Antiques & Collectables Sale
with Medals & Militaria
on Friday 28th February 2020

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1.      A large porcelain centrepiece bowl with bisque cherubs to shoulders - 32cm tall 10-30
2.      A Victorian green and floral painted centrepiece fruit stand - 18cm 20-40
3.      A pair of Japanese large early 20th century long necked vases painted flowers on turquoise and yellow ground - 59cm 50-70
4.      A 19th century Rockingham style teapot, sugar, jug, slop bowl and plate, all with gilt decoration and puce ground 30-50
5.      A pair of continental bisque figures of grape pickers - 40cm 30-50
6.      A Paragon Art Deco floral painted tea service comprising: twelve cups and saucers, twelve tea plates, jug and sugar, cake plate, plus a similar cake plate 50-70
7.      A 1930's Tuscan china tea and coffee service with floral printed and gilt decoration comprising coffee pot, cake plate, milk jug, cream jug, two sugars, six tea plates, six tea cups and saucers and six coffee cups and saucers 20-30
8.      A Grosvenor China tea service 'Windsor' comprising: six cups and saucers, six tea plates, cake plate, jug and sugar 10-20
9.      A continental teapot decorated birds and a lobster frilled entre dish 10-20
10.     A Canton teapot and a Victorian teapot 10-20
11.     A pair of 19th century Masons Ironstone Japan pattern plates and four CJ Mason Cabbage Leaf moulded Ironstone plates painted flowers and landscapes 50-70
12.     A Victorian Masons Ironstone set of seven dinner plates, tureen and stand (lid repaired) decorated flowering branches 20-40
13.     A blue and white washstand toiletry bowl - 40cm diameter 10-20
14.     A Victorian porcelain comport by E.J.D. Bodley, Burslem decorated birds on a branch 20-40
15.     A Royal Doulton jardiniere painted roses - 17cm tall 10-30
16.     A tall oriental style vase decorated flowers and birds 10-30
17.     A large Lorna Bailey Limited Edition charger - London to Brighton 80-100
18.     A pair of large Victorian Staffordshire dogs with glass eyes - 32cm 40-60
19.     A large Chinese Ming blue and white vase painted dragon - in poor condition, 54cm 100-150
20.     A large slipware oven dish - 40cm wide 20-40
21.     A large Lorna Bailey Limited Edition charger - Kaleidoscope 99/100 80-100
22.     A large Royal Doulton stoneware vase decorated stylised leaves on mottled ground - 42cm, a/f 10-20
23.     A pair of Staffordshire spaniels with blue ribbons - 19cm, a large Staffordshire collie dog, and various dog ornaments etc 30-50
24.     Two large Royal Doulton Collection character jugs - Sancho Panza and Sairey Gamp 10-20
25.     Ten Royal Doulton character jugs and two Sandland Lancaster ones 30-40
26.     A 1960's Portmeirion Greek Key set of twelve coffee cups and saucers with jug and sugar 10-30
27.     A collection of six Royal Doulton stoneware jugs 10-20
28.     A collection of sporting pottery tankards including cricket, golf and football 40-60
29.     A large Chinese floral vase - 27cm 10-30
30.     An Aynsley tea service comprising cake plate, six tea plates, five cups and saucers, milk and sugar - Pattern C1480 20-40
31.     A Minton 'Ancestral' tea service comprising: six cups and saucers, milk, sugar, teapot, six tea plates and cake plate 20-30
32.     Two oval Imari fluted dishes and two Seton Ware blue and white dishes 10-30
33.     A large Royal Doulton Series Ware jardiniere 'Coaching Days' - 21cm tall 20-30
34.     A Royal Worcester 'Gold Chantilly' part dinner service comprising:- tureen, gravy, meat plate, six side plates and six dinner plates 40-60
35.     A white classical style jardiniere decorated lion masks 10-20
36.     A Victorian style blue and white Ironstone footbath, toiletry jug and bowl 10-30
37.     Two Chinese 18th/19th century blue and white plates painted landscapes 40-60
38.     A Royal Worcester 'Golden Anniversary' part-dinner service comprising:- two lidded tureens, five soup bowls, six tea plates, six side plates, six dinner plates, soup bowl and meat plate 30-50
39.     A Edwardian Wilkinson's blue and white toiletry bowl and jug 10-20
40.     A Victorian willow pattern meat plate with gravy well 10-20
41.     A Mason's 19th century Dragon pattern sugar bowl and cover and a Willow pattern sauce tureen 10-20
42.     A Chinese blue and white fish bowl - 27cm dia 10-30
43.     A large Victorian Staffordshire willow pattern meat plate - 55 x 43cm 15-25
44.     A Royal Doulton 'Watteau' teapot and a Copeland Spode muffin dish (small chip) 10-30
45.     A Victorian blue and white cheese dish and stand decorated blossom - 20cm 10-20
46.     A large Wedgwood 'Chinese' pattern blue and white fruit bowl - 27cm dia 20-40
47.     A Wedgwood 'Landscape' meat plate and three other blue and white meat plates 20-40
48.     A Japanese blue and white Imari bowl decorated flowers and foliage - 25cm dia 10-20
49.     A collection of twenty Wedgwood green Jasperware trinket items 30-50
50.     A Minton Haddon Hall set of two cups and saucers, milk and sugar 10-20
51.     Four Beswick birds: Grey Wagtail, Blue Tit, Chaffinch and Goldcrest 20-30
52.     A novelty porcelain set of three figurative cruet bottles - lids a/f and one with hairline crack 10-20
53.     Six various Staffordshire figure groups, mostly a/f 20-40
54.     Three Pendelfins 10-20
55.     A Burleigh Ironstone cheese stand and cover printed hunting scenes 10-20
56.     A large Country Artists rhino 'Spike' - seated 20-30
57.     A collection of pie funnels including Grimwades 10-30
58.     A set of BOLS KLM cottages, mostly unopened 20-30
59.     A Tupton vase, a green 1960's studio vase, an Art Deco vase and various other china 10-20
60.     A collection of eleven vintage blue glazed labelled kitchen storage jars - one lid missing 30-50
61.     A collection of small Faience and Delft including Soholm 10-20
62.     A group of Royal Doulton Bunnykins including mug, bowl, saucer and four plates 30-50
63.     Four various Victorian moustache cups 10-20
64.     A Royal Doulton figure Monica HN1467 (chips to flowers), a Dresden floral encrusted cup (also chipped to flowers), Carlton Ware toast rack a/f and shell form dish 10-20
65.     A group of four various animal ornaments 10-20
66.     A large 19th century Adams pottery jug painted rural scenes in puce, dated 1840 in heart - 23cm, two Sunderland lustre jugs, and an Aynsley teapot and two jugs 20-40
67.     A small Whitefriars bowl, a Wedgwood glass dolphin and a Swedish glass swan, signed 10-20
68.     A quantity of Wade Whimsies and bridge form trough 10-30
69.     Two Murano glass vases, the tallest 23cm, a glass basket and a tumbler 20-30
70.     A Buchan pottery jug, Evenny vase and Poole Pottery bowl 10-20
71.     A group of crested china including Goss, and two miniature floral vases 10-20
72.     A china fox terrier 13cm tall, and a Sylvac one 10-20
73.     Two pottery pug dogs and a Staffordshire terrier 10-20
74.     Three Lladro animal figures including cats in a basket, owl and a kingfisher 10-20
75.     A Lladro group girl with lamb - 18cm tall 20-40
76.     A Wemyss pottery pig by Grishelda Hill 30-50
77.     A Nao swan and a small Coalport figurine 10-20
78.     A early 20th century Copenhagen Aluminia faience figure of an Imp on stand (a/f) 11cm 10-20
79.     Three Tang style pottery horses - tallest 11cm 10-20
80.     A Goebel group of two stylised cats 10-20
81.     A pair of small Beswick Staffordshire style dogs, 8.5cm tall 10-20
82.     A Beswick dapple grey horse 10-20
83.     A Shorter and Son sweetcorn jug and a Japanese blue and white Imari bowl 10-20
84.     An early 19th century blue and white plate decorated punting scene, within deep floral borders, and two Chinoiserie style bowls 20-30
85.     Two Royal Doulton series ware plates - The Admiral and The Parson 10-20
86.     A Price's Night Light and a porcelain frog with glass eyes 10-20
87.     A Royal Crown Derby 1994 Imari Christmas plate - boxed, and a Royal Worcester QEII Jubilee plate - boxed 10-30
88.     A large Stanley Ware ginger jar - 21cm 20-40
89.     Four items of Stanley Ware - one vase a/f 20-30
90.     A Wedgwood miniature blue and white willow pattern tureen and two plates, plus Rogers Monopteror miniature plate, and one other 30-50
91.     A pair of Enoch Woods blue and white miniature dishes printed Caldicot Castle and a miniature blue and white meat dish and plate - printed 'Kite Flying' scenes 30-50
92.     A group of Priory blue and white miniature dinner ware comprising: meat plate printed Langorst, a bowl printed Kenilworth and small plate printed Blaze Castle 50-70
93.     A group of blue and white miniature dinnerware comprising: tureen, two plates, two meat plates and smaller tureen printed landscape scenes (one lid with hairline crack) 100-150
94.     An early 19th century shallow Ironstone dish printed 'Tyburn Turnpike' with floral border from the Lynmouth Series by Masons - 29 x 20cm 40-60
95.     A Sewell of Newcastle pair of blue and white miniature plates in the Milkmaid pattern - one chipped and another blue and white miniature dish - 10.5cm 40-60
96.     A pair of miniature plates bat printed in black with ruins and with maroon edging - 7cm dia 10-30
97.     An early 19th century 'Ironstone China' miniature toiletry jug and bowl 20-40
98.     A Lymes miniature china teaset on tray printed cottage scene 20-30
99.     A box of mixed miniature china 20-30
100.    A set of three Coalport cups and saucers retailed by Mortlocks, and two Royal Worcester coffee cups and saucers 'Mansfield' 10-20
101.    Three Royal Doulton 'Romany' series ware tea plates and two 'Cottages' series 10-30
102.    A pair of Royal Doulton Series Ware 'Coaching Days' sandwich plates and fruit bowl 10-30
103.    A group of twenty items of Royal Doulton 'Coaching Days' Series Ware 20-40
104.    A Henriot Quimper meat plate, dinner plate and two smaller plates 20-30
105.    A Herend porcelain vegetable bowl in the green Chinese Bouquet pattern - 27cm dia 10-20
106.    Spare Lot 0-10
107.    A Royal Albert Country Roses part dinner and tea service comprising:- tureen, six dinner plates, four bowls, two cups with integral saucers, teapot, milk, lidded sugar, gravy, four cups, six saucers, five side plates and a cake plate 40-60
108.    A group of various blue and white china including Doulton flow blue etc 10-30
109.    A Cauldon 'Teutonic' blue and white tureen and another sauce tureen 10-20
110.    A set of three Wood and Sons 'Whotan' meat plates, tureen base and two stands 10-20
111.    Three Spode blue and white plates and various other blue and white plates 20-30
112.    Four various Victorian Staffordshire spaniels and one reproduction one 20-30
113.    A pair of Chinese white dogs of fo figures - 33cm tall 20-40
114.    A Miles Mason chinoiserie tea bowl, coffee cup and saucer in 'Boy at the Door' pattern 60-80
115.    A Miles Mason tea cup, coffee can and saucer bat printed classical figures No 349 50-70
116.    An Austrian Keramos pottery group of Madonna and Child - 30cm tall 30-50
117.    A Davenport floral painted squat porcelain candlestick 10-30
118.    A 19th century Staffordshire figure of Prince Albert in blue cloak 20-30
119.    A 19th century Coalport floral painted cabinet cup and saucer with blue and gilt ground 10-30
120.    A German bisque figure of a military gentleman - 28cm 30-50
121.    A Dresden cabinet cup painted landscapes, a later matched saucer, and a Dresden shell form trinket pot 20-40
122.    A Victorian bisque figure of a lady (36cm), and a porcelain figure of a girl on a seat 20-30
123.    A small glass tazza with gilt floral decoration - 17cm 10-30
124.    An Art Nouveau lustred glass vase - 32cm high 20-30
125.    A set of harlequin liqueur glasses 20-40
126.    A pair of Japanese late Satsuma pottery vases - 25cm 10-30
127.    A Japanese ceramic wall pocket with enamelled decoration of a bird in foliage - 13cm tall 10-20
128.    A Doulton Lambeth Stoneware reform flask depicting Lloyd George - 17cm 60-80
129.    A Victorian porcelain sauce tureen painted landscapes 10-20
130.    A Staffordshire treacle glaze cow creamer, ear a/f 10-30
131.    A Delft vase and cover painted landscape - 34cm 20-30
132.    A large Royal Crown Derby porcelain George V Coronation Loving Cup - blue and white decoration with gilt highlights - 14cm tall 80-120
133.    A Royal Belvedere group of flamingos - 30cm tall 20-30
134.    A Nao figure of a girl with dog - 23cm tall 20-30
135.    A pair of Wilkinson 'Rozanne' vases painted roses and signed Machin 50-70
136.    A Lladro figure of two nuns and a Lladro figure of girl with basket 10-20
137.    A Royal Albert Country Roses tea service comprising: twelve cups and saucers, twelve tea plates, sugar teapot, sandwich plate, cake plate, two saucer plates, vase, dish etc 60-80
138.    A Portuguese pottery tray decorated animals and flowers 24 x 39cm 10-20
139.    A Royal Albert Country Roses dinner service comprising: six dinner plates, six breakfast plates, ten dessert bowls, tureen, two vegetable dishes, sauce boat, two cruets and candlestick 60-80
140.    A selection of Mintons 'Lorraine' pattern dinner ware comprising: six dinner plates, six side plates and a large meat plate 20-30
141.    A Doulton stoneware dinner service in the Will o' the Wisp pattern - comprising: seven dinner plates, seven medium plates, one large milk jug, one small milk jug, salt and pepper, seven cups and saucers, three mugs, three egg cups, two ramekins, four souffle dishes, one large platter, one medium platter, two veg dishes, gravy, six soup, eight cereal bowls and eight side plates 40-60
142.    A cylindrical glass vase decorated birds, and a tall frilled top Murano glass vase 10-30
143.    A group of seven signed glass paperweights including Selkirk, Wedgwood, Caithness etc 20-30
144.    Two large bubble dump weights 10-20
