Online Only Sale of Antiques & Collectables on
Friday 15th May 2020 at 10am

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1.      A large Chinese yellow porcelain charger painted scattered symbols - 40cm diameter 20-30
2.      A large Majolica jardiniere decorated leaves in green and brown - 21cm tall 10-20
3.      A Chinese mid 20th century blue and white ginger jar and lid decorated foliage and geometrical motifs, 25cm 30-50
4.      A Victorian Blue and White toiletry bowl and jug in the 'Sicilian' pattern. 20-30
5.      A pair of Japanese late Satsuma vase - 32cm, one a/f 20-30
6.      A 19th century turquoise and gilt coffee set comprising five small cups and five larger cups, twelve saucers, cake plate and sugar 10-30
7.      A collection of seven Chinese and Japanese cups and saucers and tea bowls 30-50
8.      A Royal Doulton stoneware pot with silver rim and two Silicon Ware jugs 10-30
9.      A small Glynn Colledge Denby dish decorated leaves, Victorian Staffordshire cottage and a small Doulton jug 20-30
10.     A group of teaware including Chamberlain Worcester gilt and white tea bowl, Meissen saucer etc 20-30
11.     Two 19th century Delft blue and white tiles and a pair of manganese tiles, painted fruit 10-20
12.     Two pottery pug dogs and a Staffordshire terrier 10-20
13.     A collection of twelve various decorative cups and saucers including Royal Worcester, Blind Earl, Cauldron, Foley etc 40-60
14.     A 1930's Royal Albert Crown China coffee set painted floral pattern consisting of coffee pot, six cups and saucers, sugar bowl and milk jug. 20-30
15.     A collection of thirteen decorative continental cups and saucers including Limoges, Hollohazen etc 20-40
16.     A pair of large Victorian Staffordshire dogs with glass eyes - 32cm 30-50
17.     A white classical style jardiniere decorated lion masks 10-20
18.     Two Japanese late Satsuma vase - 32 x 26cm 20-30
19.     A group of Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge teaware comprising: four mugs, teapot, two boxed plates and a cake plate 50-70
20.     A Royal Worcester 'June Garland' coffee set comprising: seven cups and saucers, five tea plates, milk, sugar, coffee and hot water jug 20-30
21.     A Ridgway's 'Jolly Jinks' nursery trio 10-20
22.     A small group of Crested china including Black Watch 10-20
23.     A Clarice Cliff 'Magnolia' plate and a Minton orange form marmalade pot 10-20
24.     A vintage bisque porcelain pig - 20cm long - possibly a butchers shop window model 10-20
25.     A Beswick Ch. of Brittas Alsatian and a Labrador 10-20
26.     A Chinese vase and cover decorated figure scenes - 14cm tall 10-20
27.     Six collectable mugs including moon landing, decimal currency, Hornsea Charles and Diana etc 10-20
28.     A bisque chicken in a basket egg holder (beak a/f), four Shorter & Sons fish plates and a green leaf salad plate 10-20
29.     A pair of Royal Doulton blue stoneware two handled jugs together with a similar Doulton single handled jug decanter c.1920's 20-30
30.     A group of porcelain boxes including Limoges and Copenhagen etc, and a scent bottle a/f 40-60
31.     A Japanese Kutani vase, a Studio pottery vase by Simon Thorburn, and a raku pot 10-20
32.     Six Edwardian Royal Albert coffee cups and saucers 10-20
33.     A retro glass and chrome cocktail shaker and four glass French coasters plus an American novelty cruet in form of a racing car 'Indiana' 10-20
34.     Five Chinese tea bowls and saucers decorated in iron red, and a Chinese Satsuma teapot and two cups - knob a/f 10-20
35.     A mid 19th century 'Sunderland' lustre pottery tea service consisting teapot, milk jug, sucrier, two bowls, two side plates and six cups and saucers 40-60
36.     A quantity of Wade Whimsies, and a bridge form trough 10-20
37.     Two Royal Copenhagen Figurines - A pair of lambs and a pair of finches. 50-80
38.     A large quantity of crested china - approx 70 items 20-40
39.     A Samson of Paris amorial plate with pseudo Chinese marks 15-25
40.     Two Japanese Imari plates 10-30
41.     A large slipware oven dish - 40cm wide 10-20
42.     An Abbey blue and white meat plate 10-20
43.     A pair of Victorian Mason's Ironstone plates 'Swansea' 10-30
44.     An antique stoneware flagon - 30cm 10-30
45.     A Chinese Canton plate painted figures and a Chinese blue and white plate painted hunting scene with six character mark to back, 26cm diameter 30-50
46.     A large pearlware platter painted flowers and a smaller pearlware ribbon plate 20-40
47.     An early 20th century Japanese Satsuma Vase - 41cm 20-30
48.     A Victorian ironstone toiletry jug and bowl 'Indian' pattern by Livesley Powell & Co 10-30
49.     A pair of Staffordshire style dogs - 29cm tall. 10-20
50.     Two Beswick sporting characters 'Fly Fishing' and 'Last Lion of Defence', and a limited edition Top Cat figure 'Spook' 20-40
51.     A pair of Nao porcelain swan figurines - 20cm tall 20-30
52.     A composite figure of a Welsh Guard 10-20
53.     A Lladro figure boy with yacht 20-30
54.     A Lladro figure of a girl and birds 20-30
55.     Two Spode blue and white jugs and a Copeland slop bowl 10-20
56.     A Burleigh Ware Art Deco vase decorated with flying geese, together with two Wade Heath jugs and a Shelley orange and green vase decorated with grapes - largest 19.5cm tall. 20-30
57.     An Adams brown stoneware jug with applied vine decoration, a Dartmouth fish jug and a blue Studio pottery jug 10-20
58.     A porcelain Chinese flask decorated landscapes and peonies - 15cm 10-30
59.     Two Chinese blue and white plates in 18th century style 22cm diameter, and various teaware 20-30
60.     An 18th century Chinese blue and white plate painted landscape, three cups and a spoon 40-60
61.     A miniature pottery elephant stand - 23cm tall 10-20
62.     A Doulton Stoneware jug and a small Barge ware teapot 20-30
63.     A "Hygienic" glass babies bottle 10-20
64.     A group of antique drinking glasses including three pairs of wine glasses and five champagne glasses etc 20-40
65.     Five Wedgwood 'Clarice Cliff Bizarre' design plates 20-40
66.     A Carlton Ware Art Deco drip glaze candlestick together with a taller H & K Tunstall candlestick and two stepped candlesticks c1930's, tallest 22.5cm. 20-30
67.     A Queen Victoria porcelain trio for 1887 with painted coat of arms and a Japanese Imari bowl 10-20
68.     Three 19th century Staffordshire pottery mugs - one in Imari palette, one with chinoiserie scene and the other blue and white (a/f) 20-30
69.     Three French faience plates painted hot air balloons - 23cm 20-30
70.     A Doulton Bunnykins baby bowl and mug, a Wedgwood baby bowl and mug, and a Shelley baby bowl 15-25
71.     Spare lot 0-10
72.     Six blue and gilt glass coffee cups
73.     A Portmeirion vase and a harvest blue bowl. 10-20
74.     A Portmerion plaque 'Where did you get that hat' 10-20
75.     Two Quimper plated printed women - 23cm, and four Delft tankards 20-30
76.     A set of eight Stella Artois glasses 10-20
77.     A Coalport floral painted dish, a KPM double entree dish painted flowers, a group of Limoges and a French candlestick plus other teaware including Worcester 30-50
78.     A White Star Line glass paperweight with printed flag motif, chipped to base, 9.5cm tall 10-30
79.     A Crown Ducal vase printed garden scene and a pair of Kensington Ware large jugs printed flowers 20-40
80.     A Nao group romantic couple with grapes and two other Lladro style figures 20-30
81.     A Royal Doulton figure of Sir Winston Churchill 40-60
82.     A lead glass spirit decanter 10-20
83.     A 19th century Volkstedt centrepiece with the three muses to stem - 31cm tall 50-70
84.     A large Royal Crown Derby porcelain George V Coronation Loving Cup - blue and white decoration with gilt highlights - 14cm tall 30-50
85.     A Delft vase and cover a/f - 33cm tall. 10-20
86.     A pair of Chinese Republic period porcelain 'rouge de fer' vases decorated with a scholar and boy in billowing robes and crane to the rear. Base with artemisia leaf mark. 18.5cm tall. 40-60
87.     A large size Whitbread tankard - 20cm tall 10-20
88.     A large Majolica jug decorated dancing figures 30-50
89.     A Limoges Dubarry porcelain egg in its original box 10-20
90.     A pair of Wilkinson 'Rozanne' vases painted roses and signed Machin 25-45
91.     Two Victorian Staffordshire castles 20-40
92.     A large Studio glass mottled bowl - 30cm 20-30
93.     A large 19th century glass goblet engraved vines 10-20
94.     A Murano blue art glass bowl - 27.5cm. 10-20
95.     Five orange glass bowls with pewter mounts and an orange studio glass bowl and cover 10-30
96.     A group of six various Victorian green wine glasses 20-30
97.     A tall purple Art glass vase - 22cm - and a yellow and brown one - 14cm 20-40
98.     A 19th century Royal Worcester or Royal Worcester style plaque painted fruit and signed by G H Cole - the reverse of the plaque not marked Worcester - 15 x 18cm 80-120
99.     A painted porcelain plaque - portrait of a woman by G Delaney (Ex Royal Worcester artist) 40-60
100.    A squat Moorcroft vase in the Florian Daisy pattern - 10.25 cm tall. 70-100
100A.   A Moorcroft small lidded oval box in the Hibiscus pattern. A/F. 50-80
100B.   A Moorcroft squat vase in a floral design - 8cm 50-80
100C.   A Moorcroft small trinket box together with an ashtray. 50-70
101.    A Royal Brierley red Loetz style glass bowl - 20cm diameter 20-30
102.    A Royal Doulton cut glass vase engraved flowers and a mushroom form paperweight 10-20
103.    A garniture of three 19th century continental glass vases painted roses on gilt panels, with gilt metal mounts - 28cm 30-50
104.    A Medina seahorse paperweight and another Medina paperweight 15-25
105.    A 19th century cranberry glass bowl with frilled edge 10-20
106.    A Bohemian pink flashed decanter with stopper - a/f 20-30
107.    A Whitefriars bark textured glass bowl in pewter grey 20-30
