Antique & Collectables Sale on
Friday 28th February 2014

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1.      A large Doulton character jug Monty 30-50
2.      A Doulton Churchill toby jug 50-70
3.      Three porcelain military figures 20-30
4.      Four porcelain figures of soldiers 10-20
5.      A Bruce Barnfather WWI commemorative plate by Grimwades with Old Bill cartoon 10-30
6.      A set of three Victorian Wedgwood meat plates 'Indiana' 30-60
7.      A large Italian faience floral bowl - 31cm diameter 20-40
8.      A Coalport figure 'Visiting Day' 20-30
9.      A Victorian decorative porcelain shoe with cherubs - a/f 20-30
10.     A pottery sea horse tealight holder 10-20
11.     A Royal Doulton figure Isadora HN2938 - boxed 30-50
12.     A Rudostadt figure boy with jug and fountain 30-40
13.     A Lladro figure Geisha girl 100-150
14.     An early 20th century blanc de chine figure of Guyan Ying 20-40
15.     A pair of French porcelain figures lady and gentleman 20-40
16.     A Royal Doulton figure Meditation HN2330 and a Debutant figure HN3188 30-50
17.     A set of four Royal Doulton Art Deco style figures 50-70
18.     A pair of Lladro puppies 20-40
19.     A Royal Doulton figure 'Peace' 10-20
20.     A Will Young pottery group Uncle Tom Cobbley and All and various other figures - some damage 50-70
21.     A group of decorative cups and saucers including Royal Albert, Worcester, Doulton 20-40
22.     A pair of Royal Corona jardinieres 20-40
23.     A Royal Worcester white moulded fruit bowl 10-20
24.     An Aldermaston pottery charger 30-40
25.     An Edwardian Wood and Son Ltd 'Glenwood' dinner service comprising:- two tureens (no lids), five oval serving platters, two sauce tureens and ladles and stands (no lids), eleven dinner plates, eleven breakfast, nine side plates (one chipped and one a/f) - some wear to gilding throughout 30-50
26.     A Copeland Spode five piece toiletry set painted flowers No T578 50-80
27.     A 1930's Art Deco teaset decorated blue wisteria comprising;- six cups and saucers, six tea plates, cake plate, tea pot, hot water jug, sugar and milk 30-50
28.     A Copeland Spode china teaset including six cups and saucers, six teaplates, milk and sugar and two soup bowls, signed Roberts 20-30
29.     An Edwardian Colclough teaset comprising six cups and five saucers, cake plate, milk, sugar, sandwich plate and six tea plates 10-20
30.     A Maling lustre fruit bowl, 21 cm diameter 20-30
31.     A Victorian porcelain part dessert service painted flowers comprising three plates and two comports 30-50
32.     A Japanese early 20th century Imari fruit bowl with crossed sticks rim 40-60
33.     A Chinese large porcelain bowl 20-30
34.     A Japanese Imari jar and cover 20-30
35.     A large Royal Cauldon floral printed fruit bowl 10-20
36.     A large Doulton Slaters Patent vase with foliage borders 60-80
37.     A Shelley blue floral strainer and stand 10-20
38.     A George Jones Abbey bowl 20-30
39.     A Victorian blue and white tureen stand and tureen lid (lacking tureen) 10-20
40.     An Edwardian large two handled painted flowers in a cream ground, 37cm tall 20-30
41.     A Just Cats and Co cat and a Country Artists siamese 20-30
42.     A black Japanese vase and similar dish 10-20
43.     A Dillwyn Swansea octagonal jug 20-30
44.     A Royal Doulton Art Nouveau jug D2870, a blue and white jug and a God Speed the Plough mug 20-30
45.     Four character jugs comprising Royal Doulton Walrus and Carpenter, Pickwick Limited Edition, a Roy Kirkham toby jug Doorman, and a Staffordshire Mr Bumble 20-30
46.     A Beswick pony and two horse head wall plaques 20-40
47.     Three Goebels figures: a cow creamer, a St Bernard and a kitten playing with ball 20-30
48.     Two 1930's egg coddlers 10-20
49.     A collection of five large Coopercraft Dogs - German Shepherd, Rottweiller, pair of Chows and Red Setter 20-30
50.     A Ridgways blue and white fruit bowl, a Wedgwood blue and white dish and a willow pattern plate 10-30
51.     A pair of Copeland and Garrett Imari plates and an Indian tree plate 10-20
52.     Four ironstone plates including Masons and a Victorian jug - lid a/f 20-30
53.     A Limoges Communion set boxed 10-20
54.     A group of commemorative china 10-20
55.     Eight Royal Commemorative mugs and beakers 10-20
56.     A novelty tobacco jar in the form of a man's head with hat lid and an owl money box 20-30
57.     A Masons butter dish and four similar bowls plus two plates printed parrots 20-30
58.     A Victorian mug printed 'Franklins Maxims' and a blue and white Art Nouveau style mug 10-20
59.     A Wade Nat West Annabel and Baby money box and a Wade Penguin spirit flask 15-25
60.     A Worcester Evesham storage jar and Portmeirion Botanic Garden one 10-20
61.     A Japanese eggshell teaset comprising teapot, sugar, jug, six cups and saucers, six tea plates plus three Chinese cups and saucers 10-30
62.     A French majolica leaf and flower form dish 20-30
63.     A Beswick Henry VIII character jug 10-20
64.     A Crown Devon dish, Beswick dish and two Carlton Ware dishes 20-30
65.     A group of blue and white china including early 19th century large dish and jug a/f 10-20
66.     A large blue apothecary style jar and cover 25-35
67.     A Royal Grafton teaset 'Malvern' comprising 6 cups and saucers (two cups a/f), six tea plates, cake plate , milk and sugar 10-30
68.     A Ridgway blue polka dot teaset 'Conway' comprising teapot, two sugars, two milks, six cups and saucers and six plates 10-30
69.     A Royal Doulton Carlyle teaset comprising twelve cups and saucers, twelve tea plates, cake plate, jug and sugar 20-40
70.     An Aynsley floral printed batchelors teaset 10-20
71.     A Royal Worcester teaset 'Pekin' comprising: six cups and saucers, sugar, milk and teapot 35-45
72.     Six Royal Crown Derby tea cups and saucers printed flowers 30-50
73.     A set of ten Dresden coffee cups and eight saucers etc, two cups and three saucers a/f 60-100
74.     Two vintage 1950's cake plates, a Masons ginger jar and a Hummel figure 20-40
75.     A Chinese blue and white plate, a blue and white dish and a Japanese teapot 20-40
76.     Two Royal Doulton Stoneware tobacco jars 20-30
77.     A Portmeirion Botanic Garden bowl and a floral printed fruit bowl 10-20
78.     Two Carlton Ware dishes and vegetable cruet plus Winton and Shorter dishes and a pin dolly 20-30
79.     Two T W Green Cornishware storage jars and a flour sifter 20-40
80.     Five small Doulton character jugs and another plus a 'Jolly Toby' 40-60
81.     Two Walt Disney Winnie the Pooh money boxes 10-20
82.     Two Rosenthal Bjorn Wiinblad plates for Aladin an Sinbad, both boxed 20-30
83.     A pair of Limoges plates printed winter scenes 10-20
84.     Two Davenport dessert plates painted owl and hawk 40-60
85.     A Meissen onion pattern plate with pierced border 20-30
86.     A group of decorative teaware 10-20
87.     A Coalport pastille burner, Doulton small character jug, Chinese inkwell and Murano glass decanter with clowns head stopper 10-20
88.     A box of Wade Whimsies 10-20
89.     A Japanese Satsuma bowl and vase - both a/f 10-20
90.     A set of twelve porcelain plates printed game birds 20-30
91.     Two Victorian part dessert sets and various other decorative plates 20-30
92.     A Royal Staffordshire Novota vase and a Rye pottery jug 20-40
93.     A Royal Winton bowl, Norsk vase, Gmundner vase and Crown Ducal posy holder 20-40
94.     A Carlton crested battleship 'Evesham', a crested military cap and other crested ware 20-40
95.     A Coopercraft model of a Ford Escort car 15-25
96.     A jelly mould, floral painted French door plaque and Staffordshire style dog 10-20
97.     A German Majolica style dish 20-30
98.     Two large oriental style jardinieres 20-30
99.     A Doulton green stoneware jardiniere 20-40
100.    A Thomas Forester & Son Ltd Phoenix Sun Glo jug 15-25
101.    A pair of large Staffordshire style spaniels 30-40
102.    Two grey pottery Chinese bulbous vases with incised decoration, 30cm tall 30-50
103.    A pair of porcelain figure groups of children with animals and baskets 15-25
104.    A Victorian painted red stoneware vase - 26cm high 10-20
105.    A pair of 19th century porcelain gilt and white classical vases with bisque floral decoration - one a/f 50-60
106.    A Beswick cat band of four figures 20-30
107.    A Locke and Co Worcester blush ivory bowl with pierced rim and floral branch support and a Royal Worcester square based candlestick 30-50
108.    A pair of John Bevington floral encrusted vases - 19cm 80-100
109.    A Victorian Staffordshire ram - 17cm long 40-60
110.    A Royal Worcester figure by F G Doughty 'Japan' - neck repair 10-30
111.    A Royal Doulton miniature Welsh lady vase 10-20
112.    A Limoges teapot and a Coalport one 15-20
113.    A Victorian turquoise painted cabinet cup, saucer and tea plate and a Royal Worcester pink and gilt cup and saucer 20-30
113A.   A shell form floral painted inkwell a/f 10-20
114.    A pair of early 20th century porcelain vases and covers decorated rococo style reserves and gilt female bust handles 80-120
115.    A late 19th century Chinese blue and white baluster form vase decorated figures in a garden scene - 27cm 40-60
116.    An early 20th century Chinese large bulbous porcelain jar and cover decorated figures 60-80
117.    A Chinese red stoneware teapot 10-30
118.    A Chinese early 20th century Canton vase with panelled decoration, 22 cm high 40-60
119.    A Chinese blue and white porcelain ewer decorated panels of flowers 26cm - handle a/f 40-60
120.    A blue and white "Gien" baluster vase 33cm 30-50
121.    A pair of early 19th century Staffordshire figures lady with dog and man with fruit 30-50
122.    A Clarice Cliff pie funnell 10-20
123.    Six Victorian Staffordshire flat back figure 50-70
124.    A Toby jug, a copper lustre mug and a mug printed Worcester cathedral 10-30
