10-30
39.     A Noritake black and gilt tea set comprising twelve cups and saucers, milk and twelve side plates 40-60
40.     A black and white studio pottery bowl - 25 cm diameter 10-30
41.     A Royal Worcester Evesham cake stand boxed plus set of table mats and coasters boxed 10-20
42.     A Poole Aegean charger decorated with an owl 41cm d 40-60
43.     A continental pottery two handled vase 36cm 10-20
44.     A Pinheiro Portuguese corn pattern dinner and tea service comprising:- seven dinner plates, seven side plates, three serving bowls, four cereal bowls and six cups and saucers 60-80
45.     A Royal Worcester Evesham dinner service comprising:- eight dinner plates, eight breakfast plates, eight side plates, two vegetable dishes, one souffle dish, one fruit bowl, eight soup bowls, eight soup saucers, seven coffee cups, ten coffee saucers, eight desert bowls 60-80
46.     A Royal Albert Country Roses tea and dinner service comprising:- six dinner plates, eight side plates, six dessert bowls, six coffee cups & saucers, six tea cups and saucers, two sugar bowls plus coffee pot, teapot, milk jug, cream jug, sauce boat and cake plate 50-70
47.     A quantity of Royal Albert Country Roses decorative items including vase, cruets, leaf dish, trinket box, dishes etc 20-40
48.     A pair of Portmeirion Birds of Britain jardiniere's 10-20
49.     A Capodimonte figure of Queen Elizabeth II by Bruno Merli - 38 cm 30-50
50.     A Chinese group of three items of Canton teaware 10-30
51.     A Meissen small covered pot with shell handle, crossed swords mark, 6cm diameter 20-30
52.     A Dresden German porcelain bowl decorated with cherubs and flowers 18cm tall 30-50
53.     A Royal Crown Derby Imari small cream jug and octagonal trinket box 10-20
54.     A Nao porcelain figure of flying herons, 27cm 10-20
55.     A Royal Crown Derby bird paperweight 10-20
56.     A George Jones large gourd form vase decorated with roses,circa 1900 - 20cm tall 20-40
57.     A 19th century Copeland dessert service decorated with floral sprigs comprising:- two tazza's, three shallow pedestal cake stands and twelve cake plates 40-60
58.     A William de Morgan tile decorated with corn flowers and leaves and two others painted roses both framed and a/f 80-100
59.     A Royal Doulton Larchmont sixty six piece dinner service consists of eight of each: egg cups, dinner plates, side plates, tea plates, bowls, cups, saucers, two large serving dishes with lids, three serving plates (large medium and small), gravy boat with tray, teapot, milk-jug, cream jug and sugar bowl 40-60
60.     A Clarice Cliff wall pocket in the form of two budgerigars 21.5cm 50-80
61.     A Clarice Cliff Newport pottery bizarre bowl in the Delecia pattern, 19.5cm diameter, 9cm tall a/f (small chip and hairline) 30-50
62.     A Royal Worcester vase printed and painted landscape by R.Rushton 18 cm 100-150
63.     A pair of rare Royal Worcester vases painted tropical flowers within deep blue and gilt borders by Frank Roberts, shape no 2286, dated 1903, both signed, (one vase restored) 1000-1500
64.     A Royal Worcester plate painted Salisbury cathedral, dated 1959, signed Roberts 20-40
65.     A Victorian Majolica George Jones cheese dish and cover, decorated 'Daisy and Fence' pattern on a black ground with wheat heads and trailing ivy leaves 400-600
66.     A white Portmeirion matched coffee set comprising: seven Totem cups and eights saucers, cake plate and sugar bowl with plain white milk jug and coffee pot 20-40
67.     A quantity of Pinheiro Portuguese green corn pattern table ware items including: one dinner plate, six side plates, two saucers, four cereal bowls, two corn on the cob dishes, jug and two table tea light holders with rabbit design 20-40
68.     A collection of Pinheiro Portuguese table items mainly in yellow including: three side plates, four bowls, two corn on the cob dishes, hour d'oeuvre's centre piece, jam pot and lid, oil and vinaigrette bottles, jug and a toothbrush holder 20-40
69.     A pair of large Chinese reproduction vases decoration dragons and leaves 60cm 20-40
70.     A 19th century small wine glass with opaque twist stem, 13.5cm 20-40
71.     An 18th century large wine glass with all over engraved decoration to bowl and foot and with cotton twist stem, 16.5cm 60-80
72.     A Georgian wine glass with flared bowl and facet cut stem - 15cm 30-50
73.     A Victorian large glass goblet with red flashed diamond cutting and hollow stem 40-60
74.     A Lalique glass 'Coupe Angelots' comport with angels to stem, boxed, 15 x 23cm 200-400
75.     A Murano glass large fish, a spattered cased glass vase and two paperweights 20-40
76.     A pair of Art Deco clear glass inkwells 20-30
77.     Geoffrey Baxter for Whitefriars - a pair of bark textured glass vases pattern no. 9734 in Tangerine colourway - this shape only produced for a few months in 1969 - 26cm tall. 200-300
78.     A Scandinavian 1960's orange glass vase in the manner of Riihimaki and an Italian Murano multicoloured glass vase, 15cm 10-20
79.     A Mdina glass bowl with streaked decoration 13cm diameter 20-40
80.     An early 19th century Bristol Blue glass ribbed jug 8cm and three blue glass miniature ducks 20-30
81.     Two cut glass decanters 10-30
82.     A set of six cut glass wine glasses 30-60
83.     A cut glass decanter and a clear glass decanter 10-20
84.     A Stolzle Hermanova Hut Art Deco uranium glass vase, 24cm 20-30
85.     A set of five mauve bowled hock glasses 10-30
86.     A set of six Italian red and gilt wine glasses 20-40
87.     Three 19th century squat cut glass carafes and four facet cut large Victorian tumblers 30-50
88.     Two glass paperweights, two pairs of enamelled vases, glass vase etc 20-40
89.     Three various crystal glass decanters 10-20
90.     A Villeroy and Boch glass vase together with a Gozo incandescent paperweight 20-30
91.     A 19th century Nailsea glass twist walking stick 30-50
92.     A mid 20th century Thomas Webb amber glass dimpled bowl, 23cm, signed and a large amber glass spherical vase with random spot decoration 32cm 20-40
93.     Twelve Danbury mint 'Wildlife Crystal' paperweights and a cut glass clock 20-40
94.     A French glass moulded Arcoroc fish service complete with fifteen fish form plates, ten entree plates and a serving platter 20-40
95.     A George Jones Crescent China large meat plate with printed decoration and gravy well 20-40
96.     A pair of large silver plated scrollwork five branch candelabra, wired for electricity, 47cm tall 60-80
97.     A box of miscellaneous silver plated items and a pair of brass vases 20-30
98.     A set of twelve silver plated spoons and forks with ivy leaf circular terminals 20-40
99.     A silver plated tea service, various cutlery, a cruet set and fish cutlery set etc 10-30
100.    A large oval silver plated on copper two handled tureen of urn form - 45cm 40-60
101.    A silver plated champagne bucket 23cm high and a soda siphon 30-50
102.    A cut glass claret decanter with silver plated mounts 20-40
103.    A Walker & Hill silver plated four piece tea service with engraved decoration 20-40
104.    A small oval silver plated meat cover - 31cm 20-40
105.    A silver plated entree dish and an electro plated Brittania metal three piece tea set 20-30
106.    A chrome cruet set in the form of a cruise liner 10-20
107.    A set of six silver plated napkin rings, cased 10-20
108.    A silver plated tea kettle on stand 20-40
109.    An oval silver plated basket 10-20
109A.   A silver plated flambe stand, 20cm tall 20-40
110.    Two pairs of late 19th century/early 20th century meat carvers with horn handles and silver pommels and collars - pommels embossed with stag decoration- Sheffield hallmarks 30-50
111.    A Victorian silver plated dessert cutlery set with flower head embossed handles 20-40
112.    A pair of 19th century silver plated berry spoons with Victorian date lozenge 20-30
113.    A 19th century cased set of mother of pearl handled and silver plated dessert knives and forks for six - in original mahogany box 40-60
114.    A box of silver plated cutlery 20-40
115.    A selection of miscellaneous silver plated cutlery to include a Mappin and Webb mother of pearl handled set for twelve ( one fork missing) 40-60
116.    A box of silver plated items including candle snuffers and Rococo style teapot etc 10-20
117.    A 19th century silver plated four piece tea and coffee set with engraved decoration 10-20
118.    A Mappin & Webb 'Mappin Plate' cutlery set in fitted case, six place settings with original receipt 50-70
119.    A silver plated eggcup stand and a silver plated kettle on a stand 20-40
120.    A 19th century full carvery set with horn handles and silver collars in original case - Sheffield 1893 50-80
121.    A box of silver plated cutlery 20-40
122.    A Victorian silver plated tea set with engraved decoration, various toast racks etc 20-40
123.    A silver tea kettle on stand with burner, half gadrooned decoration and silver scroll and shell feet 1640g 400-600
124.    A silver salver with presentation engraving on three scroll feet, 512g, 25cm diameter 120-180
125.    A silver scrollwork edged salver with presentation engraving, 715g, Birmingham 1903 180-250
126.    Five silver backed brushes and a mirror 30-50
127.    A silver photograph frame 21.5 x 16cm, London 1982 30-50
128.    An oval silver photograph frame 17.5 x 12.5cm, Birmingham 1916 40-60
129.    A silver mustard pot and pepper pot - Birmingham hallmark 30-50
130.    A Victorian silver sifter spoon - London 1878- Charles Boyton - 27g 10-20
131.    A selection of various silver teaspoons - dated late Georgian period through to Edwardian/ early 20th century - approx 260g 60-90
132.    A silver plated miniature chatelaine magnifying glass, silver cheroot holder and a silver miniature nail file 10-20
133.    Four silver thimbles and two silver badges 30-50
134.    A small early 20th century silver stamp box of envelope form - Chester 1912 by A E Jones 10-20
135.    A Charles Horner silver thimble, Chester 10-20
136.    A silver vesta case - Birmingham 1905 20-30
137.    A silver topped cut glass scent bottle with stopper - London 1922 and silver topped toiletry pot Birmingham 1916 30-40
138.    A silver two handled trophy cup engraved, London 1950, 168g, by Robert Pringle & Sons 50-70
139.    A Dutch four section glass decanter with silver collar 20-40
140.    A pair of small silver weighted candlesticks, 11cm, Birmingham 1959 60-80
141.    A cut glass and silver mounted sugar caster 20-40
142.    A pair of small silver shell form butter dishes, Sheffield 1926, 70g 30-50