145.    A Moser glass jug enamelled fish - 28cm 50-70
146.    A Lalique glass ashtray signed 'Lalique, France' 20-30
147.    An Edwardian engraved glass goblet and three modern glass goblets (one Cowdy) 20-30
148.    A Cowdy glass green and blue banded vase together with a Cowdy glass jug 15cm tall 20-30
149.    A millefiori paper weight and another paperweight 10-20
150.    A Royal Doulton Prestige limited edition figure Vice Admiral Lord Nelson - HN 4696 18/350 80-100
151.    A 19th century Bohemian ruby cased glass scent bottle with gilt metal top - engraved deer and stag in forest glade - 9.6cm 100-150
152.    A 19th century ruby cut glass scent bottle with gilt metal lid - 7.2cm 50-80
153.    A pair of late 19th century Royal Worcester porcelain cups and saucers in the Aesthetic style painted birds with butterfly handles, the gentleman's one with moustache lip 40-60
154.    A Wade 'Conchita' figure of a Spanish dancer 100-150
155.    A Royal Worcester shell form posy pot No 716 and a Belleek shamrock half barrel dish 10-30
156.    A Border Fine Arts group of horse and jockey 'Full Stretch' 30-50
157.    A small Chinese egg shell porcelain bowl 10.5cm 10-20
158.    A pair of Royal Doulton wire haired fox terriers - 6.5cm tall 10-30
159.    An 18th century Worcester blue and white teapot in the Fence pattern with flower finial - lid and spout restored, crescent mark 40-60
160.    An 18th century Worcester blue and white sparrow beak jug painted birds in a tree - hairline crack and tiny crack to spout, crescent mark to base 30-50
161.    A small 18th century Worcester blue and white cream jug with moulded decoration and floral sprays - unmarked - 9.5cm long and hairline to spout 60-80
162.    An 18th century Worcester blue and white sugar bowl painted floral spray - 13cm dia 50-70
163.    An 18th century Worcester blue and white teapot painted floral sprays and fruit, with flower finial 80-120
164.    An 18th century Worcester blue and white fluted sucrier and cover, painted Gilly flowers, with flower finial and W mark to base - 11.5cm tall 100-150
165.    A set of five late 19th century Meissen cups and four matching saucers with painted floral sprigs 80-120
166.    A Border Fine Arts group of two pheasants 'The Hiding Place' by Frank Di Vita - limited edition, the beak a/f 20-30
167.    A large Capodimonte group The Card Players, on wooden base 20-30
168.    A pair of Edwardian glass tulip vases with silver collars 10-20
169.    A Royal Doulton cut glass vase 23cm tall, boxed 10-20
170.    A large selection of Welsh Royal Crystal glass including six candle holders, two perfume bottles, a pair of coasters, salt and pepper etc 20-30
171.    A pair of square shaped cut glass decanters together with one similar - tallest 26.5cm 20-30
172.    A garniture of three 19th century continental glass vases painted roses on gilt panels, with gilt metal mounts - 28cm 50-70
173.    Three early 19th century rummers on square bases 20-40
174.    A set of six red flashed and etched champagne flutes and six similar smaller glasses 30-50
175.    A large cut glass thistle decanter and six wine glasses 60-80
176.    A small cut glass thistle decanter and six glasses 50-70
177.    A set of six Orrefors 'Maja' hand painted small wine glasses by Eva England 40-60
178.    A tall cut glass candlestick and a Victorian red glass lustre 10-20
179.    A pair of 19th century cut glass decanters (one stopper missing) together with a club shaped decanter and a glass candlestick - tallest 33.5cm 20-30
180.    A set of six champagne flutes and six Tyrone cut glass wine glasses 20-40
181.    Six large cut glass goblets by Welsh Royal Crystal, two tankards and a small bowl 20-40
182.    A group of various drinking glasses 10-20
183.    A set of six cut glass sundae dishes - boxed 10-20
184.    Two cut glass fruit bowls 10-20
185.    A large cut glass vase 25cm 10-30
186.    A large Royal Doulton glass bowl (32cm dia), and two other smaller bowls 20-30
187.    A tall cut glass vase - 32cm, a cut glass bowl and a Victorian cut glass bon bon bowl 20-40
188.    A Hostess vintage coffee set 'Rendezvous' comprising: coffee pot, six cups and saucers and six plates 10-20
189.    A box of twenty one blue and white Delft style pottery tiles, 15cm square 20-40
190.    A box of beer glasses including Guinness, Heineken etc - pint and half pint 10-20
191.    A set of eight Stella Artois glasses 10-20
191A.   A pottery elephant stool 10-20
192.    A 19th century silver plated samovar 30-50
193.    An Edwardian silver plated spirit kettle on stand with ebony handle and finial 20-40
194.    A silver plated maple syrup jug 10-20
195.    Two Art Deco silver plated ice buckets 20-40
196.    A set of six silver tea knives by Harrison Bros, 1922, cased 20-30
197.    A silver plated three piece cruet set 10-20
198.    Two Dansk silver plated animals and a silver plated bottle coaster 10-20
199.    A set of six Mappin and Webb Princes Plate peacock form menu holders 80-120
200.    A pair of miniature silver plated model cannons, 15cm long 20-30
201.    A Neiman Marcus novelty penguin ice cream scoop (opens to contain hot water) 40-60
202.    A Portmeirion set of butter knives - boxed, and two silver forks 10-20
203.    A silver plated salver with cast rococo border - central cartouche reads ' Best Wishes to Commander CWC Swinley from the Junior Rates - HMS Argonaut' - 28.5cm wide 20-40
204.    A selection of Elkington silver plated cutlery set in the Westminster design and a carving set 10-20
205.    A box of Kings Pattern silver plated cutlery 20-30
206.    A selection of miscellaneous silver plated cutlery and a crumb tray 10-20
207.    A box of miscellaneous silver plated cutlery 30-50
208.    A silver plated muffin dish, various silver plated cutlery etc 10-30
209.    A box of silver plated items and a silver plated tray 20-40
210.    A group of various silver plated items including a jug, salver etc 10-20
211.    Spare Lot 0-10
212.    Three silver plated food warmers with turned wooden handles and claw or pad feet, (one by Garrards) 20-30
213.    A silver plated bottle holder, a silver plated tray and a silver plated cruet stand 10-20
214.    A box of silver plated items 10-30
215.    A box of miscellaneous silver plated cutlery 20-30
216.    Spare Lot 0-10
217.    A silver dressing table set including shoe horn, four brushes, two combs and mirror - cased, Birmingham 1940 100-150
218.    A Persian white metal vase and two caviar dishes 150-200
219.    A silver mounted cut glass decanter and stopper 30-50
220.    Two cut glass inkwells with silver hinged lids 20-30
221.    A small silver salver on scroll feet and rococo style border, engraved to centre: 'Presented to the Rev E Puttock by the Parishioner of Rockbeare Devon, Xmas 1864' - London 1863, makers Daniel and Charles Houle - 404g - 22cm dia 100-150
222.    A silver salver standing on three scroll feet with scallop edge. From the crew of the Royal Arthur, and engraved to Bill and Jenny 1962 with crew signatures - Sheffield 1936 - 564g - 25cm dia 150-200
223.    A cased set of twelve German silver teaspoons by A Guttenhofer, Wurzburg 50-80
224.    An octagonal silver sugar caster - Birmingham 1910, and a silver ring stand - Birmingham 1912 30-50
225.    A pair of early 19th century Irish silver sauce ladles - Dublin 1804 - maker JP - 71g 60-80
226.    A large Georgian silver ladle - London 1808, by Wm Eley, Wm Chauner and William Fearn - 215g 100-150
227.    A silver candle snuffer with treen handle - Birmingham 1988 10-20
228.    Two Georgian silver ladles, London 1802 and 1803 - 111g 40-60
229.    A square shape silver cigarette box - 8.6cm dia, Birmingham 1919 40-60
230.    A Victorian silver and mother of pearl rattle 'Darling', a silver pencil and silver smelling salts bottle 20-40
231.    A quantity of silver teaspoons dated from Georgian to 20th century - 677g 200-250
232.    A set of four silver table spoons, Sheffield 1908- 311g 80-100
233.    A set of four Georgian silver table spoons, London 1807 - 290g 80-120
234.    A set of six silver tablespoons by John Aldwinckle and Thomas Slater, London 1891 - 408g 100-150
235.    A set of three silver table spoons,London 1807, with one earlier table spoon (repaired) - 244g 60-80
236.    A pair of Georgian tablespoons and three Victorian tablespoons - 363g 100-150
237.    A pair of silver ladles, London 1821 - 110g 40-60
238.    A large selection of silver dinner forks and spoons dating from Georgian to 20th century - 2930g 800-1000
239.    A selection of miscellaneous silver including six Georgian teaspoons, a Victorian spoon etc 30-50
240.    A selection of silver and silver handled serving cutlery including a Walker and Hall cake fork 30-40
241.    A box of assorted silver items etc 40-60
242.    Two silver and cut glass trinket pots and two silver cups a/f 20-40
243.    Four silver rectangular photograph frames, largest 19cm tall 120-180
244.    A silver hot water jug engraved presentation - Birmingham 1934 - 373g 100-150
245.    A silver pie crust edge salver on scroll feet - 26cm dia, by William Hutton and Sons, London 1909 - 585g 150-200
246.    A silver trinket box, a silver pepper pot and a glass and silver plated miniature scent bottle 20-30
247.    A silver cigarette box with engine turned decoration and cedar interior, London 1951, Padgett & Braham Ltd, 16cm long 60-80
248.    A matched silver six piece cruet set comprising two mustards Birmingham 1919 (with blue glass liners), two salts and spoons Sheffield 1910 and two pepper pots London 1899, total silver weight 438g
249.    A silver scallop dish - Birmingham 1901 by Marples and Beasley, together with a Berthold Muller silver spoon and a silver handled shoe horn 40-60
250.    Five silver coffee spoons and five silver seal top spoons - 2.8g 20-40
251.    A set of five silver coffee spoons 15-25
252.    A small 19th century Indian white metal box decorated floral filigree design - 9cm wide 20-30
253.    Seven various silver napkin rings - 187g 40-60
254.    Five various Georgian silver teaspoons - 78g, and another silver spoon 20-40
255.    A set of six Chinese white metal spoons with script handles 30-50
256.    A pair of small silver dishes in boxes by CJ Vander, Birmingham 1971 - 154g 60-80
257.    Two pairs of silver napkin rings - 130g 30-50
258.    A child's silver handled cutlery set with napkin ring 15-25
259.    A set of six silver Walker and Hall teaspoons and tongs, circa 1938 - cased, and a silver shooting prize spoon 30-40
260.    A silver cigarette box with cedar wood interior - London 1895 - 18cm wide 60-80
261.    Two oval silver photograph frames and one circular one 80-120
262.    An Art Deco silver cigarette case, hallmark rubbed - 16.8cm wide 30-50
263.    A silver trinket box with hinged lid and beaded edging, Chester hallmark, together with a silver topped hand brush - 102g silver weight 20-30
264.    A pair of silver salad servers - boxed, Birmingham 1946, a silver cake knife - boxed and a silver and bone handled butter knife 50-70
265.    A pair of small silver photograph frames by Ronald George Carter, London 1902 - 7.5 x 4cm 20-30
266.    A small cut glass and silver lidded powder pot with cherub design and a white metal double sided pill box in a cast leaf and berry decoration 20-30
267.    A glass match striker with embossed silver rim - London 1907, and a silver embossed pill box - Birmingham 1901 20-40
268.    A 19th century French silver and enamel vesta case painted on all sides - front side showing maiden looking wistfully out to sea - 4.8cm tall 100-150
269.    A 19th century French silver and enamel vesta case painted on all sides - front side showing a Breton lady eating porridge - 4.8cm tall 100-150
270.    A Victorian white metal vesta in the form of a Kings Head, thought to be Richard the Lionheart. Maker S.B, 1887 - Reg No 96195 100-150
271.    Spare Lot 0-10
272.    A silver toast rack - Sheffield 1937, 60g 20-30
273.    An Edwardian small silver pie crust edge salver by Goldsmiths and Silversmiths, London 1901 - 5.2g 50-70
274.    A small silver purse with leather interior - 47g 30-40
275.    A pair of small silver card cases - Birmingham 1930, 73g 30-50
276.    A silver sovereign case with engraved decoration - Birmingham 1912 20-30
277.    A Georgian silver marrow scoop by Samuel Godbehere and Edward Wiggan, London 1787 - 48g 100-150
278.    A silver pepperette with cross pierced decoration and finial to lid by Charles Wilkes, Birmingham 1901, 60g, 12cm high 30-50
279.    A silver engine turned vesta case with gilt interior Birmingham 1921 46g 20-40
280.    A silver ribbed cigarette case by William Devenport - Birmingham 1897, 93g 40-60
281.    A silver match case, Birmingham 1925 - 6 x 4.5cm 10-30
282.    A continental 800 standard silver card case with engraved decoration to lid and cabouchon cut sapphire clasp - 56g 30-50
283.    A heavy silver milk jug by Birch and Gaydon, London 1937 - 185g 60-80
284.    A Mappin and Webb silver sauce boat with hoof feet - 134g 40-60
285.    A miniature silver elephant group - 60g, 6.7cm long - signed PM 40-60
286.    A fitted silver case enclosing amber cigar and cigarette holders with 9 carat gold mounts by Henry Matthews, Birmingham 1908 50-80
287.    A silver cigarette case - Birmingham 1914, and vesta case - Birmingham 1913 (both purportedly dented during WWI) 30-40
288.    A white metal continental ladies notepad with classical embossed decoration 20-40
289.    A pair of small silver pierced and embossed border dishes - Birmingham 1900 - weight 67g and 12cm dia 20-30
290.    A Victorian silver sugar caster with all over embossed decoration by Thomas Latham and Ernest Morton, Birmingham 1894 - 150g 100-150
291.    A silver porringer and cover in fitted case with spoon, by Goldsmiths and Silversmiths - London 1914 - 370g 200-300
