Antiqus & Collectables Sale
including Furniture, Jewellery, Silver, Ceramics, Glass, Pictures and Collectables
on Friday 10th July 2020

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1.      A Thomas Goode twelve piece dinner service in the Green Garland pattern - comprises of one large tureen, two medium tureens, one large salad bowl, two sauce boats with stands, one oval service platter, twelve soup bowls, twelve dinner plates, twelve salad plates and twelve cake plates with original Thomas Goode boxes 200-300
2.      A Royal Worcester coffee set for twelve in the Medici pattern (missing one coffee cup) including coffee pot, milk and sugar 40-60
3.      A selection of five 19th Century Jasperware jugs including one Wedgwood and one Copeland Spode - largest 19.5 cm 30-50
4.      A Brown & Polson's Corn flour Blanc-Mange pottery jelly mould 12cm tall 10-20
5.      Two 19th Century Copeland stoneware jugs with Jasperware style relief moulded decoration and a pair of similar spill vases- largest jug 16.5cm 20-30
6.      An Edwardian pottery toiletry pail with floral printed decoration to rim 10-20
6A.     A late 19th century Copeland Spode washbowl in the "Italian" pattern 20-30
7.      An early 19th century Ridgways green and gilt tea service comprising twelve teacups, twenty four saucers, twelve coffee cups, teapot, milk - slop bowl, sugar and two cake plates (in good condition - one coffee cup with hairline crack) 50-70
8.      A pair of Potschappel Dresden porcelain mugs with floral decoration 30-50
9.      A Shelley tea service 'Spring Bouquet No 13651 comprising of 6 cups and saucers, 6 tea plates, milk jug and sugar 30-50
10.     A large blue and white reproduction plant pot - 30cm high 10-30
11.     A set of four 19th Century porcelain cabinet cups and saucers decorated with floral sprigs together with matching sucrier 40-60
12.     A group of 19th century Rockingham style china painted floral decoration on apple green background, comprising seven assorted vases, covered sugar and twelve plates - some damage 30-50
13.     A group of 19th century Rockingham style china painted landscapes on apple green background comprising four vases, two taper , jug and two cake plates, some damage 30-50
14.     An Egyptian style porcelain vase in blue and white with gilt decoration - 26cm tall 20-30
15.     A pair of Wilkinson 'Rozanne' vases painted roses and signed Machin 20-30
16.     A Staffordshire stoneware relief moulded jug in a John Gilpin design - 26cm tall 30-50
17.     A set of three Doulton Burslem graduated jugs in the Empire pattern - 16.5cm 10-20
18.     A Royal Albert tea service in apple green and painted blossom to interior compiling of 7 cups, 6 saucers, 6 tea plates, cake plate, sugar and jug 30-50
19.     A set of six Royal Worcester floral printed coffee cups and saucers 10-20
20.     A 19th Century Staffordshire pottery bowl with pink ground and transfer printed decoration of Evesham 10-20
21.     A selection of five 19th Century pottery plates related to Shakespeare and Bidford - three also with Queen Victoria Jubilee decoration 20-30
22.     A small selection of 19th century cups and saucers 20-30
23.     A Victorian tea service with blue and gilt decoration and moulded basketware exterior borders comprising:- seven coffee cups, five tea cups, seven saucers, slop bowl etc 20-40
24.     A selection of late Victorian to Edwardian pottery to include Wood & Sons oriental bird pot, Stanley Ware Jacobean jug etc. 10-20
25.     A selection of 19th century pottery transfer printed with Shakespeare related scenes 30-50
26.     Two 19th century porcelain plates painted flowers and three blue and white plates printed camels 10-30
27.     Two Leeds creamware style lozenge form dishes, a similar covered bowl plus Worcester sugar bowl and a Limoges novelty violin form trinket box 10-20
28.     A Poole pink and grey coffee set comprising coffee pot, sugar, cake plate, four larger tea cups and saucers and ten coffee cups and saucers 20-40
29.     A group of 19th century gilt and white coffee cups and coffee pots, some damage 20-40
30.     A small group of 19th century creamware cups and saucers and other teaware, including Wedgwood 10-30
31.     A Royal Doulton Cocker Spaniel dog figure HN1109 20-30
32.     A Royal Doulton Boxer dog figure 'War Lord Mazerlaine' HN2634 20-30
33.     A Royal Doulton Whyte and Mackay short eared owl figural whisky bottle. 10-20
34.     A Royal Doulton Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarves set (Happy A/F). 60-80
35.     A pair of slip glaze toby jugs 11cm tall 10-20
36.     A Victorian relief moulded green Majolica plate - circa 1900 - 30cm diameter dated 10-20
37.     A 19th century continental Faience plate painted portrait of a Queen within floral and foliate border, monogram DG, 25cm diameter 40-60
38.     Three 19th century stoneware jugs applied hunting scenes and tavern scenes, largest 16cm tall 10-20
39.     Three various studio pottery vases, tallest 8.5cm 10-20
40.     A blue and white oriental beaker painted foliage, a miniature stoneware figure of a warrior and a Japanese Imari small oval dish 10-20
41.     A group of seven Chinese white porcelain horses, 6 to 8cm tall 30-50
42.     A Chinese green shallow pottery planter 26 x 18cm 20-30
43.     A set of six porcelain soldiers boxed, 16.5cm tall 20-30
44.     A Wedgwood Poppy set of 6 large and 5 small cups and saucers 10-20
45.     A Colclough 'Royale' tea service comprising: eleven cups and saucers, two mugs, two cake plates, two dinner plates, sugar, jug and three bowls 10-20
46.     A Limoges Haviland gilt and white dinner service - a comprehensive set but much damaged 30-50
47.     A composite figure of a Welsh Guard 10-20
48.     A Honiton large fruit bowl 23.5cm diameter and similar plate 10-30
49.     A slipware jug 15cm tall, a stoneware jug and a Royal Doulton stoneware pot 10-20
50.     A Shelley bowl painted flowers and a Herend floral bowl 10-20
51.     A Royal Crown Derby Imari plate 1128 30-50
52.     A Royal Bonn Art Nouveau bulbous vase with stylized decoration a/f, three Heal's dessert bowls and a Ross on Wye souvenir cup a/f 10-20
53.     An unusual set of three Japanese stoneware square green planters on folded feet, tallest 18cm 30-50
54.     A Portmeirion Botanic Garden cheese stand, tureen with lid and four mugs 20-40
55.     A Portmeirion Botanic Garden basket decorated with sweet peas, boxed 10-20
56.     An Abbey blue and white meat plate 10-20
57.     A Wedgwood Llewelyn-Bowen set of four coffee cups and saucers boxed 10-20
58.     A selection of four Staffordshire figures and a fairy 10-20
59.     A pair of salt glazed stoneware lion spoon rests 10cm tall 10-20
60.     A set of nine 19th Century cut glass rinsers with fluted edges 30-50
61.     A set of six Venetian Murano latticing and aventurine glass dishes and five plates, with turquoise double twist decoration 80-120
62.     A William De Morgan bowl decorated by Fred Passenger with dolphin head inner border and stylized leaf outer borders, monogrammed FP to base, decoration very worn 80-120
63.     An 18th century Delft drug jar painted bird 'Vng Virid' 21cm, some chips 40-60
64.     A 19th century Delft drug jar painted initials within floral swag surround, 24cm tall, a/f 40-60
64A.    A 19th century Delft Illusion Plate with old man smoking and sailor smoking 20 x 13.5cm 50-70
65.     A Halcyon Days porcelain shallow oval bowl set in a gilt metal support of pierced and embossed cherub design - 21cm wide 40-60
66.     A Grimwades pottery "Byzanta Ware' Art Deco lustre comport with spider web and insect design - 23cm diameter, 12.5 cm tall 100-150
67.     An early 19th century Mason's Ironstone warming plate decorated water lily 20-30
68.     An Etruscan style potery bowl on sphinx supports, 23.5cm tal 30-50
69.     A Victorian blue and white strainer dish decorated cow herd, a/f 10-30
70.     Three 19th century Chinese plates with floral enamel decoration - 23cm diameter. 40-60
71.     A 19th Century blue and white pottery invalid feeder (spout repaired) 20-30
72.     A Chinese blue and white tea bowl painted landscape, a two handled beakers (lacking lid) and two Chinese plates, one painted feathers and badly a/f 10-30
73.     A Royal Albert Country Roses tea and dinner service comprising: six cups and nine saucers, eight tea plates, large cake stand, small cake , two jugs, teapot, eight dinner plates and two tier cake stand 60-80
74.     A Purbeck Pottery stoneware plate 'Success to The Victory Safe Return Again' 10-20
75.     A continental floral Faience platter painted sprays of flowers, 40 x 31cm 30-50
76.     A Victorian Majolica bread plate decorated wheat 30-50
77.     A Western German Studio pottery vase - 46cm, and a smaller one 10-20
78.     A selection of 24 Spode Royal Navy Submarine Service centenary plates - limited edition of 1000 all in original boxes 150-200
79.     A Furnivals dinner service 'Ceylon' pattern comprising twelve dinner plates, twelve side plates, three meat plates and four various tureens 80-120
80.     A Burleigh Ware Sandon pattern - part dinner service comprising:- of two tureens, two sauce tureens with ladles and stands, twelve dinner plates, twelve breakfast plates, twelve side plates 30-50
81.     A Portmeirion Botanic Garden soup tureen with ladle 20-40
82.     A Royal Worcester dinner service 'June Garland' comprising 102 items: sixteen cups, nineteen saucers, twelve tea plates, three bread and butter plates, two sugar bowls, two jugs, one teapot and lid, six coffee cups and saucers, one bonbon dish, one large cake plate, one coddler, six dinner plates, eight breakfast plates, six side plates, one gravy boat, one gravy stand, one veg dish and lid, seven cereal bowls and one meat dish 60-80