108.    A Deeley Stourbridge glass bottle with trellis design and registration mark to base 100-150
109.    A Murano style glass bowl and similar vase plus a green flared glass vase 10-30
110.    A 19th century ruby cut glass scent bottle with gilt metal lid - 7.2cm 20-40
111.    A 19th century Bohemian ruby cased glass scent bottle with gilt metal top - the glass engraved deer and stag in forest glade - 9.6cm 50-70
112.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari paperweight Squirrel 20-30
113.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari paperweight Puffin 20-30
114.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari cat 20-40
115.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari cat 20-40
116.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari paperweight Chipmunk 20-30
117.    A Royal Crown Derby porcelain paperweight in the form of a cockerel - with box 20-30
118.    A Meiji period Japanese Satsuma vase showing Geishas in a garden - 16cm tall 20-30
119.    A Royal Worcester lily form posy vase, a Locke and Co preserve pot and a Worcester coffee cup and saucer retailed by Richard Briggs Boston 20-40
120.    A Lowestoft porcelain teapot painted flowers - a/f 10-20
121.    An 18th century New Hall saucer painted roses with rare New Hall mark, plus a later New Hall tea bowl and saucer 50-80
122.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari plate 1128 30-50
123.    A pair of Royal Worcester leaf form dishes painted sprays of flowers, shape no. 362, 23 x 24cm, date code 1893 80-120
124.    A Victorian Wedgwood green banded and studded pottery stilton dish and stand 60-80
125.    A Victorian Staffordshire stilton dish and stand decorated birds and flowers, 'Groves Park' pattern 60-80
126.    A 19th century dessert comport painted purple pears within gilt border all on dolphin triple base 20-30
127.    A cut glass spirit decanter and a carafe with glass 20-30
128.    A 1950's lemonade set comprising jug and six tumblers printed sailing yachts 30-50
129.    Four various glass decanters 20-40
130.    Seven various glass paperweights and a slag glass beaker 10-20
131.    A collection of ten items of Dartington Glass 20-40
132.    A set of seven large wine goblets 20-40
133.    A suite of glassware with etched decoration comprising six tumblers, nine large wine glasses and seven small wine glasses 40-60
134.    A set of blue sherry glasses 10-30
135.    A set of six Babycham glasses 10-30
136.    Two cut glass jugs and a pair of vinaigrette bottles 10-20
137.    A small Victorian cranberry etched glass shade, a cranberry dish, a dump weight and a red paperweight 20-40
138.    Four cut glass wine glasses and five brandy glasses 10-20
139.    A set of four Brierley cut glass tumblers, four small tumblers and four sherry glasses 10-20
140.    A Stuart cut glass jug, a cut glass vase, rose bowl, napkin holder and a Murano glass gilt and red vase 20-40
141.    A group of antique glassware comprising celery vase, jug and two dishes 10-20
142.    A nine tile painted panel illustrated map of Australia by Martin Boyd, 46cm square 300-400
143.    A pair of Royal Doulton 'Abacus Marcus' cocktail glasses - boxed 20-40
144.    A Waterford cut glass apprentice bowl - boxed, and a Nocturne paperweight - boxed 30-40
145.    A moulded glass comport, large glass candelabra and cake plate 10-20
146.    A German pottery jardiniere on 800 standard silver scrollwork base - 25cm 25-35
147.    A watercolour on porcelain panel of Bothwell Castle by J Birkbeck (ex Royal Worcester artist) - 17 x 24cm 50-70
148.    A 1920's jewelers shop easel display ring stand with silver plated frame - 27 x 30cm 30-40
149.    A French silver plated grape basket decorated vine leaves - 17 cm diameter 15-25
150.    A Dunhill silver plated table lighter 6.5 x 8cm 100-150
151.    A silver plated Western Australia novelty cigar cutter in the form of a kookaburra, with integral ashtray and matchbox holder, retailed by Dunklings of Perth, 9cm tall 20-40
152.    A silver plated hot water jug and a pair of silver plated cruets 10-20
153.    A set of six Mappin and Webb Princes Plate peacock form menu holders 50-70
154.    A silver plated water jug, silver plated cake fork, preserve spoon and cake knife 10-30
155.    A silver dessert spoon and a silver plated ladle 10-20
156.    A box of various silver and silver plated items 10-30
157.    A silver plated Strawberry leaf dish, two birds and pair of opera glasses 10-20
158.    A group of seven Marie Theresa thalers (re-strikes) mounted on white metal chain 20-40
159.    A Viners vintage Studio Ware stainless steel cutlery set comprising: twelve tea knives, twelve party forks, twelve fruit spoons, six dessert knives, six dessert forks, six coffee spoons, four table spoons, two cake slices, sugar tongs, salad servers, twelve dinner knives, twelve dinner forks, two tablespoons, six dessert spoons, six soup spoons, six teaspoons, six fish knives, six fish forks 50-70
160.    A box of silver plated items 20-40
161.    A large two handled oval silver plated tray with engraved ferns - 70cm long 20-40
162.    A group of Georgian horn handled steel cutlery and a pewter and leather spirit flask 20-30
163.    Various silver plated items including entree dish, teaspoons and jug 20-40
164.    A Loys of Paris Art Deco silvered and copper tray decorated angel fish, dated 1920 100-150
165.    A group of five antique pewter coffee pots and jugs plus a collection of various pewter and silver plated tankards 20-40
166.    A pair of silver candlesticks mounted on turned wood bases, London 1903, 12.5cm 30-50
167.    An etched glass powder bowl with silver and enamel lid 10-20
168.    A Sampson Mordan cut glass and silver topped inkwell - hallmarked Chester 1898 - 9.8cm wide 40-60
169.    A group of five silver and enamel ROAB medals and two others 30-50
170.    A four piece set of silver brushes 20-40
171.    A set of six silver tea knives - Sheffield 1921, and a set of silver plated cake forks - cased 20-30
172.    A silver and tortoiseshell three piece dressing table set by William Comyns, London 1909 30-50
173.    A silver and enamel three piece brush and mirror set Birmingham 1935 30-50
174.    A set of six teaspoons with pierced terminals, Birmingham 1925 25-35
175.    A silver fruit cutlery set with twelve knives and forks and ivory handles, Sheffield 1936, in mahogany case 100-150
176.    A silver fish cutlery set with twelve place settings and ivory handles, Sheffield 1921, cased 150-200
177.    A silver handled dessert cutlery set of six fruit knives and forks - cased - Sheffield 1906 30-50
178.    A silver teapot, Sheffield 1909 - 514g 100-150
179.    A Victorian silver tankard by A B Savory and Sons, London 1861 - 203g 50-70
180.    An Edwardian silver embossed dish by Walker & Hall Sheffield 360g, Sheffield 1902, 23cm 80-120
181.    A silver and Art Deco tankard with ivory inset handle - Birmingham 1936 - by GM + S - 335g 100-150
182.    A silver and tortoiseshell photograph frame with floral inlay - Birmingham 1919 - 17.5 x 12.5cm 100-150
183.    A silver and cut glass inkwell engraved presentation to Station Master at Ross, Bro W F Marvin from Valley of the Wye Lodge 1900. He then became Station Master at Gloucester Station. 155g, Birmingham 1898 80-120
184.    A silver oval pierced basket with mask and ring handles and embossed swag decoration - 458g by Barker Bros, Chester 1907 150-200
185.    A George III small silver tankard. London 1767, maker 'F.M' (listed as unidentified by Grimwade). 170 grams. 100-150
186.    A pair of silver hexagonal base candlesticks - Chester 1911 - 9cm tall 20-30
187.    A George II silver tankard. London 1740, by Francis Spilsbury, 215 grams. 150-200
188.    A Georgian silver christening spoon and a later fork (cased). 20-40
189.    Three various silver napkin rings - 46g 20-30
190.    A pair of silver napkin rings 10-20
191.    A 900 standard silver photograph frame, overall size 17 x 11.5cm 20-40
192.    A silver cigarette box with cedar lining to base, and solid silver lid, 17cm wide, Birmingham 1946 80-120
193.    A set of six silver coffee spoons, Sheffield 1945, cased 20-40
194.    A silver basting spoon 121 g 50-70
195.    A Victorian silver knife and fork with embossed scrollwork decoration, by Aaron Hadfield, Sheffield 1869, cased 30-50
196.    An Indian white metal small pedestal bowl with embossed floral decoration, 8.5cm tall, 69g 10-20
197.    Two silver photograph frames, one with embossed decoration 16 x 11cm, a white metal comb frame and a silver spoon 30-50
198.    A silver trinket dish - Birmingham 1912 10-20
199.    A pair of silver bottle coasters with frilled tops and wooden inset bases, Chester 1908 20-40
200.    A George III tablespoon London 1803 - 68g, and a silver Art Nouveau circular dish with pierced decoration - 125g, Sheffield 1906, by Wm Hutton and Sons 50-70
201.    A silver continental cow creamer with glass eyes, continental marks to belly and import marks to tail for Samuel Boyce Landeck, with 925 and thistle mark, date letter E, 14cm long, 250-350
202.    A Tiffany and Co silver compact - boxed, with bag etc 40-60
203.    A silver chatelaine notepad with integral pencil - Chester 1903 20-40
204.    A burra nut vesta with white metal mounts 50-60
205.    A silver sugar bowl on pedestal foot, 121g, marks rubbed, maker possibly Thomas Bradbury 40-60
206.    A Russian silver and enamel spoon 10-20
207.    A silver box for Bridge playing cards with hammered decoration and 'Bridge' to lid, black leather lined interior, 15cm wide, London 1908, by Sydenham Bros 150-200
208.    A 19th century Austro Hungarian silver gilt tobacco box, 11.5cm wide, 155g 30-50
209.    A silver novelty rugby themed inkstand with rugby player to centre flanked by two rugby ball formed inkwells, Sheffield 1923, by John Turton & Co. 300 g 500-700
210.    A silver vinaigrette with engraved lid and base - Birmingham 1841, by Wm Simpson, and a miniature silver thimble 50-70