143.    A pair of silver salts of shell form, Chester 1910, by James Deakin & Sons 30-50
144.    A pair of silver circular salts on lion mask feet, Birmingham 1900, with a matched pair of Victorian silver salt spoons, cased 40-60
145.    A pair of silver napkin rings and a silver vesta case, Birmingham 1902, Total 78g 30-50
146.    A silver cigarette box with cedar lining - Birmingham 1970 by John Rose 40-60
147.    Six silver cruets with glass liners and four silver plated cruet spoons 20-30
148.    Two silver preserve spoons Birmingham 1901, a silver pusher and two other silver spoons 80g plus various silver plated small cutlery items including pickle forks, sifter, cruet spoons etc 20-40
149.    Two circular silver dressing table boxes embossed flowers and a small 800 standard silver dish, 110g in total 10-20
150.    A silver mustard pot with hinged lid inset blue glass liner, London 1906, by Edward Barnard & sons, silver weight 59g 10-20
151.    A cut glass silver topped cruet bottle, a cut glass and silver oil jug and a sliver brush, worn 20-40
152.    A pair of silver sauce boats - London 1907 - 166g 40-60
153.    A set of six silver handled kings pattern dinner knives and six dessert knives plus a cake slice, Sheffield 1955, 56 & 57 100-150
154.    An Eastern white metal model of a junk boat - distressed condition, 480g 100-150
155.    A pair of continental silver oval bon bon dishes (one glass liner missing) with floral swag decoration, import mark London 1901, John George Piddington, cased 220g 100-150
156.    A silver bowl 17cm diameter - 294g - Sheffield 1900 60-80
157.    A silver coffee pot of waisted form 640g with engraved presentation for 'Village Councils of British Guiana 1951', Birmingham 1934 150-200
158.    A set of six silver pickle forks with shamrock finial's - Birmingham 1907 - Levi & Salaman 20-30
159.    An Indian white metal four piece cruet set, two white metal salts and a large pepper pot 40-60
160.    A pair of silver and ivory butter knives by George Unite, Birmingham 1839 40-60
161.    A silver and mother of pearl penknife another a/f and four white metal wine labels 20-40
162.    A silver handled fish cutlery set with engraved and embossed decoration, some forks a/f - Sheffield 1903 60-100
163.    A cased set of six silver handled knives - Sheffield 1925. 20-30
164.    A Georgian silver fish slice - handle a/f London 1824, the handle 100g 30-50
165.    A set of eleven (one missing from a set of twelve), Victorian silver apostle teaspoons and sugar tongs - London 1887, Sibray Hall & Co 40-60
166.    A group of silver items including pin dish, small salver and cream jug (total 285g) plus a silver clad cigar box and white metal hammered dish 100-150
167.    A group of nine small Repton school silver sports trophy cups, 390g, circa 1930's 80-100
168.    A silver framed desk calendar with ivory date panels, 12cm wide - Chester 1913 20-30
169.    A silver christening mug embossed with angel heads 89g Chester 1904, a/f 30-50
170.    A silver rabbit and golf ball golf trophy - Birmingham 1950 30-50
171.    A silver pepper grinder - Birmingham 1937 by Walker & Hall - 10cm tall 40-60
172.    A filled silver model of a quail, marked Langton and CA, 5.5cm tall 30-50
173.    A filled silver model of an owl on a branch, marked CA, 12cm 40-60
174.    A silver filled model of a quail, London 1966, 8cm 30-50
175.    A pair of silver pepperettes by Zachariah Barraclough and Son - Chester 1923, 85g 40-60
176.    A silver gilt panelled and pierced oval dish, 470g, 29cm wide, London 1932, by Josiah Williams & Co 150-200
177.    A silver oval cruet with pierced and engraved decoration, hinged lid and blue glass liner 30-50
178.    A pair of silver and dark green jade horn form knife rests, Birmingham 1910 by G E Walton & Co 40-60
179.    A pair of silver cake servers with pierced decoration, London 1899, 162g by William Hutton and Sons 60-80
180.    A silver card case with engraved floral swag and rose decoration, 61g, Birmingham 1857, by G Wheeler & Co 40-60
181.    A Scottish silver tablespoon Glasgow 1844 - 87g, maker TM 50-70
182.    A silver pair of sugar tongs London 1827, Maker WB 10-20
183.    A small silver toast rack - London 1961, 45g 30-50
184.    A silver bell form ink well, Birmingham 1915, 8cm 40-60
185.    A Braybrook and Britten silver and silver gilt trinket pot - Birmingham 2001 20-30
186.    A silver mustard pot with hinged lid and pierced floral decoration lacking liner, London 1900 by Harrison Bros 30-40
187.    A Victorian silver vesta case with engraved decoration, George Unite, Birmingham 1888 30-40
188.    A Victorian silver engraved vesta case, Birmingham 1898 20-30
189.    A silver miniature figure of a Greek warrior by Berthold Muller, Chester import mark 1901 60-80
190.    A silver bottle holder with pierced decoration and sinuous rim, Birmingham 1926 by Alexander Clarke & Co Ltd 150-200
191.    A pair of Dutch silver sauce ladles by Pieter Las Van Bennekom, Amsterdam 1825 60-80
192.    A silver octagonal sugar castor, London 1900 by Samuel Walton Smith - 159g 50-70
193.    A silver small tazza with weighted base and pierced decoration, Sheffield 1914, 13cm diameter, 40-60
194.    A silver Berthold Muller wine spoon with putti terminal, import marks 47g, 16cm 10-30
195.    Four Georgian silver tablespoons and one later by Peter and William Bateman (condition, poor), 298g 80-100
196.    A silver bread basket with pierced border, marks rubbed, 519g 150-200
197.    A pair of silver gilt presentation spoons with Elizabethan style handles in original velvet lined case, 20cm, 132g, London 1901, by Daniel and John Welby 80-120
198.    A Georgian silver caddy spoon with shell formed bowl - no town mark - possibly London 1807 50-80
199.    A Georgian silver caddy spoon with engraved handle - no town mark - date letter 'O' 50-80
200.    A Georgian silver caddy spoon with plain bowl - no town mark possibly London 1809 50-80
201.    A pair of oval silver fruit baskets with pierced scrollwork sides, 25.5 x 16cm 450g, Birmingham 1903 - maker Charles Horner 100-150
202.    Spare lot 0-10
203.    A large gold Queen Victoria commemorative medallion 84.7g 7000-8000
204.    A gold sovereign, George III 1817, die axis reverse. Condition: Fine 500-600
205.    A gold sovereign, George III 1820, die axis reverse, open 2. Condition: Fair/fine 400-600
206.    A gold sovereign, George IV 1821 St George, Axis reverse. Condition: Fine/VF 400-600
207.    Gold Sovereign, George IV 1824 St George, Axis reverse, Cond: Fair 400-600
208.    A gold sovereign, George IV 1825, crowned shield, heart version semee. Condition: Fine 1000-2000
209.    A gold sovereign, George IV 1826 crowned shield, heart semee, broached. Condition BV 200-300
210.    A gold sovereign , Victoria 1849 second head, shield, WW in relief. Condition: Fair 250-400
211.    A gold sovereign, Victoria 1863 second head, shield, WW in tran. Condition: Fine 250-400
212.    A gold sovereign, Victorian 1872 second head, shield, WW in tran. Condition: Fine 250-400
213.    A 1907 gold sovereign on 9 ct gold mount, condition - fine 200-300
214.    A gold half sovereign, Edward VII 1902, condition - fine 80-120
215.    A gold half sovereign, Edward VII 1910, condition - fine 80-120
216.    A gold sovereign, Edward VII 1905 Melbourne mint, condition - fine 200-300
217.    A gold sovereign, George V 1914, London mint, condition - very fine 200-300
218.    A gold sovereign, Elizabeth II 1981 London mint, condition - very fine 200-300
219.    A QV gold sovereign 1894 Melbourne Mint, Cond. Fine 300-400
220.    A collection of coins to include an 1816 George III half crown, an 1892 Victoria silver jubilee crown, a 1746 George II half penny, an 1826 George IV penny, a 1963 Greece 30 Drachmai, a 1961 1 perso, a 1935 Portuguese 50 centavos and a 1727 bronze medallion commemorating the death of Issac Newton, 3.4 cm 60-80
221.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 2 1995 50th Anniversary of United Nations - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc

222.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 2 2001 Rugby World Cup (Note, this issue is with coloured hologram on reverse) - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc 60-80
223.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof coin - UK 5 1990 Queen Mothers 90th Birthday - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc 10-20
224.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 2 2005 Gunpowder Plot - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc
225.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 2 1995 50th Anniversary of End of World War II - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc 30-40
226.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 1 1994 - in case with certificate (Scottish design). Condition: Unc
227.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 2 2001 The Atlantic Marconi 1901 Wireless - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc 30-40
228.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 2 1997 Bime-Tallin currency issue - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc 30-40
229.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 2 1994 Tercentenary of Bank of England - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc
230.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 1 2005 Menai Straits - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc 30-40
231.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 1 1996 Northern Irish design - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc 30-40
232.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 1 2004 Forth Railway Bridge Scotland - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc 30-40
233.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 1 1985 Welsh design - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc 30-40
234.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 1 1986 Northern Irish design - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc 30-40
235.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 1 1987 English design - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc 30-40
236.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 2 1997 Bime-Tallic Currency issue - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc 30-40
237.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof coin - UK 5 1990 Queen Mothers 90th Birthday - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc
238.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games 50 pence - in case with certificates No 304. Condition: Unc 40-50