83.     A large 19th century Chinese Celadon vase painted blue and white reserves painted ladies and calligraphy script with sceptre handles (one handle broken but present) - 57cm tall 150-200
84.     A Spode Feldspar porcelain dessert service c 1830 painted with exotic birds on branches and folicite sprays with scrolled gilt borders - 28 pieces in total comprising:- tall comport, two circular serving dishes, four square serving dishes, four small oval serving dishes, five large oval serving dishes and thirteen plates 200-300
85.     A Wedgwood Queen Elizabeth II coronation mug 1953 as designed by Richard Guyatt - 10cm tall 30-50
86.     A Wedgwood King George VI 1937 coronation mug as designed by Eric Ravilious - 10.5cm tall 300-500
87.     A pair of 19th Century Kerr & Binns, Worcester porcelain urn form two handled vases painted floral reserves on a turquoise ground - 18cm tall 30-50
88.     A Moorcroft squat vase in a floral design - 8cm 40-60
89.     A 1920's German porcelain Art Deco figurine of a dancing lady, 17cm tall 20-30
90.     A small Chelsea porcelain dish c 1750 with lobed rim and Imari palette in the Brocade pattern, blue anchor mark to base - 20cm diameter - a/f 60-80
91.     A set of four Chelsea porcelain dishes c 1750's with lobed rim and Imari palette in the Brocade pattern, blue anchor mark to base- 24.5 cm diameter 400-600
92.     A Chelsea porcelain gold anchor oval plate c1760 with central floral spray decoration and gilt shaped border with further floral sprays - 33 cm wide 300-500
93.     A Chinese 18th/19th century blue and white export porcelain mug (handle A/F) - 12cm tall. 30-50
94.     A Chinese 19th century Wucai brush pot painted dragon, with hairline crack, 13cm tall 40-60
95.     An 18th century Chinese blue and white moon flask form teapot decorated pageant scenes, lacking lid and handle a/f, 23cm tall 50-70
96.     A Chinese 18th century small blue and white meat plate painted landscape 28.5 cm wide 60-80
97.     A large 18th century Chinese blue and white meat plate painted figures in a landscape with bridge 44 x 36cm 100-150
98.     An 18th century Chinese blue and white large oval serving dish painted peonies on a rock, 36cm long 80-120
99.     A 1950's Italian table lamp possibly by Marcello Fantoni, 57cm tall 20-30
100.    A Poole pottery green dinner service comprising:- two tureens, three graduated meat plates, ten dinner plates, six soup bowls and stands , gravy boat, mustard pot, six breakfast plates and nine side plates 20-40
101.    A group of antique part tea ware including Aynsley, Sunderland Lustre, Tuscan Green Dragon etc 10-30
102.    A Clarice Cliff wall pocket in the form of two budgerigars 21.5cm 80-120
103.    An 18th century wine glass with scrollwork and floral engraved decoration raised on double knopped air twist stem and domed foot circ 1760 - 16.5cm 100-150
104.    An early 20th century Loetz style Austrian iridescent glass vase with Art Nouveau silver overlay (marked sterling). 10.5cm tall. 100-150
105.    A 19th century cut glass decanter - no stopper 10-20
106.    A pair of late 19th century 'Rock Cristal' wine glasses with daisy and foliage decoration to bowl, stem and foot 12cm 30-50
107.    An Italian green bowled glass with nude form stem 14.5cm tall 10-20
108.    A set of four Edwardian Thomas Webb engraved liquor glasses 12cm 80-120
109.    A pair of early 20th century cranberry glasses with overlaid and cut decoration, 13cm tall 30-50
110.    A pair of early 20th century continental tall stemmed liqueur glasses with enamelled floral decoration 14 cm 40-60
111.    A Bristol blue glass decanter and six glasses 30-50
112.    A set of six small early 19th century ale flutes engraved hops, 12.7cm tall 30-50
113.    A pair of Victorian pressed moulded glass bon bon dishes with frosted finish - 19th Century date lozenge on bowl 10-20
114.    A set of six champagne glasses with purple knopped stems 10-20
115.    A cut glass decanter and a clear glass decanter 20-30
116.    Two Murano glass cockerals, tallest 23cm 10-20
117.    A 1920s Bohemian Spatter glass bowl. 10-20
118.    A matched set of nine 19th century custard cups 10-30
119.    A selection of antique glassware including ale flutes and a large cut glass goblet 10-30
120.    A set of seven large wine goblets 20-40
121.    A suite of glassware with etched decoration comprising six tumblers, nine large wine glasses and seven small wine glasses 40-60
122.    A tall cut glass vase - 32cm, a cut glass bowl and a Victorian cut glass bon bon bowl 10-20
123.    A box of silver plated items including a silver and mother of pearl sweetmeat dish 20-40
124.    A quantity of bone handled fish cutlery including one set cased 10-20
125.    An early 19th century Sheffield plated teapot and jug by D & G Holy & Co 10-30
126.    A Christofle beaker, various Victorian and other measures - one inscribed 'Just a Thimbleful', a Gaskell & Chambers 1/6 gill with crown marking etc. 20-30
127.    A set of four large silver plated meat covers by Mathew Boulton, Soho Works with engraved coat of arms and crest to verso - 51cm, 41.5cm wide and two x 35cm wide 300-500
128.    A box of silver plated items and some silver scrap items 10-30
128A.   A stag horn handled knife and fork cutlery set boxed 10-20
129.    A Victorian silver plated warming dish on heavy scroll feet, with liner but no lid, a silver plated tray, crumb scoop etc 10-30
130.    A group of silver plated items to include two skewers, chain purse, magnifying glass and Ronson table lighter 20-40
131.    A silver plated biscuit box with engraved classical decoration, ivory finial and four claw feet 20-40
132.    An Indian silver plated cigarette case with engraved and coloured decoration 20-30
133.    A Victorian silver plated Eton House Sports 'Hurdles' toast rack engraved to G L Hoare, 1897 40-60
134.    A 19th century silver plated four piece tea and coffee set with engraved decoration 40-60
135.    A Victorian silver plated and mother of pearl dessert cutlery set, twelve place settings, cased 10-30
136.    A 'Pullman Carriages' silver plated milk jug by Walker & Hall 10-20
136A.   An oak cutlery box with fitted interior and lift out trays 20-30
136B.   An oak dessert cutlery box 10-20
137.    A Queen Anne silver dog nose table spoon, London 1706 100-150
137A.   A Swiss silver & enamel souvenir spoon and napkin ring for Bradford Motor Trials 20-40
138.    Four silver thimbles 10-20
139.    Four silver and enamel fobs including a 'Justice & Gentleness' buskin School Home fob, Birmingham 1906, 57g 25-35
140.    Two silver and mother of pearl folding fruit knives, two silver penknives a/f, a stone set penknife a/f and a mother of pearl one 20-40
141.    A silver miniature trophy cup, Sheffield 1929, 7cm 45g 30-50
142.    A preserve pot with silver mounts and lid, Sheffield 1919 a sugar spoon and sugar castor with silver mounts 30-50
143.    Two silver engraved vesta cases and a silver match box holder 30-50
144.    A glass toiletry jar with silver and tortoiseshell lid, London 1901, lid 6.5cm diameter 20-30
145.    A pair of silver pierced napkin rings, Sheffield 1871, by HW & co 30-50
146.    A silver button hook and two silver pencils etc 10-30
147.    A cut glass and silver powder bowl with enamel finial and mirror to lid plus a small circular silver frame 20-40
148.    A Samson Morden silver pen/pencil and a silver pencil 40-60
149.    An early 19th century silver plated cruet stand on four claw and ball feet fitted four cut glass and silver mounted cruet bottles 30-50
150.    A glass teapot stand with silver rim, birmingham 1940, JG & S 20-40
150A.   A 925 silver fish form novelty small pin cushion 10-30
150B.   A 925 silver fox form novelty pin cushion 10-30
150C.   A group of silver items including pill box, pair of pepper pots and a silver clock 20-30
151.    A silver sovereign purse, two silver serviette rings and other items 30-40
152.    A silver handled part fruit cutlery set, three silver forks and two silver spoons 20-40
153.    A silver Art Nouveau vase - 14cm, a silver photograph frame 10 x 7.5 cm and a silver napkin clip 30-50
154.    A set of six Swedish 830 standard silver teaspoons with scroll terminals, boxed 30-40
155.    A cased set of six silver spoons- Sheffield 1910 20-30
156.    A cased silver jam spoon, Birmingham 1923, WD 20-40
157.    A pair of silver and ivory butter knives by George Unite, Birmingham 1839 40-60
158.    A set of eight silver and enamel Four Nations cocktail sticks with shamrock, thistle, daffodil and rose terminals, cased 30-50
159.    A cased set of six silver teaspoons and sugar tongs Sheffield 1940 20-30
160.    A cased set of six silver handled knives - Sheffield 1925. 20-30
160B.   A silver child's mug, London 1952 by D & J Wellby, 98g 50-70
160C.   A silver and tortoiseshell tray by William Comyn - London 1889 50-70
161.    A silver backed three piece brush and mirror set, Birmingham 1936 35-45
162.    A silver christening spoon and fork cased and silver plated mother of pearl set boxed 20-30
163.    A set of six late 19th or early 20th century large silver Norwegian David Andersen dinner forks. 384 grams. 150-200
164.    A set of twelve late 19th or early 20th century large silver Norwegian David Andersen table spoons. 784 grams. 300-350
165.    Five silver handled shoe horns and four silver handled button hooks 30-50