292.    A silver Art Deco fruit dish with cylindrical handles and feet - 29cm wide, by Cooper Bros and Sons, Sheffield 1938 - 627g 150-200
293.    A silver snuffer tray with embossed decoration, Sheffield 1837, by Henry Wilkinson & co, 1904, 24cm long 80-120
294.    A small silver two handled trophy cup with fluted decoration on square base, London 1891, by Charles Boyton, 200g, 12cm high 80-120
295.    A silver mustard pot with hinged lid inset blue glass liner, London 1906, by Edward Barnard & Sons, silver weight 59g 20-40
296.    A silver thimble - boxed, Birmingham 1904, a sterling silver thimble, two silver plated thimbles, a child's thimble and a silver and mother of pearl folding fruit knife - Sheffield 1893 20-40
297.    Two circular silver dressing table boxes embossed flowers and a small 800 standard silver dish, 110g in total 30-50
297A.   A small silver desk tidy paperweight with hinged paper clip inset oval photograph frame, London 1897 30-50
298.    A small silver salver with engraved ram design, Birmingham 1975, 185g 80-120
299.    A set of silver teaspoons - cased and a set of silver plated cake forks 10-20
300.    A set of six silver teaspoons with classical decoration - London 1874 30-50
301.    A pair of silver horse shoe form napkin rings 'Lucky Horse Shoes' by H Hurst, Sheffield 1947 - cased, 70g 30-50
302.    A Victorian silver egg cup stand and six egg cups by Fenton Brothers Sheffield 1874, with triple rustic stick form handle and engraved fern decoration - 20.5cm dia - 1055g 500-700
303.    A Regency silver rectangular egg cup stand and egg cups with reeded decoration by Peter and William Bateman, London 1813, and a set of six spoons by John, Henry and Charles Lias 400-600
304.    A heavy silver napkin ring with engine turned decoration and vacant cartouche - Birmingham 1930 - 62g, boxed 20-30
305.    A Walker and Hall silver fruit bowl with embossed swag and ribbon decoration - 20cm dia, 450g 120-180
306.    A large silver vase with embossed scrolling leaf decoration by Atkin Bros, Sheffield 1896 - 473g - 21.5cm 150-200
307.    A silver gilt London Bridge commemorative medallion 1979 'Corporation of the City of London' - boxed 20-40
308.    Spare Lot 0-10
309.    An 18 carat gold bangle set seed pearls and three diamonds, 9.6g, unmarked 500-700
310.    A 9 carat white gold ruby and diamond set hinged bangle with central ruby and diamond cluster set on ruby and diamond set half band, 21.7g, (6cm internal diameter) 1500-2000
311.    A diamond set pendant on silver chain 60-80
312.    A pair of platinum set diamond stud earrings 1000-1200
313.    A fine 18 carat white gold pair of sapphire and diamond cluster earrings, 1.5 x 1.2cm 2000-3000
314.    A pair of modern 9 carat white gold diamond stud earrings and matching interchangeable diamond drop earrings 300-500
315.    A pair of 9 carat yellow and white gold swirl earrings - 7g 50-70
316.    A pair of large 9 carat gold split pearl earrings 40-60
317.    A suite of 9 carat gold and pearl jewellery comprising necklace, bracelet and earrings plus a similar pearl bracelet 150-200
318.    A gold mounted oval agate brooch - unmarked - 2.5cm long 20-40
319.    A 9 carat gold swirl brooch 2.5g, a yellow metal bar form cameo brooch and yellow metal and silver heart form locket 20-40
320.    A Victorian oval gold brooch - 5.2g, a pair of 9 carat gold knot earrings - 2.2g, and a yellow metal fish pendant 60-80
321.    A Victorian gold inlaid pique ware brooch 30-40
322.    A 9 carat gold geometrical brooch - 32g and a 9 carat gold shamrock brooch - 2.8g 50-70
323.    A pair of 9 carat gold gents cufflinks with wheel turned etched border - 4.5grams 40-60
324.    A pair of 18 carat white gold diamond set earrings 140-180
325.    A pair of 9 carat gold oval amethyst screw fit earrings 30-50
326.    A pair of small white 9 carat gold diamond stud earrings 80-120
327.    A fine 18 carat gold diamond cluster ring, size O 1000-1500
328.    A fine platinum set three stone diamond ring, total 1.5 carats, size M 1/2 1600-2000
329.    A 18 carat gold five stone diamond ring, size K 1200-1800
330.    A fine platinum Art Deco style sapphire and diamond cluster ring set brilliant and baguette cut diamonds, size Q, 6.5 x 5mm 1500-2000
331.    An 18 carat gold five stone diamond ring - size I 120-180
332.    A diamond cocktail ring set three principal diamonds on pave set vintage style domed surround, size M, 8.2g 400-600
333.    An 18 carat gold half eternity ring set sapphires and diamonds, size P 350-450
334.    An 18 carat gold diamond eternity ring, total .33 carats, size M 380-450
335.    An 18 carat gold ring set three sapphires with diamond surround - size J 1/2 200-300
336.    A platinum Art Deco square-set diamond ring - size J, approx 3/4 carats 500-700
337.    An 18 carat white gold diamond solitaire ring in a V shaped setting, .33 carats, size N 200-300
338.    An 18 carat gold ring set solitaire diamond approx 0.6 carats, size N 300-500
339.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set solitaire diamond ring - size M 100-150
340.    A gold ring set three diamonds within openwork surround - size N 1/2 100-150
341.    An 18 carat white gold three stone diamond crossover ring, size K 250-350
342.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set three stone diamond ring - size P 150-200
343.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set five stone diamond ring - one stone deficient - size L1/2 60-80
344.    An 18 carat white gold and platinum set solitaire diamond ring, .4 carats 200-300
345.    A 9 carat gold diamond cluster ring, size J 80-120
346.    An 18 carat gold ring set five rubies and five diamonds 300-400
347.    A gold ring (unmarked) set turquoise and a white gold ring set paste 60-80
348.    A Georgian 14k rose gold gentleman's ring set white agate carved cameo, 14g - size Q 800-1000
349.    A 9 carat gold ring set rectangular cut smoky quartz, size J 80-120
350.    A 9 carat gold ring set circular cut smoky quartz, size M 80-120
351.    An early 19th century gold ring set cabochon garnet, size P 50-70
352.    A 9 carat gold facet cut wedding ring - 2g, and a 22 carat gold wedding ring - 6.8g 120-180
353.    A 9 carat gold amethyst set ring - size N 1/2 60-80
354.    A 19th century yellow metal crescent brooch set with seed pearls 20-30
355.    A 9 carat gold cameo brooch - 3.5 x 2.3cm 20-30
356.    A Victorian pinchbeck oval engraved locket 60-80
357.    A Victorian diamond set bow brooch, 3cm wide 1000-1500
358.    A gold golf club brooch set amethyst heart - 3.5g - unmarked 50-70
359.    A gold bar brooch set with central sapphire and encircling diamond chips (tests as gold, but unmarked) 80-100
360.    A Victorian yellow metal mourning brooch with hair locket in floral arrangement within seed pearl surround 40-60
361.    A gold antique enamel and pearl set mourning ring - unmarked - size K1/2 50-70
362.    An 18 carat white and yellow gold large heart form pendant inset marquise cut rubies and brilliant cut diamonds, by Uma Argawal, 5 x 4.2 cm, 48g 2000-3000
363.    A pair of fine Art Deco diamond set dress clips with geometric design of brilliant and baguette cut diamonds 6 x 3.5cm, 23g 3000-4000
364.    A 9 carat gold badge for The Worshipful Company of Fire Fighters, 'Liverymans Pendant' with salamander in oak leaves, with original box - limited edition of fifty 100-150
365.    A 9 carat gold bar brooch set cabochon sapphire - in presentation case 50-70
366.    An 18 carat gold and enamel Victorian Masonic medal, Zetland Lodge - total weight 39g 500-700
367.    Two 9 carat gold safety pins, together with two yellow metal stick pins - total weight 5 grams 40-60
368.    A gold cigarette case - 63g 500-700
369.    A 9 carat gold hinged bangle with engraved decoration - 11g 80-120
370.    A 9 carat gold and peridot set bar brooch - cased 30-40
371.    A Bueche Girod 9 carat gold oval faced ladies quartz wrist watch with 9 carat gold strap - total weight 39g - boxed 300-500
372.    An Omega gentleman's Seamaster Quartz wrist watch with gilt dial 100-150
372A.   A 9 carat gold Rotary ladies wrist watch with diamond set dial 24g total weight 100-150
373.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch and strap - 20g total weight 50-70
374.    An 18 carat gold Waltham wrist watch - total weight 30g, a 9 carat gold Rotary watch with 9 carat gold strap, and an 18 carat gold stud 200-300
375.    A gold plated 1970's Omega Constellation chronometer wrist watch Electronic F300 Hz, with 9 carat gold strap and box and paperwork 500-700
376.    An Omega 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch with textured strap in original box 100-150
377.    A Sovereign gentleman's 'Gold Hallmarked' wrist watch and a Jean Renet ladies watch 100-150
378.    A Victorian wide gold fancy link necklace - marked 9 carat (but with 14 carat gold Assay letter) - 30g 400-600
379.    A graduated string of pearls with silver clasp 10-20
380.    Two 18 carat white gold necklaces - 9.8g 150-200
381.    A 9 carat gold fine chain - 2.2g 20-30
382.    An 18 carat gold knitted link necklace with double strand front - 21g, unmarked but tested 300-400
383.    An 18 carat white gold necklace, the plaited chain with tie front, set fourteen graduated diamonds - total weight 56g 1200-1800
384.    An 18 carat white gold textured link necklace - 52g 800-1200
385.    An early 20th century Swiss open faced silver pocket watch in a cared Black Forest watch case holder 40-60
386.    A silver nurses buckle, Birmingham 1924, 70g 20-40
387.    A 9 carat gold Art Nouveau pendant set amethyst and a pair of 9 carat gold and silver cufflinks 40-60
388.    Two strings of pearls with 9 carat gold clasps 30-40
389.    Two Victorian ivory bead necklaces and a carved ivory floral pendant 40-60
390.    A selection of miscellaneous silver and other jewellery including aquamarine colour necklace and matching earrings (9 carat gold hoops) etc 30-50
391.    A pair of silver gilt cufflinks with etched crest for Grenadier Guards - hallmark Edinburgh 1996 20-30
392.    A late 19th century gilt metal brooch with leaf and green stone border inset with entwined hair, and a 19th century mourning brooch with seed pearl border 30-50
393.    A silver sovereign case and Edwardian seed pearl brooch, two Primrose League badges, multi head seal etc 20-40
394.    A silver scorpion brooch set with pink stones, and a small similar yellow metal one 20-30
395.    A silver and marcasite bracelet 40-60
396.    A silver hinged bangle 10-20
397.    A silver presentation medal award for assistance to the injured at the Leyland Railway Crash, 2nd June 1898, on plated chain 10-30
398.    A Scandinavian silver and guilloche enamel bar brooch 20-30
399.    A set of three silver and enamel studs - cased, and a silver, enamel and marcasite cockerel brooch 10-20
400.    A late 19th century jet cameo brooch and a black crucifix on chain set with banded agates 40-60
401.    A Christian Dior stone set flower brooch, signed 40-60
402.    Two silver bracelets 20-30
403.    A Swarovski crystal jewellery set including choker necklace, bracelet and clip-on earrings 40-60
404.    A 19th century Aesthetic style large gilt and silvered metal buckle set semi-precious stones, 20 x 6cm 100-150
405.    A string of Mappin and Webb pearls with 9 carat gold clasp set chip diamond - cased 30-50
406.    A selection of silver and white metal bangles etc 30-40
407.    A selection of miscellaneous costume and silver jewellery including coin holder, agate brooch and large locket 20-30
408.    A selection of silver and other brooches 30-40
409.    A box of silver jewellery 30-50
410.    A 1780 Austrian thaler on chain 10-20
411.    A heavy silver floral link necklace - 89g 30-40
412.    An Eastern Indo-Chinese gilt white metal disk pendant set with semi-precious stones - 6.5cm dia 30-50
413.    A silver tug of war medal 10-20
414.    A Siam silver brooch, a silver and marcasite three monkey brooch, and a silver and marcasite wreath brooch 20-30
415.    An assortment of silver rings, pendants etc 15-25
416.    Three silver bracelets and a Pandora bracelet 30-40
417.    A string of green amber beads - 64g 80-120
418.    A five stone bead necklace with 9 carat gold clasp - probably Cornelian 20-40
419.    A silver plated box with contents of costume jewellery brooches, simulated pearls etc 20-30
420.    A quantity of costume jewellery 15-25
421.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
422.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
423.    A silver egg form locket, a pair of silver earrings, Timex Gents watch and other jewellery 30-50
425.    A Christian Dior costume jewellery necklace (marked) with matching Grosse earrings with original Christian Dior retail box 60-80
426.    A box of antique buttons including jet, military brass buttons, cut steel buttons etc. 20-40
427.    A box of vintage buttons 10-20
428.    A box of early 20th century enamel buttons and two Japanese Satsuma floral painted buttons 20-40
429.    A collection of costume jewellery including Geneva watch, simulated pearls etc 10-20
430.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
431.    A small case of costume jewellery 10-20
432.    A black leather jewellery and toiletry box with fitted interior and black canvas cover 20-40
433.    An Omega gold plated ladies watch, together with a Fonet ladies watch and a Fauvre Leuba watch 50-80
434.    An antique watch movement with quarter repeating movement 20-30
435.    A Masonic pocket watch - boxed 20-30
436.    A box of various watches and a silver bracelet 20-30
437.    A 1930's Erax gentleman's wrist watch 10-20
438.    A box of various watches 10-20
439.    A quantity of gentleman's wrist watches 30-50
440.    A group of various wrist watches 10-20
441.    A vintage leather shotgun case 20-30
442.    A WWI brass Naval gunsight by W Ottway & Co No 106, VP 5 to 15 Day and Night Sight 1906, in wooden case 60-80