125.    A large old heraldic crested colour tile 80-100
126.    A Booths three piece toiletry set painted flowers on a black ground - the jug a/f 20-40
127.    An Alfred Meakin regimental dinner service with MOD mark:- six cups and saucers, six side plates, six tea cups and saucers, teapot, coffee pot and two jugs 20-40
128.    A Victorian Majolica hanging plant pot with green and brown mottled glaze 20-30
129.    A large Murano glass swirled orange bowl 20-30
130.    Various decorative antique and vintage tea ware 20-40
131.    A Murano glass purple mottled spherical vase 20-30
132.    An 18th century glass bottle with inverted base, chip to rim 30-50
133.    A 1960's purple Art Glass vase 10-20
134.    A large bulbous glass jug with blue rim and handle 10-20
135.    A Waterford Crystal decanter 30-40
136.    Six items of studio glass including Medina and a Victorian green glass jug 20-40
137.    A Whitefriars blue glass jug and a tall red glass vase 10-20
138.    A pair of Val St Lambert glass candlesticks 10-20
139.    A Beswick Huntswoman on rearing horse 60-80
140.    A Royal Copenhagen setter 20-40
141.    A Royal Albert Jemima Puddleduck and Old Mr Bouncer 10-20
142.    A fairing 'The Landlord in Love' 100-150
143.    A Beswick Thelwell group Angel on Horseback 2704B 30-50
144.    A Noritake porcelain table lamp with stylised floral decoration - 20cm high 50-70
145.    A Carlton Ware Jazz vase No 3352 - 11.5cm 200-300
146.    A Carlton Ware Jazz vase No 3352 - a/f 50-70
147.    A Coalport limited edition urn and cover to commemorate the Bicentenary of Turner 1975 88/100 painted seascape 80-120
148.    A Samson famille rose style tulip vase with pseudo oriental marks to base, 29cm high 100-150
149.    A Herend floral painted egg 30-50
150.    A large Beswick sheepdog No 1792 and a smaller cocker spaniel No 1754 15-25
151.    A collection of thirteen Delft animals 80-100
152.    A small Moorcroft bowl decorated leaves - 11cm 25-35
153.    A Moorcroft pin dish decorated Iris - 11.5cm diameter 25-35
154.    A Beswick horse 'Spirit of Earth' on stand 20-40
155.    A Linthorpe vase by Fred Brown with floral sprays, FB monogram - 36cm high 200-300
156.    A large Crown Derby Imari pattern plate - acorn finials - 1128 100-150
157.    A Royal Doulton limited edition figure 866/5000 Dick Turpin HN3272 100-150
158.    A pair of early 20th century Satsuma vases painted figures and landscapes, 30cm tall 40-60
159.    A pair of etched glass Schweppes soda siphons 10-20
160.    A cut glass claret decanter 10-20
161.    A Dartington spiral twist 18th century style wine glass, another teardrop stem glass and a carafe 20-40
162.    A cut glass brandy decanter made for Hine and Co by Baccarat, signed to base 30-50
163.    A group of ten red and green bowled glasses 40-60
164.    A set of six cut glass wine glasses 20-40
165.    A part set of five Edinburgh Crystal glasses - boxed 10-20
166.    An Italian blue and gilt glass liquor set 20-40
167.    A pair of 19th century cut glass decanters and another decanter decorated foliage 20-40
168.    A 1960's orange plastic ice bucket and two handkerchief vases 10-20
169.    A pair of Victorian cut glass decanters and a cut glass fruit bowl 10-30
170.    A Waterford paperweight modelled as a golf club driver - Ryder Cup K Club inscription 20-30
171.    Three Wedgwood glass paperweights - two ducks and a whale 20-30
172.    An American Whittier pottery Sombrero hat form "chips and dips" dish 10-20
173.    A green studio pottery coffee set comprising: coffee pot, six cups and saucers etc 20-40
174.    A Royal Doulton Intrigue dinner service comprising eight dinner plates, eight bread and butte plates, six bowls, six tea plates, six cups and saucers 30-50
175.    A Wedgwood pale blue banded dinner service 'Cliff House' comprising six 31cm dinner plates, six 25cm breakfast plates and six large bowls 28cm 20-40
176.    A Wedgwood dark blue banded dinner service, comprising seven 33cm dinner plates, six 27cm plates, six 18cm side plates and eight large soups - 28cm diameter. 20-40
177.    A Wedgwood Beconfield teaset comprising four cups and saucers, eight tea plates, eight bread and butter plates, milk and sugar 20-40
178.    A large West German red jug and similar beige vase 30-40
179.    A collection of pub water jugs 20-40
180.    A collection of pub water jugs 20-40
181.    A collection of pub water jugs 20-40
182.    Spare lot
183.    Spare lot
184.    A pair of silver plated three branch candelabra 20-40
185.    An Edwardian Walker & Hall oak and silver plated galleried tray 40-60
186.    A pair of silver plated Danish leaf form candle holders 10-20
187.    A Mappin and Web entree dish 10-20
188.    A small group of silver and white metal jewellery items including a Guild of The Holy Standard medal 20-40
189.    A silver mounted pepper pot 10-20
190.    An EPNS embossed floral dressing table tray 20-30
191.    A silver plated and silver collared bone handled dessert cutlery set - boxed 20-30
192.    A silver plated fish cutlery set 10-20
193.    A Stephenson and Son silver plated fish cutlery set - boxed 20-30
194.    A silver plated cutlery set and other silver plated cutlery 30-50
195.    A pair of Walker and Hall ivory handled fish servers - boxed and various silver plated cutlery 15-25
196.    Various silver plated items 10-20
197.    A box of silver plated items 20-40
198.    A box of various silver plated items 10-20
199.    A Mappin and Webb oak cutlery box 10-30
200.    A large rectangular silver plated tray with cast borders and handles 40-60
201.    A silver salver with pie crust rim and scroll feet - 16ozs 120-180
202.    A silver Victorian cup decorated cast vine borders, London 1839, 13 ozs, by John Edward Terry, engraved 'Presented to Mr Richard Horn from ....... Saffron Hill, Hatton Garden and Ely Rents....' together with letter a letter of provenance dated 1845 detailing reasons for presentation 200-300
203.    A George III silver fluted oval tea caddy London 1793 with engraved decoration - 12ozs - maker probably John Robins 500-700
204.    A pair of Walker and Hall silver sauce boats on triple supports - Chester 1939 - 8.8ozs 150-200
205.    A silver capstan inkwell - Birmingham 1918 30-50
206.    A small silver capstan inkwell - Birmingham 1906 and a cut glass and silver topped dressing table jar - Birmingham 1902 50-70
207.    An Eastern white metal small coffee pot with all over embossed decoration of trees and animals, 5.5 ozs, 11 cm tall 60-80
208.    A silver mounted cut glass bottle and a silver mounted dressing table jar 15-25
209.    A large silver vesta with engraved foliage decoration, Birmingham 1898 15-25
210.    A pair of continental 800 standard silver shot glasses 25-35
211.    A silver toast rack, Sheffield 1922, 2.7 ozs 25-35
212.    A silver spill vase by David Lawrence 20-40
213.    A pair of Georgian silver bottle coasters with turned wooden bases 80-100
214.    Seven assorted silver napkin rings - 4.5 ozs 80-120
215.    A Victorian silver plated chatelaine with locket, posy holder, notebook, thimble holder etc 80-100
216.    A pair of silver napkin rings - Birmingham 1900 30-50
217.    A pair of white metal vine form knife rests 20-40
218.    A Victorian silver card case and ivory aide memoir embossed rococo romantic scene to top and town scene to verso, Birmingham 1900, total weight 3.5 ozs, by Henry Mathews 80-100
219.    A silver engine turned card case with beaded edge and silk interior, Birmingham 1911, total weight 3 ozs 40-60
220.    A box of silver gilt cockerel cocktail sticks - Birmingham 1929 - boxed 40-60
221.    Two silver sports medals and a bronze one 10-20
222.    A set of six silver teaspoons, cased, various silver and white metal spoons and three silver napkin rings 40-60
223.    Four silver and glass ashtrays and four other silver mounted glass items 25-35
224.    A pair of square fluted silver candlesticks 40-60
225.    A silver photograph frame - Birmingham 1918 20-40
226.    An early 19th century cut glass pickle jar with silver rim and lid 30-50
227.    A silver photograph frame Birmingham 1916 20-40
228.    A pair of silver shell form salts and spoons - box a/f 20-40
229.    A silver three piece cruet set Birmingham 1988, boxed 30-50
230.    A Georg Jensen silver paper knife 40-60
231.    Two silver and tortoiseshell paperknives 60-80
232.    Three silver handled button hooks 20-40
233.    A Georgian silver sifter spoon - London 1816 50-70
234.    A Victorian silver sifter spoon with bright cut decoration - London 1888 40-60
235.    A Georgian silver tablespoon 30-50
236.    A Victorian silver caddy spoon with engraved decoration - London 1883 and another 20-40
237.    A pair of ivory handled pickle forks 10-20
238.    A silver Christening cutlery set - cased 20-40
239.    A French silver caddy spoon with engraved handle and a silver teaspoon 50-70
240.    A set of four silver berry spoons with engraved silver gilt bowls - 4ozs 90-120
241.    A silver caddy spoon of plain form - London 1883 50-70
242.    A replica silver anointing spoon, London 1965, 2.8ozs 40-60
243.    A quantity of white metal and silver coffee spoons 30-50
244.    A box of scrap silver (5.5 ozs) plus white metal etc 30-50
245.    Six various silver teaspoons, Scottish and Irish marks 30-40
246.    A quantity of silver spoons - 6ozs and various plated ones 50-70
247.    A quantity of silver spoons etc min weight 10.5 ozs 140-180
248.    A silver ladle with horn handle - a/f and a white metal ladle with turned wood ladle 20-40
249.    Four assorted silver spoons and four white metal spoons 20-40
250.    An ebony and silver mounted small tray - 20 x 14cm 50-70
251.    A silver and glass double ended toiletry bottle - London 1879, and two other toiletry bottles 20-40
252.    A silver three piece cruet set Birmingham 1973 and two napkin rings, total weight 4.7 ozs 30-50