211.    A small silver vinaigrette of snuff box form with bright cut convex lid - unmarked 60-80
212.    A silver vinaigrette with engraved foliage to lid - Birmingham 1831, by Taylor and Perry 80-120
213.    A silver vinaigrette engraved foliage to lid and reverse - Birmingham 1834, by Thomas Shaw 60-80
214.    A silver vinaigrette with engraved linear decoration and cartouche - Birmingham 1848, by Edward Smith 80-120
215.    A silver vinaigrette with engraved floral lid and base - Birmingham 1819 by John Bethridge 50-70
216.    A silver vinaigrette with engraved lozenge decoration - Birmingham 1826, by James Collins 50-70
217.    A silver vinaigrette with engine turned lid and base - 1828, by John Bethridge 80-120
218.    A Victorian silver mounted ivory page turner, London 1899 20-40
219.    A Victorian tortoiseshell and mother of pearl card case - a/f 10-20
220.    A collection of small silver items to include capstan inkwell, salts, a pair of squat candlesticks, pepperette etc. 80-100
221.    Spare lot 0-10
222.    A 9 carat gold ring inset four diamonds to sides - one stone deficient - 11.7g 80-120
223.    An 18 carat gold gents signet ring set hematite cameo 10.5g - size U 150-200
224.    A Georgian 14k rose gold gentleman's ring set white agate carved cameo, 14g - size Q 600-800
225.    A 9 carat gold ring set large citrine, size M 60-80
226.    An 9 carat gold garnet ring - size O 40-60
227.    A 9 carat rose gold ring set aquamarine - O 1/2 50-70
228.    A 9 carat gold ring set aquamarine - size N 30-50
229.    An 18 carat gold ruby and diamond cluster ring - size K 600-800
230.    A 9 carat gold ring set garnets and seed pearls, size O 1/2 80-120
230A.   A 9 carat gold shell cameo ring - size K. 50-80
230B.   A 14ct gold shell cameo ring - size M. 60-80
230C.   An 18ct gold five stone diamond ring - illusion set - ring size L. 60-80
230D.   A 9ct gold smoky quartz ring - stone size 1.3cm tall - ring size M. 60-80
230E.   A 9ct gold ring set with 3 amethysts and 4 small diamonds - size O. 60-80
231.    A 22 carat gold opal set ring - size S 100-150
232.    A 9 carat gold smokey quartz ring - size O 30-50
233.    An early 20th century 14 carat gold ring set oval white and brown striated agate - size T 60-80
234.    A 9 carat gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring - size V 200-300
235.    A 9 carat gold signet ring - 5.4g 60-80
236.    An 18 carat gold five stone diamond ring, size O, 2.2g 80-120
237.    A 9 carat gold ring set opal - size M 60-80
238.    A 9 carat gold ring set green and white stone - size N 40-60
239.    A 9 carat gold ring set amethyst, size L 30-50
240.    An antique paste ring set amethyst, unmarked but tests as gold, circa 1850, size O 50-70
241.    An early 19th century black enamel and gold mourning ring with urn motif, inset band, size N, unmarked but tests as gold 50-70
242.    A gold ring (unmarked) set turquoise size L 30-50
243.    A 14 carat gold ring interspersed diamonds all round - size O 80-120
244.    Four 9 carat gold wedding bands and signet rings, 8g total 60-80
245.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold cluster ring set white stones - size N 40-60
246.    A Victorian 9 carat gold buckle form ring, size S, 3.2g 80-120
247.    A 14 carat gold gents ring set smokey quartz,, 6g - size P 200-300
248.    An 18 carat gold sapphire and diamond ring - size J 50-70
249.    An 18 carat gold ring 'Love' inset diamond - size N 40-60
250.    A 22 carat gold opal set ring - size Q 1/2 - 3.7g 100-150
251.    A 9 carat gold ring set three rows of small diamonds 60-80
252.    A 9 carat gold ring set opal flanked by two sapphires - size O 80-120
253.    A 9 carat gold ring set triangular cut orange topaz on chip diamond set shoulders - size P 1/2 60-80
254.    A 9 carat gold ring set white stones - 4.2g - size L 30-50
255.    An 18 carat gold Victorian five stone ring - size P 150-200
256.    A 9 carat gold ring set seven diamonds - size N 1/2 100-150
257.    Two 9 carat gold rings set diamonds - sizes K & N 80-120
258.    An Edwardian collett set 18 carat gold and platinum three stone diamond ring 60-80
259.    An 18 carat gold diamond eternity ring, total .33 carats, size M 380-450
260.    A 9 carat gold diamond cluster ring, size J 80-120
261.    A 9 carat gold ring set red stone - size O, and a 9 carat gold ring set garnets and diamonds - size L 1/2 50-70
262.    A 9 carat white gold Art Deco style square cluster ring on twin diamond set shoulders - size L 1/2 - total 0.5 carats 200-400
263.    A gold ring set three rubies with interlaced diamond setting - size M 100-150
264.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set three stone diamond ring 120-180
265.    An Edwardian 18 carat gold ruby and diamond ring - size H 100-150
266.    A 14 carat white gold vintage style cocktail ring set three principal diamonds within pave set domed surround, size M 1/2 300-500
267.    An 18 carat gold diamond and amethyst cluster ring, size S 80-120
268.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set diamond solitaire ring - approx half carat - size M 300-500
269.    An 18 carat white gold ring set three diamonds - size M 750-850
270.    A platinum princess cut solitaire diamond ring 0.52cts, together with insurance certificate and diamond report, assessed at clarity VVS1, colour G, valued at 2800 - size M 600-800
271.    A Victorian 18 carat gold five stone diamond ring, size J, 2.8g 280-350
272.    An 18 carat white gold single stone diamond ring 4.5g 200-300
273.    An 18 carat white gold single stone diamond ring, size O 1/2, 7.6g 300-400
274.    An 18 carat gold ring set seven graduated diamonds - size M - 1.5 carats 1000-1500
275.    An 18 carat white gold ring set baguette and brilliant cut diamonds in Art Deco style - size Q 600-800
276.    An 18 carat gold large diamond cluster ring, size N 1/2 - total 1.5 cts approx. 800-1200
277.    An 18 carat gold diamond cluster ring, size L 1/2 100-150
278.    A platinum set three stone diamond ring - size M 1/2 - 1.5 carats total 1500-2000
279.    A small sized white gold ring set diamond on diamond set shoulders, unmarked, size G 40-60
280.    An 18 carat white gold ring set trapeze cut aquamarine - 2.23 carats - within diamond surround - size 0 1/2 - boxed with original insurance certificate for 4,500 600-800
281.    A pair of 18 carat gold earrings set cabochon cut sapphires and brilliant cut diamonds 300-500
282.    A pair of sapphire and diamond earrings 100-150
283.    A pair of large platinum set diamond stud earring (total 2.35 carats) 4800-5500
284.    A pair of 18 carat white gold large vintage ribbon and floral cluster diamond set earrings - for pierced ears - 2.5cm across 2000-3000
285.    A pair of large 19th century coral drop earrings with gold mounts - 5.5cm drop 600-800
286.    An Art Nouveau gold openwork brooch set opals and diamonds, cased, 4.3g, 3.4cm x 3cm 300-400
287.    A Victorian large silver and gold backed crescent brooch set nineteen graduated diamonds - 7.2g and 7.1cm long 1500-1800
288.    A Victorian silver and diamond set bow from brooch, total weight 5g, 3cm x 2cm 1000-1500
289.    An 18 carat white and yellow leaf brooch set spray of ten diamonds - 12g 500-700
290.    An 18 carat gold brooch set opal 9g - opal a/f - 4.5cm across 60-100
291.    A pair of platinum set diamond stud earrings, just under 1ct in total 800-1200
292.    A Victorian 15ct gold (tested) and amethyst brooch - 2.5 grams, 2cm wide 50-80
293.    A Victorian gold brooch, the domed turquoise centre set diamond 60-80
294.    A Victorian gold and turquoise set circular pendant, unmarked, 2.3cm diameter 40-60
295.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold and inlaid metal brooch 10-20
296.    A Victorian gold yellow metal locket 20-30
297.    An 18 carat gold continental brooch set two diamonds by H + W - 3.7g 100-150
298.    A 9 carat gold framed oval cameo brooch/pendant - 5 x 4.2cm 60-80
298A.   A shell cameo brooch in 9 carat gold frame - 4 cm high. 60-80
298B.   A shell cameo pendant/brooch in 9 carat gold frame - 3cm tall 40-60
298C.   A pair of 9ct gold shell cameo earrings. 60-80
299.    A 9 carat gold framed oval cameo brooch/pendant - 3.2 x 2.2cm 40-60
300.    A 9 carat gold seal form pendant - 5.5g 40-60
301.    A 9 carat gold swivel triple stone set pendant - unmarked 100-150
302.    A Victorian gold oval locket with engraved and beaded decoration 8.9g 80-120
303.    A 9 carat gold circular swivel fob set cornelian and green stone - 2.3cm diameter 50-70
304.    An 15 carat gold heart form pendant set diamond, 2.5g, heart 1.8 x 1.2cm 400-600
305.    Two pairs of 9 carat gold earrings 3.5g total 10-30
306.    A pair of 9 carat gold screw fitting earrings with pearl drops 30-50
307.    An 18 carat gold framed compass charm 0 8g a/f 60-80
308.    A pair of 9 carat gold and diamond drop earrings, 7.4g 200-300
309.    A pair of 18 carat white gold diamond set earrings 100-150
310.    Three pairs of gold earrings - 7 grams. 60-80
311.    A quantity of gold earrings - total weight 26g 180-250
312.    A 15 carat gold front and back oval engraved locket and a gold fob chain - 28.5g total 180-250
313.    A 9 carat white gold ruby and diamond set hinged bangle with central ruby and diamond cluster set on ruby and diamond set half band, 21.7g, (6cm internal diameter) 1300-1500
314.    A 9 carat gold bracelet set blue topaz - 1 stone set wrong set wrong way round - 11.5 grams. 100-150
315.    A 9 carat gold albert with New Zealand green stone links and heart form fob 'Kia Ora' together with Maltese cross gold shooting medal 1926 220-280
316.    A rolled gold bangle with engraved decoration inset garnets 30-50
317.    A 9 carat gold bangle, a/5 5g 40-60
318.    A gold and opal set stick pin, cased, unmarked but tested gold 50-70
319.    A set of 18 carat white gold and platinum cufflinks and studs set black onyx, cased 400-600
320.    A pair of high grade gold blue enamel and diamond set cufflinks, 9.5g 300-400