443.    A collection of WWI period military medals ephemera and items belonging to William Duncan, Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, consisting of WWI three medal group including 1914 - 1915 Star, War medal and Victory medal, together with WW2 Defence medal. Also included service certificate, discharge certificate, BMM identity service certificate, various photos and a model of the cargo steamer HMS Bosworth - all mounted, framed and glazed 40-60
444.    A case full of medal ribbon material, some in Spink and Son boxes 30-50
445.    A selection of various military caps and hats 10-20
446.    A large early to mid 20th century linen Union flag, together with another smaller, the largest measuring 218cm wide 20-30
447.    An Atlantic Aircraft Corporation letter and Fokker Aircraft brochure 1928 10-30
448.    A collection of approximately seventy five photographs of Hong Kong and the Royal Artillery Regt related photographs when stationed there c1917 - 1919. Includes many topographical and social images, plus regimental photographs. Some notable examples include Seaplane landing in harbour, other harbour scenes of Macau and Hong Kong, tramway and Kowloon from MacDonald Road, 'Coolies' working in stone quarry, Hoten Maru on slipway - and many other interesting images 200-300
449.    Hutchinsons WW2 'Mein Kampf' complete in eighteen parts - bound in black cover - spine a/f 30-50
450.    An interesting hand written Public Service soldiers manual detailing digging of trenches, tools, gun placements etc with watercolour sketches (some humorous) - circa 1890 30-50
451.    An early 19th century letter from Admiral James Saumarez, Guernsey (Nelson's Lieutenant) dated 1810 - regarding troop preparations
452.    Two handwritten letters from General Lord Roberts to Colonel J C Tyler and his wife - 1907 and 1910 60-100
453.    An album of RASC military photographs taken in 1950's Malaya during the later days of the conflict, including some images of victims of conflict, plus dog tag and photographs 50-70
454.    Six military photographs of India circa 1900, two of the Duke of Connaught and three military related letters 20-30
455.    A group of Land Army and WVS booklets and a Wartime Favourites organ roll 10-20
456.    Three 19th century military engravings of Sir Thomas Hardy, Viscount Combermere and Rear Admiral Kempenfelt 10-30
457.    A group of War Office and military related booklets 20-30
458.    A small group of military related pamphlets 10-30
459.    An RAF No 1 Bomber Group Flight Handbook, an RAF Operational Conversion Unit handbook, and a Monarch Operations manual 20-30
460.    Reference Catalogue of Orders, Medals and Decorations of the World until 1945 by Borna Barac. Three volumes: Iron, Bronze and Silver - fine condition 60-80
461.    A facsimile copy of a 'Coxswain on HMS Amethyst on the Yangtze River', a booklet of HMS Endurance and various Frontier Times Magazines etc. 10-30
462.    A group of Victorian military promotion/appointment certificates 20-40
463.    A small selection of military related ephemera belonging to Lorenzo Magrave, Royal Artillery c1920 - including injury pension form for amputation in delicate area, secret underground weapon pamphlet, indenture etc 20-30
464.    A quantity of HMSO official War booklets or publications (16) 30-50
465.    A WWII 'If the Invader Comes' - Ministry of Information leaflet, and a WWI Graphic War Budget Issue 10-30
466.    A WWII RAF flight log with photograph and two reconnaissance maps for 'Hayden Hopkins' and two government pamphlets 50-70
467.    A group of military ephemera relating to India including:- Induction Programme for Coronation Durbar 1911, Investiture of the King - Emperor at Delhi 1911 - photographs etc
468.    A small group of thirteen WWII official government MOD photographs, each with explanative text including North African Campaign, Lancaster bomber etc
469.    A group of early aircraft magazines and brochures etc including Battle of Britain Anniversary programme 1949 20-40
470.    An RAF uniform with peak cap 10-20
471.    An RAF Sergeants No 1 Dress uniform 10-20
472.    A WWII period dress uniform jacket for S/Sgt Archie Gallon (clerk) of the Royal Army Service Corps - emblazoned with various badges and insignia including Eastern Command bulldogs, M. I. D oak leaf spray and three miniature medals: General Service medal with Lebanon clasp, Malta 60 Year commemorative medal and Arabian Service medal, together with Soldiers Service and Pay book 60-80
473.    An RAF uniform with overcoat, dress uniform and day uniform with cap 40-60
474.    A Gurkhas No2 Warrant Officers uniform and associated leather harness and whistle 10-20
475.    A WW2 British helmet and shirt 20-30
476.    A Royal Navy blazer and an officers peaked cap 10-20
477.    A Lieutenants British Army No 2 Dress uniform with associated leather webbing 10-20
478.    Spare Lot 0-10
479.    Spare Lot 0-10
480.    Jon Bowkes - pair of oil on canvas French fighter planes - 39 x 54cm 50-70
481.    A print after Wyllie The Dreadnought - 23 x 36cm 20-40
482.    A coloured print after Wyllie Battle Cruiser heading for Jutland - 25 x 55cm 20-40
483.    A facsimile copy of a letter by Admiral Lord Nelson with portrait print - framed and glazed 10-20
484.    A watercolour sketch of Middle Eastern soldier - 12.5 x 11cm 10-20
485.    Circle of David Morier (1705 - 1770) oil on canvas portrait of William Augustus - Duke of Cumberland, Commander in Cheif at the Battle of Culloden 1746, (1721 - 1765) - 71 x 63cm 2500-3500
486.    A watercolour of a WWII soldier dated 1946 - 30 x 24cm 10-30
486A.   A watercolour and chalk portrait of a soldier - 33 x 26cm 10-30
487.    An early 20th century oil on canvas of Major Horace Adrian Duncan DSO, Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders - 59 x 50cm 80-100
488.    A military photograph six sweetheart postcards framed as one 20-30
489.    A watercolour pen and wash portrait of WWI soldier signed Wend, 26 x 22cm 10-20
490.    A WWII field telephone 40-60
491.    Two mid 20th century Admiralty navigation charts: the Bristol Channel and English channel 10-20
492.    A WWI shell case 1915 and a larger 1904 French Howitzer shell case, and 1938 helmet 20-30
493.    A late 18th/early 19th century Royal Navy hat or wig box with engraved plaque 'E F Murray R.N' - 23cm wide 40-60
494.    An RAF box containing flight plotting equipment GB/472 10-20
495.    A brass shell case and a brass horn 10-20
496.    A Boer War gun carriage bearing marked to celebrate peace 1st June 1902, surmounted by an Ostrich egg - a Present to Jenny 40-50
497.    A WWI German-Prussian field bugle, white metal mounted on brass with Prussian eagle - marked 'Eschenbach. Berlin 1915' - 26cm 100-150
498.    A pair of Kershaw WWII binoculars, with broad arrow mark 10-30
499.    Three WWI period military field instruments: a Hymans pocket range finder, a J M Steward Cavalry School Field Compass and a service issue clinometer - all in original cases 50-80
500.    A WWI period leather mask (pilots or tank crew) with chain mail protection patch 30-50
501.    Gurkha interest: a silvered metal presentation trophy in the form of a Griffon, plaque engraved and reads 'Major General Sir Philip Carnegy KGB - 4th Gurkha Regiment 1886 - Commandant 2nd Battalion 1902 - 1909' - 17cm high 200-300
502.    A pair of WWII RAF flying goggles with angled lenses and leather mask, stamped AM, lacking straps 60-80
503.    A painted wooden figure of a WWI Indian soldier on weighted base together with Army and Navy Stores brass candlestick 10-20
504.    A brass model of a Lockheed PV - 1 Ventura patrol bomber aeroplane 27 x 20cm 10-20
505.    A selection of buttons, dog tags etc 15-25
506.    A Solingen 'Rostfrel' hunting knife with horn handle 'Rehwappen' 22cm 40-60
507.    A Wilkinsons Sword presentation officers sword form paper knife - boxed 60-80
508.    An 1960's RAF flight helmet blue fabric liner 30-40
509.    A large limited edition print of an F-4 phantom entitled Sierra Hotel, by William S Phillips - with associated certificate - 46 x 77cm 10-30
510.    A large single blade wood propeller marked 'The Integral Propeller Co Ltd' - a/f, 117cm 30-50
511.    A box of Boer War colour lantern slides 50-70
512.    A pair of early 20th century turned mahogany Royal Navy or military exercise batons 20-30
513.    A WWI trenching tool 20-40
514.    A set of WWI British Army wire cutters 20-40
515.    A 1907 Wilkinson bayonet with sheath 50-70
516.    A Sanderson 1907 bayonet with sheath 40-60
517.    A 1907 pattern bayonet with sheath 30-50
518.    A WWI period Indian kukri and sheath, stamped and marked to both blade and sheath. Blade stamped 'DHWI 1919 - 1920' 60-80
519.    A middle-eastern curved brass dagger with mother of pearl inlay 20-30
520.    A Royal Marines ice bucket 10-20
521.    A WWII silk embroidered panel 'Victory for the Allies - Malta Present' 49 x 40cm 30-50
522.    A WWII Glengarry and side cap 10-20
523.    A WWII period RAF dress cap 20-30
524.    A Ukrainian Prisoner of War album with intricately carved wood cover 'No 82 POW Camp' 40-60
525.    A Kukri dagger, a military curved dagger and one other dagger 20-30
526.    A pair of 7 x 50 REL military WWII binoculars marked CGB 57 GA No 6025 - C and with MOD arrow mark, with leather case 30-40
527.    A military fire extinguisher and a mortar shell ashtray 10-20
528.    A gas mask with canister and bag and canvas bag 10-20
529.    An early to mid 20th century Arab desert Keffiyeh with bullion cloth band 20-30
530.    A quantity of old shell cases and a pair of Home Guard Gaiters 10-30
531.    A tray of approx seventeen cloth bullion and other military patches, mainly British military 30-50
532.    Two boards of reproduction miniature medals - approx. 120 in total 30-50
533.    A WW2 four medal group awarded to Pte Walter George Simms:- 1939 - 1945 Star, Africa Star with 1st Army clasp, Defence medal and War medal 40-60
533A.   A WW2 four medal group awarded to Cpl W Mackay 1683:- 1939 - 1945 Star, France and Germany Star with Atlantic clasp, Defence medal and War medal - framed and glazed 30-50
534.    A WW2 six medal group awarded to Dr W J Pepworth RASC:- 1939 - 1945 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, France and Germany Star, Defence medal, and War medal, together with various photos, Service record and RASC shoulder title, cap and enamel badge - all framed and glazed 60-80
534A.   A WW2 five medal group awarded to Major W K Carson:- 1939 - 1945 Star, Africa Star with 8th Army Clasp, Italy Star, Defence medal and War medal - framed and glazed 60-80
535.    A WW2 six medal group awarded to Captain George Thomas Wallace MBE ISM of the Worcestershire Regt.:- 1939 - 1945 Star, Burma Star, Defence medal, 1939 - 1945 Member British Empire medal, and Imperial Service meal, together with Worcs Regt cap badge - all framed and glazed 100-150
535A.   A WW2 four medal group with matching miniatures awarded to Sgt Alex Kinnear Rear Gunner, Royal Air Force Bomber Command:- 1939 - 1945 Star, Air Crew Europe Star, Defence medal and War medal. Together with Bomber Command cloth bullion patch - framed and glazed 60-80
536.    A WW2 miniature medal group awarded to RJS Bryant RAF:-1939 - 1945 Star, Defence medal, Burma Star, War medal and General Service medal (Palestine 1945 - 1948 clasp), together with RAF cloth badge, Warrant Officers metal cap badge, Burma Star Association cloth badge and enamel badge - all framed and glazed 30-50
537.    A varied collection of WWI and WW2 German medals including: 1914 Iron Cross, Military Long Service medal (1913 - 1920), Cross of Honour, 1939 Iron Cross, War Merit Cross (1939) and East medal (1939) - all mounted and framed in glazed case 40-60
538.    A WW2 four miniature medal group awarded to Norma Ham:- 1939 - 1945 Star, Africa Star, Defence medal and War medal - framed and glazed, together with mounted photo, Burma Star Association cloth badge, and Royal Corps of Signals cap badge 20-30
539.    A WW2 seven medal group awarded to SC Rickett of the Royal Navy (served on HMS Kent) - consists of 1939 - 1945 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star, Burma Star (Pacific clasp), Defence medal, War medal and Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct medal - framed and glazed 60-80
540.    A trio of medals awarded to Constable John H Hyett:- WW2 Defence medal, War medal and Police long service and good conduct medal - framed and glazed 30-50
541.    A WWI Victory medal awarded to Pte J S Cox (18055) Royal Marines Light Infantry (Chatham), together with three Coronation medals 20-30
542.    A WW2 period military hockey medal - engraved to the reverse 'Lancashire Fusiliers Inter Company Knock Out - Malta 1943 - 1944 20-30
543.    A WW2 medal trio:- War medal, Defence medal, and the Burma Star - unattributed 30-50
544.    Two WWI medals to Lance Corporal A I Davies ASC S3 - 024478 - (the Victory medal marked A. Cpl) plus a GVI coronation medal 30-50
545.    A selection of WWI and WWII lapel badges 20-30
546.    A Cadet Forces medal awarded to Flying Officer P J Cooper - RAF Reserve 30-50
547.    An Imperial Service medal awarded to Ioan Hefin Shepston in original Spink + Son box 30-50
547A.   Three consecutive Guildhall Empire Day medals 1937 - 1939 15-25
548.    Two French medals 20-30
549.    A Luftwaffe Radio Operator and Air Gunner badge by JMME 80-120
550.    A WWI medal pair comprising War medal and Victory medal - awarded to Sapper George Leonard Jones (8153) Royal Engineers, together with a pocket bible, soldiers photograph and later WWII Home Guard certificate 30-50
551.    A set of four WWII medals comprising Burma Star, 1939 - 1945 Star, War medal and Defence Medal to Mr Undery, with box and certificate 50-70
552.    A box of mainly reproduction/modern miniature medals 20-30