253.    Spare lot
254.    Spare lot
255.    A chrome plated pocket watch with seconds dial and stop watch 30-40
256.    A gold plated pocket watch and a Waltham silver pocket watch 50-70
257.    A plated pocket watch 'Siro' 10-20
258.    A silver pocket watch 30-40
259.    A 9 carat gold pocket watch 60-80
260.    A silver Benson half hunter pocket watch in original box 30-50
261.    An 18 carat gold half hunter pocket watch 500-700
262.    An 18 carat gold pocket watch by John B Crols, London 400-600
263.    A 9 carat gold Garrards gents wrist watch (inscription to verso) 1962 - boxed 120-180
264.    An Illinois Sterling Art Deco gentlemans wrist watch and a Universal wrist watch 20-30
265.    Two gold ladies wrist watches 50-70
266.    A simulated pearl necklace with paste and silver clasp 10-20
267.    A Ciro simulated double row pearl necklace with 9 carat gold clasp and a string of Majorca simulated pearls - boxed 30-50
268.    A four strand pearl collar necklace and matching bracelets with yellow metal separators 80-100
269.    Eight various silver lockets 30-40
270.    A Beau sterling silver golf club brooch 10-20
271.    Two silver curb link bracelets - 76g 40-50
272.    Six silver necklaces - 97g 50-70
273.    A silver stone set pill box, a small white metal chain purse and a silver chain 30-40
274.    A silver Buddha pendant - 42g 20-30
275.    A white metal Eastern filigree misers purse 20-30
276.    A scorpion brooch and necklace set moonstones and a claw brooch 20-30
277.    Two silver charm bracelets 35-45
278.    Seven silver necklaces - 100g 50-70
279.    Sixteen silver rings - 50g 25-35
280.    A silver charm bracelet - 61g 35-45
281.    Four silver marcasite brooches and a pair of earrings 30-40
282.    Twenty silver rings - 85g 40-50
283.    A Chinese silver bangle decorated landscapes 30-40
284.    Twelve pairs of silver earrings 40-60
285.    Twelve assorted silver pendants 20-40
286.    A silver and mother of pearl penknife, 18 carat gold horseshoe stick pin, silver baby brooch etc 20-40
287.    Three silver hinged bangles - 105g 60-80
288.    Three silver bangles 40-50
289.    Five silver bracelets - 80g 40-50
290.    A silver marcasite and amethyst butterfly brooch 25-35
291.    An oval silver engraved locket, two white metal fob chains and a silver plated locket 20-40
292.    A Victorian silver shilling brooch - mounted, 1887 10-20
293.    Three silver pendant necklaces 15-25
294.    A Persian gilt metal filigree and jade panel bracelet 50-70
295.    A platinum ring and pair of earrings set blue zircons and diamonds 300-500
296.    A late 19th century yellow metal ring set large split pearl in ruby flower form settings - possibly colonial Indian made 200-300
297.    A 9 carat gold ring set amethysts and chip diamonds 30-50
298.    A 9 carat gold pearl set ring 25-35
299.    A 9 carat gold garnet set ring 40-60
300.    An 18 carat gold three stone diamond ring 150-200
301.    A 9 carat gold opal and sapphire ring 50-70
302.    An 18 carat gold diamond set half eternity ring 100-150
303.    An 18 carat gold ring set five graduated diamonds 100-150
304.    A Victorian 9 carat gold mourning ring decorated flower 30-50
305.    A Victorian gold turquoise set ring 50-70
306.    An 18 carat gold and platinum solitaire diamond ring 40-60
307.    An 18 carat gold ring set green stone flanked by six diamonds 80-120
308.    An 18 carat gold marquise form diamond ring on scrollwork set shoulders 500-700
309.    A yellow metal ring set cabochon red stone on decorative shoulders 80-120
310.    An 18 carat gold ring set chip diamonds - a/f and a 9 carat gold ring set rubies and diamonds 40-60
311.    An 18 carat gold diamond and emerald crossover ring set eight diamonds and eight emeralds 500-700
312.    An 18 carat gold diamond floral cluster ring 150-200
313.    An 18 carat gold three stone diamond ring 300-500
314.    An 18 carat gold three stone diamond crossover ring 500-700
315.    A 22 carat gold wedding band 1.5g and an 18 carat gold gypsy ring set blue stones and diamond 50-70
316.    A 14 carat gold modern ring set bands of white and brown diamonds 80-100
317.    A 9 carat gold dress ring set yellow diamonds 60-80
318.    An 18 carat gold ring set two rubies and five diamonds 200-300
319.    A 9 carat gold ring set pearl and blue zircon 30-50
320.    A 9 carat white gold dress ring 80-100
321.    An 18 carat gold ring set five graduated diamonds 120-180
322.    An 18 carat gold ring - 3g 50-70
323.    An 18 carat gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring 60-80
324.    A 9 carat gold emerald set gypsy ring 50-70
325.    A 9 carat gold ring set red stone 40-60
326.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold ring set cabochon sapphire 50-70
327.    A 9 carat gold ring set citrine on diamond set shoulders 40-60
328.    A 9 carat gold eternity ring set rubies and diamonds 50-70
329.    An 18 carat gold ring set jade in emerald and diamond surround 100-150
330.    A 9 carat gold ring set coral on textured band 40-60
331.    Ab 18 carat gold half eternity ring set sapphires and diamonds 120-180
332.    A 9 carat gold hard stone cameo ring 30-50
333.    A 9 carat gold ring set opal 40-60
334.    A 9 carat gold ring set row of three diamonds and four sapphires 40-60
335.    An 18 carat gold and platinum three stone diamond ring 80-120
336.    A gold ring set small yellow metal coin and a white metal continental coin ring 50-70
337.    A 22 carat gold wedding ring 5g and an 18 carat gold one 4g 120-180
338.    A Victorian 9 carat rose gold gypsy ring set chip diamond 40-60
339.    A yellow and white metal eternity ring set white stones 30-50
340.    Two 9 carat gold rings, a 15 carat gold ring and a 9k shell pendant 50-70
341.    Five various 9 carat gold stone set rings 100-150
342.    A yellow metal snake ring and an adjustable buckle ring 40-60
343.    A yellow metal ring set white stones and a yellow metal flexible opal ring 50-70
344.    An 18 carat gold and white metal bar brooch set sapphire and chip diamonds - boxed 150-200
345.    A diamond set military Staffordshire knot brooch 300-500
346.    A late 19th century large tortoiseshell and gold demi parure set of necklace with locket within and pair of large drop earrings (screw fitting) 500-700
347.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold openwork pendant decorated purple stone 15-25
348.    A 9 carat gold crescent brooch set red stones 60-80
349.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold brooch set peridot and seed pearls 60-80
350.    A cameo brooch in 9 carat gold frame set garnets 60-80
351.    A Victorian cameo brooch carved the three graces 30-50
352.    A Victorian pinchbeck cameo brooch 20-30
353.    A small yellow metal brooch set amethyst in seed pearl surround and a yellow metal turquoise and seed pearl pendant 60-80
354.    A 9 carat gold openwork foliage brooch set sapphires 60-80
355.    A 9 carat gold oval garnet set pendant 30-50
356.    A 9 carat white gold sapphire set pendant 60-80
357.    An 18 carat gold green stone and diamond pendant and chain 120-180
358.    A miniature gold purse charm - 2.3g 35-45
359.    A 9 carat gold bar brooch with miniature of partridge 40-60
360.    A 9 carat gold triple frame folding locket, total weight 8g 30-50
361.    A gold long fob chain - unmarked 54g 400-600
362.    A pair of pearl and coral earrings 30-50
363.    A pair of tanzanite and gold earrings 30-50
364.    A pair of 9 carat gold earrings set orange stones and diamonds 30-50
365.    A Victorian stick pin set red stone 30-50
366.    A 9 carat gold stone set swivel fob on chain and another similar 100-150
367.    Two Trefari brooches, a miniature chair charm and a bird charm 10-20
368.    An Edwardian yellow metal double sided circular locket with safety chain, two other gold lockets and a silver one 40-60
369.    Two enamel floral studs 20-30
370.    A 9 carat gold gate link bracelet 11g and a stick pin set sapphire and seed pearls 80-100
371.    A cameo brooch in yellow metal surround and a cameo unmounted 20-30
372.    A 9 carat gold charm bracelet and heart padlock - 12g 80-100
373.    A Victorian yellow metal seal 'Matilda' and a chatelaine button hook 20-30
374.    A pair of 9 carat gold cufflinks and two hunting related tie pins 20-40
375.    A 9 carat gold pendant set opal and another pendant 30-40
376.    A 14k and green stone pendant on 18 carat gold fine chain and a fancy link gold necklace 30-50
377.    A "tortoiseshell" necklace and bracelet 20-40
378.    Two Victorian jet necklaces and a hair piece 20-40
379.    A Victorian jet necklace with carved shell cameo of classical lady 40-60
380.    A group of yellow amber beads - 81g 100-150
381.    A Victorian banded agate bead necklace 50-70
382.    A yellow metal Victorian Nottingham Football Association medal - cased 100-150
383.    A gilt metal foliate bracelet, necklace and earrings set 10-20
384.    A box of butterfly and bird brooches etc 10-20
385.    A box of paste and costume jewellery 10-30
386.    A pietra dura brooch and an Essex crystal dog stud 25-35
387.    Twenty three assorted silver brooches 70-90
388.    A Victorian amber and ivory bead necklace 80-100
389.    A group of antique costume jewellery 20-40
390.    A silver EBA badge, another badge and a brooch 10-20
391.    A group of antique paste brooches, some silver 20-40
392.    A string of banded agate beads and another of turquoise and metal beads 30-50
393.    A box of vintage brooches 10-20
394.    A box of vintage earrings 10-20
394A.   A group of three pocket watches and assorted keys 30-50
395.    Six various watches 10-20
396.    A group of hat pins on a stand and four silver brooches 20-40
397.    Various costume jewellery 10-20
398.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
399.    A box of bead necklaces 10-20
400.    A box of bead necklaces 10-20