321.    A pair of 14 carat gold and citrine set cufflinks, 15g 350-450
322.    A 9 carat gold wedding ring - 4.7g, a 22 carat gold wedding ring, 1.7g and a pair of 9 carat gold cufflinks, 5.6g 80-120
323.    A diamond set pendant on silver chain 50-70
324.    A 9 carat gold charm bracelet 21g 150-200
325.    A 15 carat gold propelling pencil 50-70
326.    A heavy yellow metal seal set plain white stone 80-120
327.    A yellow metal seal set black panel 40-60
328.    A miniature gold seal (unmarked) set bloodstone 40-60
329.    A 9 carat gold seal set cornelian, circa 1900 60-80
330.    A small yellow metal seal with scrollwork decoration 30-50
331.    A QV gold sovereign 1898 mounted in gold, 10g total 220-280
332.    A 9 carat gold swivel seal set cornelian and bloodstone - Chester 1927 100-150
333.    A 9 carat gold St Christopher charm, 4g 40-60
334.    A 9 carat gold ring set square crystal - size L, and a pair of matching earrings 40-60
335.    A Victorian gold framed cameo brooch carved bust of two classical ladies, 5.5 x 4.5cm., unmarked but tested gold 40-60
336.    A large silver framed oval ivory brooch carved seated artist, 7.5 x 6cm overall size, Sheffield 1942 200-300
337.    A group of late 18th or early 19th century continental paste and white metal costume jewellery including large drop earrings and pendants, probably Iberian/Portuguese 300-400
338.    An 18 carat gold ring set grey pearl flanked by pink sapphires, size J 1/2 200-300
339.    A pair of 18 carat gold grey pearl drop earrings set diamonds - screw fitting, from Beards in Cheltenham 200-400
340.    A 9 carat gold fancy link guard chain with adjustable heart and tassel slide - 58g 500-600
341.    A grey pearl pendant necklace with diamond set swirl loop and 18 carat white gold chain, from Beards in Cheltenham 300-400
342.    An Arts and Crafts silver pendant set turquoise and freshwater pearls 5.35cm on silver chain (both unmarked) 50-70
343.    An 18 carat gold and pearl necklace with Art Nouveau style diamond set pendant 600-800
344.    A pearl necklace suspended amethyst drops 150-200
345.    An Edwardian gold necklace set turquoise boulders (unmarked) 200-300
346.    A 9 carat gold blue topaz pendant on 9 cart gold spiral link chain - 4g 40-60
347.    A 19th century jade heart pendant on 9 cart gold chain - chain 10g 120-180
348.    A 9 carat gold necklace - 14.5g 100-150
349.    A 14k gold chain - 1g 20-40
350.    A dark green Nephrite bead necklace with yellow metal fitting. - 44cm end to end. 40-60
351.    A string of orange beads, probably coral 30-50
352.    A malachite bead necklace 20-40
353.    An agate bead necklace 20-30
354.    A 14 carat gold and green enamel fob watch 150-200
355.    A Baume gold gentleman's wrist watch - boxed 100-150
356.    A Rone Incabolic 9 carat gold gentleman's vintage wrist watch 80-120
357.    A Tudor 9 carat gold vintage gentleman's wrist watch 200-400
358.    A Garrards 9 carat gold vintage gentleman's wrist watch with subsidiary dial
359.    An Omega gold plated Constellation gentleman's wrist watch, 'Automatic Chronometer' with date niche, lacking strap but with box 200-300
360.    A ladies Omega 9 carat gold watch and strap - total watch weight 22g 180-250
361.    An Everite gold ladies wrist watch with octagonal face 30-50
362.    A 9 carat gold ladies wrist watch with 9 carat gold strap, total weight of case and strap 9.5g 80-120
363.    A Tenor Dorly Limit Automatic gentleman's wrist watch c1970 - 17 jewels Incabloc - in original Limit box 100-200
364.    A 9 carat gold Rotary 'Elite' wrist watch with original leather strap - complete with box and original guarantee booklet 60-80
365.    An Omega Seamaster Automatic selfwinding gents wrist watch - 14 carat gold filled case and leather strap 100-150
366.    A gentlemans Seiko Premier Kinetic automatic wrist watch with perpetual calendar aperture and two subsidiary dials 100-150
367.    A Tissot Racint T-Touch 100m chronograph compass wristwatch T002520A, with original box 80-100
368.    A Tissot PR50 gents quartz J378/478 wrist watch in original box 60-80
369.    A Seiko Chronograph Quartz 7A38 - 7100 wrist watch in black and gold 80-100
370.    A collection of Arts & crafts enamel brooches and buckles 100-150
371.    An Asian white metal bangle decorated goddess in high relief, 71g 50-70
372.    Two silver hinged bangles with engraved decoration 30-40
373.    A silver heavy curb link chain, 63g and silver ingot. 20-30
374.    A 19th century Aesthetic style large gilt and silvered metal buckle set semi-precious stones, 20 x 6cm 80-100
375.    A Tiffany and Co silver key pendant and chain - boxed 30-50
376.    A Berlin Ironwork pendant drop and a 19th century paste oval brooch 20-40
377.    A 14 carat gold framed cameo pendant 40-60
378.    A pair of Chanel 'CC' logo earrings 100-150
379.    A pair of silver and opal earrings and two Koala bear stick pins set opals 10-30
380.    A rectangular yellow metal engraved pendant locket marked GF 30-50
381.    A box of twelve silver and white metal rings 20-40
382.    Two silver bracelets and a sixpence bracelet 10-20
383.    A 'Platinon' necklace with amethyst and pearl beads and two other pearl bar necklaces 30-50
384.    Three pairs of silver earrings, and three silver necklaces etc 20-30
385.    A box of costume jewellery including silver and gold 30-50
385A.   A collection of miscellaneous silver jewellery to include butterfly wing brooches, bangles, pendants and chains etc. - total weight 185 grams. 60-80
386.    A box of thirteen silver and white metal rings 20-40
387.    A claw form stick pin set citrine - boxed, and two other stick pins 10-20
388.    A box of silver jewellery to include two silver bangles, charm bracelet and dagger form pendant 20-40
389.    A silver cat brooch and silver stone set horse brooch 20-30
390.    A pair of silver and amber pendant earrings 10-30
391.    A small 9 carat gold cameo pendant and an opal pendant 20-40
392.    An Eastern yellow metal filigree ball pendant 10-30
393.    A box of costume jewellery including silver 20-30
394.    Four silver bracelets and various costume brooches etc including leopard brooch by A + S 40-60
395.    A box of nine silver necklaces etc 20-40
396.    A box of silver bracelets and a silver necklace - 110g 20-40
397.    A box of nine silver necklaces and one pair of earrings 20-40
398.    A small group of silver jewellery including moonstone and marcasite 10-30
399.    A silver Art Nouveau style nurses buckle in the form of scrolling flowers 60-80
400.    A heavy silver necklace and similar bracelet - 102g 40-60
401.    A heavy vintage designer silver bangle by MJS, Birmingham 1973, 83g 30-50
402.    A 'Must de Cartier' ladies wrist watch. 60-80
403.    Four various watches including Smiths pocket watch and Elgin pocket watch 20-30
404.    Two silver cased ladies wrist watches 40-60
405.    A large Benson silver wrist watch 1902 60-80
406.    A Benrus gold plated gentleman's wrist watch 20-40
407.    A gold filled pocket watch by Waltham, with screw back 40-60
408.    A Reliance screw back pocket watch 30-50
409.    An Omega 'Bi-metal' ladies wrist watch, an Eterna wrist watch and a Bulova wrist watch 40-60
410.    A Longines - Wittnauer gold plated wrist watch - boxed 50-70
411.    A Longines - Wittnauer gold plated gentleman's wrist watch - boxed 50-70
412.    A box of watch keys etc 20-40
413.    A small box of wristwatch spares including dials, movements and hands etc 20-30
414.    A box of various gentlemens and ladies watches including Sekonda, Bulova, Seiko etc 20-30
414A.   A Kenneth Cole of New York wristwatch. 40-60
415.    A Raymond Weil gold plated gentleman's wrist watch 40-60
416.    A Sarcar vintage stainless steel cased gentleman's wrist watch, and a Seiko 9 carat gold quartz watch 80-120
417.    An Omega gold plated ladies watch, together with a Fonet ladies watch and a Fauvre Leuba watch 20-30
418.    A Snoopy tennis watch 30-50
419.    A Superior Railway Timekeepers watch with seconds dial 40-60
420.    A 1940's watch, chrome pocket watch and two other mechanical watches (one Everite) 20-30
421.    A Bravingtons Automatic gents wrist watch and three other vintage mechanical watches 20-40
422.    A Seiko 5 blue dial gents wrist watch, a Seiko ladies watch and two other watches 20-30
423.    A Carley and Clemence pocket watch, a Swatch Watch and Felix the Cat watch 10-20
424.    An Ingersoll gentleman's wrist watch - boxed 20-40
425.    A Gucci 8500m square cased gents wrist watch - stainless steel in original box with paperwork 40-60
426.    An Accurist GMT 004 Greenwich Commemorative gentlemans wrist watch with leather strap in original box 40-60
427.    Two modern pocket watches and three wrist watches (Accurist x 2, and one Fossil) 20-30
428.    A selection of six modern wrist watches 20-30
429.    A box of various wrist watches 10-30
429A.   A vintage Smiths gentlemans wrist watch and a 'Prestige' wrist watch 10-20
430.    A box of watches 10-20
431.    A box of miscellaneous balance stands for early wristwatches 30-50
432.    A box of spare wheels and balances/springs for early wristwatches 30-50
432A.   A collection of Eaglemoss military watches together with original boxes, presentation case and magazines 60-80
432B.   A selection of eight modern gentleman's wrist watches with original boxes 30-50
432C.   A box of eight gentleman's wrist watches including Hugo Boss, Quantum, Emporio Armani, Bering etc 50-70
433.    A pewter pin cushion in the form of a ladies shoe - with various hat pins 15-25
434.    A gilt metal two headed dragon bracelet 30-40
435.    A box of costume jewellery 10-30
436.    A Swarovski crystal and coloured enamel necklace - boxed 30-50
437.    A cased set of Pompadour simulated pearls with interchangeable coloured paste set clasps 60-80
438.    A silver and amber necklace and pair of silver and amber earrings 20-40
439.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
440.    A white metal filigree and floral necklace and two other filigree necklaces 20-30