239.    A Royal Mint Issue silver proof Piedfort coin - UK 2 2005 60th Anniversary of United Nations - in case with certificate. Condition: Unc 30-40
240.    Two Guernsey silver proof 5 coins: Centenary of WWI 2014 and Victory of WWII 2020. In cases, plus 2014 WWI gold plated commemorative. Condition: Unc 60-90
241.    A Jersey silver proof 5 coin celebrating 50th anniversary of Concorde 2019. In case with certificate. Condition: Unc 30-50
242.    A wad of banknotes including: Imperial 1000 mark 1910 issue 4th April Berlin Nr7680582c, ten 100 mark 1910 issue 21st April Berlin A.1937585, C.6C17449, 8531902, F.0950688, 1852850, 4825926, 8587441 and G.1147960. Five Austrian 10,000 kronen 2nd November 1918 Wien with red overprint: Deutscosterreich. Banknotes have edge wear, folding and pin pierce. Condition: Fine 20-40
243.    A Saddam Hussein bank note. Document items: Reference Iraq war (Desert Storm) - a) American propaganda: Objective to encourage Iraqi soldiers to surrender. Banknote face, produced displaying Saddam Hussein's image and reverse, in Arabic suggests surrender for food and shelter supplied with certificate of authenticity. b) Government order letter stating: Government order 23 February 1999 - We call to the order of section G from the law number 57 of the constitution. We decided the following First - it is allowed the following Syrian Nationals whose names are below to own the city of Baghdad. 1) Ahmed abd el Kader el Barady 2) Bohy abd Allah el Hamoud 3) abd el Galeel abd Allah el Hamoud. Second - This order shall be instituted on the day it is given. Signed Saddam Hussein President of the Republic. Document: Government letter, edge holes (4) RH side. Condition: VF 200-300
244.    Spare lot 0-10
245.    Spare lot 0-10
246.    A 15 carat gold front and back oval engraved locket and a gold plated fob chain 30-50
247.    A pair of 9ct gold pendant earrings set pink stones 10-20
248.    Four 22 ct gold wedding bands, 9g 220-280
249.    A gold bracelet set with 23 emeralds (1 deficient), 14g 250-350
250.    A 1920's Art Deco carved ivory pendant with kneeling nude drinking from a cup 5.5 cm x 4 cm, on 9 ct gold chain - chain 6.5g 150-200
251.    A Victorian hinged bangle set garnets (over 250) to lozenge design front and fully around the band - probably silver gilt 250-350
252.    A Victorian black stone and gold oval mourning brooch with seed pearl set leaf motif and hair locket to reverse, 3.6cm long 60-80
253.    A 9 ct gold amethyst set bar brooch 1.9g 30-50
254.    A gold plated amethyst set swivel fob on a gold plated chain (the conjoining link 9ct gold) 30-50
255.    A 9 carat gold Celtic style torque bangle, maker S & D - 6.9 grams 150-200
256.    A gold cameo pendant (unmarked) on 9 ct gold chain, 3.9g 70-90
257.    An Exeter large silver cloak pin of trefoil design with engraved decoration by Henry S Ellis, 9cm x 5.5cm 350-450
258.    A diamond set pendant on silver chain 30-50
259.    An amber pendant on a 9ct gold chain 20-40
260.    An early 19th century jet mourning brooch with hair locket to centre, gold backed but unmarked, engraved 'Susannah Andrews', 1838, 3.5cm x 2.7cm 40-60
261.    A 19th century watercolour on ivory of a gentleman, within yellow metal pendant frame and chain (the miniature 4.6cm x 3.8cm) 150-200
262.    A 9 carat gold vintage bar brooch set carved jade panel, boxed 60-80
263.    A 9ct gold cameo pendant and 9ct gold cameo brooch 50-70
264.    A 9ct gold ring set with a green stone - size N 1/2 to O. 50-70
265.    An 18ct gold ring set with blue topaz - size N. 80-120
266.    A 9ct gold emerald ring - size L. 60-80
267.    An 18ct white gold cluster ring set paste, size M/N 50-70
268.    An 18 ct gold cameo ring, size J/K 30-50
269.    A 9 carat gold ring set seven white stones - size N 1/2 40-60
270.    A 9 carat gold ring set yellow topaz and chip diamonds, size N 50-70
271.    A 14 carat gold pearl ring, size N 50-70
272.    A 9 carat gold wedding band , size M 1/2 - 2 grams 30-50
273.    Two 22 ct gold wedding bands 8.6g 200-250
274.    A 9 carat gold three stone amethyst ring - size N. 50-70
275.     A 9ct gold ring set with amethyst - size N 1/2 to O. 50-70
276.    A 9 carat gold garnet cluster ring, size R/S 50-70
277.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and white stone cluster ring - size N 1/2. 40-60
278.    A 9 carat gold cluster ring set green stones, possibly Alexandrite - size R 1/2 to S. 60-80
279.    A silver and marcasite ring set green stone, Size L 30-40
280.    A 9 ct gold ring set citrine on triple diamond set shoulder, size N/O 150-200
281.    A large circular ring set rose cut diamonds on ornate gold scrollwork pierced and engraved band (unmarked), size N-O 300-500
282.    An unusual modernist 18 ct gold ring set green tourmaline (unmarked but tested gold) size O/P 300-500
283.    A 14 ct gold vintage dome top ring set sapphires and opals, size Q1/2 60-80
284.    A Georgian gold gentleman's seal ring carved cornelian double faced illusion cameo - unmarked, 7.4g, size P 1500-2000
285.    A 14 ct gold large Georgian oval gentleman's seal ring set cornelian carved with cameo bust of a woman, size S 1/2 - weight 13.5g 700-900
286.    A 9 carat gold three stone garnet ring, size M 60-80
287.    A 9 carat gold three stone topaz ring, size N 60-80
288.    An 18 ct gold ring set tanzanite on diamond set stepped shoulders, size N 200-300
289.    A 9 carat gold ring set five graduated opals, size P 60-80
290.    An 18ct gold solitaire diamond ring in flower form setting, size O/P 100-150
291.    A 9 carat gold cross over ring set diamonds, size P 60-80
292.    A platinum and diamond wedding band, Size L - 2.75g 100-150
293.    An 18 ct gold solitaire diamond ring - size N 1/2. 150-200
294.    An 18 ct gold ring set three diamonds and four sapphires 6.8g, size B 250-350
295.    An 18 ct gold ring illusion set diamond - Size R 200-300
296.    A gold ring set blue topaz on diamond set shoulders, size N, marks rubbed 100-150
297.    A 9ct gold ring illusion set three chip diamonds, size K/L 50-70
298.    An 18ct gold 'ballerina' style ruby and diamond ring, the central ruby within baguette and brilliant cut diamond surround, size N1/2 1500-2000
299.    An 18 carat yellow gold diamond solitaire ring (approx 0.45 carats) size P - with associated insurance valuation and grading documentation 350-500
300.    An 18 ct gold diamond set cluster ring, Size I/J 400-600
301.    A fine 18 ct white gold emerald cut diamond solitaire ring, size L, the diamond 1.34 ct 2500-3500
302.    A white gold or platinum set three stone diamond ring, Size N 700-900
303.    An 18ct gold vintage diamond cocktail ring set four principle stones within diamond set scrollwork design, (2.5cm x 11cm), size K/L 800-1200
304.    An 18ct gold solitaire diamond ring approx 1.5 ct 1000-1500
305.    A 9ct gold ring set cubic zirconia, size K 40-60
305A.   An 18 carat yellow gold emerald and diamond ring, the two carat emerald flanked by twelve brilliant cut diamonds (total diamond weight 24 points) size M, total ring weight 6g 1200-1800
306.    A fine 18 ct white gold ruby and diamond cluster ring, the central oval cut ruby 2.01cts within two row diamond surround and on baguette cut diamond shoulders, diamond content 1.81cts, size M 2000-3000
307.    An 18ct gold solitaire diamond ring approx 1 ct, size O 1400-1800
308.    A large 18ct white gold emerald and diamond ring, the central emerald approx 6 cts within fifteen stone diamond surround approx 3cts, size M, 12g 3800-4500
309.    A 9 carat gold locket on a 9 carat gold chain - 8 gram total 60-80
310.    A 9 carat gold sapphire set heart form pendant on 9 carat gold chain and another fine gold chain 40-60
311.    A pair of 9 carat gold garnet pendant earrings 50-70
312.    A pair of 9 carat gold earrings, possibly aquamarine 50-70
313.    A pair of 18 ct white gold stud earrings 180-250
314.    A pair of 9 carat gold cufflinks - 4g 30-50
315.    A 9ct gold chain bar brooch and a 9 ct gold coin ring - 4 grams. 40-50
316.    Spare lot 0-10
317.    A ladies Tissot bracelet watch 10-15
318.    An early to mid 20th century 9 carat gold military trench watch - fully hallmarked - with case 150-200
319.    An 18 carat gold Swiss fob watch with gilt and enamel decoration to face and all over engraved case, by Dimier Freres and Cie, total weight 22g, 30cm diameter 150-200
320.    A late 19th century continental 18ct gold pocket watch - no glass on face 150-200
321.    A 19th century Waltham silver cased pocket watch 40-60
322.    A Frederique Constant gentleman's quartz wrist watch, as new boxed with original paperwork and guarantee, bought August 2019 150-200
323.    A large nickel silver cased calendar pocket watch in silver watch holder 60-80
324.    A Franca Montex wrist watch with subsidary seconds dial and stainless steel strap - recently serviced 30-50
325.    A Seiko Sportua Perpetual Solar Chronograph wrist watch with leather strap and in original box with guarantee and instructions 100-150
326.    A selection of pocket watches including Oris pocket watch and Junghams pocket watch, one unnamed and a fusee movement 20-30
327.    A Citizen Eco-drive Nighthawk gentleman's wrist watch and two other watches 30-50
328.    A vintage Garrard gentleman's mechanical wrist watch 40-60
329.    A Land Rover wrist watch together with a pilot pocket watch 10-20
330.    A Seiko gentleman's automatic stainless steel sports watch 40-60
331.    A gents Precimax automatic wrist watch, a 1950's watch and another watch with floating arrow second hand 20-30
332.    An early wrist watch, a 1930's gents Cymer wrist watch and one other 20-30
333.    A box of various wrist watches 20-30
334.    A ladies Swiss silver wristwatch with leather strap - London, import hallmark for 1923 40-60
335.    An Exactima ladies silver wristwatch circa 1930/1950's with German 0.900 silver hallmark, in case 40-60
336.    An Omega Seamasters Automatic stainless steels gentleman's watch Ref 166.0207 50-70
337.    A Garrard and Co Incabloc Mono wrist watch with stainless steel back and leather strap - recently serviced 60-80
338.    A 19th century pair cased pocket watch with cylinder escapement, lacking outer case, the movement marked J Harrison, Devizes to rear a/f 20-40
339.    A Rotary 21 jewels automatic wristwatch with date aperture in original box 20-30
340.    A Nivada Compensamatic 17 jewels wristwatch with brown leather strap and original box - recently serviced 40-60
341.    A Rotary quartz gentleman's wrist watch boxed and a Seiko watch 10-20
342.    Various gentleman and ladies vintage wrist watches 10-20