166.    A silver fronted pocket watch stand by Henry Clifford Davis, Birmingham 1946 40-60
166A.   A silver shoe form large pin cushion Birmingham 1920 20-40
167.    A small silver pill box - 4cm wide- Birmingham 1963 - weight 16g, together with a silver arts and crafts spoon with hammered decoration (London hallmark) 20-30
168.    A silver chain mesh evening bag, 240g 40-60
169.    An Austrian silver 800 standard fluted fruit bowl by Alexander Sturm, possibly designed by Joseph Hoffman, 602g, 24cm diameter 180-250
170.    A Francis Howard silver hip flask (small split to side) 103g 30-50
171.    A Victorian RAOB silver and enamel medal for Earl Stamford Lodge, cased 30-50
172.    A silver curved card case, Birmingham 1912, by Joseph Gloster, 42g 40-60
173.    A George III silver dome top coffee pot with wooden handle, engraved crest and 'F', London 1754, by Gurney and Cook, 763g 1000-1500
174.    A silver Georgian style water jug, with possible later hallmark London 1991, hinge repaired, 530g 50-70
175.    A George III silver cake basket with all over pierced and embossed decoration and swing handle, London 1773, Richard Mills, 675g 1000-1500
176.    A George III silver Warwick cruet stand with matching large sugar castor, pepper castor, blind mustard castor and two cut glass and silver topped oil & vinegar decanters, engraved coat of arms to stand and crests to castors, London 1767, by Wm Tuite, 1230g 1200-1800
177.    A silver trinket dish with embossed and pierced decoration, Birmingham 1899 72g, 14cm diameter 30-40
178.    A George III silver loving cup, London 1761, by Fuller White, 314g 150-200
179.    A silver circular sugar bowl with pierced decoration, London 1905, 210g 50-70
180.    A silver capstan inkwell, Birmingham 1949 16 cm diameter 50-70
181.    A silver bowl embossed flowers with three mask and scroll supports, London 1875, 147g, by Robert Hennell - 13cm diameter 60-80
182.    A silver hip flask by WN Ltd, Birmingham 1925, 172g 120-180
183.    A George III silver sugar basket with silver gilt interior and bright cut decoration, London 1793 by Henry Chawner, 187g 250-350
184.    A large silver bowl made by Georg Jensen and designed by Sigvard Bernadotte, post 1945 sterling marks, 370g 400-600
185.    A silver trinket box, Birmingham 1919, by Wm Hutton & Sons, 9cm diameter 80-120
186.    A silver cream jug with engraved amorial and Latin inscription, London 1829 by JCE, 236, 15cm 100-150
187.    A large silver sugar castor by G & S Ltd, London 1929, 371g 80-120
188.    A silver inkstand with matching glass inkwell, Sheffield 1911, by Martin & Hall, 150g weighable 80-120
189.    A silver circular trinket pot by James Deakin, Chester 1912 30-50
190.    A Victorian silver basting spoon by Wm Adams, Chawner & Co, London 1884, 157g 30-50
191.    A Mappin & Webb pair of silver cake servers, Sheffield 1924 50-70
192.    A Victorian large silver anointing spoon, London 1901, 107g 30-50
193.    A silver anointing spoon by R & S London 1928, 46g 40-60
194.    A George III silver sauce ladle, London 1783, maker William Sumner, 36g 30-50
195.    A silver teddy bear child's rattle, Birmingham 1940, by C & N, 9.5cm handle 40-60
196.    A Thailand sterling silver small mug with embossed decoration, 55g, 6cm tall 30-50
197.    A silver cream jug in the form of Mr Punch, import marks for 1901/1902- 79g - 5.5cm tall 200-300
197A.   A silver compact by Mappin & Webb, Birmingham 1941 30-50
198.    A silver George III wine funnel, London 1787, by Robert & David Hennell 80-120
199.    A 9ct gold cigarette case with engine turned decoration - Birmingham 1932 - Walker and Hall - 11.5 x 8.5 cm - 156 grams 1800-2000
200.    A silver vesta case, Birmingham 1904, maker LE 20-40
200A.   A pair of silver stag horn menu holders, Birmingham 1907 by HV Pithey & co 100-150
200B.   A pair of wishbone form silver nips, Chester 1906, by Sampson, Mordan & Co 20-40
200C.   A large Georgian silver teapot by Solomon Hougham, London 1810, 870g 400-600
201.    A Victorian gold pendant of circular Etruscan form set cabochon garnet with tassel drops and geometric surmount, on fancy link gold chain, unmarked but tested gold 500-700
202.    A contemporary two colour 9 carat gold necklace 20-30
203.    A string of jade beads with 18 carat white gold diamond set clasp 42cm 300-400
204.    A 9 carat gold ring set seven diamonds - size N 1/2 60-80
205.    An 18 carat gold diamond cluster ring, the central stone approx. 35pts, Size O 500-700
206.    An 18 carat gold and platinum set six stone diamond ring, size S 300-500
207.    An 18 carat gold diamond cluster ring, the central stone approx. 35pts, size O 300-500
208.    A fine 18 ct white gold ring set large central diamond (approx 1 carat) on baguette cut diamond shoulder, size L 2000-3000
209.    An Art Deco diamond set geometrical ring, 2cm x 1cm, size K 200-300
210.    A 15ct gold ring with heart and arrow motif set three diamonds, size L 1/2, 2g 50-70
211.    A Victorian 15 carat gold amethyst and pearl ring, size N 40-60
212.    A Victorian 18 carat gold ring set turquoise and pearl cluster, size M 40-60
213.    An 18 carat gold contemporary style ring set eight diamonds, size O, 5.6g, maker JA 200-300
214.    A 9ct gold sapphire and diamond set crossover ring, Size L 50-70
215.    A Victorian 18ct gold diamond set five stone ring - Size O 150-200
216.    A 9ct gold pearl ring, size 0 30-50
217.    An 18 carat gold diamond and sapphire ring, size M 1/2 400-600
218.    A 9ct gold five stone diamond ring, size M 1/2 80-120
219.    A gold ring set three sapphires and two chip diamonds, size N 80-100
220.    A 9 ct gold cameo ring, size K 1/2 30-50
221.    A 9ct gold ring set hexagonal garnet - Size 0 1/2 25-35
222.    A 9ct gold garnet & chip diamond interlaced ring, size M 1/2 60-80
223.    A 9ct gold ring set blue stone hearts, size S 50-70
224.    A 9ct gold ruby and chip diamond ring and a sapphire and diamond cluster ring 80-100
225.    A 9ct gold ring set orange stone, size I 30-50
226.    Three 14 carat gold spiral twist rings set diamonds, size k, total 3.2g 70-90
227.    An unusual Art Deco style 18 k gold lapis lazuli and diamond set ring, size L 180-250
228.    A 14 ct gold large Georgian oval gentleman's seal ring set cornelian carved with cameo bust of a woman, size S 1/2 700-900
229.    A 1960's coral and textured 14 carat gold triple flexible link ring, total weight 10g, size m 150-200
230.    An Indian gold cluster flower form ring set green stones with decorative floral enamel back and band, 2.3 cm diameter 200-300
231.    A 9 ct white gold ring set blue topaz, the stone 2cm x 1.2cm, size m 50-70
232.    A large Islamic 18ct gold gentleman's ring set square agate with inscription, marked 750 500-700
233.    A Russian gold plated ring set amber, size 0 1/2 40-60
234.    A 9 carat gold ring set synthetic opal doublet - size M 40-60
234A.   A 9 carat white gold ring set single diamond, size J, 2.5g 40-60
235.    A 14 carat gold ring interspersed white stones all round - size O 50-70
235A.   An Art Deco 18 carat white gold and platinum set aquamarine flanked by six diamonds, size L 300-500
236.    An 18 carat gold oval swivel fob set cornelian and bloodstone, total length 2.8 cm 150-200
237.    An 18 carat gold framed compass charm 0 8g a/f 30-50
238.    An Edwardian 9 carat gold sword and horseshoe brooch set turquoise and seed pearls, Chester, 1.7g 30-50
239.    A mid 19th century 15 ct gold and black enamel serpent form brooch set chip diamond eyes 3.2cm x 2.2cm (unmarked but tested) 60-80
240.    A Victorian black stone and gold oval mourning brooch with seed pearl set leaf motif and hair locket to reverse, 3.6cm long 100-150
241.    A 9 carat gold stone set fob 40-60
242.    A 15 carat gold fox head bar brooch or stock pin set ruby eyes, 4cm wide , 4g 40-60
242A.   A 9 carat gold horse shoe and riding crop brooch, 3.7cm long, 1.1g 30-50
243.    A 15 carat gold front and back oval engraved locket and a gold plated fob chain 80-120
244.    A 9ct gold green stone ring, two 9ct gold cameo rings and a pair of cameo 9 ct gold earrings 50-70
245.    A 9ct gold heart pendant set red stones 40-60
245A.   A 9 carat gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring and a pair of 9 carat gold earrings set sapphires and white stones 30-50
246.    A Victorian silver and gold set diamond pendant of openwork design set with a pearl to centre - unmarked but tested 600-800
247.    A 9 carat gold and diamond tennis bracelet, approx. 1/2 ct of diamonds in total 180-250
248.    A pair of green carved jade pendant earrings, 3.3cm drop 200-300
249.    A pair of Victorian yellow metal carved hardstone cameo pendant earrings, 3.5cm drop 200-300
250.    A 9ct gold pearl pendant and chain , a pair of matching earrings, and a 9ct gold garnet pendant 50-70
251.    A pair of gold earrings 11g - 18ct gold tested but not marked 200-300
252.    A pair of 18 carat gold rose quartz drop earrings set diamonds 300-500
253.    A pair of sapphire and pearl drop earrings with gold screw fittings, unmarked 50-70
254.    A pair of turquoise and jade pendant earrings on 9 carat gold pierced fittings 40-60
255.    A pair of yellow metal cufflinks (unmarked but tested as gold) 10g 100-150
256.    A damaged 9ct gold signet ring, a 9 carat ring set diamond a/f and a 9 carat gold pendant and gold chain, total weight 9.6g 30-40
257.    A pair of 18 carat white gold diamond set earrings 80-120
258.    A 15ct gold and enamel Womens Institute badge 6g - circa 1930 - etched to rear 'FRDM Blockley W.I 1930 80-120
259.    A diamond set pendant on silver chain 40-60
260.    A 9ct gold mother of pearl pendant 50-70