553.    A George VI Faithful Service Special Constabulary medal, and a Birmingham 1916 Special Constabulary Long Service medal - awarded to Herbert Crockett, together with a Queen Victoria County of Worcester 1887 Jubilee medal 20-30
554.    A selection of approximately sixteen brass buttons 10-20
555.    A box of various British military brass buttons 20-30
556.    Five WWI silver 1914 - 1918 medals 50-60
557.    Seven various WWI Victory medals 40-50
558.    A WWI medal pair (War medal and Victory medal) awarded to Private Frederick William Duncan S/11237, of the 8th Battalion Rifle Brigade, Pte Duncan was killed in action on 22 March 1918, and is commemorated in the Pozieres memorial 50-80
559.    A WW2 Pacific Star and Burma Star (unattributed), together with a Battle for Britain Commemorative medal and a Belgian Order of the Crown medal 20-30
560.    Three WWI medals issued to officers 30-40
561.    A group of seven various medals including WWII and Victorian commemorative medals 20-40
562.    A Northern Ireland medal (needs repair) with miniature plus a Palestine Service medal 60-80
563.    A WWI medal set 'Mutt & Jeff' British War medal and Victory medal - awarded to Pte E R Pilling 25454 - Shropshire Light Infantry 30-50
564.    A selection of various medals and medallions including two WW2 medals, three shooting/rifle club medals, a Chrysanthemum Society medal and King George V Coronation medal 20-30
565.    A good selection of cap badges 30-40
566.    A WWI Queen Mary Christmas tin 10-20
567.    A quantity of WWII medals, stars and medal bars 60-80
568.    A good selection of military cap badges 50-60
569.    A group of WWII medals 20-30
570.    A selection of Victorian and other military badges 30-40
571.    Nine items of Italian WWII military army insignia taken from Italian POWs in the western desert 80-120
572.    A WWI medal trio group - includes 1914 - 1915 Star, Victory medal and British War medal (all awarded to Private W Roberts 200818) Yorks and Lancaster Regiment 40-60
573.    A WWI 1914 - 1915 Star to 690 Dvr G Smith RFA 20-30
574.    A display sheet of eighteen British Coronation, Jubilee and other medals 30-50
575.    A WWI war medal and peace medal to M1-7363 Pte J W Fitch ASC 20-30
576.    A WWI war medal and peace medal to 49652 Pte R A Allen Northern Regt. 20-30
577.    A WWI war medal and victory medal to 19678 Pte GC David R WAR R 20-30
578.    A WWI war medal and victory medal to 261405 Dvr F J Bailey RA 20-30
579.    A box of various civilian enamel badges together with a meritorious service medal 20-30
580.    A box of miscellaneous military cap and other badges, mainly British military and including one silver War badge (WWI) 20-30
581.    A George V Special Constable medal and badges 10-20
582.    A selection of cap badges, United Nations, Stay Bright and others 20-30
583.    A selection of cap badges, Light Infantry etc 40-60
584.    A pair of WWII medals to 572029 Sgt Wilson, and sports medals 20-30
585.    A selection of cap badges, Machine Gun Corps etc 40-60
586.    A good selection of cap badges and collar dogs 40-60
587.    A good selection of cap badges, Tank Corps etc 40-60
588.    A small box of WWII period military badges, dog tags, buttons etc, belonging to S/Sgt Archie Gallon of RASC 30-50
589.    'The Waterloo Medal' by Benedetto Pistrucci - boxed and with original booklet - 200 Year Anniversary - medal silvered bronze 30-50
590.    A folder of German WWII Nazi cap badges and other badges, mounted on card and taped to reverse. Includes a Luftwaffe Pilots/Observers badge (marked OSG to rear, a Parachutists badge, a coastal artillery badge, a Kriegsmarine U-Boat/Submarine badge, blockade runner badge, a Panzer Assault badge, the General Assault badge, the Infantry assault badge, the Minesweeper/Submarine chase badge, the PT Boat 1939 wound badges (x 3- one black), Kriegsmarine Aux, Cruiser Service badge, Luftwaffe Aerial Gunners badge, Nazi Reichspartetag 1939 badge, Nazi Rally badge 1938, Nazi NSDAP 1938 square badge, Luftwaffe ground combat badge, Hitler Youth enamel membership badge, Nazi Labour Corps badge, Adolf Hitler party election badge 1933, Panzer Tank 'Marksman' badge, Prussian Imperial bronze medal 1897, Helmet Cockade badge, Nazi Police helmet plate, Luftwaffe officers silver breast eagle, SS officers corps badge, Italian Parachutists breast badge, State Official cap badge, SS Afrika Korps Division arm eagle (cloth), tropical helmet badge. The remaining are cloth embroidered badges and consist of the Afrika Korps, Kriegsmarine, Kriegsmarine summer dress, Coastal Police breast badge, Luftwaffe Tropical breast, Waffen SS ski cap and Field Police breast badge
N.B - The items in this Lot were from the private collection of Staff Sergeant Archie Gallon RASC (service 1939 - 1945), who amassed his collection of military medals and badges and insignia during the 1950's and 1960's. S/Sgt Gallon collected mainly original period items where possible, but we believe filled out the collection with later productions when the original item was not available. Therefore we advise careful examination of the items within this lot.
591.    A folder of various war and other medals, mounted on card and taped over front. Including: 1914 Mercantile Marine War medal, French Victory medal, various 1939 - 1945 campaign stars: Atlantic, Pacific, Italy, France and Germany, Burma and Air Crew Europe. Territorial Efficiency medal (awarded to Pte E Parkin York and Lancaster Regt), Royal Naval Reserve Long Service medal (7609 CHJ Holland, SMN, RNR) 1914 - 1918 Special Constabulary medal, USA Good Conduct medal and St Johns Ambulance silver Long Service medal
N.B - The items in this Lot were from the private collection of Staff Sergeant Archie Gallon RASC (service 1939 - 1945), who amassed his collection of military medals and badges and insignia during the 1950's and 1960's. S/Sgt Gallon collected mainly original period items where possible, but we believe filled out the collection with later productions when the original item was not available. Therefore we advise careful examination of the items within this lot. 150-200
592.    A folder containing WWII German Campaign shields - all mounted on card. Includes Balkan 1944 - 1945, Narvik 1940, Krim (Crimea) 1941 - 1942, Kuban 1943, Lapland 1945 (taped down), Cholm 1942, Demjansk 1942, Warsaw Shield 1944. Also includes an Afrika Corps cuff band
N.B - The items in this Lot were from the private collection of Staff Sergeant Archie Gallon RASC (service 1939 - 1945), who amassed his collection of military medals and badges and insignia during the 1950's and 1960's. S/Sgt Gallon collected mainly original period items where possible, but we believe filled out the collection with later productions when the original item was not available. Therefore we advise careful examination of the items within this lot. 300-500
593.    A folder containing WWII German Wehrmacht war medals, mainly 1939 - 1945 - all mounted or stuck on card with tape. Includes a 1914 propaganda iron cross struck for the shelling of Hartlepool, Scarborough and Whitby, a 1939 iron cross (second class) and bar, Sudetenland 1938 medal, Return of Menel 1939 medal, Anschluss medal 1938, War Merit medal, War Merit cross, medal for Winter Campaign in Russia 1941 - 1942, Spanish Volunteers in Russia medal, West Wall medal, Air Raid Protection silver Luftschutz medal (2nd class), Police Long Service Award medal, Nazi Faithful Service cross, Nazi four year Long Service medal, three honour roll clasps on Iron Cross ribbons (Army, Navy and Luftwaffe), the Mothers cross and SS eight years service medal
N.B - The items in this Lot were from the private collection of Staff Sergeant Archie Gallon RASC (service 1939 - 1945), who amassed his collection of military medals and badges and insignia during the 1950's and 1960's. S/Sgt Gallon collected mainly original period items where possible, but we believe filled out the collection with later productions when the original item was not available. Therefore we advise careful examination of the items within this lot.
594.    A folder containing a large selection of various cap badges, buttons and insignia from British regimens and some other Commonwealth countries. All mounted or stuck on card. Approximately 100 items in collection
N.B - The items in this Lot were from the private collection of Staff Sergeant Archie Gallon RASC (service 1939 - 1945), who amassed his collection of military medals and badges and insignia during the 1950's and 1960's. S/Sgt Gallon collected mainly original period items where possible, but we believe filled out the collection with later productions when the original item was not available. Therefore we advise careful examination of the items within this lot. 200-300
595.    A folder of Royal Family commemorative medals and medallions - all mounted and taped on card. Includes King George VI Imperial Service medal, King George V Jubilee medal (London), King George V Jubilee medal (Sheffield), King Edward VIII Coronation, Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee medallion, Elizabeth and Philip Silver Wedding coin, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Coronation 1937, Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee medal, QEII Silver Jubilee souvenir medal, Churchill commemorative crown, Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother 1980 Birthday medallion, Charles and Diana Royal Wedding crown 1981, Queen Victoria 60 Year Reign medallion, King Edward VII Coronation medallion, King Edward VII Coronation medal (Sheffield) and approx fourteen more medals and medallions of similar subjects 80-120
596.    A folder containing WWII medals and entitled 'This Is Your Army Life 16/2/40 to 13/5/46' - pertaining to the service of Staff Sergeant Archie Gallon (S/153562) of the Royal Army Service Corps. Folder contains medals gained, awarded and commemorative. Includes British Empire Medal, 1939 - 45 Star, Africa Star, Defence Medal, 1939 - 45 War Medal (with Mentioned In Dispatches oak leaf clasp), and the Palestine Medal. Commemoratives include Battle of Britain 1939 - 1945, the Voluntary Service Medal, the General Service Cross, National Service Medal, 50th Anniversary Peace Medal and the Battle of Normandy Memorial Medal. Folder also contains various ephemera, photos and RPPC's related to S/Sgt Gallons service 100-150
597.    A folder of British Regimental cap badges 60-80
598.    A folder of WWII period Allied and other war and campaign medals mounted on card and taped over front. Including: USA Victory medal, French Croix de Guerre 1939 - 1945 with bronze palm, USA Armed Forces Expeditionary medal with Congo clasp, Army of Occupation Japan, Italian War Merit cross, Italian medal for Military Valour, Medaille de la Resistance, Medaille D'orient, Spain medal for Bravery (six day war), Italian medal for Spanish Civil War, Italian medal for Albania (1939), Italian Independence medal War of 1915 - 1918, Italian War medal 1943 - 1945, Greek medal, Turkish Star for Gallipoli Campaign
N.B - The items in this Lot were from the private collection of Staff Sergeant Archie Gallon RASC (service 1939 - 1945), who amassed his collection of military medals and badges and insignia during the 1950's and 1960's. S/Sgt Gallon collected mainly original period items where possible, but we believe filled out the collection with later productions when the original item was not available. Therefore we advise careful examination of the items within this lot. 150-200
599.    An East India Government percussion service pistol, stamped crown and broad arrow mark over EIG, Birmingham 1873, ram rod and brass mounts with lanyard ring, foundry mark to barrel 400-600
600.    A small Eastern dagger with side knife with green handles, with brown leather sheath 20-40
601.    A WWII Third Reich Hitler Youth dagger with scabbard - chequered black grip with inset enamel swastika on one side, replaced wood on the other - blade marked near base RZM - M7/51/41 200-300
602.    A WW2 period Wilkinson Sword Fairburn Sykes F-S fighting dagger in the second pattern, in leather sheath 200-300
603.    A WWII Commando fighting knife 'Cattaraugus 2250' in leather sheath 100-150
604.    The flying log book and other ephemera relating to R.H Blake - Fleet Air Arm. Originally based on HMS Hood as a telegraphist, and a member of Hood's football team, he transferred to the Fleet Air Arm in December 1939. His log book begins with his first air experience flight through to his attachment to 181 Squadron on the Ark Royal, and lists the attack on Taranto, the Italian fleet and most notably, his part in the attack on the Bismark on 26.5.41, flying with 2nd Lt Dixon-Child - as telegraphist and air gunner. He later trained as a pilot in America and continued his career, ultimately in Korea 800-1200
605.    A Boer War Campaign pair awarded to Cpl W Everall 4547, Kings Own Lancaster Regiment. Also:- Queens South African medal with Laings Nek, Transvaal, Ladysmith, Orange Freen Stat and Tugela Heights clasps. Kings South Africa medal with 1901 and 1902 clasps, together with original shoulder titles, caps, collars and musician cap badge - all in original leather display case with blue velvet interior, plus a personal diary/log book dated 1899 - 1900, and later ephemera and letters from WWI period relating to Cpl Everalls exemption 600-800
606.    The Battle of Waterloo 200 year Commemorative coin set, including Duke of Wellington 14 carat gold coin, and the four monarchs of war in bronze - in original folder 80-120
607.    An Edward VII Boer War medal, South Africa chocolate tin 1900, and Kitchener medal 60-80
608.    WW2 Distinguished Flying Medal awarded to Flight Sergeant (later Pilot Officer) Albert William John Hazell (known as 'Jack') 1179652 together with various related ephemera and photos.