343.    A alarm mechanical wrist watch, a gents mechanical watch and one other 20-30
344.    A vintage Ceres gents mechanical wrist watch, an Ingersol wrist watch, pocket watch and a compass 20-50
345.    A group of eighteen various wrist watches including Technos, Accurist, Winegartens Incabloc etc. together with a group of cufflinks and tie clips etc 30-50
346.    Spare lot 0-10
347.    A silver necklace set with triple diamond drop - boxed 120-180
348.    A white bracelet filigree bracelet with cameo and another with a silver marcasite and garnet decoration. 20-30
349.    An Eastern Indo-Chinese gilt white metal disk pendant set with semi-precious stones - 6.5cm diameter 10-20
350.    A box of silver jewellery 20-40
351.    A selection of amber beads 60-80
352.    A quantity of loose amber beads 40-50
353.    A 9 carat gold and metal core bangle 40-60
354.    A silver hinged bangle with engraved decoration, Birmingham 1949 10-20
355.    A Victorian yellow metal brooch set tigers eye 20-40
356.    A silver sweetheart Navy brooch on the form of an ivy clad anchor 10-20
357.    A small Victorian circular garnet set brooch, 2cm diameter 10-20
358.    A pair of 9ct gold amethyst earrings and a 9ct gold sapphire cluster ring, one stone deficient 30-50
359.    A 9ct gold bar brooch set with oval stone, a yellow metal bar brooch and a yellow metal Mizpah charm/pendant 20-30
360.    A 9ct gold stick pin and three others 10-20
361.    A mid Victorian cameo brooch carved angel holding two children 20-40
362.    A gold plated bangle with engraved decoration 20-30
363.    A Juicy Couture dress ring, size L/M and a large flower form silver pendant 20-30
364.    A Charles Horner silver and purple paste shamrock brooch, a Siam silver and enamel boat form brooch and a pair of silver and marcasite clip earrings and ring 20-40
365.    A pair of silver and plique a jour enamel butterfly earrings and a pair of silver earrings set blue stones 10-30
366.    Five various silver costume rings 20-40
367.    A stone set silver swivel fob on chain 20-30
368.    Five various silver costume rings 20-40
369.    Five various costume silver rings 20-40
370.    A silver coin ring, two gold plated lockets and a pair of 9 carat floral enamel earrings 20-40
371.    A silver and agate link bracelet 20-40
372.    A Victorian pinchbeck oval brooch 4.5 x 4cm and a circular double sided photograph locket 20-30
373.    Five silver watch chains 98g and various white metal / plated chains etc 100-150
374.    A pair of Burberry cufflinks 10-20
375.    A large size parrot brooch, 11.5cm long 10-20
376.    Eight various silver pendants and chains 30-50
377.    A silver hinged bangle and two silver filigree and enamel pendants and chain 20-40
378.    A group of Miracle costume jewellery comprising bracelet and three brooches 10-30
379.    A box of costume jewellery, silver bracelet, silver sovereign case a/f etc. 20-40
380.    A double row pearl necklace with silver marcasite clasp 20-30
381.    A string of pearls with 14 ct gold clasp 30-50
382.    A selection of silver costume rings 40-60
383.    A group of Wedgwood Jasperware jewellery including scent bottle, pendant and earrings 10-30
384.    Two Victorian ivory bead necklaces and a carved ivory floral pendant 10-20
385.    Two gold plated hinged bangles and a chain 20-40
386.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
387.    A box of costume brooches 10-20
388.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
389.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
390.    A small selection of miscellaneous jewellery - mostly pendants 10-20
391.    A selection of silver jewellery to include bangle, hoop earrings, amethyst stud earrings and a cameo brooch 20-30
392.    Spare lot 0-10
393.    A Victorian beaded glass heart form sweetheart cushion - 20cm 20-40
394.    A Luftwaffe armband 20-30
395.    A late 19th century Indian or Nepalese Army Gurkha type military dress button by Harman & Co of Calcutta together with a similar 19th century ''Nepal' button 20-30
396.    A WWI Northamptonshire Regiment cap badge together with a Hampshire regiment cap badge 10-20
397.    A WWII German War Merit Cross with swords 20-30
398.    A German SA sports badge 40-50
399.    A WWI Iron Cross, second class 20-30
400.    Three 'plastic issue' cap badges 15-20
401.    A General Service Cross and two Faithful Service medals 20-30
402.    A WWI WAAC Womens Army Auxiliary Corps Officers cap badge by Bent & Parker, a Womens Legion cap badge and one other WAAC cap badge 20-30
403.    A WWII Nazi Luftwaffe Officers silver bullion Eagle badge with another woven bullion military badge 40-60
404.    A WWII Luftwaffe marksman's lanyard 40-50
405.    A pack of US issue playing cards, 1945 10-15
406.    A WWII Luftwaffe belt buckle 30-40
407.    A collection of twenty military badges 20-30
408.    A box of medals, HMS Victory copper coins, Bosun's whistle etc 20-40
409.    A pocket gun cleaning kit in tube 10-20
410.    A small selection of commemorative medals etc 10-20
411.    A WWI peace medallion, a similar period Gloucestershire regiment enamel sweetheart badge, two WW2 RAF cap badges, a Victorian VR dress button and two trench art dagger form pins (1 a/f) 10-20
412.    A late 19th century/early 20th century parlour pistol - inscribed to barrel - pat 6254 13 and 2621 14 60-80
413.    A WWI bullet knife, bayonet letter opener and assorted other items 20-30
414.    A Vickers military clinometer gun sight and a Short and Mason Ltd clinometer 30-50
415.    A flintlock pistol wooden pattern and casting for a trigger guard and a lead ball mould 10-30
416.    A box of assorted GPO buttons, coronation medals etc 10-15
417.    A selection of shoulder titles, buttons, etc 10-15
418.    A Prisoner of War beaded snake 15-20
419.    Three box lock percussion pocket pistols for restoration 50-70
420.    A group of whistles with compass and police badges 20-30
421.    A WWI trio with cap badge to: Gunner T G Burden 1800 RFA x 825597 Royal Artillery 60-80
422.    A WWI war medal to R J Wedlake RAF and badges etc 30-40
423.    A box of military buttons and badges 20-30
424.    A box of magic lantern slides including a quantity of the Boer war 40-60
425.    A naval officers sword belt 20-30
426.    A pair of French WWI field glasses in a John Bennett case, 1917 10-20
427.    A box of various military collectables 20-40
428.    A WW2 German leather pistol holster 30-40
429.    A pair of Wollensak binoculars - probably US army issue 20-40
430.    A mid 19th century mahogany box with carved Royal Navy emblem to top, 19cm wide 40-60
431.    A display of various sized military ammunition rounds, a grenade paperweight and an ammunition box 20-30
432.    Four Ridgeways white pottery military numbered medical jars with arrow mark and metal bound tops plus a square white dish 30-50
433.    A scratch built model brass cannon on mahogany stand - 30cm 20-40
434.    A Personal Control Communications box BCC 410 A, a Yoke pouch side and various straps, issues 1 & 3 magazines relating to 'The Bugle and Kukri 10th Princess Mary's Own Gurkha Rifles Regimental Association 10-20
435.    A replica US model 1855 'Peace' powder flask together with two 1942 brass squat shell cases 20-30
436.    A circa WWII leather flying helmet together with vintage S.G Brown Type F headphones 50-80
437.    A pair of military headphones 20-40
438.    Two flintlock pistols for restoration - one by Richards 40-60
439.    A 19th century Dragoons flint lock pistol with steel and brass mounts 60-80
440.    An Austrian WWI Mannlicher M1895 bayonet stamped CEWG 30-50
441.    A 1955 Wenger Swiss made GE47 rifle bayonet 40-60
442.    A 19th century Navy bosuns persuader/press gang cosh - 29cm 40-60
443.    A British No 4 Mk II bayonet and scabbard 20-40
444.    A WWI bayonet - in poor condition 10-20
445.    A French Chassepot 1866 Imperial de Mutzig bayonet with scabbard engraved with date Juin 1868, with register mark D75377 40-60
446.    A wood and brass military dirk - 21 cm 20-30
447.    An Irvin Aerospace Ltd Parachute Assembly type LLP Mk 1 together with helmet 30-50
448.    Three leather military belts with brass buckles and fixings and two pairs of military leather gaitors 20-30
449.    A ladies double barrelled shotgun, stock and trigger mechanism block by Chas Boswell 20-40
450.    A double barrel shotgun by Edwin Ladmore of Hereford - action missing 30-50
451.    A WWII field telephone 20-40
452.    A WW2 Luftwaffe steel helmet 150-200
453.    A Zuckerman 1941 helmet 10-30
454.    An RAF officers cap, size 7 1/4 10-20
455.    An early 20thC Sandhurst officer cadet red and white pill box cap by Hobson & Sons Military Outfitters plus a bib. 30-50
456.    Two navy caps one with signatures 20-30
457.     Gordon Highlanders Infantry Regiment cap with badge and Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders cap and badge together with an embroidered 'The Highland Infantry' 'Celtic Tea
Cosy' 20-30
458.    A selection of miscellaneous military and other hats to include a French police Kepi hat, a green beret with Burma Star association badge, a maroon beret with Belgian 3rd parachute battalion cap badge and various others. 20-30
459.    WW2 service documents for Dick Albert Godwin of the Royal Navy. Served on various ships during WW2. 10-20
460.    A pair of WWI vintage wooden 'Wantage Adjustable' crutches - patented by Dr William Dunsmore Loveday, MRCS LRCP 80-120
461.    A group of five WWII medals for Captain W J Newman, 5183116 RAC with certificates and photographs. 1939 - 1945 star, France and Germany star, Defence Medal and War Medal (with mention in dispatches leaf) plus TA medal engraved to edge, he married a German widow whilst on active service in 1950 50-70
462.    Four silver and enamel military sweetheart brooch's 30-40
463.    A silver regimental menu holder presented to Captain C J Bayley 4th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1914, London 1914 50-70
464.    A silver Scottish Rifles Crossbelt and Breast Badge with sphinx form whistle - belonging to Lieutenant Harold Hungerford Holdich (later Brigadier General DSO) - This lot includes a photocopy of a photograph showing Lieutenant wearing the breast badge on his return from India in 1897/98 where he served with 1st Battalion, The Scottish Rifles (the Cameronians) from 1894 to 1897. Also in the image is his father, his Great Uncle and his cousin. The silver chain and star have had minor repair by a silversmith. Birmingham 1892 by Joseph Jennens & Co. 600-800