261.    A pair of early 20th century 9 carat gold and enamel cufflinks, cased, total weight 7.6g 200-300
262.    A 9ct gold pendant set coloured stones on a fine 9ct gold chain 30-50
263.    An amber pendant on a 9ct gold chain 30-50
264.    A 9ct gold leaf from multi stone pendent and chain 40-60
265.    A 9ct gold cameo pendant and 9ct gold cameo brooch 60-80
266.    A Victorian hinged bangle set garnets (over 250) to lozenge design front and fully around the band - probably silver gilt 300-500
267.    A 9ct gold chain, silver pendant and chain etc 20-40
268.    A pair of Middle Eastern white metal brooches set coins. 5.5cm diameter 20-40
269.    A quantity of silver and white metal bracelets etc 30-40
270.    A box of contemporary silver and white metal jewellery 100-150
270A.   A box of silver and white metal jewellery including Turkish bracelet and butterfly wing brooch 20-40
271.    A silver American buckle with 10k gold rider motif and various silver and costume jewellery 60-80
272.    A selection of vintage brooches 20-30
273.    A group of three antique brooches, earrings and a stick pin 10-30
274.    A Polish silver puzzle pendant by B. A Bielak 5cm 20-30
275.    Two mid 20th century silver floral brooches 10-20
276.    A small box of silver and other white metal jewellery 20-30
277.    A good selection of silver and white metal brooches 20-30
278.    Eleven various silver rings and one other 30-50
279.    A silver large Art Nouveau brooch - originally a Nurses' buckle 20-30
280.    A gold and silver tri-colour necklace and a silver moonstone necklace 60-80
281.    Two silver bracelets and Warner bracelet and one other bracelet 10-30
282.    Two silver heart form lockets and various pendants etc 30-40
283.    A 19th Century cornelian and gilt metal crucifix pendant with central woven hair panel 5cm wide - a/f 20-30
284.    Two Victorian silver 'Edith' brooches 10-20
285.    A large Victorian silver locket decorated with a bird 5cm x 4cm 60-80
286.    A Georgian gold and yellow stone set crucifix, possibly topaz, 4cm x 3.2cm a/f and a pair of early 19th century white metal earrings 10-30
287.    A box of costume jewellery including silver teddy stick pin, white metal and niello slave bangle etc 20-40
288.    A silver globe or ball picture locket with concertina interior 40-60
289.    A pair of silver and black stone cufflinks boxed and a pair of silver cufflinks 10-30
290.    A Ruskin brooch and various silver jewellery etc 20-40
291.    A Chinese silver brooch decorated with carp eating an insect within floral and beaded borders, marked to back 3.8cm diameter 20-30
292.    A box of 800 standard continental silver and enamel souvenir charms 30-50
293.    A small section of costume jewellery rings 10-20
294.    A large silver plated Scottish Clan brooch set orange stone, 9cm diameter 50-70
295.    A silver albert chain, stone fob and compass fob 20-40
296.    A Victorian yellow metal brooch set tigers eye 30-50
297.    Two Scottish silver brooches and a silver plated one 10-30
298.    An Edwardian yellow metal Art Nouveau pendant with central green stone together with a yellow metal fishing hook brooch and a Victorian pinchbeck locket brooch 40-60
299.    A pair of Essex crystal cufflinks decorated with dogs 20-40
300.    A pair of 9ct gold on silver cufflinks 20-30
301.    Two pairs of vintage cufflinks decorated with race horses and dogs 10-20
302.    A pair of Essex Crystal cufflinks, decorated with motorcars 20-40
302A.   A white metal brooch in the form of two race horses set opals and chip diamonds, probably silver gilt 50-70
302B.   A silver necklace set two pearl drops 10-20
303.    Two white metal coin bracelets 20-30
304.    A micro mosaic brooch and two bracelets 10-20
305.    A rectangular yellow metal engraved pendant locket marked GF 20-30
306.    A silver and enamel military sweetheart badge and a silver and enamel shield form badge with lion and crown by GH & Co 20-40
307.    A silver Celtic brooch with Millefiori glass centre by C.G and two white metal brooches 10-30
307A.   A silver Iona Celtic brooch, Glasgow 1926 by John McGilvray & Son 20-40
308.    An early 20th century enamel and mother of pearl buckle, hatpin and button set in fitted case 30-50
309.    A large quantity of costume jewellery 20-40
310.    A tray of costume jewellery inc. brooches, necklaces, bracelets etc. 20-30
311.    A tray of costume jewellery inc. brooches, necklaces, bracelets etc. 20-30
312.    A tray of costume jewellery inc. brooches, necklaces, bracelets etc. 20-30
313.    A tray of costume jewellery inc. brooches, necklaces, bracelets etc. 20-30
314.    A tray of costume jewellery inc. brooches, necklaces, bracelets etc. 20-30
315.    A jewellery box with contents - mainly costume jewellery with a few silver items 20-30
316.    A box of costume jewellery 10-30
317.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
318.    Five various bead necklaces including malachite 20-30
319.    A quantity of amber beads and amber pendant 80-120
320.    A small box of costume jewellery to include necklaces and bracelets 10-20
321.    A box of costume jewellery and pair of opera glasses 10-20
322.    A box of costume jewellery 10-20
323.    A box of various costume jewellery brooches 20-30
324.    A coral necklace and a bead necklace 10-20
325.    A faceted garnet necklace with silver clasp 20-30
326.    A string of amber beads, 24g, 56cm long 20-40
327.    A freshwater pearl and peridot necklace 20-30
328.    A large size 8 day silver plated pocket watch by Brock & Son, Edinburgh 30-50
329.    A Frederique Constant gentleman's quartz wrist watch, as new boxed with original paperwork and guarantee, bought August 2019 200-300
330.    A Stauer Admiral Nelson Automatic wrist watch, as new boxed 80-120
331.    A Smiths Everite Helmsman gold filled gentleman's wrist watch 50-70
332.    A 9ct gold Vertex gentlemen's vintage wrist watch 120-180
333.    A 9ct gold 1930's gentleman's wrist watch 120-180
334.    A 9ct gold Omega gentleman's vintage wrist watch 200-300
334A.   A 9 carat gold Omega gentleman's wrist watch with date niche and integral strap, total weight 59g 700-900
335.    A Leda Genieve gents 9ct gold manual wrist watch 80-120
336.    A Citizen Automatic Divers Watch 100-150
337.    Two silver plated fob watches 20-40
338.    A silver plated pocket watch by J W Reeves Bawtry 20-40
339.    A half hunter silver pocket watch Birmingham 1889 with key 50-70
340.    A Gruen ladies gold plated pendant watch 10-30
341.    A silver 935 continental pocket watch with key 30-50
342.    A Waltham rolled gold pocket watch with screw back 30-50
343.    A silver pocket watch, London 1882 by H Singleton, Leamington, with key 40-60
344.    A 935 continental silver pocket watch 20-30
345.    Two silver pocket watches and a Swiss white metal wrist watch - possibly a WWI trench watch 30-50
346.    A Harry Potter quartz watch by Warner Bros. 10-30
347.    Four vintage gentleman's wrist watches 10-30
348.    Four silver plated pocket watches and a white metal one 20-40
349.    A white metal continental fob watch and an early 20th century silver wrist watch - possibly a WWI trench watch 20-40
350.    A mid 20th century gents mechanical wrist watch and three ladies wrist watches including a Hermes 20-40
351.    Four mechanical gents wrist watches including a Caravelle and a Rotary watch 20-40
352.    A Garrard and Co incabloc mono wrist watch with stainless steel back and leather strap - recently serviced 80-100
353.    A Doxa Mens dress watch with subsidiary seconds dial and black lizard style strap - recently cleaned and serviced 120-150
354.    A vintage Roamer mechanical wrist watch and three others including an Oris ladies watch 20-40
355.    A Nivada Compensamatic 17 jewels wristwatch with brown leather strap and original box - recently serviced 70-100
356.    A box of watch movements and a Best Centre Seconds Chronograph watch 10-30
357.    A box of watch movements etc 20-40
358.    A selection of various wristwatches 10-20
359.    A box of old watches 20-40
360.    A box of watches 20-40
361.    A Franca Montex wrist watch with subsidary seconds dial and stainless steel strap - recently serviced 50-80
362.    Spare lot 0-10
363.    An Iconic Apollo Mission to the Moon Spacecraft Commanders Briefing Kit 1968, Geminiscan - complete. 20-30
364.    Sala Gaspar 1960 Exhibition Catalogue with Original Picasso Lithograph (Front Cover). Limited to 1000 copies, printed by Mourlot with 30 unpublished photos. 80-120
365.    An Autocar magazine 1895, an Albion FT 3A chassis trade brochure and vintage Highway Code 10-20
366.    Two handwritten letters from General Roberts to Colonel J C Tyler and his wife - 1907 and 1910 30-50
366A.   Ten blank flight certificates for Concorde 10-30
367.    A selection of late 19thC/early 20thC London magazines etc. 10-20
368.    A folio of 18th and 19th century etchings and engravings 10-30
369.    A selection of Victorian and later photographs to include a 19th century albumen photograph of an early steam engine. No. 2002 40-60
370.    A collection of approx. 32 1930's Farmers Home Magazines. 10-20
371.    A selection of twenty 1950s/1960s motorcycle magazines. 10-20
372.    Three Golf Bobby Jones Flicker booklets No 11a, 11b & 11c 60-80
373.    The Shipwreck by William Falconer, 7th Edition 1790 30-50
374.    The Man with the Golden Gun & Dr No - both early editions by Ian Fleming 30-50
375.    A group of Victorian pen and ink Christmas cards and letters 10-30