AWJ Hazell (born March 1915) enlisted as an Aircraftman 2nd class on 31st of August 1940, and was promoted throughout the war. He was a known Spitfire and Beaufighter pilot, seeing action as part of 254 Sqn and 236 Sqn and as part of Coastal Command (within the attached collection are original newspaper articles and pictures showing F/Sgt Hazell's attack on a German shipping convoy off the Dutch Coast). Letters from F/Sgt Hazell dated 1943 to his parents describe some of his operations and also his pride and being awarded the DFM (in one letter he jokingly describes his DFM recommendation as probably being 'for good attendance over enemy convoys!'). Hazell was killed on active service while flight testing a Mosquito serial number MM 647 on 5th May 1944 near Alconbury. Records state that he carried out a series of very steep turns which over stressed the wooden aircraft at which point it crashed to the ground and immediately caught fire. The air officer commanding stated in his report that the pilot carried out manoeuvres that were not necessary for the relevant air test. AWJ Hazell was local to the Gloucestershire area and is buried in Gloucester Old Cemetery. His other awards were the War Medal, 1939-1945 Star and the Atlantic Star, which were distributed amongst his surviving family. Provenance - Consigned by the daughter of AWJ Hazell 1200-1500
609.    A British South Africa Company medal Rhodesia 1896 issued to Trooper A W Vickers, Giffords Horse 200-300
610.    A WWI four medal group awarded QM & Hon Lt R J Anderson - West Yorkshire Regt. includes military cross, 1914 - 1915 Star, War medal and Victory medal, together with matching miniatures 600-800
611.    A WWI trio to 1800 Gnr T G Burden RFA 80-120
612.    A WWI Military Medal group to G51054 Cpl H Bowles 17/R. Fus comprising military medal, war medal and victory medal 300-400
613.    A bronze Davison Nile medal as issued to crew members. The medal has been pierced for wear and is therefore in used condition - awarded to Wm Brown - HMS Theseus 200-300
614.    A set of late 19th /early 20th century miniature medals - includes: India medal with Punjab Frontier and Relief of Chitral clasp, Queens South Africa medal with Diamond Hill, Johannesburg, Paardeburg and Relief of Kimberley clasps, Kings South Africa medal with 1901 and 1902 clasp, Kings Long Service medal and Good Conduct medal (Ed VII) and Meritorious Service medal (GeoVI) 200-300
615.    An India Medal (1895 - 1902) with clasps for Tirah 1897- 98 and Punjab Frontier 1897 - 98, awarded to 4276 Private H A Blizard, Royal Sussex Regt. together with a Queens South Africa medal 1899 with clasps for South Africa 1902, Orange Free State and Cape Colony - also awarded to Pte H A Blizard 200-300
616.    A WWI five medal group awarded to Cpl T Fairgrieve Royal Artillery - consists of: Military Medal 1914 Mons Star, British War medal, Victory medal and Long Service and Good Conduct medal 300-400
617.    A military mortar box 1971, '4 Bombs 81mm' 20-30
618.    A 3 inch Mortar HE Mk7 box - 1965 20-30
619.    A large ammunition box 12 RYZ - 1966 20-30
620.    Two military ammunition boxes 450 RDS - 7.62mm ball c.1971 30-50
621.    A WW2 Morse Code signal lamp in tin box 30-50
622.    A Persian Mumlook sword with wooden handle 100-150
623.    A Persian Mumlook sword with bone handle and script to hilt and gilt inlay 200-300
624.    A 19th century French officers sabre with brass hilt and wire bound handle 120-180
625.    A WWI Eastern sabre, probably Burmese - with brass inlaid handle and carved wood scabbard 60-80
626.    A Wilkinsons Sword Elizabeth II presentation officers sword - no scabbard 60-100
627.    A limited edition commemorative Charles and Diana Wilkinsons presentation sword 100-150
628.    A Wilkinsons Sword presentation officers sabre 200-300
629.    A Wilkinsons Sword Eliz II Royal Artillery presentation officers sword 100-150
630.    A Wilkinsons Sword presentation dagger in case 50-70
631.    A Wilkinsons Sword presentation dagger in case 50-70
632.    A 19th century double barrel shotgun, 16 bore - serial No.643, maker Jones, barrel 70.5cm with recent deactivation certificate 50-70
633.    Spare Lot 0-10
634.    Spare Lot 0-10
635.    A large quantity of early ephemera including vellum deeds, documents and indentures 100-200
636.    A box of children's books including Enid Blyton 20-40
637.    Twenty one volumes of The New Mr Punch Library and three 'Punch' magazines for 1932, 1934 and 1935 30-50
638.    'The Excelsior' stamp album - sparsely filled with mint and used definitives and commemoratives, many from QV period. Some GB including 1d Reds, and British Empire. 24 Skill Norway (dated 1865) tight 4 margin noted 20-30
638A.   A Carte de Visite by James Ross of a Newhaven Fishwife 'Caller Haddies' - hand tinted c1863 30-50
639.    Stamps - mixed all world collection of stamps in packets with folder GB 1 to KGVI silver Wedding included 10-20
640.    A group of sixty three flag cigarette silks 20-40
641.    Two small part filled stamp albums of mint and used all world stamps, defin & commem, including a small number of higher values including KGVI Ceylon 5R 20-30
642.    A group of theatre programmes including 1966 programme signed by Sid James 10-20
643.    A small group of OS maps for Wales and Herefordshire etc 10-20
644.    A large quantity of twenty seven concert programmes including Royal Opera House, Royal Albert Hall etc - 1901 - 1949 20-40
645.    Manners for Women by Mrs Humphrey, first edition 1897 20-40
646.    A souvenir programme for Owen Cathcart-Jones England - Australian Air Race 10-20
647.    A postcard from the Opening of Elan Valley Water Works Birmingham 1904 and a GY Camp YMCA Builth Wells 1911
648.    Four albumen prints of Australia - three of Sydney Harbour and one 'Wool Sorting' by Charles Bayliss 20-40
649.    Lyson's Berkshire circa 1894 with engraved illustrations and pullouts 40-60
650.    The Metropolitan Police Guide 1922 20-40
651.    Mrs Beeton's Household Management 1907 10-20
652.    A leather and marble bound limited edition 'The Vision of Simeon Soloman', published Catalpa Press Stroud, signed, 1985 30-50
653.    The Franco-Prussian War - edited by Capt H M Hozier - five volumes 20-30
654.    A box of old cookery books including five Mrs Beetons 20-40
655.    Annals of British and Commonwealth Air Transport and six other flying related titles 20-30
656.    Three books from the 'Shown to The Children' series: The Farm, Nests and Eggs, and The Sea-shore, and a book of HMV Nursery Records 10-20
657.    The Book of The Thames 1859 and Patersons Book of Roads 1808 20-40
658.    A Sporting scrapbook circa 1930's, another scrapbook and a book Portfolio of Photographs of Cities 10-20
659.    A selection of books on wood, furniture, carpentry etc 20-30
660.    A box of ephemera relating to Kent including deeds - approx 120 items 30-50
661.    A box of antique collectors reference books 10-20
662.    The Floral Birthday Book illustrated W Foster 10-20
663.    Two vintage children's books by Jean C Archer: Fishy-Winkle 1903, and Rosalina 1904 (Dumpy Books nos 29 & 30) 20-30
664.    A Parish on Wheels - limited edition signed 86/300 by J Howard Swinstead 30-50
665.    The Works of Lord Byron in five volumes - published by John Murray 1923 20-30
666.    Bunter Out of Bounds - first edition 1959 10-20
667.    Hoods Own or Laughter from Year to Year - published by Ward, Lock & Co 10-30
668.    A box of books relating to the Forest of Dean 20-30
669.    Alices Adventures in Wonderland - illustrated by Arthur Rackham and 'By Hill, Plain & Sea' - illustrated Anthology by George Emslie with colour plates by JMW Turner, Sandley, David Cox and De Wink 20-30
670.    Four books - Ingoldsby Legends, Life of Nelson, Captain Courageous, Ramblers Illustrated Guide to Llandrindod Wells, plus Kents Pocket Shakespeare 10-20
671.    British Birds by Archibald Thorburn Vol I and Practical Anatomy 1869 by Christopher Heath 10-20
672.    A large volume of etchings by Albrecht Durer 30-50
673.    Five titles of collected works by various poets: Goldsmith, Bret Harte, Shelley, Tennyson and Burns - all in period binding, leather etc 20-30
674.    All Round the Year by Michael Morpurgo. New Poems by Ted Hughes. Published by John Murray 1979 first edition 30-40
675.    Red Deer, Behaviour and Ecology of Two Sexes by Clutton, Brock Guiness and Alton. Published by Edinburgh University Press 1982 - first edition, very good condition 40-60
676.    Manon Lescaut by Abbe Prevost. Eleven illustrations in colour by Alastair - published by John Lane 1928 limited edition 30-50
677.    Exercitato Anatomica by William Harvey. A facsimile of 1628 Francofurti Edition, translation by Keynes, 1928. Published by The Classics of Medicine Library, Birmingham, Alabama 1978 - fine condition 50-60
677A.   The Regency Road by N C Selway, together with The Romance of the Road by Cecil Aldin 10-20
677B.   Honour The Officers by Michael Maton First World War - Token Publishing 2009 20-30
677C.   The Garden Journal for Christmas 1880. Many attractive colour chromo-litho plates 10-20
678.    'Andy Warhol - Giant Size' published by Pahidon 2010 10-20
679.    A group of books on firearms 10-20
680.    The Book of Common Prayer 1815, Poems and Letters of Thomas Gray 1874, Paradise Lost 1757 and Pilgrims Progress 1809 20-40
681.    Life's Echoes with philosophical poetic text and printed illustrations - leather bound 20-40
682.    Egypt Exploration Fund - The Temple of Deir al Bahari. Three volumes including colour plate illustrations by Howard Carter - many detailed accounts of excavations within the Valley of the Kings area 100-150
683.    An Illustrated Family Bible 1860 - published by James Sangster in two volumes 20-30
684.    Four volumes of History of England by MacFarlane and Thomson, published Blackie and Son 1867 20-30
685.    The Holy Bible printed by John Baskettt Oxford 1715 60-80
686.    A set of forty one The Temple Shakespeare published by Dent circa 1900, and three other books 10-30
687.    Coaching Days of England 1966 20-30
688.    A box of vintage hardback novels (Zane Grey, Ellery Queen etc) 10-20
689.    A box of books of Derbyshire Genealogy - fifteen Derbyshire Record Society vols etc 30-50
690.    A quantity of books on antiques etc 10-20
691.    A box of various books including leather bound 19th century literature 20-40
692.    A framed set of boxing cigarette cards and another on fishing 10-20
693.    Two framed sets of cricketing cigarette cards 10-30
694.    Spare Lot 0-10
695.    Spare Lot 0-10
696.    H Pascall - oil on canvas landscape with track and pond - 19 x 44cm 100-150
697.    A Henry Teesdale and Co map of Berkshire - 35 x 42cm, and a map of Southampton from Lewes Topographical Dictionary 20-30
698.    A 19th century brass Masthead light by JE + H Player, Bingley Works, Birmingham 60-80
699.    An antique style mahogany mantel clock with battery movement - 26cm 10-20
700.    A spelter group of Marley Horse and man - 25cm tall 40-60
701.    A hammered pewter comport 10-20
702.    A Masthead copper ships lamp, and another copper lamp 20-30
703.    A painted wood nutcracker figure - 33cm tall 10-20
704.    A vintage ship in a bottle 20-40
705.    A pair of Victorian tall brass candlesticks - 20cm 10-20
706.    A Victorian biscuit tin by Barringer, Wallis and Manners printed political scenes 80-100
707.    A Huntley and Palmers Toby jug form novelty biscuit tin 20-40
708.    A Huntley and Palmers 'Naughty' biscuit tin 30-50
709.    A vintage plaster model of a wire haired fox terrier dog, and a painted metal smokers stand with wire haired fox terrier 10-30
710.    A Coronation record in original cellophane wrapper - 1953 10-20
711.    An old Bakelite Call Exchange telephone 30-50
712.    Three copper trays, a copper pot and a brass chamber stick 10-20
713.    A miniature oak panelled coffer with painted rosehip decoration - 29cm 20-40
714.    A large George IV marked Baluster Shape Pewter Imperial Measure or Tankard c1825 to 1830 - 17cm tall 20-30
715.    Four vinyl LPs including 'The Rolling Stones' Decca (Mono - LK4605) and Simon and Garfunkel JJ Cale 20-30
716.    A large 19th century pewter 'tappit hen' style jug with acorn hinge finial (possibly Channel Islands) together with pewter lidded jug 30-50
717.    A box of various Victorian comical animated painted glass lantern slides including single lever slides and various spare parts etc 80-100
718.    A Victorian leather riding crop with possibly whale bone handle 20-30
719.    Three various gilt metal wall lights 30-50
720.    A Lang's Patent extending mahogany face screen with inlay 20-30
721.    A small group of 19th century horse brasses and leather trace 10-20
722.    Spare Lot 0-10
723.    A No7 wood plane and a No3 plane 20-40
724.    A Chinese Qing Dynasty small carved wood libation cup - 5.5cm tall 80-100
725.    A Victorian mother of pearl card case with silver insert and blue shot silk fitted interior 60-80
726.    An early 20th Japanese ivory okinomo figure of a woman signed - 12cm 50-70
727.    A Victorian mother of pearl card case 30-50
728.    A 1930's mahogany cigarette box with engraved plaque 'Speed Trials 1937 2nd Class C - D M Campbell', a 1935 chrome flip desk calendar marked souvenir of MG Challenge Trophy and engraved LCC Relay Race 1936 Winner D Campbell - believed to be awarded to Donald Malcolm Campbell from his teenage racing/speed trial period 200-300
729.    Three 19th century glass medicine measures, two cased 30-40
730.    A 19th century brass cased carriage clock by Henri Jacot, Paris with pillastas flanking enamel dial and with stiff leaf borders, 15cm tall, the striking movement with repeater, leather travelling case and key 150-200
731.    An early 20th century French brass carriage clock - 12cm tall 40-60
732.    A late 19th century Henri Jacot French brass carriage clock - 13.5cm tall 100-150
733.    A Swiza gilt boudoir clock and a Looping travel clock in leather case 10-20
734.    A Bentima glass domed mantel clock - 17.5cm tall 30-50