465.    An army copper campaign wash basin with military arrow mark, 14" 1955 by L & W on green painted metal stand 30-50
466.    An early 20th century red leather rifle or shotgun case with velvet interior and brass fittings - 83cm wide 30-50
467.    A Duke of Wellington regiment swagger stick. 20-30
468.    Anthony Robert Klitz - oil on board painting of Queens Guard infantry and cavalry at Horse Guard Parade, 45 x 116cm 300-500
469.    Six advertising postcards for 'Imperial Airways' framed as one and six military postcards framed as one 20-50
470.    Three certificates to Paul Lennox Rex, Senior executive at the Passport office, CBE, MBE, & OBE, all mounted and signed 100-140
471.    A 19th century embroidered memorial picture of the Monmouthshire Light Infantry with names of campaigns and operational arenas woven to flag, framed and glazed, 63 x 66cm. 100-150
472.    A photographic print of HMS Trinidad in 1941 Artic Convoy - framed and glazed 20-40
473.    Two military framed photographs including one group and one portrait, largest 22.5 x 28cm 10-20
474.    A WWI Corporal Gloucester Regiment service jacket with brass buttons and red embroidered butterfly badge 20-40
475.    An Army tunic and trousers 20-30
476.    Two WWII posters for civil defence, The Hydro bomb plus other military ephemera including Musketry Drill practice return, letter etc 10-20
477.    An RAF WWII Pilots Flying Log book for Sergeant Haydon Thomas Hopkins 1942, (Training & Certificates Log), together with photographs, maps, service release book, drivers licence etc plus Doodlebug map of London 50-60
478.    A REME photograph album 'Souvenir from Germany' and a few military photographs 20-30
479.    An old photograph of WWI Hartpury Volunteers 23rd August 1919 10-30
480.    A folder of thirteen British official WWI original photographs including tanks, aircraft and troops 20-30
481.    Two journals of transcribed letters, originally sent by Lieutenant George William Edendale Whitehead of the 75th Brigade Royal Field Artillery, to his family starting c1909 but mainly covering the WW1 period of 1914 to 1918. Transcribed by his sister. Details many daily events of his time in the trenches, especially the Battle of Loos. Lieutenant Whitehead was KIA while serving in the RAF along with his observer in 1918. 60-80
482.    A box of WWII Army Instruction 'Guides and Training Memorandum' 10-30
483.    Nine 'The Veteran' WWI magazines and various other military magazines plus a group of military books and booklets 20-40
484.    Honour the Officers by Michael Maton, Honours and Awards to British, Dominion & Colonial Officers during 1st World War 30-40
485.    Six booklets on Panzer, Luftwaffe, Waffen-SS, Africa Corps and German Combat Uniforms, VGC 20-30
486.    British Gallantry Awards by Abbott and Tamplin and British Army Cap Badges of the 20th Century 20-30
487.    The 43rd Wessex Division at War 1944-1945 compiled by Major General H Essame and five parts of 'With the Flag to Pretoria' 10-30
488.    A box of military magazines and leaflets 10-20
489.    Tommy by Richard Holmes, fine two volume set by The Folio Society in slipcase 30-50
490.    Weapons A Pictorial History of Edwin Tunis, together with Infantry Weapons of WWII by Ian Hogg 20-30
491.    Artillery 'Compared and Contrasted' by Michael Haskew together with 19th Century Firearms by Major Myatt 20-30
492.    Brassey's Infantry Weapons of the Nato Armies, Warsaw Pact Armies and The Armies of Africa, The Orient and Latin America, three volumes 20-30
493.    Allied Special Forces Insignia (1939-1948) together with Battle Honours of the The Royal Navy and Ribbons and Medals 20-30
494.    A small group of military and aviation books 10-20
495.    A leather case containing WWII magazines 10-20
496.    Head-Dress Badges of the British Army, Volume 1, up to the end of the Great War, Kipling and King. 20-30
497.    Propoganda The Art of Persuasion in WWII by Anthony Rhodes together with Hitler's Samurai, The Waffen SS in Action 20-30
498.    Brassey's Book of Uniforms by Tim Newark and Military Collectables 20-30
499.    Liberty's Victorious Conflict, a photographic history of the (First) World War, published in Chicago 1918, 1st US edition 20-30
500.    Three large boxes of early 20th century continental art and design catalogues 50-70
501.    An album of film star photographs signed, facsimile signed and unsigned 20-40
502.    A quantity of French 19th century colour printed advertising cards (31) 20-30
503.    A framed 1911 Coronation souvenir postcard 10-20
504.    A set of 50 Wills cigarette cards of British Birds and a set of 50 John Player Boy Scout and Girl Guide cigarette cards - framed and mounted 10-20
505.    A collection of 250 Wills and John Player cigarette cards of military interest including Badges and Flags of British Regiments, Army Corps and Divisional Signs 1914 - 1918 etc 10-30
506.    A selection of Victorian and later photographs to include a 19th century albumen photograph of a Great Western locomotive broad gauge with a 4-2-4 wheel layout - probably an ex Bristol and Exeter c1870. 30-50
507.    Postcards with religious interest including many RP's of churches plus a wide range of topographical and other postcards including flora and fauna, cattle, birds etc, Many 100's of mixed periods 40-60
508.    Two photograph albums 1950's comprising of many original photographs pertaining to Queens College Boat Club (QCBC) of Cambridge. Many photographs showing rowing races against other colleges such as Oxford, Henley etc. approx 90 photographs in total 40-60
509.    A Buck and Hickman Tools and Supplies catalogue and six other tool catalogues 20-30
510.    Ephemera: An American in Britain, then Europe 1953 to 54, containing mementos of visit with photos/postcards, brochures etc including Cheltenham area, well presented 10-20
511.    A Victorian photograph album 'The Queen Album Views and Flowers of the Riviera' and contents of portrait photographs 20-40
512.    Six loose Bibby calendar pages 1911 and 1930's 20-30
513.    Twenty 1950's 'Motor Cycle' magazines 20-30
513A.   Twelve 1950's 'Auto car' magazines 20-30
514.    A large quantity of modern postcards including many art and country house related plus 18 Devon postcards incl steamers & ships, also 1930's and onwards greeting/postcards 20-40
515.    A group of 1863/64 Railway Consolidation Acts plus an early 19th century English Census part publication 10-20
516.    A group of theatre programmes etc plus a group of vintage and older magazines including 1927 Vogue magazine and various sheet music 20-40
517.    A quantity of 1926- 46 Radio Times and World Radio Magazines plus 12 Picture Post Magazines, The Sphere Magazine, The Graphic and The Telegraph 10-30
518.    A box of advertising cards, pamphlets and pictures 30-50
519.    Two handwritten letters from General Roberts to Colonel J C Tyler and his wife - 1907 and 1910 30-50
520.    Four Songs from 'When We Were Very Young', music by H Fraser-Semeon, words by AA Milne and decorations be E H Sheppard, First Edition 1924 20-40
521.    A box of 'I Spy books' 20-30
522.    A copy of 'Brittens Old Clocks and Watches and Their Makers' 10-20
523.    Two copies of Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, Peoples Edition, 1910 and 1904 and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1896 20-30
524.    A London & North Western Railway Guide Leading to the Lake & Mountain Districts of Cumberland, North Wales & The Dales of Derbyshire, by Samuel Sidney published by Wm S Orr 40-60
525.    A small collection of antique leather bound books including 'The Green Theatre' in six volumes 1801, 'Traduction Des Oeuvres D'Horace' 1816 and 'The History of Rasselas by Samuel Johnson 1816 40-60
526.    A Herbert Morris Electronic Crane catalogue 1912 and a Rolls Royce Armoured Cars pamphlet 10-20
527.    The Return of Sherlock Holmes 1908 New Edition, printed by Smith & Elder and The Last Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1898 (title page missing) 100-150
528.    Rudyard Kipling 'The Jungle Book' illustrated by A & E Detmold, First Edition 1908 20-40
529.    A collection of bird and gardening books, prayer missal etc 10-30
530.    Etchings to The Illustrated Shakespeare by Kenny Meadows 10-30
531.    Coventry, Its History and Antiquities 1870, Edited by Benjamin Poole 30-50
532.    Album and loose leaves/packets of Australian stamps QV - QEII, mint and used, plus Dependencies, all sorts, including blocks, booklet, high values, postage due and sets 30-60
533.    Stamp stock book of GB, Australia, New Zealand, India and other British Empire/Commonwealth defin and commem mostly of KGV-QEII era, mint and used, some QV and KE VII all- world - incl some loose in envelopes 40-60
534.    Purposed Davo and Leuchtturm stamp albums (2) of Belgian mint/used defin, commem, charity, rail etc. from 1860s to 1970s. Incl numerous early issue defins, sets/part sets, mini-sheets and much cat value. 100s. 80-120
535.    Two large albums and a stock-book of mint & used Gambia and Sierra Leone stamps, mainly QEII and post-Independence with some earlier. Incl defin, commem, air, overprints, mini-sheets, blocks, covers, many sets, higher values and iconic 'Coin' stamps of the Sierra Leone. Comprehensive collections for the period focused on. 80-220
536.    UN stamp collection in 2 SG and other album full of mint and used commems and special issues from 1990s on in numerous sets, booklets (30), blocks and mini-sheets. 20-40
537.    Boxed and purposed black GB Windsor Album of QV - QEII defin & commem up to decimalisation. Good quantity of QV LE and a spread of later issues with mint and higher KGVI/QEII values amongst them. Blocks, se-tenant and sets incl QEII mint phosphors. QV/ KEVII officials up to 9d at back. 50-80
538.    Two part-filled stockbooks of mainly KGVI & QEII period GB, Commonwealth & World used stamps. Defin & commem incl mini-sheets and higher values up to $5. 30-60
539.    Stamps of Australia, New Zealand and some Ceylon, QV to QEII, mint/used, in album and 2 stock-books. 50-70
540.    Swedish collection of 1850s to 1940s defin, commem, air, landstormen, postage due and official stamps, including sets, perf/wmk varieties and scarcer issues. A good early album and solid base to forming larger collection. 80-120
541.    GB stamp album of mainly QV to QEII defin/commem, mint and used. Incl Penny Black (one margin), other LE, 9d pale straw (2), higher values to 1 pre-QE II (incl KGV seahorses to 10/-) and a few postage due. 80-100