441.    Four various silver necklaces and a pair of earrings 20-30
442.    Various costume jewellery 10-20
443.    Various costume jewellery 10-20
444.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
445.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
446.    A Victorian glitterstone brooch with needlecase within, two other brooches, Deco clip etc, and a leather jewellery box 10-30
447.    A box of vintage buttons 10-20
448.    A box of various vintage buttons including four glass fish form buttons 10-30
449.    A box of various vintage buttons including one with painted landscape 10-30
450.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
451.    A box of costume beads 10-20
452.    Spare lot 0-10
453.    Spare lot 0-10
454.    A collection of loose cigarette cards by Godfrey Phillips Ltd. Subjects include Soldiers of the King, Beauties of Today, Sport Stars etc - 100 + cards, some duplicates 10-30
455.    A collection of fifty nine (some duplicates) Kensitas cigarette cards, J Wix and Sons Ltd. Carl Anderson, Henry's Adventures - good condition, circa 1935 30-50
456.    A large collection of loose cigarette cards by WD + HO Wills, John Player & Sons, Mars Confectionary Ltd, TyPhoo, Ogdens Carreras etc - subjects include Railway equipment, Animalloys, Household Hints, Birds, Flowers etc 20-40
457.    A group of five letters from religious 18th/19th century figures 20-30
458.    A group of mid 19th century Railway ephemera, mainly Great Eastern - including Merchandise cheque, Luggage labels and Goods receipts 20-40
459.    Spare lot 0-10
460.    A collection of thirty two cigarette and tea card albums, plus loose pack sets from 1930's onwards 20-30
461.    A small group of four 17th century and 18th century deeds and documents 20-30
462.    A box of railway related ephemera including GWR, Coal Board etc 20-30
463.    A Victorian decoupage scrap book and two Anchorline menus 10-20
464.    Four early to mid 20th century autograph albums containing amateur watercolours and sketches 30-50
465.    A Golden Aerials British Sporting Prints 1963 10-20
466.    A box of postcards, small 19th century etchings etc 10-20
467.    A selection of mid-20th century Cunard White Star Line ephemera including: baggage bags for MV Brittanic and dinner menu for RMS Queen Elizabeth 20-30
468.    A letter from Olivia Serres to Lady Anne Hamilton 10-20
469.    A letter from Lindsey Sloper (violinist) to a pupil 10-20
470.    An original hand written letter dated 27th April 1892 concerning the instruction from Thos and Jno Brocklebank (Brocklebank Line) to Captain J Candlish of the Ship 'Belfast' on his next appointed voyage to Calcutta 20-30
471.    A series of correspondence and love letters from the early 19th century between J Shaw and his wife 10-20
472.    A small group of postcards and greeting cards and a momento album from 1914 onwards 10-20
473.    Two small Edwardian watercolour books containing a variety of subjects including some of military and historical interest, landscapes, continental scenes including scenes of Culloden - mostly annotated 80-100
474.    A mid 19th century sketch/scrap book containing various sketches, vignettes, etchings, poetry etc and other later small sketch books 30-50
475.    A Cunard Steamship Company Ltd Ordinary stock sheet, dated 21st March 1962 to the value of 175 (capital 15,500,000) 20-30
476.    A Victorian photograph album with musical movement 60-80
477.    A collection of Cunard Line ephemera c1950's, mainly lunch and dinner menus from the MV Brittanic, and two concert programmes from the RMS Ivernia, together with a 'Booth Line War Service 1914 - 1918' book 30-50
478.    A small group of books on the Forest of Dean 10-20
479.    A box of letters and ephemera from the late 19th century to mid 20th century 10-20
480.    A 1969 Sharpe and Fisher Tool catalogue, three volumes of The Modern Bricklayer 1948, and three volumes of General Building Repairs 1951 10-30
481.    A photograph album showing mainly views from the Southern Bavarian region c1937 includes Chiemsee, Partenkirchen, Konigsee and many more - approx 55 photographs 40-60
482.    Wild Flowers by Anne Pratt in two volumes. Published by SPCK 1880 20-30
483.    A Victorian cookery book 'A New Style of Domestic Cookery' with hand written date inside front cover 1850 - poor condition and lacking title page 10-20
484.    A wooden bound book 'The Gift of Love and Friendship' with fern photolight print to cover 1874 20-40
485.    A Finger Prayer Book in leather cover 10-20
486.    Richard Pearsall 'Contemplations on the Ocean, Harvest, Sickness and the Last Judgment'. A new edition, corrected by J Thompson circa 1760's 30-50
487.    Three Wisden Almanacks for years: 1903, 1917 and 1893, with receipt for two of them 50-70
488.    Mrs Beetons Household Management c. 1930's 10-20
489.    The Hundred and One Dalmations by Dodie Smith - First Edition 100-150
490.    Withdrawn 500-700
491.    The Man with the Golden Gun by Ian Fleming - First Edition, without dust cover 30-50
492.    Two Mrs Beetons cookery books 10-20
493.    Seven volumes Shakespeare Illustrated by Kenny Meadows - Revised Edition 20-40
494.    A box of mostly Victorian books on history, fiction etc - nice condition 10-20
495.    Twelve Auto Car magazines 1953 and 1954 20-30
496.    Twenty Motor Cycle Magazines 1948 - 1967 20-30
497.    The Water Babies illustrated by Jessie Wilcox Smith - Boots Edition 10-20
498.    Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling, illustrated and published by Manhattan 1902 30-50
499.    Aesops Fables - illustrations by Arthur Rackham 1912 Heinemann - New Transcript - poor condition 30-50
500.    Bye Laws by "Ross Improvement Commissioners" 1894 20-40
501.    A Waterloo Chamber Windsor Castle Christmas Pantomime programme 'Old Mother Red Riding Boots' 1944 devised by Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret and Hubert Tanner - together with a book referencing the play 50-70
502.    A selection of Motor Racing Year books - Blunsden and Brinton 1960's through to 1970's 20-30
503.    A Bible and various other books including Chemist's Windows - A Treatise on the Display of Pharmaceutical Goods in Chemist Shop Windows 20-40
504.    Berkshire Vale - Poems by Wilfred Howe-Nurse illustrated Cecil Aldin 30-50
505.    The Times Atlas 1895 and a Book of Ballads by Alice Havers 10-30
506.    Bill Wyman's scrapbook - Concert Live Publishing (2013) limited edition no.0694 of 1963 100-200
507.    A set of six volumes of London Pictorially Illustrated - bound as three 1851, plus The London of Dickens by Dexter and two other London themed books 40-60
508.    A small group of literary books 10-20
509.    A Mrs Beetons Family Cook Book and 'Cakes and How to Make Them' by Fred Vine 10-30
510.    An Illustrated Family Bible by John Kitto 30-50
511.    The Christians Complete Family Bible - printed and published by J Nuttall, Liverpool 1804 20-30
512.    Paul and Virginie by J H Bernardin de Saint-Pierre 1858 20-40
513.    A box of small books including some Beatrix Potter 10-20
514.    Two unframed plans / maps of Uley in Gloucestershire 10-20
515.    Spare lot 0-10
516.    A Royal Air Force museum album from the 1970's containing forty GB and all world air commemorative covers, many signed and including RAF, Australian Air Force co-operation covers 20-30
517.    An SG album with mint and used defin and commem, QV - QEII including some mint decimal FV 15. The album includes 1d Black (2 margin), later QV to KGV issue including higher values to 10/- in varied condition, plus KGVI and QEII to 1 values. In addition stockbook of mainly QEII GB issues and some loose album pages with QV typed 'Specimen' defin and telegraph etc. Good Cat value 80-120
518.    A box of QEII decimal stamps, mostly commem FV c150, includes two 'Smiler' booklets (10 x 20p issue SG KXI) and Presentation Pack 60-80
519.    A small 'Improved Postage Stamp Album' of worldwide defin and commem issues - mostly used 15-30
520.    Two German stamp stockbooks with good coverage of issues from 1870's on including higher values, air, occupation, provincial, postage due plus plenty of good sets from the Empire to post second world war period. In addition some commem covers. Needs to be seen to be appreciated 60-120
521.    A Simplex all world album with mint and used defin/commem including British Empire/Commonwealth, QV to KGVI 20-30
522.    An eleven page double sided album of Belgian and Belgian Congo stamps, mint and used, defin/commem, from 1851 imperfs on, some less common 30-50
523.    A twelve page doubled sided album of Japanese stamps from late 1800's - 1960's, mint and used, defin and commem, higher values, a few less common issues and some sets, including air and some national park values. Both cancels noted (but stamps have flaws)
524.    A blue stockbook of Malta stamps from 1920's onwards. Mint and used defin and commem with some higher values and numerous sets 30-50
525.    A folder of 26 GB home and international football commem cover plus other from Europe; two signed - 1975 - 1990 20-40
526.    A GB album of QV to QEII stamps, mostly used, includes QV LE and later issues, postage due, regionals and Channel Islands. Also stock card of QV/KEVII officials up to 9d value and 'Collect British Stamps' SG Catalogue 2016 40-80
527.    A part filled stockbook of Ceylon stamps, QV on - defin and commem, mint and used with higher values up to 10 rupees and 50 rupee QEII fiscal 60-100
528.    An all world Centurion stamp album and loose stamps with mint and used defin/commem plus loose GB stamps in 1967 Special Issues cover 15-20
529.    A box of six 'Windsor' albums containing mainly GB mint decimal defin/commem (FV 25+), regionals and postage due, Channel Islands (Jersey/Guernsey) and Isle of Man. Higher values and complete sets. Much unmounted mint 60-100
530.    A box of three box-files of GB FDC mostly illustrated, some with special to event/location postmarks (250+), many mounted and written up from 1974 - 1999 period 50-80