735.    A large silver plated French striking carriage clock - case 14cm tall 100-150
736.    A pair of 19th century bisque Kling type miniature or dolls house dolls 40-60
737.    A group of various cigars - Angst Pfisker and Para Nuestros Amigos etc 10-20
738.    Two Avon pipe form after shave bottles 10-20
739.    A set of Hermes gaming dice in leather pouch 20-40
740.    A Mouseman carved oak napkin ring 20-30
741.    A pressed metal medallion with central cameo and encircling Greek or Latin script 10-20
742.    Three medallions: a Welsh 1885 religious cast bronze medallion, a Queen Victoria 1838 Coronation medallion and a King George VI Coronation medal 20-30
743.    A box of enamel and other badges including a 'Guild of Ladies Change Ringers 1912' badge 20-30
744.    An early 20th century oval painted portrait miniature of a young boy, together with another similar - 7cm tall 20-30
745.    An early 19th century copper snuff box inset with William IV coin and etched initial LBR 20-30
746.    A selection of twelve small eastern painted wood miniature bird models, approx. 4.5cm tall 10-20
747.    Two boxes of 19th century spade guinea and spade half guinea card or gaming counters 20-30
748.    A small tin plate clock work car and a gyroscope 20-30
749.    A vintage Marlborough brass advertising lighter and another lighter plus a vintage wallet 10-30
750.    An Indian inlaid box with painted top showing hunting scene 10-20
751.    A group of treen items including ebony dressing table items, a gilt owl and similar turtle 10-20
752.    A tooled and gilt leather handbag 20-30
753.    An Evans compact vanity evening bag with paste floral decoration and fully fitted interior for make up etc, plus a Mascot gilt metal compact and cigarette case 20-40
754.    A Stratton compact - 'MC' initials to lid 10-20
755.    A Parker Insignia blue marbled fountain pen together with a Parker Sonnet and other pens - approx seven in total 30-50
756.    A box of silver plated cigarette cases 20-30
757.    A set of 'Nelson Leads the Fleet' playing cards - sealed and boxed 10-20
758.    A Kodak No 2 Bullseye camera together with a Zeiss Ikon folding camera 30-50
759.    An orange glass and lead light shade - 21cm dia 10-20
760.    A set of temple bells 10-20
761.    A box of collectables including leather children's shoes, Hohner harmonica etc 20-30
762.    Two pipe racks and contents of fourteen pipes 20-30
763.    A group of brass including salver, boxes, bells etc 20-30
764.    A set of cast iron kitchen scales with eight weights 10-20
765.    A treen box, apple etc and a silver plated and wooden Walker and Hall bread board 10-20
766.    A collection of mid 20th century carved wooden figures including Japanese and European examples, 30-50
767.    A collection of glass medicine/chemist bottles and jars 20-40
768.    A glass ginger beer bottle for A J Taylor and Co Chippenham 10-20
769.    A copper propeller mounted plaque award 'Bristol Channel 1973' 10-20
770.    An early 19th century steel compass in wooden box by T L Fovoley and Co, Stockport 30-50
771.    A small old school hand-bell 10-20
772.    A Kilkarney Pottery Eider duck - 24cm long, and a wooden duck 10-20
773.    A pair of late 19th century bronze figures of shepherd and boy with crucifix - 15cm tall 30-50
774.    A pair of bronze duck figures - tallest 12cm, and a similar fox figure 20-30
775.    A Rayner Dialdex Refractometer in box 30-50
776.    A box of drawing instruments 15-25
777.    A Carey brass Inclinometer in wooden case 50-70
778.    Two 'Premier' carbide mining lamps 20-30
779.    A small box of collectables including two inlaid photo frames and an oak letter rack etc 10-20
780.    A Bakelite 'Ormond' hairdryer E1022 - boxed 10-30
781.    A tin of old marbles 10-20
782.    A Doulton Thermalite bed warmer, a brown Stoneware bed warmer and a Spong mincer 30-50
783.    A tray of early to mid 20th century playing cards 10-20
784.    An alabaster chess set in original red cloth carrying case 10-20
785.    A vintage RNLI Sou'Wester 10-20
786.    Seven sets of black ceramic door handles 20-30
787.    A 19th century rosewood military slope with brass inlay - poor condition - 51cm wide 10-30
788.    An antique door lock, handle etc 10-20
789.    A Turner - pair of watercolour river scenes - 11 x 40cm 20-40
790.    A vintage English mohair teddy bear circa 1950, with hand made jacket and cap 40-60
791.    A small blonde mohair teddy bear (one eye missing), together with a soft toy lioness 60-100
792.    A Dinky Supertoys Lawn Mower - boxed No 751 30-50
793.    A Dinky Supertoys Foden tanker - boxed No 504 80-100
794.    A model yacht 40cm long 10-20
795.    An early 20th century clockwork toy monkey with cymbals 30-50
796.    A Dinky tank transport 660 - boxed, with a Dinky Centurion Tank 651 - track a/f 20-40
797.    A Hornby Minitrix N gauge 9F loco 92018 and two other Minitrix items 30-50
798.    A box of Dinky army and other vehicles 30-50
799.    A box of die cast cars including Corgi 10-20
800.    A Triang Aurora electric locomotive - boxed 20-40
801.    A kit-built 'O' gauge two rail locomotive 61XX, 2 - 6 - 2 large 'Prairie BR Green' with removable cab roof 150-200
802.    A quantity of Matchbox Superfast die cast cars - boxed 60-80
803.    A box of Dinky die cast cars including steam roller, fork lift truck etc 60-80
804.    A Triang Britannia locomotive and tender - boxed, a Triang Princess Elizabeth locomotive - boxed, and a tank locomotive - not boxed 30-50
805.    Two Esso Collection Road Tankers boxed 10-20
806.    A box of Graham Farish N gauge locos and tender 30-50
807.    A Deans Rag Book Rabbit and a wind up soft toy 20-30
808.    A tray of Lima Peco and other N Scale gauge coaches and other models - approx fifty items 80-100
809.    A Kay of London bar billiards set a/f 10-20
810.    Fifteen Maistro Sportscar Collection model cars - boxed, and two other Maistro Cars - boxed 30-50
811.    A Heubach Koppelsdorf bisque headed doll 320.3, and another 320.5 40-60
812.    A pair of street scene engravings of Whitby and Colchester by F Robson - 25 x 12cm 10-20
813.    A pair of large Chinese Republic period Canton style table lamps and shades - 72cm 50-70
814.    A pair of alabaster and painted metal novelty fox terrier book ends 20-40
815.    Two Chinese calligraphy scrolls - 'Three Mountain Peaks Pierce the Blue Sky' and 'White Egret Island Divides the Island in Two' 20-30
816.    A pair of oriental carved wood dogs of fo - 12cm 10-20
817.    A 19th century Chinese cabinet with cupboard over recess over three small drawers and cabinet, brass hinges and locks - 128cm tall 150-200
818.    A Subbuteo Table Soccer set, Club Edition - original box 20-30
819.    A Madagasy watercolour on cotton - Madagascar large family funeral scene depicting tombstone being dragged up hill with text and dated 1884 - 104 x 84cm, together with provenance information and photographs relating to the family business in Madagascar at that time 80-100
820.    An African carved wood panel depicting figures - 44 x 99cm 20-30
821.    A large Chinese Republic famille verte style twin light table lamp - 84cm tall 30-50
822.    A late 19th century brass two handled fruit comport or table centrepiece decorated Etruscan style motifs and bearded mask 80-100
823.    An 18th century Chinese elm altar cabinet with raised ends over carved and pierced side brackets (one detached) the base with three drawers and cupboards with brass circular hinges and mounts 80-120
824.    A large Japanese Meiji period bronze of a reclining bull - 42cm long - signed to base 600-800
825.    Lo Depagne - Chinese watercolour of a monkey riding a donkey, signed and dated '86 - 68 x 31cm 30-50
826.    A K Bruhl - acrylic tiger in jungle - 22 x 23cm 20-40
827.    A heavy Indian brass charger engraved Hindu gods 35cm diameter 20-30
828.    Viout - oil on canvas rice fields and workers - 59 x 44cm 50-70
829.    An 18th century Chinese watercolour landscape garden scene a/f - 29 x 39cm 50-80
830.    A 19th century carved two door religious icon with inner print of Mary and Jesus in 17th century style - 45cm tall 40-60
831.    A pair of carved Botswana hardwood elephant bookends
832.    A large Chinese blue and white twin light table lamp and shade - 82cm 20-40
833.    An early 19th century watercolour and silk embroidered panel of classical ruins with scholar a/f - 53 x 48cm 30-50
834.    A 19th century watercolour and silk embroidered panel of exotic bird - 49 x 50cm 30-50
835.    K Pas ztu - oil on board Still Life - 23 x 33cm, and another oil Still Life flower 20-30
836.    A 19th century heavy turned brass bulbous shaped vase - 33cm 30-50
837.    A late 19th century Chinese pine side cabinet with three cupboards and four drawers to base, brass handles and locking plates - a/f 80-120
838.    A set of three Indian wooden carved trays 10-20
839.    An early 19th century sampler 'On Friendship' by Elizabeth Codd 1812 - 37 x 30cm 60-80
840.    An 18th century sampler 'The Loss of Gold....' with flower and trees by E Wilmshurst 1786 - 43 x 32cm 80-100
841.    A pair of oriental brass and enamel floor vases - 60cm 20-40
842.    WAE - watercolour woodland path and a pastel by Beverly Perry - 'Collecting Eggs' 10-20
843.    Harold Squire - oil on board Sussex landscape - 69 x 89cm 50-70
844.    An early 19th century sampler with house, animals and trees by Sarah Eyers 1838 - 39 x 32cm 20-40
845.    An acrylic landscape on canvas 34 x 44cm 10-20
846.    A large oak framed rectangular bevelled mirror - 102 x 74cm 40-60
847.    A large novelty papier mache figure of a golfer - 97cm 50-70
848.    A late 19th century French style rosewood armoire with scrollwork carved cornice over single mirror door, the interior with birds eye maple lined door 80-100
849.    A Victorian carved spinning chair with grotesque open mouth mask to back 50-70
850.    E F Ellenshaw - oil on canvas roses - 49 x 59cm 50-70
851.    Jas J Gaul - late 19th century watercolour of Pompeii, 24 x 18cm 20-30
852.    An Arts and Crafts brass table lamp on triple supports 15-25
853.    An oil on canvas city snowscape with trees dated 99 - 26 x 39cm 60-80
854.    A copper Arts & Crafts tray with floral decoration by JS & S 10-20
855.    An Arts and Crafts brass and copper jug by Henry Loveridge & Co Wolverhampton, possibly a design by Christopher Dresser 20-40
856.    A French Art Nouveau gilt metal mantel clock with striking movement, the pointed arch top over enamel dial, all resting on four pillars, with pendulum and key 80-120
857.    A fine quality Edwardian mahogany and satinwood strung kneehole desk with substantial upper structure fitted arrangement of pigeon holes and drawers - all over frieze drawer enclosing writing slope and fitted for inkwells and correspondence - the base fitted six further drawers around tambour fronted kneehole cupboard (tambour not currently working) 200-400
857A.   Harry Smith - RAF Bomber Command, print of woodland 'Cannock Chase' 37 x 53cm 10-30
858.    An HMV Copes portable gramophone 20-40
859.    A group of 45/78 RPM records including Fats Domino, Clyde McPhatter etc 15-25
860.    M L Poum Malakoul (1910 - 1973 Hong Kong) - oil on canvas river landscape with trees, signed and dated 1969 - 58 x 69cm 600-800
861.    Jespersen - Scandinavian oil on canvas snowscape with trees and houses - 47 x 60cm 80-100
862.    A 19th century large gilded and carved wood armchair in the French style 50-70
863.    A box of stoneware bottles, mostly with printed and impressed labels 20-40
864.    An oval bevelled mirror - 55 x 33cm 10-20
865.    A Padmore snooker cue in metal case 10-30
866.    A pair of wooden oars with steel tips and leather rests 40-60
867.    An antique oak cased wall mounted telephone 60-80
868.    A St Andrews golf club 'D + W Aughterlonis' with hickory shaft 20-30
869.    A cast iron fire grate with ploughing scene to back 56cm wide approximately 20-40
870.    A Victorian wooden carpenters tool box and contents 50-70
871.    A heavily carved panel depicting man on horseback 62 x 39cm and another smaller of soldier in cloak 62 x 20cm 40-60
872.    An Edwardian pine framed wall mirror 20-30
873.    A Townsend croquet set in pine box 40-60
874.    An early 20th century luggage rack on turned supports 30-40
875.    A vintage Pedigree pram 20-30
876.    A large Windsor and Newton artists easel 20-30
877.    A set of three graduating African hide bongo drums, largest 32cm tall 10-20
878.    Six Stoneware jars including CH Lewis, Ross, Arnold Perrett, Glos, Janes Lyle, Edinburgh, Mackintosh Bros, Gillingham, and John Wilson & Sons Bromsgrove 30-50
879.    An antique runner with diagonal geometric strips, worn and a/f - 296 x 99cm 20-40
880.    A Thomas Machell and Sons Dulcitone on folding cabriole legs 80-120
881.    A pair of hardwood frilled top circular occasional tables on claw and ball feet 40-60
882.    A JS + S copper Art Nouveau jug and a Victorian copper kettle 20-40
883.    A copper bugle and a copper horn 20-40
884.    A 19th century copper half gallon jug 10-20
885.    A Victorian copper pan with iron handle, and an ale warmer 20-40
886.    A Herbert Terry red anglepoise lamp 30-50
887.    A 19th century gilt metal and cut glass five branch chandelier - 62cm drop 100-150
888.    A copper rectangular planter and a circular copper fruit bowl 10-20
889.    A Victorian copper kettle 10-20
890.    Two brass preserving pans with overhead handles 40-60
891.    An early 20th century Ensign leather film storage case with velvet fitted interior 20-40
892.    A vintage Murano glass flower form light fitting - 28cm dia 40-60
893.    A box of three cameras: a Sony a58 with DT30 camera, a Yashica and Olympus OM10 30-40
894.    A quantity of Triang track, coaches, wagon and accessories 50-70
895.    A box of Corgi and other die cast model vehicles 20-30
896.    A box of Hornby railway models 20-30
897.    A Hornby Dublo 00 gauge EDL 17 loco, together with a Hornby Dublo 00 three rail BR Duchess of Montrose with various tender and track 30-50
898.    An antique Turkoman rug with two rows of guls on red ground - 330 x 103cm 50-70