542.    Two box files of mainly GB FDC covers, many with slogans, from KGVI & QEII pre-decimal era. Top 7 out of some 120 have Booths Cat of over 550 alone. Majority are neat, clean and photo-corner mounted on written-up Windsor Album pages. Little if any repetition and generally clear postmarks. Good collection. 60-80
543.    Large box of mainly QEII GB covers including FDC, registered, special cancel, Channel Islands, Royal Engineer commems/FPO (30+) plus PHQ cards and decimal presentation packs (FV c.50) 30-50
544.    Box of all world postal covers and unused air letter sheets in folders incl scarcer Forces postal covers and Japanese postcards (1930s). 30-50
545.    Almost 60 GB first day and special to event postmarked covers, mainly from 1970's including decimal definitive's anotated 'Posting delayed by the Post office Strike 1971' a 'Windsor' postmark Silver jubilee cover, 'First scheduled commercial flight of British airways Concorde flight - posted at Terminal 3 cover and 'Bethlehem Christmas 1977 cover, in addition Philatelist services stamp club special appraisals book 20-30
546.    Packet of some 30 GB Forces and consulate covers, incl variety of FPO nos and a Maritime (red postmark) 20-40
547.    Boxed collected of British Empire commonwealth and rest of world stamps in two albums, tin, and cover in packets and large quantity loose on piece/off paper. Mostly KGV to QEII but some earlier both mint and used , 100's 30-60
548.    West German collection of mint/used stamps, mini-sheets, registered, courier and covers in 3 albums. Stamps from 1980s on; covers from 1960s on and many special-to-event postmarked. Small number of earlier German post cards as well. 40-60
549.    Boxed GB stamp collection in 2 stockbooks, 2 PHQ Card albums and in various sleeves/envelope. Much mint and early used material in packets, incl QV and higher values such as KGV seahorses plus a range of early covers & cards. Most if not all PHQ cards first day. In addition booklets, sheets etc of QEII mint decimal FV 125+. 100-150
550.    Box of 8 albums of mostly GB QEII pre & post decimal defin, commem, regional, postage due etc incl presentation packs, FDC and other covers incl signed and air mail letters. Some earlier material, QV on. FV 70+. 100-200
551.    Pair of scarcer GB QEII 1.25 stamp booklets, LMS Class 4P Passenger Tank Engine, Design 2, SG FK6a (B) with corrected rate and selvedge at right. One has cylinder number B1 in selvedge. Cat 250 the pair. 20-40
552.    Good, clean 1936 KEVIII 1/2d, 1d and 1 1/2d definitives on display FDC for specific-to-value dates of issue. Booth Cat 125 - 140 each for commem covers. 20-50
553.    Six special-to-event GB Post Office Label Sheets: 2 Smiler 'The Stamp Show 2000' and 4 special order Christmas (Imprint 'Post Office 2000'), SG LS1, LS2 and LS3. Cat 540+. 40-80
554.    Less common 1945 Polish mint & used overprinted commemorative stamps including scarce brown-overprinted 1.50 zt on 25 g. red-brown plus Red Cross fund-raising mini-sheet. 20-40
555.    Boxed collection of GB QEII mainly 1980s/90s FDC and special-to-event postmarked covers, PHQ cards, mint stamp presentation packs plus small box of empty booklets. Also 6 Prestige Wedgwood booklets (1 partial) SG DX1 with high Cat scarce booklet pane, some 40 BFPO covers from Cyprus and 4 covers marking visit of HM The Queen to RAOC Bicester, one signed by Maj Gen Stanyer. Mint FV 125+. 60-120
556.    Spare lot 0-10
557.    Two sets of three erotic photographs of women framed, each 12 x 19cm 20-40
558.    An Edwardian group portrait photograph of Mason's at Eastbourne 1909/10 25 x 30cm 20-30
559.    An early 17th century map by Christopher Saxton and William Hole of West Riding and Yorkshire 1637, 26 x 32cm 40-60
559A.   A group of unframed antique maps of Monmouthshire etc 30-50
560.    A copper ewer and a copper plant trough 10-20
561.    A 19th century Chinese brass engraved cup on pedestal engraved foot - 15cm 50-70
562.    A 19th century Persian or Afghan Islamic tinned copper aftaba/water pot, 29cm tall 40-60
563.    A 'Barkers' English hand hammered pewter four piece teaset 10-30
564.    Four eighteenth century pewter plates and two oval platters, many with London and Birmingham touch marks 30-50
565.    A French pewter screw top sustenteur or pharmacy jar 20-30
566.    An early 20th century brass torsion pendulum clock under glass dome - 31cm 20-30
567.    Two tortion clocks under domes 10-30
568.    A brass baroque stye correspondence rack and a pair of brass candlesticks 20-40
569.    An Art Nouveau style brass picture frame 20cm tall, together with a pair of Victorian brass boot form plaques 20-30
570.    A group of nine LP records including Beatles, Bob Dylan, Ringo Star etc 20-30
571.    An oriental brass dish on wooden stand and other brassware 20-30
572.    A brass oil and vinegar stand with glass bottles 20-40
573.    A pair of brass horse form fire dogs 20-40
574.    A pair of brass fire dogs in the form of Queen Alexandra and King Edward VII 10-20
575.    A pewter Arts & Crafts two handled hammered dish and a pewter oval tray embossed with flowers 20-40
576.    A Chinese brass bowl with engraved decoration, six character mark to base, 20cm diameter 20-40
577.    Two vintage draw knives 20-30
578.    An Art Deco patinated bronze figure of a nude dancer by Marcel Bouraine, 37cm tall - missing base and balls 300-500
579.    A 19th century Salter brass clockwork turning spit jack with hanger and hanging trivet 20-30
580.    A circular brass wall clock mounted in later case 10-20
581.    A vintage aneroid circular barometer by John Barker & Co Ltd, Kensington, 28 cm diameter 20-50
582.    A Crooke and Troughton ebony parallelogram, a set of brass dividers and a drawing compass in a presentation box 20-30
583.    A Victorian hardwood turned police truncheon , heat branded 'VR and Crown' to club and marked Reld and Holborn to pommel - 45 cm 30-50
584.    A selection of vintage tools and accessories to include a Stanley No 71 router plane with various cutters, a Stanley No 66 hand beading plane with various scraper blades and a Record No 43 plough plane with various cutters 100-150
585.    A set of four vintage planes to include a Record No 4, a Stanley Chapman Tools No 4, a Rapier 400 and a Stanley Bailey No 3 20-30
586.    An Edwardian paint box by Reeves and Son with some contents 10-20
587.    A Bayard brass carriage clock and a Looping mantel clock 20-40
588.    A small eight day travel alarm clock by Looping in its original case 30-40
589.    A vintage retro 1960's mantel alarm clock together with a vintage Dulton kitchen timer 10-20
590.    A vintage clockwork musical bird in cage 20-30
591.    Two vintage Smiths speedometers for a motor car, model numbers SN-5230/13 and SN-6201/08AS 20-30
592.    Two brass vesta cases embossed John Hauck Brewery and Crystal Palace Exhibition 30-50
593.    Two pairs of Victorian spectacles in cases 10-20
594.    An early 20th century folding travellers/campaign cutlery folding tool together with three small folding knives and a Stanhope fountain pen showing views of Bogner 40-60
595.    A brass elephant novelty vesta and a shell form vesta 20-40
596.    Four oriental bronze gold/coin weights 20-30
597.    A late 19th century/early 20th century brass vesta case in the form of a cat in a boot 20-30
598.    A Georgian brass pounce pot - 5cm tall 10-20
599.    A box of collectable's including old tools, pen knife etc 20-30
600.    An Indo Chinese carved wood model of a stylised tiger 13cm tall 30-50
601.    A mother of pearl pair of opera glasses - cased 10-20
602.    A 19th century glass medical measure cased and a syringe 10-30
603.    Six cut throat razors and a Gillette razor 40-60
604.    A collection of folding multi-tool knives - approximately twenty in total 20-40
605.    A box of various collectables including badges, mother of pearl counters etc 10-20
606.    Two carved soapstone dragons with wax seals, 14cm x 11cm x 16 x 8cm 10-20
607.    A carved wooden group of three Chinese lions and two Japanese mother of pearl applied small panels 10-20
608.    A Victorian ceramic toilet pull handle together with a brass powder flask 10-20
609.    A boxed set of four Chinese painted glass scent bottles and two miniature Chinese figural scent bottles. 20-30
610.    An Inuit carved seal by Tomassie Ken, 9cm long 20-40
611.    Various collectables including spherical radio, 'Wan Ku' Chinese pewter, penknife etc 10-20
612.    A box of collectables including lacquer box and stilton scoop 10-30
613.    A group of thirteen pewter tankards and measures and a pewter beaker 20-40
614.    A box of clock hands and spares 10-20
615.    An eight day bracket clock movement
616.    An eight day longcase clock movement plus adaptor plate etc 20-40
617.    Two Viennese clock mechanisms with pendulum 20-40
618.    A box of clock pendulum weights, clock bell and bell casting 10-30
619.    Three painted longcase clock faces - one with movement a/f 20-30
620.    A longcase clock dial and movement with painted naive landscape and figures, eight day by 'James Common', Coldstream 50-70
621.    A moon phase painted longcase clock face and movement with weights, pendulum, key and seat etc 60-80
622.    A Cowley level cased, a rosewood cased drawing set, a spherical glass clock a/f, and a set of silver plated coffee spoons 10-20
623.    A 19th century mahogany writing box - 40 x 22 x 11cm 20-30
624.    An old deed box with key, two money boxes with keys (one with coins) and two other money boxes. 20-40
625.    A pair of African wooden carved figures, tallest 32cm 10-30
626.    Three vintage ships in bottles 10-20
627.    A quantity of old glass bottles 10-30
628.    A quantity of small glass bottles 10-20
628A.   A 19th century glass round bottomed mineral water bottle moulded 'Talbot & Co' Gloucester 10-20
629.    A leather and gilt tooled dome topped box 12.5 x 7cm tall, marked 'KNSM' (Royal Dutch steam boat shipping Co.) 10-30
630.    Two oak armorial plaques 15 x 18cm and a painted wood icon of the Virgin and child 10-20
631.    A 19th century pewter tobacco box with domed lid and inner liner 20-40
632.    A mahogany tea caddy with two interior lidded compartments, 20cm wide 20-30
633.    Six antique keys of various sizes. 20-30
634.    An early 18th century horn cutlery handle carved in the form of a robed priest 10cm 250-300
635.    An early 18th century ivory cutlery handle, carved in the form of Bacchus seated on masked stool, 10 cm 150-200
636.    A late 18th century/early 19th century French water colour on ivory miniature portrait of a fashionable noble women, within papier mache heart form frame with mother of pearl inlay 10x8cm 200-300