401.    A box of costume jewellery and pair of silver and bone glove stretchers 10-20
402.    Two boxes of costume jewellery and watches including a gold ring a/f 20-40
403.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
404.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
405.    A group of costume jewellery 10-20
406.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
407.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
408.    A box of costume brooches 10-20
409.    A box of costume earrings 10-20
410.    A box of watches 10-20
411.    A silver pocket watch and silver fob chain 30-50
412.    Spare lot
413.    Spare lot
414.    A 9 carat gold Regimental brooch for the Kings Royal Rifles Corp 80-120
415.    An Artillery Corp 9 carat gold badge set chip diamonds 60-80
416.    A 9 carat gold Regimental brooch for the Kings Royal Rifle Corp 80-120
417.    A 9 carat gold military regimental badge for The Kings Royal Rifles 80-120
418.    A 9 carat gold military medical corps bar brooch 60-80
419.    A 9 carat gold naval sweetheart brooch 50-70
420.    A 9 carat gold Egypt Gloucester regimental brooch and a silver Gloucester regimental brooch, 100-150
421.    A Coventry Ordnance Works enamel badge and a Bomb Safety pin 20-40
422.    A Victorian Long Service medal for the Volunteer Force - unamed as issued 60-80
423.    Two WWI medals to Daniel Meredew R.Fus Gs 42494 and a silver St John Ambulance medal 50-70
424.    A South Africa Medal with Natal bar to Pte J Griffen Gloucester Regt No 4372, three WWI medals to Pte W J Griffin Gloucester Regt No 18936 together with a photograph of him in military uniform 300-400
425.    A late 19th century Military pocket Altazimuth by Casella in later case 80-100
426.    A WWI Victory medal to D Smith K. R. Rif. C R 25308, two silver medals and another 10-30
427.    A set of miniatures from Boer War Medal Group of Six 80-100
428.    A WWI RAF set of three comprising Victory medal, War medal and Meritorious Service Medal to 'F. Sgt F Couchman No 223160' plus a 1911 St Johns Ambulance medal to Pte F Couchman together with 'Awards' letter, certificate, photographs, London Gazette extract, embroidered bag, Home Guard ephemera etc 200-300
429.    A Police Exemplary Service Medal to Inspector Alan Haworth and War Medal, Gloucester Constabulary badge and whistle 50-70
430.    A French WWII white metal Breiz Ataco 'Kelt' brooch 20-30
431.    Twenty four American War and commemorative medals 100-150
432.    Twenty two American War and commemorative medals 100-150
433.    A group of WWII medals plus service medal to Llewellyn Stanley Brooker 40-60
434.    Seven various WWI war and victory medals 50-70
435.    A tin of military buttons, shoulder patches and dog tags including those for Jewish RAF 30-50
436.    Two RAF fabric badges and another 10-20
437.    An ARP whistle and a Metropolitan whistle 10-20
438.    A WWI Italian medal 20-30
439.    A WWI Trench Art embossed snuff box 20-30
440.    A York Volunteer Rifles cap badge 10-20
441.    A Territorial Efficient Service Medal to Capt J Anscombe RASC and two sports medals 20-30
442.    A WWII medal group:- 1939 - 45 Star, Italy Star, France and Germany Star together with certificate and box 30-50
443.    A small collection of military badges 20-30
444.    A Royal Artillery enamel car badge RAA 40-60
445.    Twelve various cap badges 20-40
446.    A WWI War medal to Pte W R South, Royal Fusileers, an Artists Rifles cap badge and sword tie pin 10-20
447.    A Short and Mason 1916 military compass 40-60
448.    A military pocket watch with luminous numbers 20-40
449.    A Manual of Map Reading 1906 and a Dennison military compass 1917 50-70
450.    A group of WWII medals to J Anscombe including 39/45 Star, Africa Star plus a quantity of other WWII stars, bars etc 30-50
451.    A WWII Royal Navy Escape Compass - blade points North when floated 10-20
452.    A German WWII trench craft carved photograph frame from 'Wolf Schacht' with barbed wire and fence motifs 30-50
453.    Various military photographs of WWI cavalry man 10-20
454.    A pair of WWI medals: Victory medal and War medal and a WWII medal to Pte J Orme, Royal Scots No 52841, together with cap badges and beret 70-90
455.    A WWI death plaque and Victory medal to Vaughan G Goode of Welsh Regt No 2480 together with a large quantity of personal letters, certificates, order of service, military postcards and photographs 100-150
456.    A military field knife stamped 1955 J Hall cc 1286 with arrow mark and 452 arrow mark 10-20
457.    A Trench Art WWI aeroplane 25-35
458.    A WWII Luftwaffe wrist compass 50-70
459.    A knight in armour cigarette lighter 10-20
460.    A box of WWI small collectables including donation letter to Army funds in silk purse, greeting card, postcards, trench art etc 30-50
461.    A pair of WWI RAF proportional dividers - cased 20-40
462.    A box of military medals, badges, coins etc 10-20
463.    A WWI War medal to 2nd Lieut John Enos C Griffiths (Jack) 1893-1918 second Lieut Battalion Gloucestershire Regt. killed April 1918, together with his compass and framed photograph also similar photograph of his brother, a silver mounted cricket ball from 1910 Taunton School and his sport kit 120-180
464.    A book VE Day in photographs (50th Anniversary) and Memories of an Unusual Able Seaman on Russian and East Coast plus a 1914 chocolate box - a/f, and a group of war damaged postcards 10-30
465.    A quantity of military buttons 10-20
466.    A quantity of army buttons in two boxes including medical corp, signals, artillery, RAF etc 20-40
467.    A selection of shell cases etc 10-20
468.    A WWII military spanner stamped 1945 with MOD arrow marks on either side 15-25
469.    An Abrahm. Ashton and Sons military tenon saw stamped with MOD arrow mark 15-25
470.    A WWI army trenching tool 20-40
471.    A J Rabone spirit level No 113 20-30
472.    A Winston Churchill cast iron door stop 30-50
473.    A set of forty eight Players cigarette cards Soldiers - framed and glazed 20-30
474.    A set of Players cigarette cards 'Victoria Cross' acts of valour 10-20
475.    A German helmet 100-150
476.    A scale model of the aircraft carrier Invincible in an oak and glass case 15-25
477.    A German helmet 100-150
478.    C Southall - acrylic portrait of General Sir Peter de la Billiere Commander in Chief British Forces 1990 Gulf War - 28 x 29cm, framed and glazed 50-70
479.    A pair of framed photo postcards of soldiers, two glove stretchers and a military wooden box 10-20
480.    An 'RAF' brass - boxed, and two trench art vesta holders 10-20
481.    A USA M57 tin plate battery operated tank made in Japan - soldiers and rotating turret 35-45
482.    A small brass triple extending telescope and a pair of sports glasses 30-40
483.    A German cylindrical brass cylinder with regimental motif, three fabric badges and three cuffs together with armband 10-20
484.    A silver plated cigarette box engraved HMC Gunnery School, Stadacona 10-20
485.    A Lancashire Fusileers brass bowl 25-35
486.    A W Ottway and Co military telescope No 5116 1943 50-70
487.    Two pairs of army binoculars - cased 20-40
488.    A pair of Lieberman & Gortz binoculars in case 10-20
489.    An Akershaw and Son pair of WWI binoculars 10-20
490.    A WWII gas mask bag, Para's beret and two others 20-30
491.    A group of six Union Jack flags and a WWI flag 30-50
492.    Five books regarding the Imjin battle and POWs 10-20
493.    A copper shot flask with American civil war embossed illustration 50-70
494.    Four vols History of the Great War by John Buchan 25-35
495.    A Gloucestershire Army Cadet Force banner circa 1960's/70's and a Cap of Honour book 20-30
496.    A military book 'So Few' by David 'Masters, Bomber Command Continues and Britain at War The Royal Air Force 10-20
497.    A group of WWI postcards and ephemera 10-20
498.    A WWII copy of TEE EEM for aircrew 10-20
499.    A large collection of photographs, passports and Masters certificates relating to the Davison family 60-80
500.    A late 19th century to WWI scrapbook with fine watercolours and drawings by Miss Alix Griffiths of the Coombes, Coleford 70-90
501.    An Ordnance Survey War Department Land Map of Salisbury Plain 1914, revised edition and Bartholemews Salisbury Plain map - both cloth 20-40
502.    A 1914 HMSO Official Copy Military Engineering Book with sixty one plates 20-30
503.    A group of naval related pamphlets including Medical Guide, Navy and Army, HMS Victory, Shipwrecks 10-20
504.    Nineteen issues of The Evening Press and The Star - issued during German occupation of Channel Islands 1941-3 35-45
505.    A group of military books, map etc 10-20
506.    Four books on shipping - Breaking the Mauritania etc 10-20
507.    An Ordnance Survey map of Roman Britain 1956 book edition with large map of military sites etc 20-30
508.    A small collection of war postcards and a FDC for Liberation of Jersey 20-30
509.    Matchless Motor Cycle model 40 G3W0 Manual with war office modifications 20-30
510.    An Observer book of British Awards and Medals 15-25
511.    A W.O form 1600 Musketry Drill and Practice Return for 1st and 2nd 13th Suffolk Rifle Corps at Bury St Edmonds - 1867 25-35
512.    A small group of military postcards and a WWI Hearty Welcome Home certificate from Hereford Citizens Committee 10-20
513.    A comprehensive scrapbook of WWI newspaper cuttings 10-20
514.    A group of WWII and early 1900's army memorabilia relating to S H Metcalf 3rd Kings Own Hussars including 1910 Durham Castle Liner ticket and WWII wifes ration books 30-40
515.    A WWI scrapbook belonging to Miss Alix Griffiths of the Coombes, Coleford regarding her career in Menton Hospital including four postcards and photos of her friendship with Serbian and French soldiers 50-70
516.    Two MOD military reports of Operation Desert Sabre and Operation Granby 20-40