531.    A boxed Portuguese stamp collection in two albums and two stockbooks from 1857 on - including a number of early issues. Also an album and two part filled stockbooks of all world stamps, mint and used, with covers, catalogues, book and philatelic ephemera 50-80
532.    A box of two albums, some covers and all world loose stamps in various bags etc. The 'Lancaster' album has lower order (2/- and less) issues of QV to KGVI British Empire/Commonwealth, mint and used, the 'Strand' album is all world QV to KGVI period with broad range of stamps mint and used, some blocks and requires careful scrutiny as some better values to be found. Two strips of perfin Ceylon KGVI 5 rupee noted (eight stamps total) 50-100
533.    An Illustrated 'Minkus' Czechoslovakia album of mint and used defin/commem stamps from 1918 on. Including imperf, postage due, newspaper, express, official, overprints and minisheet 20-40
534.    'The Strand' stamp album of all world stamps, mint and used, defin and commem, including decimal QEII GB with face value plus presentation packs and FDC 10-20
535.    A Green Ace Herald stamp album full of all world mint and used, defin and commem including (GB 2/6- and 5/- KGV Seahorses), China (Mao etc) and Portuguese 1922 air set ti 2 escudos, also QV postage pre-paid cards and others (seven total) and KGV Karachi/Calcutta 'First Air Mail' postmarked cover 40-80
536.    A green stockbook of Malaya stamps, mint and used, Strait Settlements and other states including KGV Silver Jubilee, higher values to $5 and overpritns from QV and KGVII period 60-120
537.    A box of USA defin and commem stamps, mostly used from 1930's onwards - in packets and bundles 10-20
538.    A British Empire and Commonwealth collection of mint/used defin and commem in three Stanley Gibbons 'Tower' albums, QV period onwards. Some sets and good quantity 50-100
539.    Two 'Brendon' Cover albums, mostly GB QEII mint and used commem in sets, presentation packs and on cover. Mint FV c100. Also used QV 2d blue perf plate 12, USA low values 1898 issue umm (8c creased), Polish stamps and covers, German Reich cinderellas and air, Australian 'Cricket' booklet and 1995 Philatelic-Numismatic 2 cover - 50th Anniversary of the End of Second World War 60-120
540.    An album of seventy nine GB QEII decimal booklets including 'Smiler' SG KX1 and many 1st/2nd class rated stamps. FV 500+ 220-280
541.    An album of thirty five GB QEII decimal commem booklets - FVc 250; some scarcer booklets amongst them - 1980's on 100-150
542.    GB QEII mint decimal stamps in presentation packs - loose and in albums for them. Includes 10 and high values 'Castles' plus Princess Diana etc - FV 240+ 80-120
543.    Post Office Yearbooks 1987 - 2004 period (12 total). SG Cat 420+ FV 150+ 50-80
544.    A box of five stamp/cover albums of QEII mint and used decimal defin and commem including minisheets. FV 250. Stamp albums written up with issue details 100-150
545.    A box of five FDC albums 1965 - 91, and a commem pack and another album with QEII mint and used decimal defin and postage due - total seven albums FV 130+ 50-80
546.    An unusual used Swedish Europa stamp of 1969 SG580 missing colours dark blue and orange, plus 1963 test stamp booklet of Uppsala Cathedral design - no values printed on stamps or booklet 30-50
547.    A stockbook of Russian stamps, defin and commem, mint and used including overprints for Levant and China plus stamps of NW Russia (Northern Army). 1860's - 1990's including Czarist, Revolution PCCP and CCCP/Soviet Union period. Some postage due 30-50
548.    A stockbook of Trinidad and Tobago stamps, QV - QEII, mint and used, defin/commem including overprints, blocks, fiscal 20-30
549.    Fourteen complimentary TyPhoo Tea cards of the '60's with stars of the time such as George Best, Bobby Moore and Bobby Charlton, plus a small collection of all world stamps in five albums, two tins and a packet 20-30
550.    A small Simplex album of GB and British Empire/Commonwealth mint and used, defin/commem, officials, postage due, and insurance stamps. QV to KGV period, good range and numerous QV lower values 40-80
551.    A bundle of 80+ covers from QV period on; many GB and others European plus an entire from 1809 York, letter rate 1s 8d. Some FDC/commem/souvenir 20-40
552.    A collection of Austrian stamps on stockcards, mint and used, defin, commem, newspaper/journal, postage due, telegraph, fiscal. Mainly from 1880's - 1930's period 30-60
553.    GB/Regional/CI 'Standard' stamp album with mint and used defin and commem, KEVII period on, plus two stamp books (FV 8), three cover albums, and two packets of coversd 1965 - 1984 period, some duplication; over 300 covers, many special commem postmarks 50-100
554.    Four RAF cover albums of all world covers plus sleeve with MPO or commem postmarks/cancel/cachets. Many signed, includes one flow by His Royal Highness the King of jordan; another signed by 'Barnes Wallis' probably the signature of the man who invented the bouncing bomb used by the RAF in the Dambuster raids of WWII. 120+ cover of period 1968 - 1975 50-100
555.    A box of GB stamps, mainly QEII but running from QV, defin and commem plus regionals and CI. Much decimal mint, FV 700+, in two albums plus envelopes. In addition, FDC, loose in bag and others in two stockbooks, SG Catalogue (Brit Commonwealth Part 1, 1994 Edition) and unused empty paged album and additional packets of album pages 300-400
556.    A small suitcase stuffed full of stamps, envelopes, cinderellas and ephemera from QV period on - all world with GB and Commonwealth mixed amongst it - good assortment 30-50
557.    A boxed all world collection of QV - QEII period mint and used defin/commem in three albums (one near empty), stockbook and three containers, plus associated ephemera/XLCR stamp finder. Some less usual late 19th century material and Chinese covers via Hanoi. Also SG All World Cat 1982 in good condition 40-80
558.    An album of over 200 GB QEII decimal defin and commem booklets - FV c 650, and two pre-decimal 300-400
559.    Three box files of mostly illustrated FDC's from Jersey (approx 180), Guernsey and Alderney (approx 170) and Isle of Man (approx 200). Most in very clean condition with special to event/commemoration postmarks and many mounted and written up - 1969 - 2000 period 60-100
560.    An all world collection of defin and commem stamps, QV period on, in stockbook, near-empty album and in box and tin. Good British Empire amongst it including India, Malaya and Hong Kong. Both mint and used. Packet of covers too 30-60
561.    Commonwealth Omnibus album and small stockbook full of mint and used in this series from KGV Silver Jubilee to Queen Mothers 80th Birthday. Sets and pairs included 30-60
562.    A part-filled stockbook of Canadian stamps QV - QEII period, mostly used defin and commem including registered, psotage due, higher values, some imperf and perf, special delivery, air etc 30-60
563.    A large well-filled stockbook of mint and used Hungarian stamps, defin, commem, postage due, occupation issues, newspapers and journals, overprints, air and many sets/part sets. Scarcer material amongst the wide range 80-160
564.    Three GB stamp FDC and commem cover albums, QEII 1985 - 2009, some duplication, c. 180 covers, a few signed and some with special commem postmarks 20-40
565.    Two RAF Escaping Society albums and sleeve of all world commem covers with MPO or commem postmarks/cancels/cachets. Most signed by those involved in commem event including those at highest levels such as ACM Sir Lewis Hodges KCB KBE DSO DFC AFC and Gen Sir John Hackett GCB CBE DSO MC. A number of sleeves in the albums double stacked; 120+ covers. An unusual lot collected over period 1971 - 84 50-100
566.    A large box of mainly GB and Swedish stamps of the last seventy years, mint and used defin and commem in packets, small boxes, tins, envelopes etc plus three GB FDC albums which include some presentation packs 20-40
567.    A boxed GB stamp collection of mint and used defin/commem including two SG purposed albums, another album, three FDC albums and in tin/small stockbook, QV - QEII. The latter period includes phospher commem variants and decimal mint FV c50 30-50
568.    Spare lot 0-10
569.    Spare lot 0-10
570.    Three bowler hats by Locke and Co, Hepworths and Battersby 20-30
571.    An Edwardian silk and embroidered baby dress with lace trim 10-30
572.    An Edwardian muslin blouse with pintucks and lace 20-30
573.    A Victorian muslin and net cape, a lace and net shawl and a silk and lace Edwardian blouse 30-40
574.    A Victorian black satin and lace cape and a small black sequinned shoulder cape 15-25
575.    Two Chinese silk embroidered and fringed shawls 30-50
576.    A Victorian cream silk dolls dress and skirt with slip and knickers 40-60
577.    Two Victorian ladies bonnets and four embroidered childrens hats 20-40
578.    A Victorian black beaded evening cape 40-60
579.    Four Victorian white cotton nightdresses and three cotton chemises 10-20
580.    Five Edwardian and Victorian christening gowns and a child's muslin dress 30-40
581.    A Victorian black velvet cape by John Hyde and Son, Cirencester, and a lace evening cape 30-50
582.    An Indian embroidered fabric parasol and a small folding stool 10-20
583.    A group of three metallic bead and thread purses, plus Chinese embroidered purse with figure and floral decoration 15-25
584.    A crocodile skin handbag with head and feet 20-40
585.    A Chinese embroidered silk panel depicting children playing - 64 x 32cm 10-20
586.    A Victorian feather trimmed boater and a Victorian black velvet and sequin trimmed hat in card hat box by Pellett Ltd 20-30
587.    A box of fabric and leather ladies evening gloves 20-30
588.    A box of antique lace collars and scarves, and a set of table mats etc 30-50
589.    An early 20th century black crocodile skin handbag and a vintage handbag 10-30