637.    A French 19th century watercolour on ivory portrait of a women with ornate headdress 6.5 x 5cm within a rectangular tortoiseshell frame 10 x 8.5cm 150-200
638.    A 19th century Chinese Canton carved ivory and painted fan - the ivory carved with figures of monks in temple garden, the leaves painted with figures in gouache and with ivory painted faces, in original lacquer box - the fan 28cm - some damage 200-300
639.    A large circular metal cased lens, 13cm diameter 10-20
640.    A Mercedes radiator form novelty drink decanter 20-30
641.    A box of small collectables including compass, fobs etc 10-20
642.    A set of six European Cup enamel golly badges 20-40
643.    Two Avon pipe form after shave bottles 10-20
644.    Five 19th century wooden butter stamps and a pastry stamp 40-60
645.    A box of small wooden stamps and various other collectables 10-20
646.    A case of Masonic Regalia including one silver gilt jewel, various other jewels, sashes and books etc 20-40
647.    A pair of Dolland 8 x 30cm binoculars- cased 10-20
648.    A pair of 19th century Ross London & Paris prismatic binoculars 10 x 19, No 1041 with leather case 30-50
649.    Two vintage piano tuning keys, a Moore and Wright set of precision screwdrivers, another set cased and a goldsmiths engraving tool 20-40
650.    A group of Japanese vintage celluloid models including rickshaws, ox and cart etc 10-20
651.    A Victorian rosewood work box with mother of pearl inlay, lacking interior, 30cm wide 10-30
652.    A set of oak postal weighing scales with weights 10-20
653.    A box of collectables 10-20
654.    A vintage Lark clarinet with accessories, cased 20-40
655.    A Comitti circular barometer and two other barometers 10-20
656.    A box of cameras and lenses 10-30
657.    A Georgian oak salt box with shaped back plate- 41cm tall 60-80
658.    A 1930's perpetual desk calendar, 13.5cm tall 20-30
659.    A patinated metal figure of Indian goddess Shiva 34cm 20-30
660.    A 'Dean Oak' carved group of sheep and lamb, 16cm tall 10-20
661.    A Bassett Lowke model of a Burrel type steam roller. Ltd edition number 257 of 2000 with original COA. 30-50
662.    A Bassett Lowke model of a Burrel type traction engine - ltd edition number 167 of 2000 with original COA. 30-50
663.    A 19th century mother of pearl fan with painted rococo style decoration, boxed by Geslin, 20 Passage De Princes, Paris (repaired) 40-60
664.    Two Stratton compacts and a Lentheric compact - all boxed 20-40
665.    Two French linen shift nightdresses 40-60
666.    A white fur hat 10-20
667.    A group of collectable's to include tole ware tray, crumb brush, three lacquered plates, lacquer folding corner ornament shelf etc 20-40
668.    A box of papier mache boxes, bottle coaster and pen tray etc 40-60
669.    Two vintage Japanese paper mache dolls 10-30
670.    A selection of German nursery rhyme magic lantern slides 20-30
671.    An Indonesian wooden puppet- 41cm tall 10-20
672.    Four carved Chinese gilt and lacquer panels, largest being 39 x 18cm 20-40
673.    A set of Russian dolls and various other world treen 10-20
674.    A box of various toy model vehicles 20-30
675.    A pair of carved alabaster busts of boys, 14cm tall 50-60
676.    A finely carved balsa wood model of Tiruchirapalli Rock Fort in Tamil Nadu, India cased, 27 x 23 x 26cm 40-60
677.    An Edwardian mahogany serving tray 10-20
678.    A set of six 19th century hunting prints in birds eye maple frames, (outer frame dimensions) 44 x 36cm 40-60
679.    An Eastern brass cauldron with drop handles, 33cm tall 10-30
680.    A Victorian cut glass oil lamp with blue flashed and cut decoration plus a later globe shade 30-50
681.    A bronze Chinese dish cast fish, 25cm diameter 30-50
682.    A brass candle lamp - 56.5cm tall 20-30
683.    A 19th century brass Anglo Indian casket with applied and engraved decoration - 29 x 16 x 12cm 50-70
684.    A Victorian brass adjustable oil lamp with green glass shade, 59cm 30-50
685.    A Chinese hardwood two door cabinet with carved decoration to doors and sides, all raised on tall slender supports - 92cm wide 30-50
686.    An oak sideboard with two drawers over carved and panelled cupboard doors 137cm wide 50-70
687.    An antique carved oak cabinet - probably Victorian made from 17th century panels 82w x 96h x 52cm deep 100-150
688.    Walter Harrowing - oil on canvas horse in a stable, signed, 55 x 68cm 300-500
689.    A Victorian anthropomorphic oil on canvas scene with dog painting a self portrait watched by a cockatoo on a perch 54 x 41cm 200-400
690.    A fine Victorian watercolour of two boys fishing in a river, 61 x 49cm 60-80
691.    F Ramus - water colour coastal scene with yachts - signed and dated 1902, 12 x 26cm 10-30
692.    Parsons - 19th century oil on canvas river landscape with bridge, in heavy gilt frame - 50 x 75cm 100-150
693.    T. Moss - a pair of oil on board sailing boats at dawn and by moonlight - signed and dated 1900, 19 x 14 cm 30-50
694.    A Brewers display case of cask taps and keys for Josiah Morgan & Sons, Suppliers of Brewers Sundries 20-40
695.    A vintage double sided enamel sign advertising Royal Daylight Pratts Paraffin Oil, 56 x 46cm 300-400
696.    An old stained wood advertising Milwards haberdashery box with mirrored drawer fronts a/f, 36 x 21 x 27cm 30-50
697.    A 19th century steel engraving 'At Fault' 57 x 41cm 20-40
698.    A 19th century colour print of a racehorse 'Gladiator' winner at Newmarket 1864, a print on board of Attila plus an unframed print of four Derby favourites 1890 - 27 x 37cm 10-30
699.    Mark Huskington - a cheeky hunting print 'Touch of Class' 39 x 28cm 10-20
700.    A stoneware Stephens's scarlet ink bottle No 36 10-20
701.    Julius Hare RCA (Irish 1859 - 1932) - oil on canvas coastal scene, signed, 30 x 46cm 250-350
702.    An early 20th 'Thrust' typewriter by Adler 30-50
703.    Two 1950's hairdressing advertisement boards for Jamal 'The Fashionable Cold Permanent Wave' by Anita Skjold 50 x 38.5cm plus two original fashion design drawings on paper by Anita Skjold 30-50
704.    A small child's string top chair 20-30
705.    An early 20th century mahogany butlers tray with integral folding legs and brass handles, one release clip missing 30-50
706.    Picasso print 'Comedie Humaine' - print Copie D'prevue, signed in pencil 29 x 20cm 80-120
707.    Original Piccaso print 1955 Balzac 29 x 20cm with page from book together with Picasso style sketch 60-100
708.    Marc Chagall Lithograph Siecle No 34 1970, estimated edition of 3000. Mourlot Imprimeur, Paris, 29cm x 23cm. 50-80
709.    K Polk - oil two race horses 50 x 60cm 20-40
710.    A Picasso print 'Vollard Suite' dated 1933 - signed in pencil, red gallery stamp, 20 x 25cm 80-120
711.    A late Victorian Huntley and Palmers biscuit box cover with illustrated detail of the company factory - in oak frame. 20-30
712.    A vintage Winel table top stationery cabinet of 6 drawers 38cm tall 10-20
713.    A steel engraving 'Birds Eye view of Venice' from the Illustrated London News 20-40
714.    A collection of four mounted sets of two prints of oriental figures and one of boats - unframed 20-40
715.    Two Marc Chagall lithographs - the larger entitled Clown in Love and from the unsigned edition as printed at the Mourlot studio, Paris 1963. 32cm by 24cm. The smaller measures 23.5cm by 21.5cm. 50-80
716.    A collection of five mounted sets of three prints of oriental figures, unframed 20-40
717.    An oak utility desk with three drawers and cupboard designed by Barry Parker and Raymond Unwin 1904 from the Rockside Hydro refurbishment - with letter of provinance 200-400
718.    A composition figure of Charlie Chaplin - 56cm 20-40
719.    A Victorian pine dresser with display shelves over 2 drawers and a two door cupboard, 146cm wide 200-300
720.    A pine two tier wall shelf, 65 wide x 78cm tall 20-40
721.    A satin walnut two door cupboard including shelf , 126 x 47cm 60-100
722.    Two vintage string top stools 10-20
723.    Two large stoneware cider flagons for Westons and Whiteways 20-30
724.    A brass turned standard lamp 10-20
725.    A 19th century pine trunk 93cm wide 60-80
726.    An Edwardian pine chest of two short and two long drawers 91 cm wide 60-80
727.    A Victorian white painted circular stool, originally a piano stool 10-20
728.    A Victorian white painted two tier etagere 10-30
729.    A pair of good quality wooden hand made oars 30-50
730.    A copper coal scuttle and a copper log basket 20-30
731.    A copper hunting horn 10-20
732.    A vintage French style white and gilt painted wood dressing table 60-100
733.    An early 20th century mahogany folding towel rail 10-30
734.    An early 20th century folding wooden towel rail with shelves 10-30
735.    An early 19th century painted wine table with floral decoration to top on turned column and triple supports 20-40
736.    A small reproduction sofa table 20-40
737.    A floral painted fire screen/tilt top occasional table 10-20
738.    A 19th century rosewood barometer/thermometer with convex mirror and level 50-70
739.    A Victorian rosewood rectangle folding top card table on four swept and reed scroll end supports with quadruple platform base 91.5 w x 45.5 diameter 200-400
740.    An Edwardian mahogany small style pedestal desk fitted with lined drawers and leather insert top 91cm wide 30-50
741.    A vintage bamboo bird cage 50cm tall 20-40
742.    A Victorian large copper table oil lamp 20-40
743.    A copper helmet form coal scuttle 10-20
744.    A pair of Art Nouveau white frilled glass pendant lamp shades on adjustable brass pulley fittings 50-70
745.    Two Victorian brass oil lamps 20-40
746.    A brass table lamp - 48cm 20-40
747.    A white 'marble' table lamp 38cm 10-30
748.    An alabaster tall table lamp by Charneca, 50cm tall 20-40
749.    A Victorian brass twin light adjustable oil lamp converted to electricity- 67cm 30-50
750.    A pair of double headed eagle form brass light fittings with clear glass frilled shades and one other similar light fitting 60-80
751.    A set of 19th century Victorian solid brass triangular stair rods with fleur de lys terminals (1 terminal missing) approx 21 in total, measures 80cm long 50-80
752.    A brass preserving pan, copper kettle etc 20-30
753.    A quantity of train set items to include Hornby L5301 engine and tender, other various carriages, rolling stock, track and various scenic trees 20-30
754.    A green leather briefcase/satchel 10-20
755.    A box of vintage and later dolls house furniture 20-30
756.    A mahogany tantalus with three cut glass decanters and silver plated mounts plus three decanter labels