517.    A group of WWII 21 Army Group In France oil coupons and three unused Motor Fuel Ration books 20-30
518.    A set of four early 19th century framed military prints on a macabre theme '9th Lancers', '17th Light Dragoons', '12th Lancers' and '15th Hussars' 40-60
519.    GW Bacon - Birds Eye View of The Battle of Abul Klea 1885 - framed 20-40
520.    A group of African tribal knives etc 30-50
521.    A box of WWI pictures, shell cases, shovel etc 20-40
522.    A box of WWII collectables including camp bed, two helmets, German sack and window sealing tape in tin 20-40
523.    A collection of various WWII related newspapers 10-30
524.    A box of books of military interest 10-20
525.    War Illustrated magazines 1939 - 41 and two other War magazines 1939 20-30
525A.   A collection of military greeting cards 50-70
526.    A collection of naval greeting cards 30-50
527.    A box of military books 10-20
528.    A Hitler Youth dagger with replacement grips and a Belgium bayonet 60-80
529.    Two 1853 Enfield bayonets 80-100
530.    A German pattern 9805 bayonet 60-80
531.    A WWII Polish bayonet 40-50
532.    A Portuguese sword bayonet 50-60
533.    Three assorted Yakatang British bayonets 100-150
534.    An 1891 pattern British naval dirk and sheath by Manton and Co 50-70
535.    A Mk1 model 1888 (second type) Lee Metford bayonet 50-60
536.    A Relic Chassepot bayonet and an 1871 - 74 Germany bayonet unit marked 8.R.E.4.190 20-40
537.    An SA80 parade bayonet and a 1903 SMLE bayonet 20-40
538.    A US Remington bayonet 30-50
539.    An American M1 bayonet 20-40
540.    A WWII Hitler Youth dagger in sheath 20-40
541.    A rim fire double action pistol circa 1900 40-60
542.    A group of twenty six military silks BDV etc, Naval (HMS Gloucester), regiment badges and arms 20-40
543.    A group of eighteen silk flags - maker unknown 20-40
544.    A group of forty five silk flags BDV etc 40-60
545.    A group of thirty regimental silks of badges, arms etc - maker unknown 20-40
546.    A Spinks Battles and Medals book 10-20
547.    A group of military books 10-20
547A.   A scrap book of ephemera 20-30
548.    A Gloucester Regiment swagger stick 20-30
549.    A bayonet dated 1881 30-40
550.    A Victorian officers dress sword 50-70
551.    A Victorian officers dress sword with etched blade presented to "2nd Battalion East Lancashire Regt, Egypt" made by Henry Wilkinson, with leather scabbard 100-150
552.    An Eastern talwar 50-80
553.    A Victorian officers dress sword 100-150
554.    A Georgian cavalry sword with metal scabbard 100-150
555.    A World War II Japanese Officers sword 400-600
556.    An American Nursing Corps uniform of skirt, jacket and cap with badges - size 12 100-150
557.    An RAF mess uniform - Squadron Leader with pilots brevet, jacket and two waistcoats, trousers and cummberbund 15-25
558.    A WWII Royal Artillery captains tunic with buttons 30-50
559.    A Victorian officers dress coat - no buttons 30-50
560.    A box of books on German military topics 10-20
560A.   A box of military books 10-20
561.    A Puccini score The Girl of the Golden West, with facsimile signature and a printing error relating to the location being in Australia instead of America. 10-20
562.    British Railways Official Sectioned Appendix, Working Time Tables, Signalling Regulations etc (40 approx, mostly 1960's) 20-40
563.    Railways/Railway World - 1943-58 and 1961-59 complete, clean condition 30-50
564.    Trains Illustrated/Modern Railway 1952-1964 20-40
565.    The Stephenson Locomotive Society Journal 1943-69 complete 20-40
566.    Modern Tramway and Light Railway Review 1966-1991 complete 20-40
567.    A set of twenty five Typhoo tea cards - British Birds and their Eggs 10-20
568.    An album of cigarette cards - thirteen complete sets including Regimental colours, Aviation, Mining, Railway, Fish and Bait, Locomotives etc 50-70
569.    A group of old postcards and photographs of film stars 10-30
570.    A quantity of Brooke Bond tea card albums - some complete - a selection of Grandee cigar cards and a large quantity of Nostalgia postcards 10-20
571.    Two corner mounted cigarette card albums of eleven sets including Footballers 1928, Cricketers 1934 etc 40-60
572.    An album of corner mounted cigarette cads in ten sets including Allied Army Leaders, Celebrated Gateways etc 50-70
573.    Nine German holographic cards of the Planets of our Solar System 15-25
574.    A large quantity of trade cards - 2000+ 20-40
575.    A box of postcards including UK and Brussels 10-20
576.    A large quantity of vintage postcards plus some modern including topographical and subject cards 10-20
577.    A postcard album - topographical Wiltshire, Bristol, South West, approx 235 cards 20-40
578.    A postcard album of Edwardian actresses and actors, (100) 20-40
579.    Stanley Gibbons postcard album topographical Worcestershire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, approx 185 cards 20-40
580.    A Royal Mail postcards album art and artist signed postcards, approx 144 cards 20-40
581.    A Royal Mail postcard album of early London, many Louis Levy cards, approx 128 cards 20-30
582.    A group of old football and rugby programmes and The Football encyclopedia 20-40
583.    Dictionary of British Sculptors 1660 - 1851 by Rupert Gunnis - first edition 1953 10-20
584.    The Red Book of Heroes by Mrs Lang - first edition 1909 10-20
585.    A Scouting book, two eagle annuals and other 1950's boys books 10-20
586.    A quantity of old childrens books and annuals 10-20
587.    An album of stamps 10-20
588.    A Victorian illustrated photograph album and contents of portrait photographs 20-40
589.    A box of sporting memorabilia including autographs, photographs, programmes, tickets and cigarette cards - autographs include Dick Richards, Brian Curvis and Lenny Williams, programmes include Six Nations, Lions, first match at Millennium Stadium, etc 25-35
590.    A box of cigarette cards mostly sets, in albums 20-40
591.    A box of literary books and atlas's 10-20
592.    A miniature set of The Works of Shakespeare on book shelf 50-70
593.    A Topical Times football book 1966 - 7 10-20
594.    Three newspapers including first moon landing, WWI victory, 1945 General Election results and Japans last chance 10-20
595.    Jazz: New Orleans, by Samuel Charters - published in 1958 10-20
596.    A 1930's AA map of London and five other maps and an album of souvenir photographs 10-20
597.    A full set of Test Match programmes for the British and Irish Lions in Australia 2001 10-20
598.    Two copies of Motor Cycling first and second show numbers 1951 20-40
599.    Eighteen Picture Post Magazines 1938-39 20-30
600.    Treasures of the Beatles including memorabilia 15-25
601.    City People by James Montgomery Flagg 20-30
602.    A group of literary books 10-20
603.    The Last Essays of Elia - two volumes, first and second series 1835, leather spines 30-50
604.    The Farmers Tour through East England 1781 - folded illustrations of ploughs etc 60-80
605.    Ploughing by Steam - Hainine and Tyler 25-35
606.    The Life of Charles Dickens by John Foster and three volumes of his works all half leather bound 30-50
607.    The Babys Bouquet of Old Rhymes and Tunes illustrated by Walter Crane 35-45
608.    A Day in a Childs Life 1881 illustrated by Kate Greenaway 50-70
609.    Four 1940's Racing Up to Date books 10-30
610.    Three Childrens Golden Treasury books 1935, 37 and 39, Caught Out and a first edition Enid Blyton Five on Kirren Island Again 30-50
611.    Little Songs of Long Ago illustrated by H Willebeek Le Mair - 1912 60-80
612.    A set of large bound copies of The Motor 1932/33 with glossy full page colour illustrations of M.G, Morgan, Swallow etc 60-80
613.    Cecilia or Memoirs of an Heiress 1809, a leather bound book of Common Prayer and Footprints of the Apostles 20-40
614.    A French Folio book 'Florence' by Charles Uriarte 1881 edited by J Rothschild 50-70
615.    Five large Folio Society books in slip cases including Travels of a Victorian Photographer, Cities and Civilisations, London, Portrait of a City etc 20-40
616.    A copy of the May 1937 Coronation Issue of the Radio Times 15-25
617.    A selection of books on horses and horse management including some with illustrations by Lionel Edwards 10-20
618.    Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain by Edmund Lodge in nine volumes and published by James Tallis 1835 40-60
619.    Black Beauty by Anna Sewell with tipped in colour plates by Cecil Aldin 30-50
620.    We Remember the Blitz, The Home Guard, D-Day - personal stories of the war in three volumes 10-20
621.    A box file of papers, journals and ephemera including Black and White Budget Magazine 1900 including news of Churchills escape in the Boer War, a 1926 General Strike edition of the Daily Graphic and various commemorative newspapers, stamps, cards etc 10-20
622.    A complete run of "100 Best Pictures" magazine - seventeen sets complete with ties and published by Letts 1901 30-50
623.    Trains Illustrated Annuals - a complete run 1946-1965 plus seven other similar annuals 20-40
624.    A file with Hereford and Worcester Railway photographs and ephemera 10-20
625.    A box of railway books 10-30
626.    Railway Observer - the journal of the Railway Correspondence Travel Society 1950-1980 complete 20-40
627.    The Railway Magazine 1930-1939 complete 20-40
628.    An African carved ironwood figure of a woman with basket 20-30
629.    A brass corinthian column form table lamp 20-40
630.    Two old green glass bottle jars 10-20
631.    A pair of early 20th century Japanese cloisonne vases decorated trees and flowers - 46cm 60-80
632.    A mahogany striking bracket clock by Garrard & Co Ltd 100-150
633.    A Norville mantel clock with architectural style case, striking on a gong 40-60
634.    A French late 19th century slate mantel clock with visible escapement and enamel dial by Henry Marc 60-100