590.    Eight metres of deep red upholstery fabric 20-40
591.    Six metres of Laura Ashley trellis design curtain fabric 20-40
592.    An Edwardian lace christening gown and slip together with a satin jacket and two other items of children's clothing 15-25
593.    A fur cape and a pair of ladies leather gaiters 20-40
594.    A box of Victorian costume including lace etc 20-30
595.    A Launer of London vintage suede handbag - 31cm wide 10-20
596.    A long Victorian night dress, a chemise and a petticoat dress 20-40
597.    A black lace shoulderless evening dress with boned bodice, full tiered net skirt and shoulder bolero 20-30
598.    A vintage peach lace over grey skirt and jacket 10-20
599.    A 1930's lace and satin wedding dress, shawl, lace veil, bridesmaids dress, evening bag etc 15-25
600.    Three Victorian white cotton petticoats, two men's shirts, a christening gown, apron, pair of pantaloons etc 20-30
601.    A black and cream oriental embroidered stole, an Arts and Crafts silk embroidered table cloth, a metallic stole and an black cross stitch throw 50-70
602.    A Victorian cream muslin tiered frilled skirt and a muslin blouse 10-20
603.    Four pairs of antique shoes, a silk commemorative handkerchief for Edward and Alexandra, and a 1950's French map handkerchief 20-40
604.    A vintage blue canvas clad correspondence case and a green leather travel jewellery box 20-40
605.    Two christening gowns, children's dresses and baby clothes etc 20-30
606.    A box of assorted textiles and accessories including wedding veils, lace babies bonnets etc 30-50
607.    A 1920's beaded flapper dress (poor condition), a Victorian black silk dress and various 19th century cotton items, corduroy dress etc 20-40
608.    Two Mexican embroidered children's dresses, a crochet edged dress and one other dress 10-30
609.    A group of various silk, satin and lace textiles including two black lace shawls, various aprons etc 10-20
610.    A box of machine made lace table cloths, embroidered table linen etc 10-20
611.    A fur coat and three stoles 10-20
612.    A gimbal ships compass 15 x 19cm 50-70
613.    A Lusitania medal with box and certificate 15-25
614.    A Phoenix fire mark 20-40
615.    A folder of Royal Family commemorative medals and medallions - all mounted and taped on card. Includes King George VI Imperial Service medal, King George V Jubilee medal (London), King George V Jubilee medal (Sheffield), King Edward VIII Coronation, Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee medallion, Elizabeth and Philip Silver Wedding coin, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Coronation 1937, Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee medal, QEII Silver Jubilee souvenir medal, Churchill commemorative crown, Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother 1980 Birthday medallion, Charles and Diana Royal Wedding crown 1981, Queen Victoria 60 Year Reign medallion, King Edward VII Coronation medallion, King Edward VII Coronation medal (Sheffield) and approx fourteen more medals and medallions of similar subjects 50-70
616.    An Army pen knife 1983 with MOD arrow mark and 'oil the joints' text with a Solingen German dagger 20-30
617.    An American flag by Bull Dog Bunting - 153cm by 90cm. 20-30
618.    A USSR military peak cap with enamel cap badge 10-20
619.    A WW2 matched medal group awarded to Captain George Thomas Wallace MBE ISM of the Worcestershire Regt. comprising:- 1939 - 1945 Star, Burma Star, Defence medal, reproduction copy of the 1939 - 1945 Member British Empire medal, and Imperial Service medal, together with Worcs Regt cap badge - all framed and glazed 50-60
620.    A WWII tin helmet, a gas mask 1942 and a belt 20-30
621.    A WWI bayonet with scabbard and wooden handle 10-30
621A.   A turned wood truncheon 10-20
622.    Three Mexican painted metal mirrors - 37.5cm tall 10-20
623.    A Railway case containing National Coal Board dockets 50-70
624.    Two amethyst crystals 10-30
625.    Four Victorian carved and painted marble peaches and a lemon 30-50
626.    A pair of Capodimonte wall lights with floral decoration 25-35
627.    Three various gilt metal wall lights 20-30
628.    A collection of sixteen brass stair rods with trefoil design 20-40
629.    A collection of approximately one hundred and sixty magic lantern slides, including some story sets (coloured), the rest are miscellaneous photographic 50-70
630.    A French brass cased carriage clock by Brevete striking on a gong - with key - 13cm 120-180
631.    A Jaeger blue faced alarm clock decorated alpine scene - 13cm high 200-300
632.    A Negretti and Zambra Art Deco Bakelite and chrome barometer 20-30
633.    A Russian military aircraft clock with stopwatch 'CEKYHOMER' 40-60
634.    A carved butter jade skull - 5 x 6cm 20-30
635.    A shoe form pin cushion and an ARP whistle 10-20
636.    Three treen biscuit stamps including 'York Biscuits', 'American Biscuits' and 'Princes', plus two novelty chocolate moulds 30-50
637.    A set of three Chinese miniature unframed watercolours - shipping scenes - 7 x 11cm 50-70
638.    Two Victorian black papier mache snuff boxes 10-20
639.    A Greek pottery oil lamp and Buddhist stone charm 10-20
640.    An early to mid 20th century Venetian Murano 'scrambled' aventurine glass scent bottle together with an Indian white metal snuff bottle. 30-50
640A.   An unusual oil or oileograph on composite material of a 17th century Italian scholar 20 x 17cm 80-100
641.    A small bronze bust of Art Nouveau woman after Emmanuel Villanis, 'Alda' 12cm 50-70
642.    A small bronze finish bust of a Dutch woman with hat, 5.5 x 7.5cm, mounted on a brass base 30-50
643.    A Tartan Ware string box by Clark and Co 10-20
644.    A 19th century carved ivory and amber mounted pipe in the form of a claw, cased 60-80
645.    A 19th century large meerschaum pipe in the form of a lady's hand, cased 50-70
646.    An amber and silver mounted pipe and a yellow metal mounted cheroot holder - both cased 30-50
647.    A Bausch and Lomb 'Golf Montauk' Unicom camera 40-60
648.    A pair of bone opera glasses and a pair of pocket Aquilus sporting glasses 10-30
649.    A Watermans pen set - boxed 10-20
650.    A Victorian novelty pig form vesta case - 4.5cm long 10-20
651.    A pair of GPO pruning scissors 10-20
652.    A Mikiphone pocket phonograph 100-150
653.    A Mikiphone pocket phonogaph with replacement soundbox 60-80
654.    An Air Ministry RAF map of Germany 10-20
655.    A group of approx six WWII period silk handkerchiefs including Royal Navy and RAF 20-30
656.    A WWI 1914 chocolate box 20-30
657.    A Death Plaque for Henry Colburn 40-60
658.    Gurkha interest: a silvered metal presentation trophy in the form of a Griffin, plaque engraved and reads 'Major General Sir Philip Carnegy KGB - 4th Gurkha Regiment 1886 - Commandant 2nd Battalion 1902 - 1909' - 17cm high 80-120
659.    A selection of brass military buttons and cap badges, enamel badges etc. 10-20
660.    A WWI New Zealand Expeditionary Force 1914-15 star to Dvr J Foggarty 7/671 N.Z.E.F together with badge for 16th Oct 1914 and Returned Services badge 30-50
661.    Various badges including RAF brooches, MOH Evacuation Nursery etc, and various buttons 10-20
662.    A pressed metal medallion with central cameo and encircling Greek or Latin script, and three consecutive Guildhall Empire Day medals 1937 - 1939 and a display sheet of eighteen British Coronation, Jubilee and other medals 10-20
663.    A 1937 Specimen George VI coin set including Maundy money - complete 150-200
664.    Four various whistles including ARP and Metropolitan, and a pair of opera glasses, cased 10-30
664A.   A GPO Metropolitan Whistle 1103 and a Parr cylindrical cigarette lighter 10-20
665.    A Victorian lacquer and mother of pearl glove box, two compacts and two bobbins 10-30
666.    A quantity of miniature porcelain and enamel boxes etc 30-50
667.    A large leather belt and buckle with latitude and longitude 'Anno Domini 1759' 10-20
668.    A pair of Bushnell Powerview binoculars 10 x 42 20-40
669.    A large quantity of pens, fountain pens and pencils including Parker, Cross, Eversharp etc 30-40
670.    A box of collectables including torch and a fleam 10-30
671.    An Atlas Collections silver plated model of a Dornier - boxed 20-30
672.    A Victorian walnut shoe form vesta a/f, various pens, rules and a compass 10-20
673.    A Georgian brass iron and a Victorian box iron 10-20
674.    Three various barometers 20-30
675.    A Henry Browne and Son 'Sestrel' Azimuth Circle mid-20th century No3991 n/s - in mahogany box 30-50
676.    A miniature signed cricket bat 10-20
677.    A Victorian painted spelter bull dog - 10cm tall 40-60
678.    A Danish pewter tumbler embossed battle scene No 2337 10-30
679.    A pair of late 19th century bronze figures of shepherd and boy with crucifix - 15cm tall 20-30
680.    A collection of glass medicine/chemist bottles and jars 10-30
681.    A collection of antique glass medicine and other bottles 10-30
682.    A group of glass bottles and a cornflour Blanc Mange mould and a measuring jug. 10-20
682A.   Two pairs of opera glasses 10-20
683.    A box of various penknives including Watney's Brown Ale 20-30
684.    A collection of various badges etc 10-30
685.    A Walkden Sealing set - boxed 10-30
686.    A collection of various keys - the largest 13cm 20-30
687.    A mid-20th century military use Stuarts Marine Distance Meter 20-30
688.    Two Victorian clay pipes in the form of soldier's heads and two other pipes 10-20
689.    A small box of miscellaneous items to include clay pipes, Meerschaum horse pipe (A/F) etc 10-20
690.    A group of Girl Guide badges together with a small compact and costume brooch 10-20
691.    A vanity compact with lipstick and a cigarette case and a wallet 10-20
692.    A quantity of various old clock keys 20-30
693.    A box of brass mounts possibly for leather work 20-30