376.    Two First Edition copies of 'Old Road', A Lancashire Childhood Recalled by Ruth Johnson, compiled by A. H. Body, one with dust jacket, First edition, signed by both 10-30
377.    Manners and Customs of England Drawn From ye Quick, by Rychard Doyle 10-20
378.    On The Road with Wellington August Schaumann 1924, with mounted colour plates, 1924. 30-40
379.    Six King Penguin Titles. Cambridge. The Bayeux Tapestry. The English Tradition in Design, The Microcosm of London, British Shells, English Book Illustration 1800-1900. 4 are 1st editions. 20-30
380.    Collins New Naturalist Series. 1st editions. Wild Flowers of Chalk and Limestone, No 16 British Plant Life No 10. Both with jackets. 20-30
381.    Bye Laws by "Ross Improvement Commissioners" 1894 20-40
382.    A group of vintage cookery and household management books to include:- Mrs Beeton 'All About Cookery', Enquire Within by Elizabeth Craig 1950, Household Hints by Country Life 1928, Complete Home Cookery by Millie Stanley Wrench 1930 & The Single Handed Cook by Mrs C S Peel 1904 20-40
383.    A selection of various cookery books to include Mrs. Beetons. 10-20
384.    An Introduction to Diesel Traction pub. British Railways, Western Region 1963 20-40
385.    The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew by W J Bean 20-30
386.    Arabian Nights Entertainments -James Mason illustrated, published Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co 10-20
387.    The Thousand and One Nights - three volume set, pub by John Murray 1859. Very good condition 60-80
387A.   The Apples of England by Sir A D Hall and The Book of Apples by Morgan & Richards. 20-30
387B.   Royal Commission on Historical Monuments. Volume 1 Westminster Abbey. Pub. by HMSO 1924 1st edition 20-40
387C.   The Cartier book of racing colours. Special edition, full leather binding. Fine condition. 40-60
387D.   A signed book 'Bader The Man and His Men' signed by Douglas Bader and other pilots 20-40
388.    Cartier. Jewellers Extraordinary by Hans Nadel Hoffer. 20-30
389.    The Gilbert Collection of Gold Boxes. Pub. by the Los Angeles Museum of Art 1st edition. Fine condition 30-40
390.    Three books on Faberge. The Imperial Eggs, The Faberge Case and Art of Carl Faberge. All in very good condition. 20-40
391.    Observations. Photographs by Richard Avedon. Text by Truman Capote. 1959 1st edition with slipcase. 100-120
392.    The Authentic Map Directory of London and suburbs pub. Geographia, Fourth edition 150-200
393.    Locomotives and Their Workings, Volumes 1 & 2 by Virtue & Co London 50-70
394.    Royal Airforce Flying Review 1953 10-30
395.    Three books on Rolling tone magazine. 20 yeas of Rolling Stone, Rolling Stone, The Photographs and Images of Rock'n'Roll. 30-40
396.    A Photographic Portfolio of Famous Cities by John Stoddard 10-20
397.    Ten folios of Italian Art & Architecture, c. 1900 10-30
398.    A box of 17th and 18th century books including Belisaire by M Marmontel, Biblia Hebraica, Natural History etc. - mainly leather bound 30-50
399.    A Robert Mordan map print of the Swansea Islands 38 x 42cm 30-50
400.    A map of Surrey published by Caswell and a map of Somersetshire by Eddie Weller - Somersetshire - 43cm by 33cm. 20-30
401.    A John Cary map of Worcestershire c. 1787 - 26 x 21cm, and an 18th century map of England and Wales 40-60
402.    An American Ansonia striking mantel clock with key and pendulum and a 1950's German striking eight day wall clock 20-30
403.    An American shelf clock with applied decoration 20-30
404.    A Koma vintage tortion clock under dome 20-40
405.    A 1920's mahogany cased arch top mantel clock with Westminster chime 20-40
406.    An early 20th Century mahogany balloon form mantel clock with decorative inlay, retailed by Aspreys, 18cm 40-60
407.    An American shelf clock with gilt decoration to glazed door 30-50
408.    An Edwardian mahogany arch top mantel clock with French eight day movement 25-35
409.    An antique style mahogany mantel clock with battery movement - 26cm 10-20
410.    A 19th century 24 hour clock in balloon form mahogany case by F Fritschler and Co, 30cm tall 100-150
411.    A Victorian architectural style slate mantel clock 30-50
412.    A 1930's oak chiming mantel clock and another mantel clock 10-20
413.    A Smiths Bakelite cased 1930's mantel clock, with key and striking movment, recently serviced 30-50
414.    A Weems and Plat reproduction Ships style clock in octagonal mahogany finish box 10-30
415.    A circular brass wall clock mounted in later case 30-50
416.    A Smiths eight day mantel clock, together with a framed Smiths clock 20-30
417.    A "Jaguar Racing" formula One watch winder 40-60
418.    A Cartier carriage clock - with engraved inscription 'To Paul Happy Times, Merry Xmas - Robert' cased - given to Paul Martinez by Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin - with accompanying photograph of Robert and Paul in the band 80-120
419.    A 1930's Art Deco Oris small mantel clock with green glass and gilt metal case 9cm tall and an Oris alarm clock 30-50
420.    An early 20th century gilt brass miniature carriage clock, with key, 7cm 40-60
421.    A small brass jam pan together with a copper tube and small brass candlesticks 10-20
422.    A set of Victorian cast iron and brass scales by Bartlett of Bristol with set of small bell weights, 4 ozs to 1/4 ozs 10-30
423.    An original 'New Stamford Horse Rake' cast iron plaque by Blackstone & Co. 20-30
424.    A selection of metalware to include copper pans etc. 10-20
425.    Eight Victorian powder flanks in copper, brass, tin and leather with embossed decoration 80-120
426.    A set of kitchen scales, brass candlesticks and a door stop 10-20
427.    A 19th century bottle jack 10-20
428.    A quantity of brass including small Arts and Crafts tray decorated birds 10-30
429.    A selection of 'Record' planes and other tools - includes a 'Record' No 6, 044, 0130, 101 etc 20-30
430.    A box of brass ware to include trivets, fire dogs etc 20-30
431.    A Thomas Excelda portable phonograph/gramophone - with re-enamelled case (seen working in saleroom) 200-300
432.    Three Bristol Blue bottles, one of which medicine related and labelled 'Concentrated Tincture of Quassia'. 10-20
433.    A small box of collectable trinkets including mother of pearl Navy buckle, cap badges etc 20-30
434.    A Waterman's 18ct nibbed ink pen, a Schaeffer and two others in Waterman's display wallet 60-80
435.    A 19th century ivory umbrella form novelty needle case and a small mother of pearl handled stone set seal engraved with a thistle 20-40
436.    A Parker 17 ink pen boxed 20-30
437.    Two Parker 61 ink pens 40-60
438.    Four various old ink pens including 2 Shaeffers and a Croxley 20-40
439.    A Victorian octagonal specimen stone rule, 16cm 20-40
440.    A tortoiseshell and mother of pearl miniature mandolin, 13cm 10-30
441.    A good selection of collectable's including corkscrews, silver penknife, key shaped pencil etc 50-60
442.    A De La Rue fountain pen and a Cambridge fountain pen, both with 14 ct gold nibs 30-50
443.    A selection of various fountain and ballpoint pens to include a Swan Maybie Todd gilt pen and some Parker pens 20-30
444.    Four Robinson Golly badges 20-40
445.    A 'Kaweco Sport' Fountain Pen, 'Unique' fountain pen, (missing cap and four Parker ballpoint pens with 'Sun Life Direct' advertising 10-20
446.    A 19th century ivory frilled edge carved box with floral micro mosaic to lid - 6.5 cm diameter x 2.6 cm deep 120-180
447.    A bronze African Ashanti gold weight figure of a man with knife 7cm, an Indian miniature bronze of a women, a European figure, 'Ave Maria' and a bronze animal charm 20-40
448.    A set of three early 20th century Chinese miniature unframed gouache/watercolour - shipping scenes - 7 x 11cm 50-70
449.    Two tins of army buttons, cap badges, buckle etc 20-30
450.    A box of military collectable's including buckle, buttons and badges 20-30
451.    A box of badges including RMS Queen Elizabeth badge, London Transport silver pendant, Worcestershire Regt. silver and tortoiseshell badge etc. 10-30
452.    A Middle Eastern curved brass dagger with mother of pearl inlay 27.5cm 30-50
452A.   A box of military collectable's including badges and buttons 10-20
453.    A German leather WWI cartridge holder and a horseshoe form snuff box, engraved by hand 'A Present from Lowestoft to Alex Lemmon' and dated to reverse 1901 20-40
454.    A WWI victory medal awarded to 44955 Pte. Baker Durham Light Infantry - together with three medal miniature group and two later civilian association medals 40-60
455.    A tin of whistles and penknives to include military and Acme Thunderer etc. 30-40
456.    A travelling fork and corkscrew 'Taylor Eye' Sheffield penknife plus mother of pearl and nail clippers. 20-30
457.    A box of watch keys and two other keys 10-20
458.    Six antique keys of various sizes. 20-30
459.    A box of old clock keys 10-30
460.    A collection of clock keys 10-20
460A.   A framed display of 19th Century steel keys - 26cm x 34cm 20-30
461.    A group of medals including WVS Service Medal, two Royal Commemorative medals 1937 and 1953 (from Herbert Howells Composer) Queen Mary thank you postcard and RNAS postcard for Pte Edgar Stansfield etc. 20-30
462.    A box of collectable's to include ebony box with silver initials and a carved stone bowl 20-40
463.    A collection of antique oriental ivory and bone, various wooden stands etc some a/f 20-40
464.    A box of various antique and vintage bells. 20-30
465.    A pair of Barr and Stroud binoculars in a leather case 20-30