635.    A Victorian mantel clock with turned pillastas flanking dial 20-40
636.    A French early 19th century rosewood and marquetry cased mantel clock retailed by Henry Marc a Paris 200-300
637.    A mahogany and burr walnut bell top bracket clock, 30cm max high 80-100
638.    A brass cased carriage clock 50-70
639.    An old fishing rod and reel 10-20
640.    Five lacquer Chinese bowls painted fish to interior, marked to base "Hong Tai Mi & Co" 10-20
641.    A brass cherub door stop 20-40
642.    A pair of Georgian brass candlesticks with pushers and a Victorian pair 20-30
643.    A pair of brass candlesticks and an oak pair 10-20
644.    A pair of WMF brass and spiral turned candlesticks 50-70
645.    A Chinese bronze censor with six character mark and dragon to base 50-70
646.    Two brass pestles and a mortar 30-50
647.    A set of kitchen scales with brass pan and weights 10-20
648.    An Argent pewter three piece teaset on tray 10-20
649.    A set of eleven Nursery Rhyme illustrations by H Willebeek le Mair - framed and glazed 50-70
650.    An early 20th century dentists set of thirteen extraction tools in roll by Ferris & Co, Bristol 50-70
651.    A leather attache case 10-20
652.    A Japanese marquetry table top cabinet of drawers 50-70
653.    A Persian metal embossed charger 10-20
654.    A Georgian mahogany mirror with fretwork surmount and apron decorated carved gilt shell and inlaid paterae 180-250
655.    Three Victorian watercolours of early 19th century coaching scenes - framed and glazed 50-70
656.    An oil lamp on painted metal stand 10-20
657.    A resin figure of an eagle 20-30
658.    A Hall Brothers three piece pewter teaset 10-20
659.    A rosewood cigarette dispenser 10-20
660.    A 19th century continental oil on panel of a woman smoking a pipe, 23 x 22.5cm 40-60
661.    An early 20th century Mahjong set in lacquer and mother of pearl box 100-150
662.    A group of nine early 20th century Indian painted composition miniature figures 20-30
663.    A Hornby 'oo' guage T9 engine and tender 30-50
664.    A Schuco Piccolo 702 racing car, a Dublo Dinky truck, a Coventry Climax and two Lesney lorries 20-30
665.    A quantity of early wax seals 20-30
666.    A box of old marbles 10-20
667.    An old fishing float 10-20
668.    Two Victorian papier mache snuff boxes inlaid with mother of pearl 20-30
669.    A Roman brooch 10-30
670.    An Edwardian glass syringe - cased and a silver plated travel inkwell 10-20
671.    An early silvered photograph in oval leather case 20-40
672.    A set of postal scales 20-30
673.    Spare lot
674.    An Osmiroid 65 yellow/green gold nibbed fountain pen 15-25
675.    A Conway Stewart red gold nibbed fountain pen 15-25
676.    A Parker fountain pen and a Parker propelling pencil 15-25
677.    A C & G Pierre Cardin gold and black swirled biro, a gold coloured biro and a Blanc red biro 20-40
678.    A dark blue Parker 14k gold nibbed No 10 pen and a boxed Parker pen 25-35
679.    A gold nibbed silver Sheaffer fountain pen and two Sheaffer biros 25-35
680.    A Platignum grey fountain pen with German iridium point nib 20-40
681.    IPPAG gold coloured propelling pencil and a silver coloured biro - both cased 15-25
682.    A Conway Stewart 570 inkpen, two lighters, card case and a Seiko gents watch` 10-20
683.    A black slate desk stand with inkwell 20-40
684.    A group of Lesney and Corgi vehicles 20-30
685.    An oak correspondence box 10-20
686.    A mahogany correspondence rack 10-20
687.    A small group of collectables including eyebaths 10-20
688.    An ivory handled three piece folding picnic cutlery set, a metal two piece set, cigarette box etc 20-30
689.    Six boxed sets of playing cards 10-20
690.    Three sets of modern political playing cards 10-20
691.    A quantity of miscellaneous collectables including playing cards etc 10-20
692.    A 1990 Christmas Bells Whisky - boxed 25-35
693.    A set of gold scales and weights - boxed 10-20
694.    A box of collectables 10-20
695.    Three ivory handled brushes, three bone crochet hooks and a Russian lacquer circular box 20-30
696.    A Chesterman measuring tape - boxed with instructions 10-20
697.    A turned wood ebonised gavel - boxed 20-30
698.    Two whales teeth carved as fish 14cm and 13cm and a painted one 50-70
699.    A quantity of shells 10-30
700.    Four cut glass and gilt metal wall lights 30-50
701.    An Edwardian carved wood photograph frame 15-25
702.    An African bronze figurine - 22cm 50-70
703.    A cloisonne vase and cover with dog of fo finial and all over floral decoration - on stand 40-60
704.    A carved ebony tiger 20-30
705.    An early 19th century rosewood framed miniature portrait of a woman 30-50
706.    A pair of late 19th century spelter figures of Spring and Autumn after Moreau, on circular marble bases, 23cm 30-50
707.    A Black Forest carved book rack with bear ends inscribed KL Scheidegg 30-50
708.    Two sets of CBG Mignot lead soldiers - Voltiguers du 17 Regt da Ugne 1809 and Marins de la Garde 1812 - boxed 100-150
709.    A set of Britains lead soldiers 21st Lancers, boxed 25-35
710.    A set of Britains lead Bedouin Arabs No. 164 - boxed 100-150
711.    Two sets of Britains lead soldiers - Royal Marine Artillery 8826 and Light Infantry 8808, both boxed 40-60
712.    A Rolls razor and another razor and three painted boxes 10-20
713.    An old car lamp and a Wilkinsons razor 10-20
714.    A Conley Junior camera 10-20
715.    A Kodak Protor 500 camera 10-20
716.    A Kodak No Autographic camera in case with instructions 10-20
717.    A pair of Edwardian Negretti and Zambra binoculars cased 10-20
718.    A pair of Gregory and Co mother of pearl opera glasses - cased 50-70
719.    A pair of cased opera glasses by "Iris" of Paris 15-25
720.    A pair of ivory clad opera glasses 20-40
721.    An old Hilger and Watts dumpy level SL2 in case 10-30
722.    A Victorian walnut writing slope a.f 20-30
723.    An inlaid folding chessboard and chess set 20-40
724.    A box of vintage perfumes 15-20
725.    A Chinese cork scene under glass and three Indian painted items 10-20
726.    A group of ephemera including WD and HO Wills 1933 boxed 'Patience' games set with two decks, and Mabel Gear poster for GWR etc "Take Your Dog by Rail" 10-20
727.    A Stratton compact decorated butterflies and a pill box 10-20
728.    Three tortoiseshell boxes, a maze puzzle and a brass snuff box 30-50
729.    A group of empty boxes for Britains lead soldiers including South Australian Lancers 20-40
730.    A quantity of small balance weights - some boxed 15-25
731.    A chrome desk calendar, a travel toiletry set and an inhaler 10-20
732.    An antique stained glass panel coat of arms 30-50
733.    Three painted Italian wood icons 30-50
733A.   An antique stained glass panel angels head 30-50
734.    A gilt floral moulded mirror 20-40
735.    Gustave Eugene Castan - oil on board alpine scene with boulders - 31 x 45cm 600-800
736.    J A Heyermans - oil on board Old Lady reading to Grandchildren "Le Faouet Brittany"
29 x 37cm - signed 800-1000
737.    T Cambali - oil on canvas still life flowers in a vase - 61 x 51cm 60-80
738.    A pair of oriental style table lamps and shades, 31cm high 30-50
739.    A large Victorian gilt scrollwork and foliage overmantel mirror - 109 x 127cm 180-250
740.    A Gresham & Co upright piano in mahogany case 200-300
741.    An Edwardian coal scuttle with spindle back 20-40
742.    An oak miniature Welsh dresser style display stand, 45cm tall 20-40
743.    A twelve drawer coin cabinet and contents of coins 150-200
744.    A Victorian pokerwork smokers cabinet 40-60
745.    A George III oak corner cupboard, height 102cm 60-80
746.    A Georgian pine corner cupboard with lozenge panel doors and bone escutcheon 60-80
747.    A large 19th century brass fender - 164cm long 20-40
748.    A brass coal scuttle 10-20
749.    An old stoneware crock and a later one 10-20
750.    A 19th century mahogany linen press with two panelled cupboard doors over drawers 400-600
751.    A pair of 19th century reeded torchere stands 100-150
752.    A Victorian mahogany bookcase of tall narrow proportions with two glazed doors over drawer and two arch panelled doors 50-70
753.    Three limited edition prints of Westminster School 40 x 24cm 20-40
754.    A Youngers Scotch Bitter reproduction pub sign 20-40
755.    A late 19th century Indian dowry chest, the plain exterior with metal mounts, the interior fitted carved compartments, frieze and glazed panels of flowers 100-150
756.    An early 20th century oak three fold screen with William Morris fabric 20-40
757.    A tall mahogany 1920's single door hallrobe with panelled door 40-60
758.    An old oil can 10-20
759.    An old metal bound barrel 20-40
760.    A wooden sledge 10-20
761.    A Heals single bedhead and end with label 30-50
762.    A box of old woodworking tools 20-40
763.    A box of old engineering tools 20-30
764.    An old tin bath and a tin tub and cover 10-20
765.    A set of wrought iron fire irons 80-100
766.    A small Edwardian astragal glazed corner cabinet 40-60
767.    A 19th century oak circular wine table on turned column and triple cabriole supports (alterations) 30-50
768.    A Victorian mahogany circular breakfast table on faceted column and platform base 100-150
769.    A Victorian mahogany work box with mother of pearl inlay and fitted interior 30-50
770.    An early 19th century rosewood and brass writing slope with fitted interior 50-70
771.    A 19th century mahogany tea caddy with ivory escutcheon and fitted interior 40-60
772.    A Victorian rosewood writing slope with mother of pearl bird and flower inlay 20-40
773.    A Victorian mahogany and marquetry box 20-40
774.    A 19th century mahogany rectangular tea caddy with lion mask and ring handles 50-70
775.    A Victorian mahogany sarcophagus tea caddy 30-50