694.    A Chinese cloisonne enamel box with floral and scrollwork decoration and carved jade inset panel to lid, 12cm wide 20-40
695.    A small carved bone shoe horn in form of an Indian princes head - 13.5cm 20-30
696.    A Chinese carved mother of pearl shell decorated figures in landscapes - 22cm across 20-30
697.    A Sikes Hydrometer and table of Spirits book, together with a Flowers of Stratford thermometer 20-30
698.    A pair of USSR made mid 20th century binoculars and one other pair 10-20
699.    A group of brass to include heart form trivet, frog and bulldog 10-20
700.    Three Austrian painted wooden novelty heads and a painted composition puppet head 20-30
701.    A large Colgate Plus advertising toothbrush - 37cm long 10-20
702.    A box of various collectables including AA badge etc 20-30
703.    Withdrawn 20-40
704.    A quantity of coins including foreign and GB, commemorative crowns, post 1947 silver 20-30
705.    A Moore and Wright measuring tool No14, together with various other measuring instruments etc 20-40
706.    An Olympus Trip MD camera, a Pentax camera, a Minolta underwater camera and a Gevaert cine camera 10-20
707.    A collection of vintage beer mats 10-20
708.    An ebony dressing table set, various stone eggs etc 10-20
709.    A Danish painted wood nutcracker figure - 33cm tall 10-20
710.    A Victorian mahogany desk calendar 20-30
711.    A Chinese carved stone disc and mini screen 10-20
712.    A carved Chinese box - 20cm wide and a bamboo bough pot 10-20
713.    A Georgian mahogany tea caddy and four other tea caddies 30-50
714.    A box of collectables including donkey vesta 10-20
715.    A set of four French brass and turned wood kitchen serving implements on hanging rack 25-35
716.    Twelve small horn tumblers. 30-50
717.    A group of Victorian lead and zinc chocolate moulds including sheep, rabbit, eggs etc 60-80
718.    An early 20th century tinned metal chocolate mould 10-20
719.    A Victorian copper kettle and two herb choppers 10-30
720.    A Georgian brass flat iron dated 1782, a Victorian cast iron box-iron and an Indian brass tiffin spice box with fitted interior 20-40
721.    A Victorian Tunbridge Ware writing slope, a marquetry work box - both a/f, and another wooden box 20-30
722.    A shell form jewellery box and two others 20-30
723.    A Chinese wooden box carved dragon to lid - 29cm 20-40
724.    A carved Indonesian bust of a woman - 33cm 10-30
725.    A large Indian paisley wooden print block - 27 x 30cm 20-40
726.    A Persian papier mache pen box painted flowers and horseman 10-20
727.    Two Chinese contemporary studio paintings, framed as trays 20-40
728.    A small vintage drum, a pair of cymbals, two triangles and sticks 10-20
729.    A Topline vintage Trinidad doll in original box - good condition 10-20
730.    An early 20th century mohair teddy bear - 33cm 20-30
731.    A Britain's lead farm including three carts, figures, cows and horses etc 30-50
732.    A 1930's mohair teddy and a soft toy dog 20-30
733.    A Deans Rag Book Rabbit and a wind up soft toy 10-20
734.    A 1950 Pelham Puppet Minnie Mouse - boxed 25-35
734A.   Three sets of Subbuteo football figures 10-30
734B.   A Chad Valley Mah Jong game 20-30
734C.   A Chad Valley 'Pop Up Targets' game 10-30
734D.   An Armand Marseille dream baby doll 20-40
734E.   Two Pelham Puppets: Gypsy and Mexican Girl - both boxed, and a deer puppet in incorrect Pelham box 20-30
735.    A St Michael's toy till, a kaleidoscope and a painted metal car racing game 20-40
736.    A clockwork vintage monkey with cymbals, a clockwork mouse and two vintage battery clown toys 50-70
737.    An early 20th century Siamese/Thai carved wooden figure of a Khon dancer in traditional mask and costume. 54.5cm tall. 20-30
738.    A vintage woven snake basket with carved wooden frogs head finial 20-30
739.    A Persian enamel set of six cups and saucers on a tray decorated flowers and birds 60-80
740.    An Indonesian wooden puppet- 41cm tall 10-20
741.    Two stacking sets of Chinese hardwood stands 10-20
742.    A Persian painted Suratgari picture in marquetry Khatam frame showing a scene of polo players on one side, dancing ladies on the other - frame size 15.5cm by 40cm. 20-30
743.    A group of five Chinese embroidered pictures - the largest 39 x 15cm 20-40
744.    A set of five Japanese woodcut prints of Geisha - 24 x 35cm 80-120
745.    A pair of Cattle engravings Duke and Duchess of Gloucester 12 x 18cm, and three other cattle and sheep prints - 14 x 19cm 30-50
746.    A bronze torso of a woman on a wooden base. 22cm high. 20-40
747.    A Japanese cloisonne enamel jardiniere decorated blossom - 14cm tall 20-30
748.    A Chinese carved wood ornament with gilt and painted bird decoration - 16cm 10-20
749.    A Japanese lacquer tray with gilt decoration of exotic bird on branch - 41cm wide 10-20
750.    A Japanese circular lacquer tray 10-20
751.    Marc Chagall - limited edition lithograph from The Bible Series 1956, No 1713/3000 'Moise Recout Les Table de La Loi' - 33 x 24cm 60-80
752.    A Picasso print 'The Peace Dove' with red proof stamp 'Colombe de la Paix' - 29 x 20cm 150-200
753.    A Picasso print 'Commedie Humaine' artists proof with red stamp 'Vallauris' 14.5.54 - 27 x 16cm 100-150
754.    D Plenderleith - a wood engraving of a long eared owl - 20 x 15cm - 1950, signed in pencil 20-30
755.    Roland Langmaid etching of Cleopatra's Needle London - 18 x 24cm 60-80
756.    A Persian watercolour of peacocks - 27 x 17cm 20-50
757.    A bronze finish plaster bust of Art Nouveau woman - 41cm tall 20-40
758.    A copper planter on paw feet 10-20
759.    A marquetry Rio de Janeiro two handled tray with butterfly wing landscape and parrot decoration 10-30
760.    A vintage green painted folding book stand with gilt decoration 30-50
761.    A brass correspondence rack with scroll decoration 10-20
762.    A Black Forest carved bear with fish - 15cm tall 50-70
763.    A Turkish brass tray with overhead handle 10-30
763A.   A Victorian rosewood work and toiletry box with mother of pearl inlay and fitted interior 15-25
764.    Two bronze finish groups of a Falcon's head and a penguin signed Paul Hicks - a/f 30-40
765.    A vintage leather Gladstone bag 20-40
766.    A Victorian walnut work box with mother of pearl and marquetry decoration 30-50
767.    A mahogany shell inlaid kidney shaped two handled tray - a/f 10-30
768.    A copper and brass bugle 20-30
769.    A 19th century rosewood work box with mother of pearl escutcheon - 25cm wide 20-30
770.    A 19th century mahogany book press 50-70
771.    A Mamod steam engine 40-60
772.    A Mamod steam tractor 40-60
773.    A magic lantern slide projector with original Duplex burner circa 1880 60-80
774.    A Kodatoy 16mm hand cranked cine projector circa 1930 - 1934 35-45
775.    A British Bing hand cranked 35mm cine projector circa 1930 35-45
776.    A Ray hand crank cine projector No 2, 9.5mm - including film cassette and winder- 4.5 volt, 1932 40-60
777.    An Adlake Carrying Lamp No55/8 30-50
778.    A 'New Century' hand or signal lamp 40-60
779.    An old railway lamp with green and red lenses 20-30
780.    A copper cased thermograph 20-40
781.    A Perry and Co Patent Gravitating Inkstand c1850, by Perry and Co London with Prince of Wales Feathers to top, scallop shaped base with sprung grip and pen rest - approx 2" x 3" 50-100
782.    Two vintage cut out wooden wall plaques of a mouse 38cm, and a dog 10-30
783.    An Edwardian garden hose sprinkler 'Rain Ring' by Cooper Steward London 20-40
784.    A Thatchers needle 20-30
785.    A Magnetic Electric shock machine in mahogany case 30-50
786.    A bamboo and bone mahjong set in fitted hardwood case 30-50
787.    A 1950's Motorists First Aid case by Boots 10-30
788.    An early Wye Valley Motors Bus Conductors tickets and clipboard 50-70
789.    A chess set box and marquetry chess board 20-40
790.    A Meiji period Japanese workbox and two other similar - the largest 26.5cm w x 20cm d x 19cm tall 20-30
791.    A horn handled riding crop and a leather baton 20-30
792.    Spare lot 0-10
793.    A set of four hunting prints - 12 x 18cm 20-40
794.    An 18th century sampler with text 'The Loss of Gold....' and motifs such as flowers and trees, by E Wilmshurst 1786, 43 x 32cm 150-200
795.    An early 19th century sampler with house, animals and tress by Sarah Eyers 1838, 39 x 32cm 100-150
796.    An alphabet sampler in maple frame, 1885 - 17 x 22cm 10-20
797.    A 19th century oil on board of a rural scene with cottage and river - 13.5 x 18.5cm, with a black and white watercolour sketch of a church 10-20
798.    Anita Skjold - folio of watercolour theatrical sketches and costume designs 30-50
799.    G M Moffat - a folio of watercolours plus some watercolours by other hands 50-70
800.    A folio of watercolour garden scenes, landscapes etc 20-30
801.    Spare lot 0-10
802.    A pair of brass candlesticks in 17th century style 10-30
803.    Paul Twine - oil on artists board railway locomotive 'Lady Lake' Great Western - 35 x 60cm 60-80
804.    A pair of prints of parrots after Gould - 39 x 29cm 10-30
805.    A painting on wood advert for Whisky 'Perfection of Old Scotch Whisky' - 40 x 30cm 40-60
806.    A pastel of a terrier, monogrammed EAG - 33 x 26cm 20-30
807.    A Baxter print in red of rural landscape, 1856 - 15 x 10cm 10-20
808.    A pair of 19th century French fashion prints - 18 x 12cm 10-30
809.    A 19th century watercolour sketch of Tintern Abbey attribution to verso Copley Fielding - 17 x 25cm 20-40
810.    A Dirty Dogs of Paris print - signed in Pencil by Boris O'Klein - 21 x 48cm 20-40
811.    Henri Schafer - pair of oil townscapes signed - 38 x 28cm 400-600
812.    Richard Harrison - watercolour coastal wader amongst the reeds - 27 x 35cm, unframed 50-70
813.    Ray Brown - watercolour Gloucester Cathedral - unframed 41 x 61cm 20-40
814.    Martin Caulkin (Br. 20thC), 'Mr Pickwick at rest', watercolour, signed bottom right, titled verso. 27cm by 21.5cm. 20-30