466.    A set of 'Garden Golf' clock Roman numerals 20-40
467.    A tray of late 19th century to early 20th Century chisels - approx nine in total 20-30
468.    Two vintage radio headsets plus accessories etc 10-20
469.    A box of small metal and brass items to include door knockers, oil burner etc. 10-20
470.    A box of concave kitchen scales together with miscellaneous brassware. 10-20
471.    A Victorian mahogany writing slope with fitted interior 20-40
472.    A 19th century mahogany jewellery box - 31 x 23cm 20-30
473.    Five various small carved African hardwood figures, the largest 13cm tall 10-20
474.    An early 19th century black tin circular spice box, later re finished 30-50
475.    Five various 19th century treen butter stamps 20-30
476.    A pair of 19thC rustic treen dishes together with a similar apple shaped dish. 21cm diameter. 10-20
477.    Withdrawn 10-30
478.    A continental silver plated jewellery box, brass casket, white metal scent bottle and perfume flask by Association of British Craftsmen. 30-40
479.    Two vintage painted wooden fans 10-20
480.    A mid 20th century black enamel make up vanity case together with two compacts and a make-up 'purse'. 10-20
481.    A group of four black satin vintage evening bags with applied silver and marcasite decoration including one with pair of hands holding a watch case and another with scottie dog and stone clasp 300-500
482.    Three various fans including a Victorian black lace ones 10-30
483.    A small white metal box inset with onyx and tigers eye and three decorative boxes 20-30
484.    A box of collectable's including small two draw pocket telescope, compasses, opera glasses embossed hunting scene etc 60-80
485.    An Eastern metallic thread shawl 60-80
486.    A box of beaded evening bags and gloves etc 20-30
487.    A box of old buttons 20-30
488.    A 19th century stained wood small stationery box in book form (size 26cm wide by 18cm) 10-20
489.    Four small items of cloisonne enamel 20-30
490.    A Joseph Sankey and Sons Art Nouveau copper tray. 10-20
490A.   A brass alms dish by Cox, Buckley & Co, 25.5cm diameter 20-40
491.    A small tray of 18th to 19th Century handles and fittings for furniture 20-30
492.    A selection of vintage metal hub caps. 10-20
493.    Two boxes of collectable match boxes and match books 10-20
493A.   Phillumeny Collection of matchboxes and cigarette boxes plus labels, some unused - wide cross section from early 20th century onwards, some unusual 20-40
494.    A large 19th Century mahogany writing box with fitted interior, 55cm wide 30-50
495.    A 19th Century mahogany writing box with fitted interior - 40cm wide 25-35
496.    A selection of seven vintage fly and other fishing rods together with a salmon hook (A/F) 60-80
497.    A Hardy Palatona bamboo fly fishing rod "The Perfection" and another Hardy Palatona rod (other a/f) 60-80
498.    Saxtons map of Cheshire, a John Speed map of Surrey, plus a reproduction map of Cheshire - Saxtons 40cm by 51cm. 20-30
499.    A brass oil lamp with etched glass globe shade 20-40
500.    A Reuge onyx carousel musical box lipstick holder playing 'Time for Us' and 'Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head' 60-80
501.    A 19th Century brass candlestick in a Baroque revival style with central coiled snake and snail design - 25cm tall 30-50
502.    A pair of French brass candlesticks decorated with putti to stems holding dragon flies 19.5cm 70-90
503.    An early 19th century tortoiseshell writing or toiletry box with mirror flanked by brass candle sconces over slope front, the writing surface missing and the mirror currently detached from the base, 46cm tall 80-120
504.    A 19th century Chinese cabinet with cupboard over recess over three small drawers and cabinet, brass hinges and locks - 128cm tall 60-80
505.    A Victorian papier mache tray decorated peacock and urn of flowers with mother of pearl inlay
58 x 44cm 40-60
506.    A tall Victorian painted pine cabinet with two glazed doors over two drawers and cupboard, width 102cm 100-150
507.    A vintage case containing a quantity of birds feathers - for use in taxidermy repair 20-30
508.    An Edwardian blue velvet ladies wide brim hat with ostrich feathers - 50cm wide 20-30
509.    An Edwardian lace christening gown and slip together with a satin jacket and two other items of children's clothing 15-25
510.    Two tin plate trucks and trailer - restored and partly re-built 50-70
511.    A selection of approximately 12 Corgi classic die cast motor cars - mainly unboxed 10-20
512.    A Meccano Ltd Dinky Supertoy BBC Extending Mast Vehicle, No 969, boxed 100-150
513.    A Corgi Green Hornet 'Crime Fighting Car' from Black Beauty, No 268, boxed 150-200
514.    A Chandos wooden jigsaw of England and Wales and a Victory world wooden jigsaw 10-20
515.    A 1950 Pelham Puppet Minnie Mouse - boxed 20-30
516.    An Indonesian wooden puppet- 41cm tall 10-20
517.    Two model steam engines 40-60
518.    A Basset Lowke model of a steam engine - Fowler Showmans engine 'Renown'. Ltd edition number 37 of 500 with original COA. 60-80
519.    A Bassett Lowke model of a Burrel type steam roller. Ltd edition number 257 of 2000 with original COA. 60-80
520.    A Bassett Lowke model of a Burrel type traction engine - ltd edition number 167 of 2000 with original COA. 60-80
521.    A clockwork vintage monkey with cymbals, a Charlie Weaver 1960's battery bar tender and similar clown 50-70
522.    An early 20th century gold plush jointed teddy bear with glass eyes, velvet paws and stitched nose, originally with growler 30-50
523.    A small blonde Farnell teddy bear with glass eyes, stitched nose and mouth & fabric paws, 26cm 150-200
524.    A box of Army Multikit Meccano 10-20
525.    An Armand Marseille dream baby doll 20-40
526.    A pair of large Chinese Republic period Canton style table lamps and shades - 72cm 50-70
527.    A large Japanese Meiji period bronze of a reclining bull - 42cm long - signed to base 450-550
528.    A tray of 19th century brassware to include a pair of James Cartland Art Nouveau fire dogs, various candlesticks, 19th century fireside set etc 30-50
529.    A Chinese gilt and red lacquer two door cabinet on slender supports - 95 x 109cm tall 50-70
530.    Lo Depagne - Chinese watercolour of a monkey riding a donkey, signed and dated '86 - 68 x 31cm 20-40
531.    Viout - oil on canvas rice fields and workers - 59 x 44cm 30-50
532.    Nora Wilkie - Australian watercolour landscape - 31 x 24cm 40-60
533.    An early 19th century watercolour and silk embroidered panel of classical ruins with scholar a/f - 53 x 48cm, and a 19th century watercolour and silk embroidered panel of exotic bird - 49 x 50cm 20-40
534.    A Buddhist Wheel of Life watercolour - 45 x 34cm 40-60
535.    A Chinese gilt and red painted and carved wood stool 30-50
536.    A Japanese circular lacquer tray 37cm diameter 10-20
537.    A late 19th century Chinese pine side cabinet with three cupboards and four drawers to base, brass handles and locking plates - a/f 40-60
538.    A mid 20thC Chinese reproduction bronze lamp base - 45cm to top of fitting. 40-60
539.    A mid 20thC large Chinese reproduction bronze lamp base - 78cm tall to top of fitting - one foot missing from base. 60-80
540.    An early 20th century large Chinese carved ebony laughing Buddha floor lamp, 70cm 40-60
541.    A Persian small enamel set of six cups and saucers on a tray decorated flowers and birds 30-50
542.    A Moroccan octagonal carved wood occasional table carved vines, on folding base 40-60
543.    John Spencer Churchill (1926 - 2014) 'Winston feeding his Golden Orfes' colour print signed and dated 1974 - 27 x 34cm 100-150
544.    A Chinese hardwood cabinet with carved decoration to doors all raised on slender supports, width 92cm wide 40-60
545.    A Regency period rosewood over mantel mirror 86cm wide x 58cm tall 20-30
546.    Henry Guy - pair of lithographs of the Malvern Hills - 50 x 75cm - framed as one 40-60
547.    Lesley Holmes - watercolour - still life vase of flowers 50 x 36cm 40-60
548.    A mid 20th century circular dark wood coffee table 30-50
549.    A brass preserving pan and a set of kitchen scale weights 20-40
550.    A green fabric upholstered four fold screen 30-50
551.    A 19th century Post Office pine large set of sturdy parcel shelves 173cm high x 29cm x 61cm (very heavy) 150-200
552.    Sir William Russell Flint limited edition print 'Fair Horizon' - edition of 325, signed by the artist in pencil, 28.5 x 41.5cm, - with original certificate 300-500
553.    Two Marc Chagall lithographs - the larger entitled Clown in Love and from the unsigned edition as printed at the Mourlot studio, Paris 1963. 32cm by 24cm. The smaller measures 23.5cm by 21.5cm. 80-120
554.    Picasso - An original lithograph 'Honore de Balzac', printed by Mourlot 1952, limited number 2230 of 3000. Signed on the plate and also with signed in pencil on Justification du Tirage COA. 22cm by 16cm. 300-500
555.    Marc Chagall Lithograph Siecle No 34 1970, estimated edition of 3000. Mourlot Imprimeur, Paris. Glazed and Framed. 29cm by 23cm. 100-150
556.    A continental etching of a women 'Campainere' 15 x 9.5cm 20-40
557.    A Henry Moore original lithograph of three reclining figures 1972. Signed to mount. Glazed and framed. 27cm by 19cm. 150-200
558.    Edward Cherry - etching Bath Abbey 14 x 9cm and Charles Barker - etching York Minster Rose window 10-20
559.    A set of five 19th Century fashion prints 21cm x 17cm 10-20
559A.   A pair of 18th century steel engravings after C Lempriere 'Battle Views' with portrait vignette border 26 x 53cm 80-120