776.    A reproduction mahogany canterbury 120-180
777.    A circular oak coffee table 10-20
778.    An Edwardian brass hanging oil lamp - chip to shade 30-50
779.    A brass coal scuttle, a cast iron poker and a toasting fork 10-20
780.    A set of Avery shop scales and weights 40-60
781.    A group of brass items 10-20
782.    A box of brassware 10-20
783.    Marcellus Laroon set of thirty six Cries of London prints - framed and glazed individually in pairs and in triple, together with book concerning Marcellus Laroon 300-500
784.    A Victorian brass and stained glass lantern light fitting 50-70
785.    A walking stick with silver mounts 20-30
786.    A mahogany walking cane with hidden spirit flask within 10-20
787.    A bottle of Taylors Reserve Port and five bottles of 1960's/70's wine 40-50
788.    A large box of vintage Meccano 10-20
789.    A quantity of old Meccano 10-30
790.    A Hornby Dublo three rail train set comprising track, locomotives, passenger coaches, wagons, two controllers plus home built station buildings 60-80
791.    An Escalado game complete and boxed 20-40
792.    A Victoriay jigsaw puzzle of the Queen Elizabeth and a Valentines puzzle of shipping and bridge scene 10-20
793.    Two GWR wooden railway puzzles - Stratford upon Avon and a zigzag puzzle 10-20
794.    A quantity of assorted Meccano 10-20
795.    A Victory puzzle Southampton Docks, series TP6 20-30
796.    A Triang dolls house/shop circa 1930's/40's 20-40
797.    A Victorian picture block set of GWR train 20-40
798.    A shoulder head doll, wooden doll, bisque doll (no arms), celluloid doll and a pin cushion doll 10-20
799.    A rugby ball signed by Wigan Warriors 20-40
800.    A rugby ball signed by Francois Pienaar 20-40
801.    A rugby ball signed by Rory Underwood 20-40
802.    A brass standard lamp on triple feet and shade 20-40
803.    A metal washstand holder and enamel basin 10-20
804.    An Edwardian oval mahogany framed mirror 10-20
805.    An Edwardian mahogany inlaid oval mirror 10-20
806.    A gilt framed rectangular mirror 10-20
807.    A large oval gilt framed mirror 10-20
808.    An Edwardian school desk for two pupils side by side - oak upper with cast iron supports, needs assembly 20-40
809.    A small painted wall cabinet 20-40
810.    A group of various clocks including a small mantel clock, a Pidgeon clock and a pocket watch 25-35
811.    A box of 1960's single and LP records including: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, Dave Clarke 5, The Animals, Joan Baez etc 20-40
812.    A plaster figure of a boy 10-20
813.    A Victorian three fold modesty screen with oil on canvas painted decoration of birds and flowers 30-50
814.    A collection of twelve pewter items 20-30
815.    A Lucas and Son silver King car lamp, two blow torches and a Columbia food mincer No 120 20-30
816.    A Victorian copper kettle on stand and another kettle 20-40
817.    A brass crumb scoop and a wooden wall bracket 10-20
818.    Two metal work figure candlesticks 10-20
819.    Two brass oil lamps and shades 10-20
820.    A pair of cut glass light fittings 30-50
821.    A group of brass ware including candlesticks 10-20
822.    A metal hat box and a mother of pearl and brass casket 10-20
823.    A box of collectables 10-20
824.    A Victorian mahogany slope front clerks desk 50-70
825.    An Edwardian Royal typewriter 10-20
826.    A Victorian oak dropleaf supper table on turned supports 40-60
827.    A circular barometer 10-20
828.    An old Fry's chocolate shop display stand and contents of old packaging items 40-60
829.    An Edwardian mahogany display wall shelf with mirrored cabinet and fretwork decoration 50-70
830.    A Frister Rossman sewing machine 10-20
831.    An Edwardian mahogany bedside cabinet with drawer (cut down) 10-20
832.    An early red anglepoise lamp 20-30
833.    An Edwardian metal and wood invalid table 10-30
834.    An old metal frame office chair 20-40
835.    Three wicker baskets 10-20
836.    An oak 1920's rectangular occasional table 10-20
837.    Two albums of 'Hutch' 78 RPM records 20-40
838.    A square wooden plant holder 20-40
839.    A pine bedside cabinet with single door 10-20
840.    A pine bedside cabinet with door 10-20
841.    A painted kidney shaped dressing table with mirror and stool 20-40
842.    A stained glass panel 10-20
843.    A stained glass panel of a dog 10-20
844.    An Edwardian wicker and bamboo chair 20-40
845.    A modern two train weight driven wall clock complete with pendulum weights and key in glazed wooden case 100-150
846.    An Eastern embroidered panel, 38x 27cm - framed and glazed 10-20
847.    Frank Rawlings Offer - pair of oils cottage scenes - 25 x 28cm - signed, framed and glazed 150-200
848.    E. W. Kershaw - watercolour 'Old House at Liema, Lake Lecco' 28cm x 44cm 30-50
849.    E.W. Kershaw - watercolour lakeside shrine Lake Como, 44 x 29cm 30-50
850.    E. W. Kershaw - watercolour Old Houses, Italy 40cm x 29cm 30-50
851.    E. W. Kershaw - watercolour The Old House Nobiallo Tajo Di Como, 29cm x 39cm 30-50
852.    E. W. Kershaw - watercolour canal scene 22 x 13cm 20-30
853.    E. W. Kershaw - watercolour Old Italian street scene with steps, 42cm x 28cm 20-30
854.    Frederick G Green (1850-1927) - watercolour Old House in Berne 20-40
855.    An early 20th century watercolour farmhand and horses - monogrammed 100-150
856.    A Danish watercolour Knud Muhlhausen and a print of a mountain signed in pencil 10-20
857.    A large framed set of agricultural pictures 10-20
858.    Vance Paynes - watercolour Slack Water Portleven - 32.5 x 43.5 cm - signed 80-100
859.    Leonard Stanley - watercolour Church Street in Ledbury 31 x 41cm 20-40
860.    Leonard Stanley - a watercolour of Lavenham 30 x 43 cm and another of Whitby 30 x 42 20-40
861.    An etching of Dutch style landscape - monogrammed JJ 30-50
862.    Ray Allen - two etchings Liverpool Cathedral and Pier Head - framed and glazed - 14 x 20cm 20-30
863.    An 18th century Blome map of Devon, 26 x 31cm and an antique map of Hampshire, 30 x 32cm 60-80
864.    Morton Matthews - etching City Cross Winchester and another etching by Frank Brangwyn 30-50
865.    Alexander Charles Jones watercolour race horse in a paddock - 18 x 13.5cm 100-150
866.    A. Blome - map print of the County of Leicester 25cm x 35cm 20-40
867.    A colour print of rural scene by Sturgeon - signed in pencil - 43 x 62cm 30-50
868.    J Poole - oil on canvas woodland with figure - 24 x 49cm 60-80
869.    A large tinted photograph gateway and fountain - framed and glazed 10-30
870.    Two prints marine scenes and a paddle steamer - framed and glazed 10-20
871.    A pair of Margaret Tarrant prints - framed a/f 10-20
872.    David Bexley - watercolour Spanish Castle 40 x 27cm 30-50
872A.   David Gentleman - coloured print of a windmill, 30 x 43cm` 20-30
873.    Candido Teles - oil on board 'Moleceilos' sailing boats - 51 x 76cm 250-350
874.    An oil on canvas landscape with cows 20-30
875.    Valerie Hale - watercolour vase of roses 53 x 50cm 30-50
876.    A limited edition landscape print with sheep - signed, framed and glazed 10-20
877.    Brian Barlow - pencil drawing cottages at Barrow Bridge Bolton - illustrated in Lancashire magazine 20-40
878.    H J Topman - oil on canvas portrait of a bearded man with gold chain and robe - 58 x 48cm - from the film Dorian Gray 80-100
879.    An engraving after Turner by W R Smith 30-50
880.    Frank Paton - etching of three dogs - 14 x 18cm signed in pencil 40-60
881.    A pair of Japanese bird and flowers prints in lacquer frames 18cm x 5cm 10-20
882.    An oileograph portrait of a lady 10-20
883.    A pair of prints on silk of birds - 23 x 17cm 10-20
884.    Dick Van Heerde - limited edition print Cheetahs 'The Sentinels' - framed and glazed - 50 x 78cm 30-40
885.    A gouache of anemones, framed and glazed 10-20
886.    A Stevengraph 'Crystal Palace' framed and glazed 40-60
886A.   Moira Mcnroy acrylic Galloway View, three various etchings and a Venetian watercolour 20-40
887.    An engraving Boats on the coast of Malabar, for Millars System of Geography 29 x 18cm and an Eastern European watercolour of a woman, on bark 20-30
888.    A Cecil Aldin print 'The Angel Inn and a print of Lower Slaughter 10-20
889.    A John Ogilby double sided road map of London/Bristol, London/Buckingham 20-30
890.    J F Leyland- three watercolour scenes around Worsley and one other - framed and glazed 10-20
891.    An Edwardian watercolour Mill Stream - unframed - 35 x 52cm 20-30
892.    A shield form gilt mirror, 63cm tall 20-40
893.    A engraving after Henry Thomson 'Eurydice' by W Ward - framed and glazed - 51 x 61cm 100-150
894.    G Trevor - watercolour rocky coastal landscape, 18 x 26cm 15-25
895.    A watercolour middle eastern scene with shepherd and sheep - monogrammed WGW 1915 20-30
896.    A David Hockney lithograph circa 1990's 'Two apples, one lemon and four flowers' - 33 x 50cm 70-90
897.    An Epiphone Texan Acoustic guitar Model FT 79, serial No 190023, 1964 2800-3500
898.    A Victorian cream lace wrap and lace shawl 30-50
899.    A Victorian beaded floral evening purse with gilt metal clasp 40-60
900.    Twenty late Georgian and early Victorian lace bobbins, some named 60-80
901.    A bag of vintage and earlier evening gloves and two silk belts 20-30
902.    A gents silk scarf, a cream silk fringed shawl and a black silk scarf 30-50
903.    A group of antique lace 40-60
904.    A silk velvet evening cape and piece of green and yellow organza 10-30
905.    A pair of Victorian floral beadwork face screens with gilt metal and bone mounts 50-70
906.    A Chinese ivory carved fan - no paper, and a Chinese painted and lacquer fan - a/f 30-50
907.    A painted fan with dance numbers to spines and pencil to mark them with, the painted scene signed Steiner 30-50
908.    An 18th century bone and paper fan, painted shield 'Ne Vile Velis' with en grisaille armorial to verso 50-70