757.    A gilt brass Corinthian column table lamp, 27cm 20-40
758.    A bone and bamboo Mah Jong set by 'Bee Brand', boxed with instructions 50-70
759.    A Chinese black and gilt lacquer tray painted figures in a landscape 22 x 34cm 30-50
760.    A Thomas Excelda portable phonograph/gramophone - with re-enamelled case (seen working in saleroom) 150-200
761.    An oak Lazy Susan 20-40
762.    A small blonde Farnell teddy bear with glass eyes, stitched nose and mouth & fabric paws, 26cm 100-150
763.    A 19th century walnut work box with parquetry decoration, fitted interior mirror to lid, 29.5cm wide 40-60
764.    An early 19th century rosewood sarcophagus form tea caddy with mother of pearl inlay and fitted interior 60-80
765.    An Edwardian mahogany inlaid oval two handled tray 20-40
766.    A Japanese floral painted lacquer table top cabinet with three drawers and slide up front 24 x 18 x 18cm 30-50
767.    A Staunton style boxwood and ebony chess set - boxed 40-60
768.    A miniature carved wood oriental box in style of a camphor wood chest decorated with birds etc - 23 x 15 x 12cm 20-30
768A.   A Meiji period Japanese lacquer small table top cabinet (requires rebuilding) 20-40
769.    Gaston Gallas (French) - mixed media abstract, signed and dated 1970, 39 x 29cm 40-60
770.    Wythe ? - large oil on canvas man slaying a sheep 133 x 98cm 80-120
771.    Harrison Weir - an engravings of horse's in a stable 33 x 46cm and cattle in a park 37 x 26cm, 10-30
772.    Spare lot 0-10
773.    A Listers teak garden bench 153cm length 30-50
773A.   A Victorian stained pine overmantel moulding 20-40
774.    A vintage 1960's Adjustform 'Easy-Fit' dressmakers mannequin dummy 30-50
775.    An old trunk 10-20
776.    George Boyle - oil on board landscape of field and figure - signed - 23 x 33cm 60-80
776A.   A set of three early 19th century hunting scene engravings - 45.5cm x 63cm 150-200
777.    J R Luke - oil on canvas portrait of horse's head, 45-61cm 30-50
778.    S Kegg - oil of three horse's heads 59 x 45cm 10-30
779.    Helen Bradley - print 'All on an April Evening' 49 x 67cm with three books 20-40
780.    A coloured landscape print 'With Blossoms Gay, 54 x 42cm 10-20
781.    A watercolour of Little Rettendon church Essex, signed indistinctly 20-30
782.    A gilt framed mirrors, smallest 57 x 38cm 10-30
783.    Alastair Flattely (1922 - 2009) - watercolour landscape view across the fields and Church at Newnham - signed and framed, 35cm x 53cm 80-120
784.    A set of four marine prints after Koekkoek 20-40
785.    Ronald Swanwick - print of three Collie Dogs 49 x 38cm 20-40
786.    An oak 1930's two door glazed display cabinet 10-30
787.    A glass display cabinet - 175 x 66 x 32cm 80-100
788.    A Hardy Amies duck egg blue ladies dress suit 20-40
789.    A Victorian black satin dress suit 50-70
790.    A Victorian black velvet and sequined cape 50-70
791.    An iron large copper hanging oil lantern 70cm h 30-50
792.    A Hudsons soap advertising walking cane 10-20
793.    A leather suitcase with fitted interior - the interior a/f 10-20
794.    A Chinese hardwood carved occasional table 10-20
795.    An Edwardian mahogany bedside table with drawer over two shelves - 35cm wide 20-30
796.    An oak 1920's occasional table with drop flaps over book trough 10-30
797.    A 19th century mahogany commode cabinet converted to a hi fi cabinet 10-20
798.    A 19th century mahogany two tier bedside table with frieze drawer and leather top 83 x 36cm 20-30
799.    A 19th century mahogany pedestal with scrollwork brackets to cupboard - lacking back - 31cm x 93cm 10-30
800.    A set of six French Art Nouveau carved light wood dining chairs with sinuous supports to backs and legs, upholstered in stylised flower head fabric, with one metre extra fabric supplied
801.    An 18th century matched set of eight Welsh country dining chairs with pierced vase splats and solid seats (made up from two sets of four) 300-400
801A.   An Edwardian spindle back country chair with string seat 30-50
802.    A set of five Jacobean style cane back chairs ( four diners and one carver) with barley twist supports 50-70
803.    An Edwardian mahogany inlaid bedroom chair and an oak ladder back chair 20-30
804.    A pair of 19th century rush seated spindle back carver chairs 60-80
805.    An Edwardian mahogany two seater settee with pierced and inlaid marquetry decoration 50-70
806.    A Victorian mahogany spiral carved torchere stand 110 cm tall 40-60
807.    A Timex watch advertising rotating shop display case, 72cm H 60-80
808.    An early 20th century glazed mahogany corner wall cupboard 30-50
809.    A Georgian mahogany tea table with satinwood and ebony stringing and paterae inlay to front apron, small drawer to frieze, 91cm wide
810.    A nest of three oak occasional tables on turned supports 30-50
811.    An aneroid barometer in carved oak case 15-25
811A.   A Dutch wall clock with 'Verge' movement 100-150
812.    A small 19th century mahogany pot cupboard with low gallery top over a single cupboard 33cm wide 30-50
813.    A reproduction mahogany chest of five drawers 40-60
814.    A George III mahogany small kneehole desk with secretaire drawer and replacement brass handles 83 x 54 x 78cm h 300-500
815.    A Victorian copper two handled preserving pan 20-40
816.    A graduated pair of brass bound wooden planters - max height 22cm tall 20-30
817.    A set of four Victorian balloon back dining chairs 60-80
818.    A Victorian mahogany tilt top rectangular breakfast table on tapered column and quadruple scroll supports 144 x 110cm x 75cm tall 100-150
819.    A George III satinwood 'D' end console table on square supports 80-120
820.    An Edwardian Art Nouveau brass coal shuttle with overhead handle 20-30
821.    An early 18th century elm small sized tavern curved back settle, 140 w x 142cm h 300-500
822.    A late 19th century brass helmet form coal bucket with ivy leaf motif and a brass hot water carrier with embossed floral decoration 30-50
823.    A 19th century copper kettle 29cm tall 20-30
824.    A painted wall clock with octagonal face - 56cm 10-20
825.    An early 20th century elm seated Windsor chair 30-50
826.    An early 19th century mahogany washstand with alterations and partially fitted interior - poor condition, 73cm wide 20-40
827.    An early 20th century large square stool on squat cabriole supports 60 x 62cm 20-30
828.    A Victorian pink upholstered Chesterfield settee, 91cm wide 100-150
829.    A vintage leather saddle 10-20
830.    An early 20th century oak wall clock - 55cm tall 10-20
831.    An early 20th century mahogany circular coffee table with undertier 20-40
832.    A large gilt carved standard lamp, 143cm tall 20-30
833.    A small oak refectory table on cup and cover supports 153cm width 20-40
834.    An oak refectory dining table with antique end supports - replacement top and stretcher 199 x 81 x 78cm h 60-100
835.    A pair of long benches of jointed construction (one 19th century and the other presumably made at a later date to match) 87cm long x 47cm high 150-200
836.    A pair of glass three branch chandeliers 30-50
837.    An Edwardian walnut Sutherland table with ebony crossbanding - 53cm 20-30
838.    An early 18th century oak dropleaf supper table on square supports 50-70
839.    A 18th century oak coffer with later floral marquetry inlay to the triple panel front, 143cm wide 150-200
840.    A 19th century oak tilt top circular wine table on turned column and triple curved supports 50-70
841.    A small oak joint stool with incised decoration 10-20
842.    An iron bound barrel tapered stick stand - 54cm 30-50
843.    A Victorian mahogany kidney shaped stretcher table - leg loose 30-50
843A.   A piano stool with rise top lid on curved supports 10-20
844.    Fred Hines - watercolour landscape sheep scene - 26 x 37cm 40-60
845.    Howard Devonald - oil on canvas coastal scene, signed 34 x 44cm 30-50
846.    Alfred Walter Williams (Br. 1823 - 1905) - oil on board dry river bed, signed AWW 1871 - 24 x 37cm 250-350
847.    John Keeley - watercolour 'Cloudy Weather at Sutton Park' - 12 x 17cm 60-80
848.    A 19th century coloured etching of Grahams Valley, The Arctic by Captain John Ross - 16 x 21cm 20-30
849.    Frederick E Valter - watercolour Cattle in a Landscape - 31 x 46cm, signed 40-60
850.    A gilt framed Italian style scrollwork framed mirror, 44 x 39cm 30-50
851.    A pair of 20th century Jacobean style oak hall chairs with carved arch top panel backs 30-50
852.    An unusual 'Sunday School Cabinet' with cupboard enclosing shelves over drop front the box bare with lift up lid, the whole with applied commemorative medallions relating to the Sunday school movement and Robert Raikes including 150th anniversary, 100th anniversary, Baptist missionary society, 1885 centenary Halifax Sunday school plus Queen Victoria medallions 71 x 165cm h 400-600
853.    A 19th century oak two door panelled corner cupboard, 193cm high, doors 76cm wide 100-150
854.    A Chinese carved hardwood framed mirror decorated flowers - 90 x 41cm 20-40
855.    A reproduction Canterbury form magazine rack 20-40
856.    An oak 1920's occasional table with rise top and barleytwist supports 10-20
857.    A framed needlework picture of a vase of flowers - 52 x 52cm 40-60
858.    Maxfield Parish - print 'Daybreak' depicting two women with mountain lake back drop, marked 'The House of Art NY', in mahogany Greek themed frame, 46 x 76cm 10-30
859.    A Flemish early 20th century carved oak hall coat rack and hat shelf with applied copper decoration and clogs, 76cm wide 40-60
860.    A George III oak and elm low dresser with three drawers over pot board 168 x 44 x 77 cm 300-500
861.    An Edwardian mahogany display cabinet with marquetry decoration, the two doors with green and clear art nouveau led glass glazing all raised on slender cabriole supports 120-180
862.    Cavendish Morton (British) - gouache/pen and ink seascape with trawler, signed and dated 1966 - 25 x 36cm 150-200
863.    L F Abbott - late 18th century/early 19th century coloured engraving of golfers entitled 'To the Society of coffers at Blackheath' 42 x 30cm 20-30
864.    E Holland - etching of a galleon 33 x 44cm 20-30
865.    William Perkins - watercolour 'Off Osea Island' - 25 x 35cm 20-40
866.    A jewellery display cabinet with gilt frame top - 38 x 37 x 12cm 20-30
867.    A gilt framed mirror 60 x 49cm 10-20
868.    A large multi colour Persian Tabriz carpet with traditional medallion design, 295 x 200cm 220-280
869.    A large Iranian Hamadan runner with red ground 320 x 124cm 150-200