560.    A quantity of cameras and lenses including a Nikon F65 camera, a Tokina 60 - 300mm lenses etc 30-40
561.    A box of cameras to include Canon E0S 50E and Polaroid hand camera 10-20
562.    Roger Cecil - watercolour 'Coastland' (David Griffiths Gallery label) - signed and dated 1963 - 24 x 34cm 150-200
563.    A wooden packing crate board advertising Coopers Sheep Dipping Powder 65 x 25cm 20-30
564.    A Mazawattee tea advert from Alfred Dyer, Blakeney, Forest of Dean 40 x 30cm 20-40
565.    An early 20th century Oxo Advertising wooden printed barometer with calendar 31cm tall and other advertising items 40-60
566.    A group of advertising and packaging items including tins and bottles 20-40
567.    A Programme & Souvenir of the Royal Visit of the King and Queen of Italy to London on the 19th of November 1903. Shows itinerary and procession plans. 20-30
568.    A Huntley and Palmers biscuit box cover, late 19thC with illustrated detail of the company factory - in oak frame. 20-30
569.    A Japanese lacquer tray with gilt decoration of exotic bird on branch - 41cm wide 10-20
570.    A box of cameras including Sony Cybershot Digital Camera, Voightlander VITOB, Rollei 35 LED and Aqilox 1948 50-70
571.    An African carved wood panel depicting figures - 44 x 99cm 10-20
572.    A Chinese gilt and red lacquer side cabinet with drawers over cupboard - 101cm wide 50-70
573.    A quantity of 78 rpm records in two boxes 10-20
574.    A BBC record 'The Sounds of Time' and various 78rpm records 10-20
574A.   A box of 78RPM records 10-20
575.    A collection of various single records and albums including The Beatles 'Rock n Roll Music vol 1', and various Beatles singles and Bay City Rollers 'Once Upon a Star' 20-40
576.    A deep brass kitchen bowl and a brass saucepan, copper frying pan etc 20-40
577.    A group of six large 19th century unframed engravings and etchings 20-40
578.    An etching by Pauline Aitken and four lithographs by Sheila Wright - circa 1960's, all unframed 20-40
579.    A box of die cast cars etc 10-20
580.    A box of cameras including: Kodak Kollenda 620, Brownie No2, Six-20B, Brownie Hawkeye No2, portrait Brownie, two Brownie127's, six-20 Junior Instamatic 25, Ilford Sprite 35, Praktica Noval B, Polaroid Land 20, Anso Folding and Denhill Binoculars 40-60
581.    A box of cameras to include a Zeiss Ikophot Meter, Kodak Hauheye Deleuxe, Kodak Brownie boxed and a Gevoert Gevabox 10-30
582.    A box of old bottles including ginger beer 20-40
583.    A Chinese hardwood carved occasional table 50-70
584.    An early 20th oak stick stand 10-20
585.    A collection of museum and gallery posters - unframed 10-30
586.    A Swaine & Adeney riding crop 10-20
587.    A Chinese carved jade lion walking stick handle on later stick 30-50
588.    Clare Davies - watercolour Aberdyfi harbour scene - 26 x 39cm 20-30
589.    A Lowry print 'The Old House, Maryport' - 44 x 60cm 10-20
590.    A Walt Disney limited edition serigraph print of Mickey Mouse 25 x 33.5cm and a Looney Tunes Tweety Pie limited edition serigraph print 39 x 32.5cm 30-50
591.    Brandon - oil on canvas harbour scene and another oil harbour scene, 55 x 74cm 20-30
592.    A Victorian silhouette of a woman and an engraving of an old man reading with woman watching from a window and another print 20-40
593.    Four small Dirty Dogs of Paris Cartoons and one other of man with cello by Brockbank 8 x 13cm 10-20
594.    A 19th century coloured print of Italian sailor and three women 16 x 23cm and another Italian print of a young woman with a dog 10-30
595.    A watercolour coastal scene 17 x 24 cm, a watercolour sheep in landscape and a watercolour racing scene 10-20
596.    A group of eighteen Louis Wain cat prints - the largest 18 x 13cm 20-40
597.    Spare lot 0-10
598.    Eight bird prints - 17 x 23cm and three hunting prints 10-20
599.    Two prints Forre's 'Series of The Mothers' after J K Herring - 34 x 38cm 80-120
600.    Three hunting prints after John Leeds - 22x 31cm 60-80
601.    Marjorie Cox - pastel portrait of a black cocker spaniel 'William' 1972 20-30
602.    M Milne - watercolour landscape 25 x 40cm and magnolias 23 x 40cm 20-30
603.    A 19th century oil on board of a rural scene with mountain backdrop - 25x 35cm 20-30
604.    A Chinese embroidered picture of Cranes - 33 x 26cm 20-40
605.    A large print of watercolour sketch of two prancing show horses and riders - 45 x 59cm 10-20
606.    A print 'Les Halles de Paris' - 49 x 69cm 10-20
607.    A late 17th century Robert Mordan map of Sussex, sold by Abel Swale Awnsham and John Churchill 34 x 42cm, 30-50
608.    A Redoute botanical print 33 x 25cm 10-20
609.    Richard Granger Barrett (20th century British artist) - watercolour Edward VII 1904 Daimler, signed - 31 x 41cm 50-70
610.    Richard Granger Barrett (20th century British artist) watercolour - 1909 Austin 7, signed - 31 x 41cm 50-70
611.    Richard Granger Barrett (20th century British artist) watercolour - 1904 Singer, signed - 31 x 41cm 50-70
612.    Richard Granger Barrett (20th century British artist) watercolour - 1904 Star, signed - 31 x 41cm 50-70
613.    Barrie A.F. Clark - coloured print of a Spitfire in the clouds, 25 x 50cm 20-40
614.    An early 20th century oil on canvas of Major Horace Adrian Duncan DSO, Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders - 59 x 50cm 50-70
615.    Fulmen - pair of oil landscapes - 29 x 39cm 20-30
616.    Gilbert Lee - oil on board 'Appledore' harbour scene - 41 x 33cm 40-60
617.    An oil on canvas still life - monogrammed ATA 1927 - 34 x 49cm 30-50
618.    A vintage oil on canvas continental coastal scene - 39 x 48cm 10-20
619.    A Victorian oval print of a girl with a cat - 30 x 22cm 20-30
620.    Nigel Wykes - watercolour orchids, 1962, 34cm sq 20-40
621.    An early 20th century Venetian mirror a/f - 46 x 61cm 10-20
622.    Garman Morris - pair of watercolour marine scenes - 17 x 51cm 30-50
623.    L Kadlec - American watercolour Ortega Creek - 31 x 43cm 30-50
624.    Two Victorian landscape prints 'Sept Eve' and 'June Morning' - 48 x 60cm 10-20
625.    Five prints of Old Master portraits of 18th century ladies - 43 cm by 35cm 20-50
626.    A hand made pine kitchen butchers block or free standing cabinet fitted drawers, cupboards and recess with slatted base 40-60
627.    A pair of 19th Century elm seated slat back farmhouse chairs 40-60
628.    A 1930's Art Deco glass and chrome light fitting 20-30
629.    A Persian style small rug with stylised animal decoration 158 x 89cm 40-60
630.    A Turkoman style rug with two rows of seven guls on an orange ground 151 x 80cm 20-40
631.     A Turkoman style rug with four guls on a mustard ground 152 x 86cm 20-40
632.    A cream ground full wool pile Turkish rug with floral medallion 145 x 100cm 60-80
633.    A Persian floral rug with flowers and birds on a cream ground - 167 x 105cm 50-60
634.    A large multi colour Persian Tabriz carpet with traditional medallion design, 295 x 200cm 250-350
635.    A large Iranian Hamadan runner with red ground 320 x 124cm 180-250
636.    A red ground Turkoman style runner with geometric motifs 245 x 66cm 30-50
637.    A Turkoman style rug with triple lozenge design - 205 x 96cm 30-50
638.    A large antique woven tribal rug with geometric motifs - 279 x 153cm 30-50
638A.   A Persian prayer rug with arch design on madder ground 140 x 92cm 20-40
639.    A Turkoman style rug with all over geometrical design 130 x 90cm 20-40
639A.   A blue ground Kashmir style rug with tree of life design 170 x 118cm 100-150
640.    A Turkoman style rug with three large guls on an orange ground 196 x 140cm 20-40
640A.   A red ground Kashmir style rug Sharbas medallion design 230 x 157cm 60-80
641.    A map of Southern Germany - unframed 10-20
642.    A small antique treasure chest with cast iron hinges and locks and unusually fitted walnut interior with several secret compartments 42 x 25 x 26cm 100-150
643.    Herbert Bourne - engraving after Gustave Dore 'Christian Martyrs' 1875' 1875 43 x 60cm 10-30
644.    A Chinese carved hardwood low coffee table on inward curved supports 40-60
645.    A Chinese hardwood carved occasional table 50-70
646.    A tabletop jewellery or trinket display case with glazed top and ebonized frame. 60cm by 50cm. 30-50
647.    A tabletop jewellery or trinket display case with glazed top - 59cm by 45cm. 30-50
648.    A tabletop jewellery or trinket display case with glazed top. 71cm by 49cm. 40-60
649.    A brass coal scuttle and a smaller one 20-40
650.    A G Plan teak occasional table with slatted lower tier 20-40
651.    An American gingerbread clock by Ansonia 20-30
652.    An American mahogany wall clock with print of Burns monument to door 20-40
653.    An old tin trunk 10-20
654.    An old tin trunk 10-20
655.    A 19th century pitch pine pew carved to one end - from Dymock Church - 230cm 80-100
656.    A Sevilla BM acoustic guitar 30-50
657.    A Serenata acoustic guitar CG - 360 20-40
658.    A Victorian petit point tapestry of 'The Last Supper' 46 x 41 cm in a maple frame - 30-50
659.    A Highlands mahogany wall clock printed hunting scene 20-40
660.    An Edwardian mahogany pot cupboard 20-40
661.    A 19th century mahogany cased wall clock with gilt metal dial embossed fuschia, key and pendulum 25-35
662.    An oak cased barometer 10-20
663.    A mahogany Postmans wall clock 40-60
664.    A late Victorian circular cased aneroid barometer 25-35
665.    A vintage Herbert Terry Anglepoise lamp 20-40
666.    An early 20th century anglepoise lamp 10-30
667.    A Chinese carved hardwood asymetrical occasional table 40-60