909.    A Duvelleroy mother of pearl and silk fan with sequin decoration 30-50
909A.   An early 19th century fan painted birds and flowers - in original box, by J Duvelleroy of Paris and London
910.    Two pairs of Native American beadwork moccasins - c1910 50-70
911.    A Native American beadwork bag with kid leather tassels, two ribbons and circular piece 80-120
912.    Fourteen assorted scarves 20-30
913.    Ten silk scarves including Liberty and Jean D'Orly Paris 30-40
914.    A snakeskin bag, 41cm long` 20-30
915.    Two fur hats 20-30
916.    Three fur stoles 20-40
917.    A box of table linen 10-20
918.    Two Edwardian parasols a/f 10-20
919.    A Saunders bowler hat and a straw hat 20-30
920.    A tortoiseshell dressing table set 50-70
921.    A Victorian net and lace christening robe 50-60
922.    A copper warming pan 10-20
923.    A set of six oak Arts and Crafts Edwardian dining chairs with pierced hearts motifs to slatted backs 200-400
924.    A pair of cane seated bedroom chairs 10-20
925.    Spare lot 10-20
926.    A Georgian mahogany vase back chair with rush seat 20-40
927.    A Victorian ebonised spindle back chair 10-30
928.    An Edwardian chair with slat and caned back 20-40
929.    A 19th century ornately carved continental hall chair decorated griffins and foliage 120-150
930.    A set of four Victorian salon chairs with carved backs 40-60
931.    A Victorian stained oak hall chair with carved foliage to back and solid seat 30-50
932.    A pair of Art Deco armchairs 30-50
933.    A pair of Edwardian reclining armchairs on turned supports 30-50
934.    A set of six Victorian balloon back dining chairs on turned supports 100-150
935.    An oak and 'leather' topped footstool/box 10-20
936.    An Edwardian mahogany two door display cabinet of shallow proportions 50-70
937.    A group of four assorted 19th century Indian Moghul style watercolours of figures - the largest 26 x 17cm 80-120
938.    A group of four colour engravings Indian soldiers and Rajah - framed and glazed, 12 x 7.5cm 50-70
939.    A large turned wood wool winder 50-70
940.    Five Noddy illustrations by Beek - mounted 20-40
941.    An oak Victorian open bookcase with carved lion masks and swags of fruit 40-60
942.    A treadle Singer sewing machine with accessories etc 40-60
943.    A Victorian mahogany jardiniere stand on spiral turned support 50-70
944.    A Victorian rosewood pole screen and stand 40-60
945.    An Edwardian oval rosewood inlaid occasional table with undertier 20-40
946.    A Chinese red fabric pagoda style table lamp 10-20
947.    A mahogany reproduction wine table 10-20
948.    A reproduction wine table 10-20
949.    A rug with geometric pattern on a cream ground, 190cm x 130cm 30-50
950.    A large late Victorian mahogany dining table on cabriole supports with two interleaves, 95" x 51" approx. 300-500
951.    A bronze polo player, signed indistinctly, on marble base, 50 x 60cm 300-500
952.    A Victorian walnut corner whatnot with brass gallery and spiral supports 80-100
953.    A Victorian cylindrical walnut marble topped bedside cabinet 150-200
954.    A white fine composition figure of The Stepping Stones after Edward W Wyon 40-60
955.    A Victorian mahogany work table with two drawers and drop flaps all on slender supports 80-100
956.    A late 17th century oak and elm primitive childs coffer on shaped stile supports - 27" wide x 14" deep x 21" high 150-200
957.    A Charles II Carolean oak chest of two short and two long drawers on bun feet with geometric panelled decoration 300-500
958.    A set of Tubular bells by Newman of Sydenham 150-200
959.    An Egyptian brass gong 10-20
960.    A Victorian chaise longue with spindle back and carved decoration 80-120
961.    A 19th century brass pierced fender - 46" wide 30-50
962.    An early 20th century German violin with two piece back and double inlay purfling - bears label "Maggini Deutsche Arbeit" 60-80
963.    A Boosey and Hawkes violin with bow in case 20-40
964.    An Edwardian crossbanded piano stool with rise top 20-40
965.    An oak monks bench with linenfold decoration 40-60
966.    A Victorian mahogany deed box with brass mounts and two locks 60-80
967.    A copper warming pan 10-20
968.    A Victorian childs chair 10-20
969.    An early 19th century stick back yew and elm Windsor chair with crinoline stretcher 300-500
970.    A brass finish eight branch light fitting 20-40
971.    A French oval occasional table with still life marquetry to top 150-200
972.    A large bronze centrepiece two cherubs holding floral clad vase, on marble base 48 x 41cm 120-180
973.    An early 20th century mahogany dropleaf dining table on cabriole supports 60-80
974.    A Moroccan circular inlaid table 30-50
975.    A Kayan style rug, 205cm x 71cm 20-30
976.    A Victorian painted metal and brass coal scuttle and shovel with Roman soldier plaque 20-30
977.    An Edwardian adjustable chair base with later stool top 10-20
978.    A 19th century pierced brass fender - 52" wide 20-40
979.    A large cast iron trivet 10-20
980.    A 19th century large mahogany Sutherland table on turned supports 80-100
981.    A Victorian mahogany toiletry mirror 35-45
982.    A Victorian mahogany oval swing mirror 30-50
983.    A Victorian Pembroke table with end drawer and turned supports 50-60
984.    A Victorian dropleaf dining table on turned supports 80-100
985.    An early 20th century carved mahogany torchere stand 20-40
986.    A Victorian stained oak carved side table with turned supports 100-150
987.    A Chinese rug on a cream ground, 141cm x 68cm 20-30
988.    An Edwardian mahogany bedside cabinet 20-40
989.    A 19th century mahogany Gillows fold tea table on turned column and quadruple base 400-600
990.    A butterfly wing tray with marquetry and mahogany frame 40-60
991.    A red Turkoman style rug decorated two rows of guls - 1.5m x 97cm 30-50
992.    An Edwardian tailor's dummy 40-60
993.    Nancy Crosby pair of watercolour outback landscapes 13 x 13cm 70-90
994.    A Victorian pine scullery cupboard with two panelled doors enclosing shelves 80-120
995.    A late Victorian mahogany acetylene gas magic lantern 60-80
996.    A large gilt overmantel mirror with scroll surmount 50-70
997.    A floral framed mirror 10-20
998.    A gilt rectangular overmantel mirror 30-50
999.    Vincent Selby - oil 'The Farmyard' 19 x 24cm 30-50
1000.   Vincent Selby - oil canal and town scene 19 x 24cm 30-50
1001.   James Calvert Smith - chalk and pencil sketch of a nude - framed and glazed - 24 x 15cm 20-30
1002.   Two brass oil lamps and shades, one shade a/f 20-40
1003.   Two brass oil lamps, one with green shade, the other with white shade 20-30
1004.   A Victorian brass oil lamp with etched glass shade 30-50
1005.   An Edwardian pine washstand with tile back and marble top over two frieze drawers 60-80
1006.   A taxidermy hawk and prey, cased 30-50
1007.   A brass coal scuttle 20-30
1008.   A modern good quality four door glazed display cabinet with inlaid arched cornice and ebonised pilasters all over` four inlaid doors to base 150-200
1009.   An Edwardian mahogany bureau/bookcase with pair of astragal glazed doors over slope front and three drawers 150-200
1010.   A lithograph by Newman and Watling of view at Newport Oak Hill showing steam train in the distance 20-40
1011.   A carved oak mirror in 17th century style 30-50
1012.   A 19th century continental ebonised and heavily carved cabinet with shelf raised on turned supports over single cupboard door carved 17th century bust of a man, 63 " high x 25.5" wide x 12" deep 300-500
1013.   An Edwardian mahogany single door display cabinet on square tapered supports 60-100
1014.   A Victorian mahogany dressing table mirror 30-50
1015.   A watercolour Scottish Loch, monogrammed G.Mc.N., 28 x 59cm 30-50
1016.   John Williams Edge - watercolour "A Lone Rowing Boat Returning to Port" 21 x 28cm, signed 20-40
1017.   An oak barometer 10-20
1018.   William Stewart - watercolour Venetian coastal scene with sailing boats and St Marks, signed, framed and glazed, 23 x 37cm 100-150
1019.   Walter Bromley - watercolour children picking spring flowers, signed framed and glazed - 38 x 32cm 100-150
1020.   An ivory Chinese fisherman, opium pipe and sailing junk - 23cm long 50-70
1021.   An early 20th century ivory group sow and piglets - 9cm diameter 50-70
1022.   An ivory notepad 20-40
1023.   A porcelain oval Berlin style small plaque painted portrait of a girl, 8.5cm high 50-70
1024.   A group of coins including Mitcheldean George Hotel token 10-20
1025.   A silver dollar brooch and various halfcrowns etc 15-25
1026.    A group of coins to include 1806 penny 10-20
1027.   Two silver 2002 commemorative Golden Jubilee coins 20-40
1028.   Two silver Piedfort fifty pence coins 1992 and 1993 boxed 50-80
1029.   Two coin folders shillings and threepences 10-20
1030.   A small group of bank notes to include English, Dutch, French, Belgium and German 20-30
1031.   A group of assorted British coinage including half crowns, pennies plus some foreign coinage 10-20
1032.   A quantity of commemorative coins, decimal coin sets etc 10-20
1033.   A tray of English pre-decimal and decimal coinage including halfpennies, sixpences, two shillings, halfcrowns, 50 pences, 2, 1/2p's etc - Condition: Fine and a box of penny collecting set - not complete - Victoria through to Eliz II - Condition: Fair to Fine 10-30
1034.   A tray of world coinage 20th and 21st century - countries include France, Holland, Spain, Portugal, USA etc - approx 1.2 kilos - Condition Fine - VF 10-20
1035.   A wad of world bank notes - countries include China, Holland, India, Peru, Portugal, Tunisia and Indonesia vintage - approx 25 - Condition Fair - Fine 20-40
1036.   A 1971 Canada British Columbia Dollar and a George III half guinea (seventh head) 1809 approx gold content 4 grams - has been mounted 80-100