899.    A box of N gauge scale train track 20-30
900.    A set of Orion 20 x 80 binoculars and tripod in fitted case, and box 40-60
901.    A collection of vintage 1960's and 70's LPs and records 20-30
902.    An Austin Reed bowler hat 20.6cm x 17.5cm, and a grey top hat by G A Dunn & Co - size 7 1/8 50-70
903.    A Japanese 'Lead' small portable sewing machine in case 20-40
904.    A taxidermy Greater Spotted Woodpecker in case by G A Topp, label to reverse 80-120
905.    A group of approximately sixty five mid 19th century watercolours and sketches - mainly landscapes 60-80
906.    Eric Bottomley - a group of signed limited edition prints - unframed 20-30
907.    A mahogany instrument case, Doubley and Co London 10-30
908.    A group of approximately eighty mid 19th century watercolours and sketches - mainly ecclesiastical, interiors and scenes of buildings 80-100
908A.   An 18/19th century oil on card of an Italian or Venetian scholar reading at a table - 20.5 x 17cm 80-100
909.    A selection of artwork and limited edition prints of elegant ladies by Linda Hill 30-50
910.    A cut glass basket form light fitting a/f (with spare beads for repair) and a smaller one 20-30
911.    Alan King - oil Cottage by the Sea - 39 x 50cm 30-50
912.    A satin embroidered blue and gold Kimono and an embroidered bag 10-30
913.    A collection of four 1920's South American woven wall hangings and panels with letter of provenance 40-60
914.    Two Chinese silk embroidered and fringed shawls 30-50
915.    A box of ecclesiastical silk vestments including robes, cloths, sashes etc. - with embroidered decoration 30-50
916.    A box of Victorian clothing including embroidered and lace trimmed dress (small), chemise, two bodices, cream silk Chinese shawl etc 40-60
917.    A box of assorted scarves, shawls and stoles including silk 10-20
918.    Four vintage pairs of long floral print curtains - 270 x 100cm approx 50-70
919.    Three 1940's black crepe dresses, a 1950's velvet dress and a Frank Usher black dress - approx size 16 50-70
920.    A 1920's muslin child's dress with tiered skirt and floral embroidery, an Edwardian net and embroidered hat and a Victorian child's christening gown and slip 20-40
920A.   A fur coat and beaver lamb fur coat 20-30
921.    An antique cream silk 18th century style child's dress 50-70
922.    E J Wilson - oil on board river landscape 21 x 30cm 20-30
923.    A Victorian oil landscape 30-40
924.    An oil on board figure and cottage - 29 x 21cm 20-40
925.    A large watercolour sketch of two prancing show horses and riders - 45 x 59cm 50-80
926.    Henry Alken - a pair of 19th century horse racing etchings 'Starting' and 'Weighing and Rubbing Down' published by Thomas McLean, aqua tinted by T Sutherland 50-80
927.    Brandon - oil on canvas harbour scene and another oil harbour scene, 55 x 74cm 20-30
928.    A Victorian small tapestry depicting figure and dog in rosewood frame - 17 x 14cm and another tapestry 10-20
929.    A vintage dog print by Minnie Keene - 17 x 12cm, another dog print and another print of an old man 10-20
930.    Hilary Whyard - three small animal prints and five other small prints 10-20
931.    Three prints of the Isle of Wight 20 x 24cm 10-20
932.    John Bamfield - oil on canvas 19th century city scene in fog 60 x 77cm 50-70
933.    A watercolour of Berlin back street - dated 1928, signed indistinctly - 39 x 26cm 20-30
934.    Wainwright - oil on canvas rural scene - 25 x 35cm 20-30
935.    Oil on canvas Still Life flowers - 58 x 49cm 10-30
936.    A small modern watercolour nude and an acrylic landscape - signed Bienoz? - 29 x 24cm 10-30
937.    A long narrow Victorian oil on canvas spray of flowers - 116 x 24cm - from a door lintel 30-50
938.    An acrylic landscape with cottages 35 x 23cm and a small townscape 20-40
939.    P Robins - etching of a labourer and rustic barns - 10 x 21cm 10-20
940.    Ale Kost - acrylic street scene - 25 x 32cm 10-20
941.    Sykora - acrylic landscape - 20 x 25cm, and an acrylic still life 10-30
942.    Len Hubbard - watercolour Devon golf course - 24 x 50cm 10-30
943.    A pair of oriental prints of ceremonial dancers - 41 x 30cm 10-30
944.    A large pastel old man in the snow 53 x 39cm 20-40
945.    G A Garrett - pencil sketch nude - 21 x 16cm, and an erotic watercolour 10-20
946.    A Spy print 'London Sessions' 31 x 17cm 10-20
947.    A coloured pencil drawing of Charles and Diana boarding a train, with personal dedication June '82 - 20-40
948.    Lionel Edwards - hunting print - 25 x 35cm, signed in pencil, and another hunting print 'The Trains a Coming' 30-50
949.    A Richard Morden map of Derbyshire, and another of Oxfordshire 20-40
950.    A horn and gilt handled parasol together with three walking sticks 40-60
951.    A Victorian rosewood walking cane and a tribal carved stick 10-30
952.    A black and white print of Charles I and a print of 'The Thirty Years War' 10-20
953.    A set of five modern bird prints by J Gould, 27 x 20cm 20-40
954.    G W Graves - watercolour sketch - Thrush with Brambles - 32 x 38cm 20-30
955.    A pair of 19th century style prints showing river scenes - 45 x 24cm 10-20
956.    A limited edition print of three Shelties by Ronald Swanwick - 48 x 38cm 20-30
957.    A Victorian blue glass oil lamp painted flowers 20-30
958.    An early 20th century mahogany bedside cabinet 10-30
959.    A 20th century oak dining suite comprising large draw leaf dining table with four cabriole supports carved foliage and scroll feet, with eight matching ladder back chairs (six diners and two carvers), all with floral carved decoration and rush seats ( table extended size 251 x 108) 100-300
960.    A carved Papua New Guinea tribal ancestral mask - purported to be from Kan Ganaman village in the Sepik River region, and another tribal mask 80-100
961.    Pierre Jules Mene - large silver plated bronze stallion on black marble base, signed - 36 x 46cm
962.    An Edwardian mahogany two tier side table with square tapered supports united by undertier - 88cm wide 60-80
963.    A photograph of The Great Pyramid and Sphinx - 1918 - 29 x 37cm 10-20
964.    A 19th century coloured engraving of Birmingham Market after Cox - 23 x 29cm, an engraving of Moccas Court Herefordshire and street view of Warwick 20-30
965.    G Miller - watercolour coastal scene - 12 x 28cm, and another watercolour coastal scene by JA Bayley - 24 x 32cm 20-40
966.    A pair of carved wood panels of men playing snooker "Inman" and "Tom Neuman" - 51 x 30cm 30-50
967.    A 1950's 'British Made' plastic doll - 60cm 10-30
968.    A 19th century pitch pine pew carved to one end - from Dymock Church - 230cm 100-150
969.    A box of cameras and accessories 20-30
970.    Various copper and brass 10-20
971.    A Victorian walnut fold top card table on carved column and quadruple scroll supports 80-120
972.    A 1930's oak glazed wall clock 40-60
973.    A 19th century mahogany cased wall clock with gilt metal dial embossed fuschia, key and pendulum 40-60
974.    A Zenith wall clock in oak frame with leaf border, marked to enamel face 'D Gamorra - Roma' 20-30
975.    An Edwardian rosewood bonheur du jour and work table with satinwood inlay and stringing, the raised top with cupboard and drawers over leather writing surface, with drawer and slide out well to base, all raised on tapered supports 80-120
976.    A set of three classical style gilt metal wall lights 50-70
977.    An early 20th century Collinsons full size dapple grey rocking horse on twin pillar safety stand, purchased from Harrods 400-600
978.    A Georgian oak bow fronted corner cupboard with brass butterfly hinges, 97cm tall 80-100
979.    A small doll's pram circa 1950's 30-50
980.    A Victorian walnut oval breakfast table on carved column and quadruple carved scroll supports 200-300
981.    A Turkoman style carpet with stylised floral motifs on a dark blue ground 166 x 298cm 80-120
982.    An Edwardian swivel tub chair with red leatherette upholstery and turned spindle back 60-80
983.    A farmhouse style stick back chair 30-50
984.    Three 19th century green painted and cane seated side chairs 10-30
985.    A set of six ladder back dining chairs with rush seats - four diners and two carvers 50-70
986.    A black circular hat box with blue satin interior, and a leatherette collar box 10-20
987.    A large antique woven tribal rug with geometric motifs - 279 x 153cm 50-70
988.    A Hofner B Bass HI Series violin bass guitar 100-150
989.    An Eastern wicker coated small occasional table with curved interior recess and two frieze drawers 20-40
990.    A brass coal box with lid and embossed ribbon decoration and a brass coal scuttle 10-20
991.    A Victorian ebonised fire screen with glass panel inset dried flowers and ferns 20-30
992.    An early 20th century shop dummy with cast iron base 50-70
993.    A cream gilt oval mirror - 71cm tall 10-20
994.    A 19th century copper helmet form coal scuttle 30-50
995.    A small nest of three Indian hardwood tables with leaf carved border - largest 43cm tall 30-50
996.    A George III mahogany breakfast sideboard with frieze drawer flanked by two convex cupboards, all with satinwood stringing and raised on reeded supports - secret compartment to side - 168cm wide 180-250
997.    A 19th century Ceylonese ebony armchair from the Galle district with shell carved back and swept arm supports, cane seat and reeded legs 300-500
998.    An early 19th century mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers on splay supports - 90cm wide 100-150
999.    A mahogany table top bank of eighteen small drawers on bracket feet - 64 x 30 x 33cm 20-40
1000.   A Victorian copper gallon jug and a Victorian kettle 20-40
1001.   A 19th century oil on canvas clipper ship - 49 x 72cm 30-50
1002.   A 19th century watercolour sketch after JMW Turner showing a scene of the River Loire, signature to the rear and with correspondence letter between original vendor and Ashmolean Museum (see extra photos) - 13.5 x 18.5cm 150-200
1003.   Montes - oil sailing boats - 17 x 22cm 20-40
1004.   Robert Moore - oil on canvas marine scene, 30 x 40cm 80-120
1005.   A large early 20th century continental two door display cabinet with arch top and canted glazed sided - 184cm wide x 40cm deep x 213cm tall 100-150
1006.   A pair of oil on boards showing paddle steamships 13 x 21cm 20-30
1007.   Allan Crane - oil on panel fishing boats and lighthouse 16 x 11cm 20-30
1008.   An Edwardian Art Nouveau mahogany corner cabinet with raised back and single glazed door, with stylised tree glazing bars 100-150
1009.   Three 19th century 'Grand Tour' watercolours - each frame containing three separate watercolour scenes - views of the Acropolis and other southern European and Mediterranean scenes 50-80
1010.   R Rosini - oil on canvas still life flowers, 22 x 16cm 20-30
1011.   A Victorian painted satinwood wine table with floral and ribbon decoration - a/f 30-50
1012.   A modern mahogany valet stand with drawers 30-50
1013.   B Rawn - oil on board flowers - 16.5 x 11.5cm 10-20
1014.   A Victorian shop half dummy with ebony finial and tripod base 30-50
1015.   William Shephard - three watercolours showing nautical scenes - 14 x 19cm 40-60
1016.   A Morton - oil on canvas three masted sailing ship, 39 x 50cm 150-200
1017.   A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers all on bun feet 70-90
1018.   A Victorian shop dummy with oak finial and base 80-120
1019.   Malcolm Milne - oil on canvas 'View Near Udine' hillside scene with wild flowers - 70 x 90cm - in gilt frame 300-500
1020.   A Victorian ebonised and amboyna wood two door side cabinet 40-60
1021.   An early 20th century Italian watercolour of The Grand Canal Venice - 24 x 60cm, signed indistinctly 50-70
1022.   Perral? - oil on canvas coastal scene with figure - 29 x 39cm 30-50
1023.   An Edwardian mahogany single door vitrine cabinet on cabriole supports 80-100
1024.   A part 17th century refectory table - the three plank top with cleated ends all raised on carved cup and cover carved supports united by diagonal struts 200-300
1025.   A Victorian window seat with beadwork top on ebonised end supports linked by turned stretcher 80-120
1026.   A black and brass fireplace fender 10-20
1027.   A red ground Turkoman style runner with geometric motifs 245 x 66cm 30-50
1027A.  An antique Persian rug with floral guls on a brown ground - poor condition - 153 x 128cm 20-40
1028.   A Seth Thomas American wall clock with octagonal fruitwood case 40-60
1029.   A 19th Georgian style mahogany rectangular stool with tapestry top 20-40
1030.   A metal deeds box 10-20
1031.   A Monarch Airlines vintage pilots leather flight bag with contents, maps, photographs etc 20-30
1032.   A Persian style small rug with stylised animal decoration 158 x 89cm 40-60
1033.   A Victorian mahogany wind out dining table on turned and reeded supports and castors with three interleaves and winder 80-120
1034.   A 19th century brass bound coal bucket 10-30
1035.   An Ercol Elm Golden Dawn colour Windsor style coffee table - 105 x 44cm deep x 36cm tall 70-100
1036.   A large vintage Chinese three dimensional shell picture depicting temple and seascape - 55 x 98cm 30-50
1037.   H Ivimy - watercolour reclining nude - 28 x 44cm 23-30
1038.   Lenke (sp?) - oil on canvas Alpine scene 49 x 39cm 10-30
1039.   A Victorian cast iron fireplace pot stand with pierced heart decoration - 45cm wide 20-40
1040.   Volkon - oil on canvas sailing ships, 49 x 74cm 50-70
1041.   A 'Dirty Dogs of Paris' cartoon print, signed in pencil by Boris O'Klein 20-30
1042.   A Stella Bakelite Gram radio 20-30
1043.   A map of Kent 'The Battle of Britain' - 42 x 55cm 10-30
1043A.  A signed photograph of Cheltenham races - 30 x 40cm 10-20
1044.   A Bell and Howell Cine 129 vintage projector, a Celfix Cine screen and various empty reels 20-40
1045.   A hand made pine kitchen butchers block or free standing cabinet fitted drawers, cupboards and recess with slatted base 80-120
1046.   A Victorian bamboo table with frieze drawer - 71cm wide 60-80
1047.   A 1930's frameless mirror 10-20