668.    A Ray hand crank cine projector No 2, 9.5mm - including film cassette and winder- 4.5 volt, 1932 20-30
669.    Two Monteserrat Ribes figures of a man and woman with children, 43 x 32cm tall 40-60
670.    A 19th century pine two door cupboard 124 cm x 35cm 40-60
671.    Norah Vivian - a twentieth century wood engraving of Indian dancers - 30 x 34cm 80-100
672.    A Chinese carved hardwood framed mirror decorated flowers - 90 x 41cm 30-50
673.    A Chinese red and gilt painted and carved torchere stand - 108cm tall 30-50
674.    A Chinese red and gilt carved and painted torchere stand or floor lamp, now converted to electricity 40-60
675.    An Edwardian mahogany small style pedestal desk fitted with lined drawers and leather insert top 91cm wide 40-60
676.    A cast iron singer sewing stool with revolving top - marked Singer to the three feet 40-60
677.    A pair of antique large wrought iron shepherd's hut wheels, 86.5cm diameter 50-60
678.    An old wrought iron gate post with fleur de lys finial 20-40
679.    A set of seven vintage surveyors ranging poles - 180 cm tall 20-30
680.    An early to mid 20th century surveyors telescopic measuring pole by J A Reynolds 20-40
681.    A W & T Avery cast iron weighing scales - 120cm high 40-60
682.    An early 19th century large lead section of guttering pipe dated 1808 and three later cast iron down pipe heads 30-50
683.    A Victorian 'Housekeepers Box' with inner tray and contents including herb chopper 20-40
684.    An antique cast iron bracket possibly for enamel sign or railing - 70 x 78cm 30-40
685.    A Parmiters Major Patent Tis bury No cast iron boot scraper - no brushes 80-100
686.    A wrought iron circular boot scraper made from an old wheel 30-50
687.    Two white painted metal framed conservatory tables, no glass 10-30
687A.   A Neoclassical style fireplace with mock marble surround and urn detail 20-40
688.    A group of five assorted baskets from Mexico, Peru, Malta etc 20-40
689.    A Singer sewing machine 10-20
690.    A Frister and Rossmann sewing machine 20-30
691.    Three large stoneware jars and a stoneware hot water bottle 10-20
692.    Three French bamboo framed mirrors, the largest 57 x 45cm 30-50
692A.   An Edwardian mahogany marble top washstand - lacking back 20-40
693.    A group of Victorian kitchen items including iron, saucepans, moulds etc 10-30
694.    A 1930's walnut demi-lune display cabinet on squat supports 20-40
695.    A 19th century brass fireplace fender - 132cm wide 20-30
696.    A 19th century oak washing dolly - 81 cm tall etc 10-20
697.    Three stoneware flagons including Owen Staley, family grocer Mitcheldean and a stoneware jug. 10-20
698.    An Eastern marble topped octagonal carved occasional table 50-70
699.    A 19th century cast iron garden dibber. 20-30
700.    An Eastern marble topped rectangular carved occasional table 60-80
701.    An early 20th century Collinsons full size dapple grey rocking horse on twin pillar safety stand, purchased from Harrods 200-400
702.    A set of six Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs with carved decoration to central splat and turned supports 150-250
703.    A Victorian mahogany tilt top rectangular breakfast table on tapered column and quadruple scroll supports 144 x 110cm x 75cm tall 200-400
704.    A pair of mahogany torchere stands with carved decoration - 121cm tall 40-60
705.    A large hand built model of a steam boat 142 cm long 80-120
706.    A steam driven built model of a steam boat 128cm long 60-80
707.    A Victorian walnut oval breakfast table on carved column and quadruple carved scroll supports 100-150
708.    A light wood elm seat farmhouse slat back chair 40-60
709.    A vintage high chair converting to table and chair 20-40
710.    A pair of mid 20th century Chippendale style carved mahogany carver chairs with interlaced splats, no seats 80-120
711.    An early 20th century music stand and two lyre form music clips 10-30
712.    An early 20th century shop dummy with cast iron base by Stockman of London 50-70
713.    A set of four early 20th century Regency style dining chairs with cane seats and gilt metal rosette and beaded decoration, cane seats and sabre supports with floral tapestry covers 60-80
713A.   A French style stool with carved cabriole supports 20-30
714.    A Georgian mahogany slat back chair 10-20
715.    A leather suitcase with fitted interior - the interior is a/f 10-20
716.    Three 19th century spindle back rush seated country chairs (two diners and one carver) 80-120
717.    A set of three Edwardian mahogany side chairs with marquetry decoration to backs 60-80
718.    A set of four Edwardian Art Nouveau dining chairs with inlay to slatted backs 50-70
719.    A 19th century small wall clock with walnut and ebonized case 7cm 35-45
720.    A 1930's oak wall clock with glazed door 20-40
721.    A small Chinese hardwood cabinet with brass fittings and locks. 86cm tall. 80-120
722.    An early 20th century oak chest of drawers in 17th century style with carved decoration 40-60
723.    A Jerome Thibouville-Lamy military tuba 40-60
724.    A small size early 20th century child's armchair upholstered in cream 20-30
725.    A Victorian tub armchair with slatted upholstered back 30-50
726.    A Victorian mahogany bidet on turned supports 10-20
727.    A 1930's radio in mahogany table/cabinet with castors - reported to be working 20-40
728.    A 19th century continental wall clock with carved decoration and musical movement 20-40
729.    A small octagonal drop dial wall clock 'Regulator' 30-40
730.    A 19th century rosewood cased octagonal drop dial wall clock with mother of pearl inlay 40-60
731.    A 19th century mahogany toiletry mirror with turned supports - 70cm tall 10-20
732.    A Victorian oak chest in Jacobean style with bobbin decoration to four long graduated drawers - 91 x 51cm 100-150
733.    A mahogany bentwood cafe stool - 49cm tall 10-20
734.    A Chinese carved hardwood marble topped occasional table 50-70
735.    A large oriental garden pot decoated bamboo - 48cm dia 40-60
736.    A large oriental garden pot decorated birds and plants - 48cm dia 40-60
737.    An early 19th century mahogany bow fronted chest of two short and two long drawers on splay legs 120-180
738.    A Chinese carved hardwood marble topped carved occasional table 60-80
739.    Fred Hines - watercolour landscape sheep scene - 26 x 37cm 80-100
740.    F Herring - watercolour landscape cattle in a river 22 x 31cm 20-40
741.    G Phillip - a pair of watercolour portraits of fisherman and a farmer - 29 x 23cm 60-80
742.    T Sutherland - a pair of 19th century sporting engravings "Grouse Shooting" and "Pheasant Shooting" 21cm tall by 66cm 20-30
743.    A Victorian pine wall dresser with display shelf over three drawers - 176cm wide 60-100
744.    A Victorian burr elm side cabinet with later fitted bank of fifteen drawers 150-200
745.    A Victorian campaign chair with brass sliders to arms 80-120
746.    An oak Arts and Crafts rocking armchair with spindle back 80-120
747.    An Edwardian wing armchair on mahogany tapered supports 50-70
748.    A vintage cane conservatory chair 30-50
749.    A Victorian pine trunk with hinged lid 50-70
750.    Three stacking museum storage or plan chests, one with drawers and two with rise top lids 50-70
751.    An antique large leather trimmed trunk 30-50
752.    A part 17th century refectory table - the three plank top with cleated ends all raised on carved cup and cover supports united by diagonal struts 100-200
753.    An antique elm storage box - 94cm wide 30-50
754.    A piano stool with rise top lid on curved supports 10-20
755.    An early 20th century mahogany wind out dining table all on cabriole supports 140cm x 121cm with two interleaves - each 50cm wide 100-150
756.    A G Plan teak coffee table 20-40
757.    A pair of Chinese carved marble topped jardiniere stands 80-100
758.    A 19th century gilt metal and cut glass five branch chandelier - 62cm drop 60-80
759.    A antique folk art wooden blanket box with domed lid and hammered sheet copper skin. The lid worked with three hearts - 47cm wide 25-35
760.    A 19th century occasional table with lacquer tilt top on turned column and triple supports 25-35
761.    A 19th century oak two door panelled corner cupboard, 193cm high, doors 76cm wide 100-150
762.    Frederick E Valter - watercolour Cattle in a Landscape - 31 x 46cm, signed 100-150
763.    Alastair Flattely (1922 - 2009) - watercolour landscape rural scene - signed and framed 35cm x 53cm 100-200
764.    Francis Walter Skeat FRSA (British 1909-2000) - signed mezzotint 'Dulcinea del Toboso'. Published 1931 by the Museum Galleries, London. 46cm by 38cm. 20-30
765.    A Morton - oil on canvas three masted sailing ship, 39 x 50cm 80-120
766.    An 18th century mahogany square piano case (no interior mechanism) all on square supports 50-70
767.    A child's chair/coal purdonium with carved decoration 25-35
768.    J K Chitton - oil on canvas Portway Meadow 45 x 60cm 20-30
769.    Lesley Holmes - watercolour - cat and flowers 50 x 39cm 40-60
770.    Alan King - oil on canvas 'Tea by the River' - 39 x 49cm 30-50
771.    An Edwardian mahogany bureau bookcase of small proportions with two glazed doors over slope front and three drawers - 75cm wide x 181cm tall 60-80
772.    An Edwardian mahogany single door vitrine cabinet on cabriole supports 50-70
773.    A Smiths barometer/thermometer, an oak cased Shortland barometer and one other barometer 25-35
774.    Volkon - oil on canvas sailing ships, 49 x 74cm 30-50